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    angular 1.6, elasticsearch 6.8.3, node 12.2, react

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    Elasticsearch ile ilgili küçük bir sorunumuz var. Mevcut sistemde arama sonucunda sıralama, içerdiği kavram sayısına göre değil, kavramların dokumanda ne kadar tekrarlandığına göre puanlanmakta. Bir aramada kullanıcı 4 kavram aramış ise (örneğin : İlaç satışı narkoz ilaçları) bu kavramlardan SADECE 3'ünü barındıran doküman...

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    Sistem Yöneticisi - Sistem yönetimi tarafında en az 6 yıl tecrübeli - Web projelerinin sistem yönetimi konusunda tecrübeli - Microsoft Server 2016/x sistem yönetimi ,kurulumu ,konfigürasyonu ve izlenmesini yapabilecek - Microsoft SQL Server yedeklenmesi , performansı ve taşınmasını yapabilecek - Linux/Ubuntu sitemlerinin kurulumu , konfigürasyonu ve perform...

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    Öncelikle mevcut sistemimizde kısa bahsetmek istiyorum. Framework olarak Laravel yapısı üzerine kurulmuş olan sitemiz MongoDB tabanlı çalışmaktadır. Elastich Search ve Redis altyapısı kullanılmıştır. Mevcut yapımızda mağazaların ürün XML dosyalarını tarayarak, ürünleri otomatik olarak kendi sistemimize ekleyebiliyoruz. XML dosya yapısı her mağazada de...

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    Contractor must have Portuguese/Spanish as their first language, fluency in English, and good knowledge of business and technical terminology in both languages. We have a set of 1,000+ business and technical terms, including search queries, that have been automatically translated to Portuguese (and other languages) by Google Translate. The job is to review those, and correct any that were not per...

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    Qualifications: - At least 4 years of total experience - 2 years experience with single page applications - proficiency with Ruby of Rails - Either MySQL or PostgreSQL experience - Some experience with Memcache or ElasticSearch is an advantage - Some experience with AWS prodcuts (EC2, ECS, RDS, S3, ELB) is an advantage - Degree in computer science or a related field is preferred.

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    Implimenting ElasticSearch and Kibana in AWS

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    working on next level information sharing project need people to work with me on frontend and backend development for the same. Necessary training will be provided. Tech stack using react, mongo,react native,elasticsearch, mysql

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    Senior Python Developer 2 gün left

    5+ years of experience developing server-side applications in Python. Java Good knowledge of Linux NoSQL Redis, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, MongoDB MySQL Kafka RabbitMQ

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    We deliver full-service solutions, from Strategy & Design, through Development & Optimisation and Search & Marketing. We are Magento Enterprise, BigCommerce Elite and Shopify Plus partners Looking for a Magento 2 Developer to join our international separate team for a long term work Required skills: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MYSQL Experience in back-end development Experience with M...

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    ENTERPRISE MODULAR DEVELOPMENT Stage 1 Hello Ethan - Xicom Biz After the entire discussion and agreeing to various stages and studies you done and submitted. I hereby, as requested by you to open private project and start work on Responsive website in Stage 1, i have done same. Tech Stacks for various modules as suggested and enlightened to me : Golang, Mongo Postgres Sql Redis ElasticSearch Expr...

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    ELK expert Bitti left

    Looking for an elasticsearch expert who is familiar with dynamo Start your bid with "ELK" Happy bidding

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    we are looking for a DevOps engineer to set up our local and AWS systems. for this job we need to create a system as the attachment for local (or propose a better solution ) after this job, we will have another job to set up the same system on AWS need to do : Docker setup to have a local system: - API Server (PHP -laravel) - Blog (php -wordpress) - Webserver (Nginx) - Database (Mysql) - Elastic...

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    We are interested in developing a system that is mindful of user permissions for complex queries. Expecting either expert in certain systems that meet our requirements or have discipline in algorithms/theories (if existing system does not exist) to build such a system. We have a folder/file-like web application (like dropbox, google drive, etc) with MySQL as back end. The meta data (filename, fol...

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    Our small nonprofit, WiderNet, provides off-line access to thousands of Web sites for people who lack Internet connectivity ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]). Over 2,000 universities, schools, health care sites, and libraries in the developing world have adopted this entirely offline solution, providing a bounty of educational information to millions of users. ...

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    Hi Vasilatos , How are you ? I'm looking for an elasticsearch expert, and noticed your profile. Are you available to discuss any details over chat ?

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    Hi, I run a small rental marketplace who use Elasticsearch with basic settings, and I want to offer a better experience to my users. Today my main issues are : - after a search ads on the marketplace are ranked by creation date - technical synonym aren't supported - catalog need to be manually refresh The goal of this mission is to : - Create a ranking for ads based on multiple criter...

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    A. PROJET Web Application for contents management to store, organise and disseminate e-contents (e-books) B. USERCASES 1. Contents providers : manage contents (ebook, catagory), manage wallet (add wallet or bank information, request paiement, ..), manage box (select content and categories availables), manage profil (credential, design,…) 2. Client : Enherit actions of “Contents provi...

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    Hej Vasilatos V., I an elasticsearch/ vue js app located on codeanywhere, would it be possible for you to update it to the latest elasticsearch version and install kibana and give me a few tips on how I can add data from kibana if this is even possible? if I get this up and running I am looking to hire someone on a permanent basis if you are interested

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    Looking for someone for ongoing work. We add new options to our app and mobile Http friendly tournament hosting platform on a weekly basis. All the front end tools required. HTML, css, jquery, firebase, elasticsearch. Will be working collaboratively with the owner and developer who focuses on the entire thing but has a main focus on the apps and backend node functions. Looking to make the front en...

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    This is for a large project. I'm only interested in the best angular developers. Developers that have worked on various complex and annoying projects. Do not apply to this job if you don't have the experience. It will be a waste of my time since I'm currently on a timeline that must be met. My backend developer is also very picky, if you don't have the experience he will tell ...

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    We are looking for a full stack developer that has very strong front-end skills to create the user interface of out web app. The back-end exists but we may need a to add a few functions. We can add the missing functions ourselves, but if you are happy to do that – that could be even better. Mandatory skills: - Experienced front-end developer (React.JS + jQuery + ES6) - Experience with P...

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    We would like to build a search engine using elastic search product. The search engine would be compiled with public records from Broward County Public Records [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Palm Beach Public Records [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Miami Dade Public Records [URL'yi görüntülemek iç...

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    We need to deploy an Assets Management Solution in order to track diferent items: - Physically: - Where they are, - Where they should be - Where are there going to be - Etc... Workflow: - Whats going to happen to this asset - Conversion of a group of assets into a new one - Different workflows, physical and ...

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    Hello, I need a big data engineer who will work on a real time IoT project on daily or hourly basis: Needed qualifications : - Knowledge of AWS - Monitoring enterprise systems - Knowledge of big data and distributed components/systems: Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Hive, MongoDB etc. - Data center domains (server, network, storage, security) - Experience with server and directory se...

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    Hello freelancers, I am building a pipeline from pgsql to elastic search using logstash JDBC. I am new elastic search. So i need an expert who can help in building the solid document mappings at elastic search.

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    I am looking for a team to help me create a crypto reward-based social media platform. I want this website to allow posts, videos, pictures, messaging, video calling, business ads, groups, coupons, crypto rewards, the marketplace, classified, cashback affiliate program, directory. I have some web design experience and will be assisting in the creation. Please only contact me if you have experi...

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    This is the initial step (Phase 0) in a long-term project to implement a Website for researchers. The site will provide a range of search facilities on a specialized text corpus. We have a working Python Flask application and plan to do a proof of concept (Phase 1) by hosting it 'as-is' on a Cloud platform with a view to making major enhancements over time. Possibilities include Docke...

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    Task From the Bitcoin core code [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] pull out the part responsible for synchronization, to make it convenient to adapt in the future. To make this piece work separately, without saving the network to disk and from api. For some personal purposes, we need to have the entire history of the blockchain having convenient access to this data...

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    We are based in the EU and we are looking to hire talented Independent Contractors to work full-time (40+ hours) on long term projects for us. Start by stating what technologies you know and what is the desired salary. Requirements: - Web design - Proficient with English (preferably fluent). - Strong software engineering foundation with data structures, and algorithms. - Good software design sk...

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    Hi Naveen K., I need a DB on elasticsearch and or with Hadoop, where we can use python script as an ETL to improve performance over time More precise a datalake of about 10k stocks bonds etc to wich i need to apply financial asset allocation models and analytics made in python. the result should be similar to this [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Hi Gary I need a DB on elasticsearch and or with Hadoop, where we can use python script as an ETL to improve performance over time

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    Hi I have been running T-Pot honeypots for a while, but find I need to watch for intrusions being detected. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] If I could get an email alert send when a Honeypot detects an intrusion, it would mean it becomes an automated alarm. The T-Pot system containerises the honeypots and the ElasticSearch system. So cannot directly edit th...

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    I have a project where I am parsing a folder of pdf documents recursively and ingesting the data into elasticsearch. I already have a single script written out to accomplish this. Apache tika is used for parsing pdfs. What i would like is adding a scheduler with airflow and creating proper dags, cleaning the code, and dockerizing the application. It should also use the dockerized tika server.

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    he tasks are first set up a focused crawler which collects the body (the text) of the url not only the url link. Connect this data to elasticsearch . The data pages should be shown in elasticsearch. So this focused crawler will be about Moroccan tourism. So I will create [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] file will include 50 links about moroccan tourism. Then ...

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    json to elasticsearch post body in php

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    Hi All, I am working on Linux related stuffs like MySQL, ElasticSearch, NGINX, HAProxy and so on. So I need a person who can help me or guide me during the course. So it will be a lifetime job and will be paid for every hour they help me out. Thanks

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    We are an established, profitable SaaS project management company with a proven track record of successful products. We are looking for a full-time, full-stack developer to help us with new projects. You will receive a detailed project outline for every project, and be responsible for building/managing them in their entirety. We are all developers, so if you get stuck on something, we will always...

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    We need to deploy an Assets Management Solution in order to track diferent items: - Physically: - Where they are, - Where they should be - Where are there going to be - Etc... Workflow: - Whats going to happen to this asset - Conversion of a group of assets into a new one - Different workflows, physical and ...

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    Can you TODAY Install & configure a simple crawler & Elastic Search DB? 1. Install a simple crawler & crawl three newspapers and collect article data: title/image/date/author/summary/full_text/news_source 2. Install ElasticSearch DB & store crawled data 3. Build a simple Flask/python SEARCH web-app and display search hits with collected data including image (but don't display ...

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    Asterisks Bitti left

    need a good knowledge of Asterisks, Elasticsearch ,SQL , VoIP knowledge Soft switch issues fixing expert

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    Need to write a scripted field query in Kibana to extract a substring

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    I have a Django project I'm hiring for. I will need an API for a mixed mysql/ambar (elasticsearch) backend to be used for a web application. Thorough documentation will be required as well. If interested I will PM you a document with the detailed description and design.

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    We are looking for an expert Azure DevOps engineer able to set up a CI/CD pipeline. The stack is composed by Angular and Django, Postgres, Elasticsearch.

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    Create time base index in ElasticSearch using nodejs

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    Hi Pulak P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. Here are some of the high level requirements: -Need an API for a mixed mysql/ambar (elasticsearch) backend to be used for a web application -Document the complete backend API/endpoints before any other work. This should include requests and json responses. -Document complete db schema, field types, index types, etc we ca...

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] runs on PHP/Maria DB - MySQli/. Require to build a site search engine on Elasticsearch to display search results in certain predefined order/rank. Limit the index and extraction of results to certain tables in the dB. Nacfun engages largely children (adults as well) with home video and image based activities, challenges, quizzes ...

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    Hi, I have a Magento 2 (2.3.5) website with Martfury theme and I have some issues. 1. ElasticSearch - with version 7.7 - Mirasvit Autocomplete doesn't work - when I've installed ES 6.8 it is works. 2. With enabled elasticsearch - Amasty Layered navigation doesn't show manufacturers - If I choose Native MySQL for search engine - it is works. 3. Some CSS styles fixing between Amasty ...

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    I want someone to deploy elastic search cluster on two nodes in Production Elasticsearch nodes should start automatically after server restart / Failure Deployment will be done through zoom Documentation will also be required after deployment, regarding steps performed Bidder should tell the best approach which he/she will use in deploying maybe using Docker / or without Docker Mention word "...

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