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    ...everybody, I would like to create an app. I have following idea: There is an app called "TrainYourTeam", where a coach can send tasks (to walk a course) in a certain time. The player have to walk these courses. They have to begin the course and the coach is able to see the result at the end of the walk. My idea is: "Drunk your friend" So you can send

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    ...with just one textarea input box and a submit button. Once submitted it should convert the text into speech using Amazon Polly web service and display the link to download the mp3 file. There should be no limit how big the text can be. I should be able to change the framework appropriate config file to enter my own Amazon web service credentials.

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    This game is solely a game of chance whereby each player has equal opportunity/odds to win and lost. and it consists of one currency - it will be called "diamond" for now. User buy diamonds by transferring/depositing Ethereum into their One Tap wallet. I will provide more details to winner.

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    i have a domain [login to view URL] , i buy a theme wordpress for this and i want to fix it and add many games. in first page in the middle i want to put a chat(i have embed code). Can do this for me?

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    I'm looking for a male & American voice that will read my 35 lectures. Each lecture is about 350 words. I need a mp3 file for each lecture. I will deliver 2 lectures daily and I need them back the following day. So, the time frame of the whole project is about 18 days.

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    ...idea for do this The quest should be random generate. mean can play many quest or endless. - CHAT Chat in the game or Voice chat. Players are seen to hear another near player. - Level or rank when get new level will receved reward or rank (depend on your idea) - Zombie min 10 type or more There are 10 types of zombies. 1. Zombies usually

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    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. Hi I would like to make a music player streaming app like Apple Music and Spotify

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    c++ programmer Bitti left

    two-player turn-based card game to encourage people to exercise their brain memory in an entertaining way.

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    ...see the video launch. I've tried adding ?rel=0 and &rel=0 at the end and neither seem to disable the suggested videos. I've also tried to the use the embed code [login to view URL] which just results in an error and the video won't play at all. I imagine this is likely a simple fix. I don't want to have to provide

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    ...is built in Unity 2D. The basic premise is it's a roller coaster with broken tracks, and the player must jump across the tracks. Along the way, the player must collect coins that are placed along the tracks, some in hard to get positions. If the player falls off, they "die," but get one extra life. The goal is to collect as many coins as possible

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    ...PHP and the class getID3. I have a folder outside web root with full mp3 songs. I have a script written that is supposed to play a sample of the song by printing file content with appropriate header. Right now with header audio/mpeg I'm getting unsupported mime type error with mp3 files. If you can fix the script that would be great. Must be able

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using PHP. I want to create a mp3 player & a video editor for my YouTube channels

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    Hello there, I am looking for developing an Android app which uses the YouTubeVideo Player to play videos from YouTube. I also want Google Firebase & Analytics integrated with it. The app will be drived by Firebase Node.js functions. Admobs integration and also some more complicated things which will be explained when a freelance developer is hired

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    ...it doesn't a combination example fanduel NFL uses 9 players each player has their positions that cannot be moved and teams. [login to view URL],RB,RB,WR,WR,WR,TE,K,D are the positions 2. only 4 players per team can be in these positions 3. fanduel uses virtual currency 60k is the total each player has a price that cannot go over 60k. [login to view URL] images [login ...

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    ...product/album, Band Video or Photo, Band Short Bio, 3 upcoming events, donation animated graphic, booking graphic and social media links. - Video Player (linked to [login to view URL]) - Music Player (linked to [login to view URL]) - Social Media Integration: preferably Instagram live feed ([login to view URL]). Facebook reviews

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    I would like to extract the background song from the fight mp3 clip from the rest of the vocals and sound effects. the music is clearly in the background with the guy singing "ka ka ka ka kashedaze, gon gon ....etc" So all i want is the song to be extracted from the clip. you can use software like audacity, or Adobe. I tried removing the

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    Hello, We need a quick small voice recording into mp3 file format. We need now French and Arabic. Must be professional voice only. Let me know if you want to work with us. Future works coming soon if this one is good. Thank you

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    €9 - €27
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    We are looking for experienced freelancers for our mobile word game. One of our main game feature allows player to search & find words inside best-seller & most popular stories/books. (Rapunzel, Don Quixote, Alice in Wonderland etc) These stories/books have nearly 14 genres (fantasy, adventure, romance, thriller and so on..) in our game. The assigned

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    I would like to create a simple platform which would allow users (without logging in) to upload an image, add some basic text information, and upload music. We would then ...basic text information, and upload music. We would then provide them with a shareable link to a page which which would display the image, the text information, and a music player.

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    Hi, i am Marion and this is my 2nd website that i am building, i work with wordpress, and i want a streaming website where i can upload(embed) videos( episodes ), and sort them by season.

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    The application will play m3u list, the client will add its playlist m3u format, the user will be able to put any m3u list by adding by URL, th...m3u list, the client will add its playlist m3u format, the user will be able to put any m3u list by adding by URL, the application should only have two menu functions, add player list by URL and remove List.

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    i need a movie app like [login to view URL] with youtube player api

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    ...concept for an Android game. The game has fantasy animals, set in a fantasy empire/city building style game. Your job is to : - Provide a short back-story. How did the player get introduced to this fantasy world (opening scene of game)? - What kind of things happens in the game? What items/story get revealed as the game goes on? Looking for

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    We need a 3D model of a male soccer player, dressed with Jersey, short, socks and cleats. Clothes must be UV'd and textured with the files to be provided

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    I need a person who knows how to do this work for me. I'm a Counter Strike Global Offensive player and I need a person to make a customized hack for me, and keep it undetectable for a very long time. I need a person with high programming skills, who has knowledge of the game, knowledge of the functioning of the current Anticheats and especially

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    We need a web player which can run DCE(DriveCam Video File) file. We will be passing url of DCE file and the web player should play it. It should be easily integrated to other scripts/page like video js,jw player etc. A sample DCE file is attached.

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    ...default slides that have title, subtitle and text. 3) Slightly expand default margins 4) Ensure page numbering is correctly aligned and standard on all pages 5) If possible, embed default font into ppt. (We will provide font. Not mandatory if impossible to do) 6) Create new default slide that can include a table or another object (as the current “title

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    ...uploaded (example: tv show season 1 / Movie Name Year/Movie Title or something like that. Functions 2 Wordpresss - Scraping 1) Take openload/streamango links, and embed them into wordpress post 2) The Wordpress theme already can scrape all movies/TVshows details from IMDB or TMDB. All process should be automated...

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    Functions - 1. Embed Video From Youtube 2. Different Player (not Youtube Player) 3. Add video ads before Videos 4. can add overlay add in video 5. Fully mobile responsive 6. User can Download Video 7. Android app and Site look like Youtube Same Copy 8. Video Import From Youtube in One Click like 50 video and 100 video in one click with titile

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    ...planing to develop the "space shooter" game for mobile (android) . We needs a lot features in game. Ultimately we wants make the best sky war game in [login to view URL] game, that player really likes to keep in mobile and play. We also like to hear idea from you, to make better product. Game must include : -Initial training / user guide to play the game

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    I want you to create software that: 1 - I will give her folder with X mp3 files 2 - I will give her folder with Y image files 3 - The software will convert the mp3 to mp4 and use the images files as background for the mp4

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    ...wanting to gift my boyfriend with a custom pint glass. He loves beer, hence the pint glass and would commemorate an event he has coming up. He is a professional Smash 64 player and his last event is in a few weeks before he takes a long hiatus. I would really love to engrave the Smash 64 League symbol (logo) on the glass as well as some script right

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    VaultCrossFit....first picture on the slider fit better and look clearer (we may have to replace it). 2) Make all the pictures on "Our Team" page the same size. 3) Add a "schedule" page, embed the MindBody schedule so you're not taken to another page. 4) Move the "Click here for the Vault 3.0 App" on Membership and pricing page to the home page.

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    We are a small automotive diagnostic company. We have created a spreadsheet that we want to publish/embed on our website so our clients can use it. The spreadsheet is call the 'Show me the value' calculator. This allows client to enter key data from their workshop and historical diagnostic jobs in to the sheet. The sheet then calculates and displays

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    ...Salient Themes/Visual composer and I wanted a custom page developed. The page will need to fetch all of my Instagram posts and post them on the webpage. I will also want to embed ads on 1/15 of the "cards". The Instagram feed needs to be stylized in cards exactly like this page: [login to view URL] Please message me with your quote and

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    ...scheduling, research, social media content key words, as well as some project management work, divi, wordpress, etc. Please be a proficient, self-motivated, quick-learning team player with excellent writing skills and communication ability. Apply with your resume, rates, recommendations, up to 5 samples of you work and best contact [login to view URL] in your

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    ...one-button game with a side view, Similar to Jetpack Joyride or Dinosaur game in Google Chrome. The main idea is running to the right side and survive as long as you can. The player must shoot aliens that are attacking him and avoid obstacles. Minimal RPG and motivation to play again required. For example: First day - +100 points for character's

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    simple Ionic player with Controls (custom UI): Fullscreen - Play/Pause - Fast forward / Rewind

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    Hello, We have 3 script in total 130 words at all. We need to record it in mp3 files. This is easy and small work but we need to done it by must be professional voices. We need Arabic and French voice artist for this recording. Please let me know only if you can able to do it or you are perfect for this work. Tell me your best price and deadline

    €9 - €27
    €9 - €27
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    Trophy icon Create a SHORT logo animation Bitti left

    Please animate our logo. Animation style has to be Tron Style, Ready Player One style. It is for virtual reality. Animation has to follow attached audio file. Has to match with sounds. Please make animation decent but nice. Good luck!

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    Like last time Bitti left

    Hi Sanh, we had a previous project together and I need the same thing a...project together and I need the same thing again. Would be great if you lend a hand: I have approximately 8 pictures I need to get edited like the one with the table tennis player in your portfolio (size and colors same as last time). Can you get it done? Thanks and best, Volker

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    ...prefer candidates from Eastern Europe - We're ONLY interested in freelancers, agencies won't be processed - Must be able to demonstrate being a team player - Know Agile and have knowledge of JIRA - If you have a certificate / diploma (e.g. computer science, computer engineer) then provide a copy -

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    ...from the "Name" tab in the input file. Artist will be populated from the "Artist" tab in the input file Edited will remain unchanged at false FileType will be "audio" for mp3 files and "video" for mp4 files. Selected will remain unchanged at false SudPlay will remain unchanged at true EXAMPLE FILES: [login to view URL]

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    Mac OS Tool or Excel 2011 Macro to convert text file to XML ...from the "Name" tab in the input file. Artist will be populated from the "Artist" tab in the input file Edited will remain unchanged at false FileType will be "audio" for mp3 files and "video" for mp4 files. Selected will remain unchanged at false SudPlay will remain unchanged at true

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    €9 - €27
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    Just create a one page app which will allow the user to download an MP3 file (which can be previewed) after watching a reward video in full. I will then do the rest. 2. Send me a video which shows me how to upgrade Google play SDK in an app or update it yourself. 3. Give the app the ability to force an update remotely example when user opens app if

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    ...meters to a game that is grounded in real world social networks. Player energy use is tracked via personal accounts with local energy providers. This information is then inputted into the game environment, where it influences the player’s in-game abilities, and has consequences for player options, rewards, and reputation. Real world energy behaviors

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    ...Graphic Size 1640mm w x 970mm h Graphic Size with Bleed 1700mm w x 1020mm h - CMYK color - Resolutions must be 72-125 ppi - All fonts must be created to outlines - Embed all images in final document - Save final document as PDF for print ITEM 2: Waveline display - Tension Fabric Wall Display Primary Image Area 2750mm w x 1248mm

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    I would sen all informationm if You say yes, THis soccer player is well know in Europe and ha a small budget.

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    I need an Android app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. I have a iptv service. I am looking for someone to pretty much rebrand the perfect player iptv app. I want a custom background image and will need clients to only have to input the username and password and have access to TV catch up and vod. I should have whatever

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