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    Merhaba pdf formatlı kitaplarımızı ios ve android üzerinden epub okuyucuda okunacak bir biçimde yayınlamak istiyoruz

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    romanımı pdf formatında yayınladım. şimdi ePub formatına sokmak ve olarak dijital yayıncılara dağıtmak istiyorum.

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    EPUB expert 5 gün left

    EPUB expert needed for ebook publishing on Kindle Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in EPUB file format and ebook publishing - Familiarity with Kindle platform and specifications - Ability to optimize EPUB files for Kindle viewing - Knowledge of formatting and layout for ebooks - Attention to detail to ensure proper display on Kindle devices.

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    Trophy icon graphic designer for ebook 1 gün left

    I am in need of a graphic designer to create a classic and elegant design for my ebook. I do not have any specific images or icons that I want to be included, but I can find some if needed. The desired format for the ebook is both PDF and ePub. Skills/Experience: - Experience in graphic design, specifically for ebooks - Knowledge of creating classic and elegant designs - Ability to work with both PDF and ePub formats I need someone that is good at communicating and that works on edits quickly. I need someone who can take these attached files and incorporate the feel and sentiment into the book cover. Book Title: "Heartbeats of Hope: Overcoming Dysautonomia and Chronic Conditions" By Tyler Mathews The book is about the Autonomic Nervous System and its related Ch...

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    ePub Converter Bitti left

    ePub Converter Project I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me with an ePub Ebook project. The project involves converting files from a google document to ePub fixed layout (that can be printed as well) and reflowable layout . Format of the files: Other (please specify) Specific features needed in the ePub converter: - Customizable layout and design Expected volume of files for conversion: 10-50 Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in file conversion - Knowledge of ePub file formats and requirements of formatting to meet kindle like products - Experience in creating customizable layouts - Attention to detail and ability to meet project deadlines

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    Project Title: Create a doc file from a epub file. Doc file must be in the correct format for Kindle Project Description: I am looking for a freelancer who can convert my epub file into a doc file that is compatible with Kindle. The epub file is less than 100 pages in length. Specific requirements: - Basic conversion: I do not need any specific formatting or layout elements included in the doc file. - Deadline: The conversion needs to be completed within a week. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in converting epub files to doc files. - Knowledge of the correct formatting and layout requirements for Kindle files. - Ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality work. If you have experience in converting epub files to Kindle-compatibl...

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    I am looking for a skilled designer who can create an interactive PDF and EPDF or Ebook for marketing purposes. The desired format for the final product should be both EPUB and PDF. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in designing interactive PDFs and EPDFs or Ebooks - Strong understanding of marketing principles and design techniques - Ability to create visually appealing and engaging content - Familiarity with EPUB and PDF formats - Creative mindset and ability to work with minimal guidance The client is open to the designer's creativity and does not have a specific design or style in mind. Therefore, the ideal candidate should have the ability to come up with innovative and visually stunning designs that align with the client's marketing goals.

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    Estoy buscando un profesional calificado que pueda ayudarme con mi proyecto. El proyecto consiste en transformar 5 libros en PDF a formato ePub compatible con KDP de Amazon. Los libros de partida están en formato PDF, y no se requiere alguna personalización a la maquetación, solo pasar el contenido existente a ePub. Además, no es necesario modificar el contenido de los libros, solo el formato. Si siente que tiene las habilidades necesarias para este proyecto, contacteme para discutir detalles.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to convert InDesign files into epub format with fixed layout, 416 pages plus covers, 7 images, and 48 initial caps. Specifically, the output must be in ePub format, without any interactive elements like audio, video, or hyperlinks. I need the project to be completed within two weeks. So I'm looking for someone who has prior experience in this kind of work and can deliver quality results in a timely manner.

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    60 teklifler looking for a freelancer who can create an ePUB from a PDF scan of an old catalog. The scan is in PDF format. This is approx 400 pages with a bit of text on each page. Mostly it is old monochrome drawings or diagrams. I have all the pages scanned and can provide them in whatever resolution, format required with some automated tools. I have removed all the page numbers and blanked out information that should be moved to headers etc. This needs the structure of the ePUB created and fit it all together. I include a PRE CLEANED page as a sample of what it looks like. You MUST be able to create a clickable index from the real index for me. I am not just looking to convert PDF into ePUB, this does require a bit more. Layout: - The ePUB layout shoul...

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    I wrote a book in txt and I want to convert it to epub, making it pretty.

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    Need to modify my EPUB eBook to embed a specific font and force ereaders to use it. Additionally, I need the standard audio player in the eBook to be replaced with an audio button design that I will provide. Skills and Experience: - Experience working with EPUB eBook format - Proficiency in embedding fonts in eBooks - Knowledge of how to force EPUB readers to use embedded fonts - Ability to replace standard audio player with custom audio button design - Familiarity with audio integration in eBooks, specifically embedding audio files

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    I have encountered some issues with an e-Pub book created with ApplePages and Sigil software. I'm currently in the process of uploading a book on PublishDrive but it keeps saying there's an error where "The clickable table of contents can’t contain placeholders: ‘(Untitled)’ tags". I am looking for someone to help fix the issues I am experiencing so that the e-Pub book can be formatted and compatible. If you are confident with e-Pub editing and have the necessary know-how to tackle such issues, please get in touch!

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    ...the correct format for Draft2Digital. Basically, I want to upload a custom Word or PDF to Draft2 Digital. Just to clarify, the end goal is to have files to upload to D2D for print and eBooks. For the print books, a custom PDF or MS word doc will work. For the eBOOK, the D2D site will not support a PDF but a word doc. It will accept files in word, epub and zip. See attached. The Upwork site will not allow you to provide me with a copy of an epub. Rather, I believe it allows a weblink because you drug that file from the UpWork window to your desktop. It's copying a link instead of a file. A designer has worked on creating a document but I now have a Microsoft word document that I have been unable to upload because of formatting issues. If you are using D2D conversio...

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    Hello! I am looking for someone who can adapt a widget to FlutterFlow project. Widget Link: Already done dependencies and import. Need the code and tweaks to be adapted to work here. Thanks.

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    I am looking for someone to take my book manuscript (in Word document format) and format it into an EPUB plus a CORRECTLY formatted WORD doc for ebook publication. There is no need for additional services such as cover design or proofreading. My book is ready for the ebook formatting process. If you have experience in ebook formatting and believe you are the right person for the job, please do not hesitate to contact me.122, 879 words 376 pages. Where Kindle wants me to use their app Kindle Create many writers forums say that it's not necessary and Kindle Create has been awful. Everything has imported all weird. I am better off with a direct upload from WORD into KDP, but there is still so errors. The main one being a section or new chapter should start on a new page, but it st...

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    The example app use the library FolioReader swift able read table of content navigation for epub files. Navigating from once page/chapter to another is working for epub that Content or ToC (Table of content) is an .xhtm file. It works for .ncx and .xhtm

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    Book Cover Creation for a Minimalistic and Modern Science Non-Fiction Book Skills and experience required: - Graphic design expertise - Experience in creating book covers, particularly for non-fiction and science genres - Proficiency in modern design styles - Ability to effectively portray the theme of the book through visuals - Understanding of the target audience and market for sc...eye-catching, while still maintaining a professional and sophisticated look. - The designer should have experience in creating book covers, particularly for non-fiction and science genres. - Please provide examples of your previous work in your proposal. - The project deadline is Nov 10 Book Topic: cyber security artificial intelligence , in book format and size and ready for professional print and ePub...

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    MAIN JOB: CONVERTING AND UPLOADING TO KINDLE: I published 8...UPLOADING TO KINDLE: I published 8 x children's books (plus foreign versions) on Kindle 10 years ago. Some are now listed as not available, so I want to reload and relist; others are appearing in the wrong format and pricing so they need uploading in correct format and size etc. I have 5 of them now in the correct PDF format ready to convert to epub and upload to Kindle; another is in PDF format but pages and covers are separate; 1 is already in epub and just needs uploading correctly; The last one is a french version that needs replacing with a correct version. SECOND JOB: CONVERTING WORD'PDF NEW BOOKS TO CORRECT FORMAT AND UPLOADING If you think you can handle this project, please get in touch. i att...

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    FIRST JOB: I have 8 PDF books r...for the Kindle upload that must be followed. All books are the same size. The original books were uploaded to Kindle but now they are either in the wrong size format or are listed as "unavailable". I need to make sure that all 8 books are loaded correctly. 5 of the English books are ready in PDF format. One is ready but in PDF format with covers and pages separate. One of the books is already an Epub and needs uploading. I'm looking for someone to help me get these books uploaded to Kindle and listed correctly as soon as possible. I attach one of the PDFs as an example SECOND JOB: I have two other books in Word/PDF that need formatting as per other books for Kindle uploading. One already has an ISBN the other will need a ASIN COULD YO...

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    I have a working WooCommerce site that allows user to download ePub books. The premiss is the user downloads an ePub, reads it, and leaves a review on Goodreads. Issue - Not all members are fulfilling the terms of use that specifies they need to leave a review of the ePub. Request - I need a plugin built that stops the a user from downloading or ordering another book when they have not left feedback on Goodreads. The check can be a manual on (I check to ensure the feedback was left) or automated (customer inputs the feedback link on the site and it is verified automatically). Note - this is a self-explanitory project. DO NOT MESSAGE ME DIRECTLY. If we want to hire you, it will be based on your profile and bid. Direct messaging prior to being contacted will be consid...

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    Can you create an epub file from a Word file of 294 pages -- so that I can upload to Amazon and have an ebook with a contents page that links to each chapter (as in every ebook). My Word file has NO headers or footers or page numbers...and has no page or section it is READY TO GO. I would like it formatted exactly as the Word file - with the same font, sizes, headers, and chapter titles - with justified text and no hyphens for the majority of the text, with indented paragraphs, etc., but with aligned text for the testimonials, etc. exactly as in the Word document. There are a lot of black and white photos too that are in the manuscript (about 100) which need to go in as a few charts... I will provide this Word file (plus the formatted pdf file for the paperback...

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    My book cover has a typo in the title. Just one lower case letter needs to be changed to upper case. The book title is: Australia's Injury Injustice. The "i" for Injury needs to be upper case. This needs to be corrected on the front and back. I will need copies for the front cover only as well as the full cover. There are three ...upper case. This needs to be corrected on the front and back. I will need copies for the front cover only as well as the full cover. There are three barcodes: hardback, paperback and eBook. All these files are JPG. The book size is 6" x 9". The PDF file for print has 192 pages. I am a first time author who is self-publishing so if there are any other formatting problems that need corrected for the EPUB version for IngramSpark, th...

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    I am looking for a skilled Swift developer to help me solve a bug in my code. This is about a package called folioreader , a library for making an ebook Reader App. Currently the table of content navigation is not working for epub files. Navigating from once page/chapter to another is not working for epub that Content or ToC (Table of content) is an .xhtm file. It works for .ncx but not .xhtm Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge of Swift programming language - Experience with Xcode and Mac OS - Familiarity with the specific version of Swift being used - Ability to fix bugs without changing the existing architecture Additional requirements: - The bug should be fixed within a certain timeframe. If you have the necessary skills and experience, and can meet the s...

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    My ultimate objective is to learn how to embed a video with play/stop buttons in a PDF so I can do it for myself. I have been trying to do this f...PDF means portable document format, meaning it should be able to act like a beautiful magazine, a CV, an audiobook or podcast that can be sent to people via email or download that includes up-to-date multimedia, interactivity and so on. I have also looked into Adobe InDesign interactive PDF (solution) which doesn't work. I have also looked into epub which would be a solution but the uptake of epub has just not happened due to no one making a popular epub player. I am certain there is an elegant solution to embedding video and audio inside PDF again and now I am throwing out the challenge to a PDF expert to tell me that...

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    Python script Bitti left

    Hey thank you for reading. I am looking for a short Python script to be able to convert the first 2 letters of each word in a PDF file into capital letter. - I want the script to take as input PDF and EPUB formats and output the document in the same format and same font and internal text structure but with the 2 first letters of each word in Capital Letter. Example: Input PDF file: It as announcing it me stimulated frequently continuing. Least their she you now above going stand forth. He pretty future afraid should genius spirit on. Set property addition building put likewise get. Of will at sell well at as. Output: SAME FILE FORMAT IT AS ANnouncing IT ME STimulated FRequently COntinuing. LEast THeir SHe YOu NOw ABove GOing STand FOrth. HE PRetty FUture AFraid SHould GEn...

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    Prepare ebook in epub format (text to epub) in Sinhala language. Please check the attached text file. Please convert it to epub with a cover as a sample work. This text is in Sinhala language. so please consider normal or online conversion methods will not give expected results. please use adobe inside or similar tool

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    I'm looking to find someone who has more experience than me to help me solve some epub issues (html, css, sigil). All work will be done remotely on my computer. YOU must have a fast and stable internet connection. The result should be at least 50Mbps to be able to work decently. I will reject all bids that is out of range [$2-$8].

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    I'm looking for someone to convert an InDesign file to an Epub. The file was created using InDesign CC 2020 or later, and it is a mix of text and images. As far as formatting or style is concerned, I'm open to suggestions on this. If you have experience with this work, and an understanding of the challenges involved in producing an epub output, please let me know.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with the project of exporting an InDesign file to EPUB format. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in InDesign, specifically [Specify the version of InDesign the client is using] - Experience in exporting InDesign files to EPUB format - Knowledge of EPUB formatting and standards - Ability to handle specific formatting requirements for the EPUB file Project Details: - The client is using a version of InDesign other than CC 2019 or CC 2020. - The EPUB file requires specific formatting, indicating the need for attention to detail and adherence to the client's requirements. - The project has a tight deadline of 2 days, so the freelancer must be able to work efficiently and deliver within the spec...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can convert a 600-pages ePub file for a finance book to MS Word. The converted document should have specific formatting specifications provided by me. There are no sections in the book that require special attention or modifications during the conversion. The deadline for the completion of the conversion is within a week. What is important is that any formulas have no errors and that they are in the correct place in the book, and that images are copied over properly. A little knowledge of finance / risk / markets might help to be sure you have this right. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in converting ePub files to MS Word - Attention to detail to ensure no mistakes in the conversion - Ability to follow speci...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can convert an epub book to MS Word and ensure that there are no mistakes in the maths/formulas. The details of the project are as follows: Epub File: - I have the epub file ready to be converted to MS Word. - There is an oddity in the book - the images all have grey backgrounds, as does each pages of the book - I have already converted these to white background images, but you may have a better way of doing it... Maths/Formulas Complexity: - The maths/formulas in the epub book are of intermediate complexity - calculus, probability etc. An example page is attached as a screenshot. Number of Pages: - The epub book has 230 pages. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in converting epub files to MS Word. - S...

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    I have exported a book from inDesign to PDF and ePub-reflow. There are some issues in the exported ePub that need to be solved. PDF file has 364 pages of pocket size printed book. I need help to fix the existing issues.

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    I have exported a book from inDesign to PDF and ePub-reflow. There are some issues in the exported ePub that need to be solved. PDF file has 364 pages of pocket size printed book. I need help to fix the existing issues.

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    ePub formatting help needed for a short eBook I have created a fixed-format ePub file using Calibre. No matter what aspect ratio I choose when creating the file, I'm unable to get the images to fill the screen on a tablet. The attached file contains images from the book and how it would appear on a Kindle tablet. I want the images to fill most of the screen without the large white border. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in eBook formatting using ePub format - Knowledge of industry standards and guidelines for eBook formatting - Ability to work with a document of less than 50 pages

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    Epub bible. Use Calibre (or other epub software if applicable) and its “Check book” function to find all captured formatting/ coding errors. Compile a list* of all such errors and liaise with author on the necessary corrective actions. Register all corrective actions taken in the error master list* (to facilitate the author’s understanding of the cause of those errors and how to prevent future recurrence).

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    I have 29 EPUB books. I will attach 1 here. Please look at it. All 29 of these ebooks are similar in length. I want to publish them on Apple Books. Apple Books refuses to accept them because they have numerous validation errors in the code. Please take a look at this one book attached here, and then give me a price quote to validate the code in the ebook. If we proceed, I would then pay you to do the first book. I will then submit it to Apple Books. If it is accepted without validation errors, then I will send you batches of more EPUB books and you can clean up the code on all of those, too. So the first step is for you to please take a look at this volume, decide if you are capable of fixing any code errors so it passes the validation. And tell me how much you will cha...

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    I am looking to create an EPUB book from a PDF. The source file is already in PDF format and I need it to be converted into an EPUB book. I do not require any additional formatting or interactive elements in the EPUB, only the basic formatting. The source file contains more than 100 pages so it needs to be accurately converted into the EPUB format. This is a straightforward project. I am looking for someone who has prior experience working with EPUB books and the conversion from a PDF file for Amazon Kindle. If you think you are the right person for this job, please get in touch!

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    We are in search of a detail-oriented and experienced Epub file designer to meticulously redesign and format an existing Epub file to enhance its visual design and readability on both iOS and Android devices. The optimized Epub should offer a seamless and engaging reading experience leveraging the full capabilities of our eReader built on Readium. Scope of Work: Analyze and improve the current formatting of the existing Epub file to ensure a reflowable and visually appealing design. Leverage assets and resources available from the existing Indesign file, Epub file, and PDF to enhance the visual design. Optimize the file for exceptional readability on both iOS and Android devices. Requirements: Proven experience with Epub file formatting and r...

    €104 (Avg Bid)
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    Epublishing Bitti left

    I'm looking to publish a non-fiction ebook, and I have a completed manuscript ready to go. I am looking for someone with experience in ebook formatting, to handle the publication of an EPUB version. I would like a professional, attention-grabbing cover design, and also any corrections or further enhancements necessary to make it stand out!

    €237 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with formatting my E-book in EPUB format with page numbers and hyperlinked index Requirements: - Expertise in EPUB formatting to ensure a professional and visually appealing layout - Ability to create a hyperlinked index and page numbers for easy navigation - Experience working with E-books and knowledge of industry standards - Attention to detail to ensure proper formatting and consistency throughout the E-book The content for the E-book is ready and will be provided before the project starts. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in EPUB formatting - Familiarity with E-book creation and publishing - Strong attention to detail and organization skills - Ability to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality wor...

    €115 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi! I want to apply for the ebook formatting job. I have been formatting and designing ebooks for over ten years. I have worked with various clients, including self-published authors, editorials, and large companies. My background includes experience in formatting and designing fiction and nonfiction ebooks, white papers, and press releases. Your ebook interior will look crisp, clean, and professional on all devices. This includes creating the table contents (TOCs), chapter headings, etc. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns you might have, or if you would like to see any examples of my past work. I would be delighted to assist you, Ernesto.

    €42 (Avg Bid)
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    1 teklifler

    Epub project

    €37 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for an ongoing freelancer to convert my PDF file(s) into an EPub format. ($25-$50 per project)The EPub should be compatible with any EPub reader and should not have any additional interactive elements such as hyperlinks, footnotes, audio, or video. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in converting PDF files to EPub (fixed-format) - Knowledge of EPub formatting standards and best practices - Attention to detail to ensure the EPub is accurately converted without any errors or formatting issues.

    €50 (Avg Bid)
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    29 teklifler

    I am looking for a freelancer who can convert my Word document into an epub format. The ideal candidate will have experience in document conversion and a strong understanding of epub formatting. Requirements: - Experience with converting Word documents to epub format - Ability to make specific formatting and layout changes, including chapter or section divisions - Attention to detail to ensure the final epub document matches the original Word document - Knowledge of epub standards and best practices - Strong communication skills to ensure all requirements are understood and met If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal.

    €85 (Avg Bid)
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    40 teklifler, my author name, and relevant images. Creativity and a strong aesthetic will be rewarded! This is a great opportunity to show off your design skills, so make sure your entry is exemplary! ******* I have the idea of what I want, I just need an artist to make it happen;;; I need the files that would be able to be uploaded to the publisher and printed for a hard copy and ebook, not sure if EPUB or PDF. What I need is a group of 8 people in a room. ** ALL of them are in their early 20's.*** at the bottom of the page at a half round table, the other half cannot be seen-- - 2 light skin African American men with short dark brown hair sitting at the table at the 1 & 11 o’clock positions with a small light in the middle of the table. . One of them is holding ...

    €288 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for an experienced ebook editor/developer to help me create a technical book, titled '101 Electric Machine Stories'. This book should have more than 100 pages, including images and notes, and should be delivered in ePub and PDF format. The final product should be suitable for upload to amazon etc. The editor/developer should have experience editing eBooks and a broad understanding of the publishing industry. They must also be knowledgeable about formatting and design, and be adept at creating graphical elements. Lastly, they must possess sound organization, communication, and project management skills. A draft in PDF and PowerPoint + Notes is available. I'm looking for an expert who can work quickly and efficiently to bring my book to life, from s...

    €919 - €1839
    Acil Mühürlü Gizlilik Anlaşması
    €919 - €1839
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    I would like to upload an epub version of my picture book from InDesign. I need help formatting the book to show spreads properly and fix the following errors ERROR(RSC-005): /OEBPS/(9,9): Error while parsing file: element "ol" incomplete; missing required element "li" WARNING(OPF-053): /OEBPS/(11,30): Date value "8/2/2023" does not follow recommended syntax as per :[For input string: "8/2/2023"] is not an integer.

    €100 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me create an eBook. I have the print version already created in InDesign, but every time I try to export as an eBook, there are many errors that I need help fixing. It is a children's picture book. Desired Length: Less than 50 pages. Illustrations: No looking for a freelancer to help me create an eBook. I have the print version already created in InDesign, but every time I try to export as an eBook, there are many errors that I need help fixing. It is a children's picture book. Desired Length: Less than 50 pages. Illustrations: No illustrations needed. Format: The eBook should be in ePub format. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in eBook creation and formatting - Knowledge of ePub formatting guidelines...

    €95 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a LaTeX project that I want to convert to an epub book. Formatting and everything is already done, its just that I have chessboard tikz diagrams using Xskak library that are not rendering. Automatically create EPUB from given LaTeX page with chess diagram and PGN working correctly in EPUB and show me the files and method needed to do that, it shouldn't be done manually and all work should be done directly in Overleaf.

    €1 - €5 / hr
    €1 - €5 / hr
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