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    Hi I need help with a simple regression calculation. Attached is a dummy data example. Please see EXAMPLE Tab in the attachment. Can you show me how to add confidence levels around the forecast Y in cells C14:C29? I believe this should be pretty simple for you. I will need some help doing this with a multi regression. Thanks, Tim

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    A survey in three different groups with total of 4000 respondents is to be cathegorized by age, gender, income and group to identify significant differences between groups and demographic categories on five response variables (yes/no). Test relationship between ordinal groups and responses (percentage yes and no). Robust testing of differences between groups, visualization of findings in and sourc...

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    This is a simple machine learning project for a simple regression problem with about 20 features and <50k observations. The issue at hand is that we want to predict whether it is good for a firm to buy a new production plant or not. In the data, we have n firms at different points in time t. The target value is the value-added when they buy a new plant. The data is already available and cleane...

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    I want to use python to develop a classifier using logitech regression. I will provide complete details in the chat.

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    Are you a R Expert with knowledge of statistics and finance. Approx 7-10 hours of programming models, testing forecasts and visualizing findings.

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    Mobiles test data for regression

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    Test data for mobile qa regression of cvp

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    Regression, classification , using of algorithms. Data summary and visualization

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    Hi Romina Carmen S., I need a long-term QA tester for my apps and applications. Testing new features as they come, regression testing, etc. I can't pay your rate but I can do $140 a week, every week. Let me know if interested.

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    Hi Alex, I need a long-term QA tester for my apps and applications. Testing new features as they come, regression testing, etc. I can't pay your rate but I can do $140 a week, every week. Let me know if interested.

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    XGBoost is a gradient boosting technique used in classification and regression problems. In python, Scikit-learn package (see [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]), supports the implementation. But there are no implementation written in MATLAB language. Please implement all of the functions, which Scikit-learn supports, in MATLAB and verify the implementation using...

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    Scrape a set of online shopping web pages (e.g. Souq, Jumia, AliExpress...etc) to get information about 'shoes' products. Clean your data and organize them in a well-shaped data frames. for each model, visualize different shoe's prices between different markets. Having prices for each shoe's model, predict future prices for each model using linear regression. Build a recomme...

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    This project proposes to apply super-resolution algorithm for multi-spectral or hyperspectral remote sensing images. The underlying idea implicit prior from a set of high-resolution training examples to model the relation between LR and HR images. The matrix-based implicit prior is learned as a regression operator using conjugate decent method. The direct relation between LR and HR image is obtain...

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] propossl [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] data setfrom any location like federal reserce, real estste home proce index, machine learning repository. Uour choice but there should be atleast 55 rows of data with various variables mentined below. Describe population sample like, contineous,categorica...

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    I want a regression analysis that would test whether Fixed effect or Random effect model is suitable for studying the effect of corporate governance mechanisms on earnings quality. The expert would test for and otherwise of the presence of endogeinity. ADF and unit root tests should be carried out including any important post regression diagnostic tests for robustness. I will provide all the indep...

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    wants Regression and Clustering using matlab code.

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    I am requesting a MATLAB code of cryptocurrency trading based on mean reversion strategy. I already have a trend following strategy with Sortino ratio 5.4 and Sharpe ratio 3.7 for my dataset, and I want a mean reversion strategy, which can hedge the strategic risk. Mean reversion strategy could enter long position on pullback or price down, (which can be determined by Internal bar strength, 2-Pe...

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    XGBoost is a gradient boosting technique used in classification and regression problems. In python, Scikit-learn package (see [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]), supports the implementation. But there are no implementation written in MATLAB language. Please implement all of the functions, which Scikit-learn supports, in MATLAB and verify the implementation using 3...

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    Hello, I am looking for a freelance with skills in website creation, blog. A draft site has already been put in place ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]), the goal will be to add a member area that allows registered visitors to access additional content (Versus those who do not have a member account.) The site aims to provide predictions on football matches of the ...

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    The requirement is to simplify the output of a logistic regression file and a decision tree file and explain the results in a small report . Also the user must know how to use the SCORE node in SAS data miner. If you have no experience please dont bid.

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    I require an SAS data miner expect to interpret results from decision tress and Logistic regression and the use of the SCORE NODE.

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    Title: QA best practises: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx keyword: "qa best practises" 1. introduction 2. The list of qa best practises ) Involve the dedicated QA team ) define deliverables ) writing goo test cases ) combining test automation and manual testing ) continous integration ) focus on the user expierience ) Test Coverage ) Code review ) manual functional testing ) Detailed Non-functional t...

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    KUKUN is a US based renovation startup that makes home renovation process simpler and transparent. KUKUN platform allows homeowners to estimate the cost of their renovation projects, return on investments, connect with the professionals and provide all the necessary tools that let homeowners manage their project all in one place. We are seeking for a motivated, self-driven and innovative software...

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    ----> I have a project with: 1- training script with saving of 4 models to user_dir/modelN and returning metrics 2-classification script for 4 models with returning the results (random forest, MLP, LSVM and logistic regression) 3-java code to invoke the scripts and display results 4-bar charts (plotly or else) for classification of several tweets ____________________________________...

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    What Makes Us Special? Rocketshield Browser Technology is one of the hottest start-ups. We are the emerging leader in custom mobile browser which reach and influence millions of users around the world. Our team is actively shaping the future and we are looking for an outstanding and passionate QA Engineer to join our top-notch Android development team. Job Responsibilities - Assure that our mill...

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    i need analysis some data from eviews

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    R programming Bitti left

    it is a project that you need to build a regression model and analyse it via applying R statistical software to the dataset. dataset is not available, so writer should find the dataset for variables in the model. 25-30 pages and appendices. topic is about foreign exchange and time-series relationship.

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    Perform advanced analytics on health data

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    I have just established a new company under the name of Cesta House of Healing..but we also have an existing company in India under the name of Cesta Holistic Healing Studio..the logo for that is trademarked so cannot use the same. however we wish to represent a unified image for both firms and hence have both under the Cesta Healing banner and have a common company mascot..now I need to give my c...

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    I have one problem to be solved with machine learning (linear regression). I made 100 measurement with optical 3d scanner and get result for each measurement. It has 7 influental factors (temperature, humidity, ilumination etc.) and for each measurement I combined different value of each influental factor. The goal is to get influence (coefficient) of each factor on measurement results. Project ne...

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    Statistical analysis will be performed using Kaplan-Meier method for estimating the survival curve, log rank test for comparing groups, and cox regression. The reported statistics will include hazard ratio with 95% confidence interval, p-values, and beta coefficients. 20 subjects only Excel file ready Urgent within 2 days

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    Need to set up an import to get historical and current prices and data such as ASX listed shares, commonly used market indicators such as commodity prices, interest rates, currency values. Have this done on google finance, yahoo finance, Morningstar, Bloomberg. Open to use of any that will retrieve the relevant data. Aiming to have this contained for all assets in one spreadsheet.  I know goo...

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    I need assistance choosing and running stats for a quality improvement project using a pre and post intervention scores with regression analysis.

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    Hi, I want to test the p-spline for interpolation with some of my files I attached. However, as these 4 files are similar, working just on the first (b1) will do. Till now, my best results have been by cuberoot transformation. For forecasting, I use Kernel regression as predictor, Tricube as kernel, Euclidian as distance. I'm not really involved in theory. So, I need someone with good exp...

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    In this simulation, you will assume the position of CEO of a company, Minnesota Micromotors (MM), that manufactures motors used in medical devices. You will be tasked to make a variety of marketing management decisions over a period of several quarters. This simulation focuses on the link between strategy formulation and execution: budgeting for market research, evaluating investment in product/ f...

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    I need real time consultation about Machine Learning in R via Skype and Teamviewer. This is for right away, so I'm not looking for a student trying to look for tutorials about how to do things. Instead, I'm looking for an R / Machine Learning expert that knows exactly what he/she does. Of course we always can look for things on Google. We are going to be working together, exchanging code...

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    I have some DHS data variables that I want to analyse . Files are in stata format. Analysis that will be required is mostly only logistic regression on a few qualitative variables. Kindly contact only if you can work with DHS data

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    I need to implement multi linear regression in C++ that is all.

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    Write the code in R to create linear regression and KNN regression model. More project info can be discussed via chat.

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    Statistics Bitti left

    I need logistic regression done in Stata

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    *****Note: Please bid WITHIN the budget estimation.***** Hello, I am looking for someone who can help to analyse a set of data collected using spss. A number of data collected: 200 The aim of the project: to examine the relationship between variables Task: 1) exploratory factor analysis 2) confirmatory factor analysis 3) multiple regression analysis deadline: 1 Sept 2019 Thank you and happy biddin...

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    We're looking for a freelancer to work with and coach us on two statistical techniques: Case control matching ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın](statistics)) Binary logistic regression ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) It’s essential: – You can converse easily in English – Are able to explain statistical...

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    Data will be given in SQL file - extracted from PostgreSQL database. Can also extract single CSV file, but you will need to filter yourself for 30 different categories as below. The resulting non-linear equation will be similar to the RED lines on these charts [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] but with different category names as per the SQL. Each category (there...

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    Qualitative Analysis team has been serving online for a short time. Until this year, we mostly worked with the reference system. However, team members have at least 19 years of field experience. Our team supports companies, academics, students and others in qualitative (verbal) and quantitative (numerical) analysis. Since 2010, our support for qualitative analysis has intensified and continued wi...

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    I want someone who is good with finance and eviews work and it needs to be done ASAP

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    Dissertation Bitti left

    So basically I need to get the words copy-edited and change a little bit of literature review. In the loan regression table I need to add another column which includes time fixed effects. If you can replicate spread regression table for the other loan terms as dependent variable, would be good. Also I nee to include a hypothesis section.

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    Looking for a Rapidminer expert for some work. Please bid for more details. Work involves conducting EDA and regression modelling with 500 words summary. Thanks

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    I would like to follow a CRISP-DM methodology 1.) understanding the domain and development goals of the Project 2.)identifying, accessing and understanding the relevant data source 3.)per-processing, cleaning, and transforming the relevant data 4.)developing models using comparable analytical techniques 5.)evaluating and assesing the validity and utility of the models, against each other goals of ...

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    I want someone who can do eviews work for me. It needs to be done ASAP

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    NEED A TESTER WHO HAVE 5+ YEAR OF EXPERIENCE IN WEB TESTING. ob Description • Should be able to understand the requirement and design test procedures and test cases for automated software testing. • Design automated test scripts that are reusable. • Ensure that all automated testing related activities are carried out as per the standards defined by the company. • Analyzing user...

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