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    tek bir örnek anylogic programinda yapilip raporlanicak. 2 sayfa rapor yeterli. Programa az biraz hakim olan birine, benim örnegim oldukca kolay gelicektir

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    ...infusing each garment with the soulful essence of our cultural heritage while embracing the dynamic energy of urban life. Central to our design narrative is the iconic "त्र" motif, boldly emblazoned on the back of every piece. This symbol serves as a blank canvas, inviting creativity to flow freely. We're open to a myriad of design approaches, from raw and edgy to intricate and detailed. Whether it's doodle art, raw sketches, or finely crafted patterns inspired by Indian heritage, we're eager to explore the full spectrum of creative expression. Our color palette draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of Indian culture, with hues that evoke warmth, vibrancy, and a sense of nostalgia. From earthy tones to vivid pops of color, each shade tells a story, c...

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    37 teklifler drawn doodle animation style video for my YouTube channel. The primary purpose of the video will be for educational content, specifically targeted towards adults. Key Responsibilities: - Develop engaging and informative scripts for the video. - Create a combination of hand-drawn and digital drawn doodle animations that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to comprehend. - Ensure the video is aligned with the educational objectives. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in doodle animation, with a strong understanding of both hand-drawn and digital drawn styles. - Prior experience in creating educational content will be highly valued. - Ability to tailor content specifically for adult learners. If you believe you have the skills to create engagin...

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    I need a skilled illustrator that can create playful and fun cartoon illustrations for my business. These illustrations will be used on my website and in my marketing materials. Key Requirements: - Style: The illustrations should ...deliverables should be suitable for use across my website and in my marketing materials. Ideal Freelancer: - A talented illustrator with a strong portfolio of cartoon-style work. - Experience designing illustrations for websites and marketing materials. - Someone who can capture and translate a playful, fun theme into visual form. Im looking for someone to make a 'doodle' style drawing of children doing 'adult' things. For example a child as an astronaut or a child as a teacher or child as a train driver. I want the illustr...

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    Looking for an artist who can create a cartoonish style drawing based on an existing image. The primary subject matter of this project is an object, which should be rendered with vibrancy and color and an alternative in all white What you need to provide: - Proficiency in creating doodle-like, cartoonish drawings - Ability to replicate an existing object into a cartoonish drawing - Expertise with vibrant color schemes Your creative interpretation is welcomed, but the resulting work should stay true to the cartoonish drawing style with a bright and lively color palette. There will be 40 different products to draw out in both styles so 80 images in total

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    I'm seeking a proficient graphic designer to create a modern and minimalist label design of large dimensions, specifically 6 x 6 inches. This project requires a special touch for a doodle picture as a primary element. Here's what I need: - Careful integration of the artwork into a minimalist design - Expertise in making sketch or doodle standout in a minimalist setting - Strong background in graphic design with an emphasis on product labels Ideally, you should have experience in doodle design and a previous portfolio to show similar projects. Your commitment to modern minimalist aesthetics will also be critical. Please provide a brief explanation of how you intend to approach the project in your bid.

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    Gday again mate. I have another project for you. You know what to do. Turn it into a fun looking document with your super awesome doodle drawing etc. Thank you

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    Hi Hassan A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I am looking for a professional who can create a captivating black and white doodle video aimed at education, running for more than 3 minutes. The video is made by combining five voice clips and one video clip that I will provide. Three of the audio clips will require simple static title text. Two of the cards will require a whiteboard/cartoon/doodle style animation. The ideal candidate should: - Have experience in creating doodle videos, particularly in black and white style. - Understand how to convey educational content through engaging visuals. - Be able to able to combine audio and video clips smoothly and balance the overall sound level. Final output is a single video provided in both Quicktime and MP4 formats in a way that would be suitable for upload to Yo...

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    More details: What is the purpose of the structures you want to build? Residential buildings How many different design variations do you want for the structures? One design What specific features are you looking for in your residential building's design? Glulam arches and connected roof

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    I'm looking for a talented animator skilled in hand-drawn doodle style. You will breathe life into a 3-minute explainer video which: - Educates adults suffering from addictions and compulsions on the control release cycle - Distills complex psychological concepts into easily consumable visuals. The right freelancer should pioneer visuals that generate empathy, understanding and hope. Please showcase your portfolio to highlight experience in explaining sensitive issues. Proficiency in dealing with mature subject matter, visual storytelling, and hand-drawn animation is essential. It would be nice to have and image of me in there somewhere (as the influencer/ narrator), - i will attach a photo so you can use for the drawing I would like my brand to come across which is empath...

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    ...sketches is a must. - Candidates with previous experience in illustrating medical or first-aid related content will be preferred. This project is your opportunity to contribute to a vital educational tool that can potentially save lives. I am looking forward to collaborating with an artist who can breathe life into these technical concepts through their artwork. Our vision is to incorporate simple, doodle-like sketches throughout the series that mirror the instructional and narrative essence of the content. These illustrations should evoke the impression of an individual sketching out survival techniques and first aid procedures as they learn, akin to doodles in a notebook's margins. Think of it as "Artist was on an airplane that crashed, and doodled the whole experi...

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    I am in need of an adept illustrator who can transform a YouTube video into an engaging cartoon doodle. The design should not be limited to just characters, background, or objects from the video - feel free to let your creativity roam. If possible I would like to get a doodle what can be used in different languages. The youtube video to transform into a doodle: The appointed illustrator should aim to emphasize the call-to-action - which is to contact or make an order for a water ionizer. It is not necessary for this to be the climax of the illustration; however, the call-to-action must be prominently featured. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in cartoon-style drawing - Ability to capture essential elements from the video - Proven experience

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    I am seeking an illustrator editor adept in doodle art and video creation for a short, 1-minute wedding invitation video. This project should blend cartoonish and playful illustrations of the future bride and groom, telling their unique story leading up to the event. Key requirements: 1. Style: The doodles or caricatures should lean towards a cartoonish and playful style, presenting the couple's journey in a fun and engaging manner. 2. Aesthetics: A soft, pastel color scheme should prevail, adding to the overall pleasant and aesthetic look of the video. Floral designs will add a special touch. 3. Music: The background score will play a key role in setting the overall mood of the video. The client prefers soft, romantic tunes that complement the video's tone and their ...

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    I am seeking a skilled video creator that can develop an entertaining yet compelling doodle video for marketing purposes, done in a lively, cartoon style. This project is targeted at a young adult audience, tapping into their sense of humor while effectively promoting social campaign. Key Requirements: - Create a captivating doodle marketing video - Apply a creative and engaging cartoon style - Tailored to intrigue and captivate young adults Ideal Skills and Experiences: - Demonstrable experience in creating doodle videos - Proficiency in cartoon-style animation - Strong understanding of young adult demographic - Clever humor sense - Background in marketing and advertising content is a plus. My goal is to create a video that is both entertaining and effectively se...

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    I am seeking a skilled graphic designer to revise the typography in my current logo. The specifics are as follows: - Typography Adjustment: This is the main requirement of this project. You should have extensive knowledge and experience in typographical design. It's not required, but if you have any style recommendations, such as serif, sans serif, or script, they would be appreciated. Importantly, this task is time-sensitive and I am looking to have the project completed as soon as possible. Expertise in rapid and efficient work will be an added advantage. Please ensure your bid reflects this urgency.

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    Hi there. I need a working example of Square's latest Web Payments form based on their PHP SDK. It came out over a year ago and they gave all these how to convert tutorials, but it's a super confusing migration. I just need a working example where I can paste my API Application ID and Application Secret in and process a real credit card. Simple. I just want an example that I can get working for processing credit cards. And tell me exactly which things to paste over with my own info. Thanks!

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app folder ✔ What is your project named? … profi_file_upload ✔ Would you like to use TypeScript? … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to use ESLint? … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to use Tailwind CSS? … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to use `src/` directory? … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to use App Router? (recommended) … No / Yes ✔ Would you like to customize the default import alias (@/*)? … No / Yes It's a very simple task; in the already created and empty project, only components for uploading photos need to be made. In the project, a backend endpoint is already made that accepts multipart/form-data. The assignment already includes a repository with the application, so it's really not about creating the whole application; I only need the...

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    I'm looking for a talented video creator to produce engaging weekly videos about psychology. Each video will be under 2 minutes long, captivating the audience with concise, impactful content. While the specific topic of the videos is flexible, we aim for a theme that resonates widely with viewers. I will provide the wole content (text) i need the videos done. Either doodle or something similar (ideas are welcome). **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experience in video production and editing - Ability to create captivating, concise content - Proficiency in narrating and visual storytelling - Strong sense of trending topics and creative presentation - Efficiency in meeting daily content deadlines **Project Requirements:** - Produce 3 videos weekly each under 2 minutes - Content...

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    I have this example project in django. I achieved to deploy it in lightsail AWS in development mode. I mean, running: python3 runserver SERVER-IP:PORT But, when I tried to deploy it in Production, I have this error: 500 Internal Server Error An internal server error has occured. I have followed the bitnami documentation: """ Enable Predefined Virtual Hosts For A Django Project The Bitnami installation comes with predefined HTTP and HTTPS virtual hosts for running Django projects with the mod_wsgi module. To enable them, follow the steps below: Copy the files to remove the .disabled suffix: NOTE: These files assume that the Django project is named sample and is located at /opt/bitnami/projects/sample. If your Django project is named or located differently, edit the ...

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    Please message a sample of the work. Will be a shrunken heads search cartoon page. Jungle scenes. Coupoek, pretty girls dressed like jungle girls. Needs to be all shrunken heads, and sexy ladies.. I can provide images of the ones I want to be made into a scary looking B & W cartoon page. I want the look look the file attached. I am on the lookout for a talented comic book artist to assist with creating 1-10 pages of captivating artwork. The specific style isn't set in stone, so feel free to bring your unique interpretation to the table. Details for the job are as follows: - The dimensions must be 8.5" x 11" plus bleed - The resolution should be at 300 DPI - The final deliverables need to be in both PDF and JPG formats Ideal candidates for the job should exhibi...

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    ...task to arrange the existing design or structure (which is also not bad) to match the example design/structure provided. It will NOT require adding any new features; however, some knowledge of PHP/Laravel may be needed to populate some content/sections that may not be available in the current design (for example, if featured posts are not showing in the contemporary design). Some level of coding knowledge may be needed. However, it is a design change task. The changes are primarily needed for six pages. Home page, Listing projects page, Project details page, Profile pages, Dashboard page, my projects page. For each page, I will provide an example link for the sample page. Original page link and example page link You do not need to integrate a new theme/te...

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    I need a short video in a doodle format (whiteboard drawing).You can use any tool available on the internet as long as it provides high quality. The text is not long, it needs to be 2 will be around 1:30 minutes and another probably 2-3 minutes Bids higher than project description will not be accepted. I need something like this: script attached

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    12 teklifler materials to help my brand stand out. Key Requirements: - Experience in creating animated doodles. - Ability to capture the essence of my brand in short animations. - Proficient in digital animation tools and software. - Creative mindset with a knack for engaging storytelling. - Timeliness and ability to stick to a project timeline. Ideal Skills: - Strong portfolio showcasing animated doodle work. - Experience with marketing and advertising animations. - Familiarity with animation trends and what captures audiences. - Ability to translate marketing objectives into creative visual stories. What I'm Looking For: - The creation of multiple 10-30 second doodles, tailored for marketing use. - Doodles that are not only entertaining but also informative, highlightin...

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    I am seeking a creative freelancer who can COME IN PERSON IN OUR TORONTO OFFICE to help translate our appreciation for our team into a compelling doodle sketch on a whiteboard for Employee Appreciation Day. Tasks: • Create a sketch that celebrates our employees, particularly our Marketing Team • Convey a motivational message Skills needed: • Strong sketching skills • Understanding of composition and design • Ability to portray sentiment through visual art • Good communication to understand specifics This project is a fantastic opportunity for artists with an eye for detail and understanding of company culture. Looking forward to your bid!

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    I have provided an Example image, I need that to be created from scratch with original art, not stock images or licensed images from other sources. I need someone truly skilled at cartoon drawing that can take the image example along with the other reference images and create a new piece. Notes: The overall design should look similar to the Example image in terms of layout You may use the screw image, but I would prefer a new one or at least something stylized The Viper image is an example of how I would like the snake to look, more cartoonish.

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer to create a captivating 30-40 second doodle video designed specifically for my website's banner. The main goal is to introduce my company in a manner that is not just visually appealing but also retains viewer attention. **Ideal Project Outcome:** - A doodle video lasting between 30 to 40 seconds. - Clear, engaging introduction to our company. - Visually appealing content to be used as a website banner. **Required Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in doodle video creation with a portfolio showcasing previous work. - Ability to convey complex messages in a simple, engaging manner. - Strong communication skills to ensure the project's vision is accurately understood and executed. - Capable of delivering the final pr...

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    ...minute doodle animation video inspired by the theme "Maximizing Help." Our budget is $200, with flexibility for higher quotes if necessary to meet the project's vision. The goal is to create a video that's visually engaging and emotionally compelling, complete with an uplifting voice-over and clear subtitles to resonate with a global audience. ### **Specifics:** - **Animation Style**: Clean, engaging doodle animation that effectively conveys our inspirational message. - **Voice-Over**: An uplifting and inspiring voice with a neutral accent, appealing to viewers worldwide. - **Content Goal**: To motivate viewers to explore their potential in helping others, using powerful visuals that evoke emotion and inspire action. ### **Skills and Experience Requ...

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    I'm looking to work with a creative and talented designer to develop a logo for my brand. A key requirement for applicants is to showcase their past work. I have a unique style in mind, influenced by modern and minimalist principles, and I have an example ready to share to guide your creative process. Ideal candidates will have a keen eye for clean and stylish design, and extensive experience in logo creation. Your involvement in this project could potentially lead to further collaboration on graphic design needs for our brand.

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    Hi Arjav J., I have another doodle drawing project for you... The same colours and theme as before. You just do your thing and make it look cool and fun with doodle drawings etc. I am excited about this one.

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    Me again! I am working on my UI problem. Could you provide an example of how to pragmatically display graphic_a and then after x time display graphic_b?

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    I need developer for develop Stripe () API, pay via credit card and support 3d secure 2 (live mode). Validation process by Bank will sent confirmation code via SMS. I only want example project developed by node.js express (web application). If you can do or have experience in this field. Please offer a price and information about this work.

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    I am looking for a skilled mobile app developer to create a mobile app for me. The main purpose of the app is to publish data to a designated platform, which will eventually create a website. Platform: The app should be able to publish data to various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, it should integrate with web builder and SMS tools, as well as email services. Open source customization is also a possibility. Design: I don't have a specific design or layout in mind, so I am open to suggestions. I want the app to have a clean and user-friendly interface. Features: The app should have data collection forms that allow users to fill out information and make selections. It should also have the ability to relay this data to a database in real-time....

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    ...bring a fun, playful aspect to my business brand through cartoonish doodle art. This artwork will primarily adorn various pieces of merchandise to reinforce our creative and whimsical brand image. Requirements: - Strong portfolio in cartoonish doodle artwork - Ability to translate brand values into engaging visuals - Previous experience with merchandise design preferred Key Tasks: - Create original doodle designs that embody playfulness and creativity - Adapt designs for various merchandise formats - Ensure artwork aligns with brand identity Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in graphic design software - Great communication and interpretation skills - Able to work within deadlines End Product: - High-resolution, scalable doodle art files ready for print - A se...

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    ...experienced freelancer to design and develop a custom WordPress website in doodle style, inspired by the creativity and uniqueness of websites like The website will serve as a platform to showcase our brand identity and services, incorporating unique doodle elements and GIFs for visual appeal. We have a clear vision for our website and are looking for a talented freelancer to bring it to life. The website will feature several key pages, including Home, About Us (Who We Are), Services (What We Do), Blog, Case Studies, and Contact Us. Key Features and Requirements: Custom Doodle Style Design: The website should be designed in a doodle style similar to the reference website provided. Doodle elements should be incorporated throughout the design for a c...

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    I'm in urgent need of a creative freelancer to craft minimalistic doodle or vector images for a set of business-themed training slides. These illustrations should emphasize simplicity while effectively attracting attention and driving home core concepts. **Requirements:** - Create minimalistic, engaging illustrations to complement and underscore key business concepts within my training materials. - Enhance the aesthetic appeal of the slides, thereby maintaining viewer engagement and interest. **What I'm looking for:** - Proven experience in doodle art or minimalistic vector illustrations. - Ability to translate business concepts into simple, yet captivating imagery. - A keen eye for design that aligns with a business-oriented aesthetic. **The ideal freelancer wil...

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    I have a project on CPanel (and I have a WHM) on my VPS. We have hundreds of ba...samename_dbname1, samename_dbname2 and so forth. Each database has the same, identical structure and tables and columns. I think I can use the schema naming logic to update the same table, column and record in ALL of my tables from one query but I am not experienced in which schema names identify: All databases A particular table within those databases A particular record within those databases For example, what if I want this query? UPDATE SET title = "Learn XYZ" WHERE id=1 I guess that db would simply need to be some schema name that identifies any database or any database that starts with samename_ Sometimes I'll need to insert the same exact record into the same table in eve...

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    I have a nucleo board H723ZG, and I want the step by step configuration for PING + UDP without FreeRTOS. It must work with the board and use STM32IDE. Basically, I want to configure the ETH + LWIP to make an UDP+PING Example to work. More details in here: Budget and timeline: "A few hours. I Budget is like 20-30 CAD. I already provide all my references in the linked post. I actually just need help setting up the project. I am just looking for that I am missing that I can't get the project to work. At some point it the same list of steps I provided worked in the past on in existing project for the same board."

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    Hi, I am looking for someone who can scrape (or create from scratch) a landing page. I will give you the site, which I need to copy.

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    Implement Angular single page app + .net core API backend 1. Backend should load cities names list from file 2. Angular app should load list of cities names from backend (RESTFULL api/cities GET request) 3. User should be able to add new, modify and delete city name from list on Angular side 4. Modified list should be sent back to server (RESTFULL api/cities POST request) either on immediate change or on save button click 5. Backend should save list to file Any extra feature will be considered as plus I may have real project for candidate who successfully deliver this

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to develop automation for generating social media posts. This tool should be focused primarily on Facebook, tailoring the content to engage with its unique user base. The main objective of this project is to elevate our brand's visibility. As a result, it is pivotal that the automated posts generated are catchy, relevant, and able to grab attention. Ideal skills and experience required for this project include: - Proven experience in social media automation and cross-platform compatibility, particularly within Facebook. - Strong understanding of social media platforms, user engagement, and brand visibility strategies. - Ability to produce innovative and engaging automated content that significantly enhances brand awareness. - Familiarity with ana...

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    I am in urgent need for a talented logo designer to re-draw a logo from a example that I have. As the project needs to be completed as soon as possible, prompt responses will be highly appreciated. Ideal candidates possess strong artistic skills, demonstrate creativity with an eye for professional designs, and have past experience in logo redesigning. I need to logo in png, jpeg and pdf form, I also need a black and white version, and a negative version as well as a version for use in the Facebook Profile Picture. My company is as follows SOUTH EAST MARINE SUPPLIES SANDWICH, KENT So the wording needs to match that.

    €36 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for an experienced artist to draw a stylized character based on a real person. The character should be drawn in a cartoon style, and needs both a front and side orthographic view. I'm open to the artist's interpretation, but am also welcome to any specific details or features the artist would like to highlight. I look forward to seeing the artist's vision of what this character could look like!

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    ...graphic designer specializing in playful doodle art. The focus of this project is to create inventive illustrations centered around entrepreneurship. Here's what I envision: - Unique illustrations: I'm interested in visual representations related to inventions, embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship. I'm not looking for generic graphics but rather, playful doodle art. - Thematic elements: The core theme is entrepreneurship and innovation. Illustrations should incorporate unique, fun, and insightful concepts that revolve around these themes. - Desired style: The doodle art should be playful yet meaningful. While the style should be fun, it should also effectively communicate the underlying theme of innovation and entrepreneurship. The design/doo...

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    I've started an exciting venture called Bad Media and I'm seeking creative minds to design a distinctive logo. My preferences include: - Color Scheme: A slick combination of black, white, and National Geographic yellow for an edgy yet professional feel. - Design style: I love the idea of punk rock, Y2K or graffiti style art to embody the rock and roll hardcore essence I...white, and National Geographic yellow for an edgy yet professional feel. - Design style: I love the idea of punk rock, Y2K or graffiti style art to embody the rock and roll hardcore essence I want Bad Media to represent. - Symbols or Icons: While I do not have specific icons in mind, I am really open to any innovative ideas for symbols that perfectly reflect our brand's identity. Maybe a skull or dood...

    €28 (Avg Bid)
    110 girdi

    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a 'Buy and Sell Gold' app for both iOS and Android platforms. Features: - The app should be similar to the DigiGold app () - It should have a user-friendly interface and easy navigation - Users should be able to easily buy and sell digital gold through the app Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms - Knowledge of digital gold trading and related APIs - Familiarity with payment integration and secure transactions - Ability to create a visually appealing and intuitive user interface Please provide examples of similar apps you have developed and any relevant portfolio or work samples.

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    I need a digital artist who can design unique single line doodle art focusing on people as the main subject. I need 10 royalty-free pictures to be converted to doodle art (example attached). Skills & Experience: - Expertise in doodle art illustrations - Demonstrated ability to illustrate people - Experience in single line art. Looking forward to viewing your portfolio of similar works!

    €19 (Avg Bid)
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    19 teklifler

    I am looking for a photographer to provide artistic photography services for my upcoming corporate event. The ideal candidate will have experience capturing unique and creative shots that convey the atmosphere and essence of the event. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in artistic photography, with a portfolio showcasing previous work in this style - Ability to capture candid moments and emotions through artistic composition and lighting - Strong attention to detail and the ability to capture the event's unique elements and decor - Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work closely with event organizers and capture their vision - Knowledge of post-production techniques to enhance and edit the photographs as needed - Professional equipment and the ability to ha...

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