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    I have converted a PDF to text but there are a lot of errors. I need someone to correct these errors. Please check documents attached. The main problems are: - Remove the header and footer of all pages (i.e. DIPLOMATARI D’ALGUAIRE I DEL SEU MONESTIR DUPLE) - Remove page numbers. Attention: Document number DO NOT have to be deleted - Correct break lines. Break lines only for paragrafs. Check...

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    Magento 2 Complete website We are looking to make a custom template M2 website, will require that several images be created (3 banners, 3 internal advertisements); all views and transactional emails, more details bellow. Will proceed on a step by step basis, once agreed on PSD for home page header/footer then move onto other views. A development site will be provided, some work hard started, the ...

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    Find problem and fix flash files not loading on pages after updated php and MySQL. Versions remained same just updated existing versions via YUM update on Linux server. Php get call to MySQL database, loads flash file parameters, size and description to webpage etc but does not load the actual .swf file. Was working fine before upgrade. All other calls and connections to the database work fine...

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    I want to make products in a shopping cart non-viewable when the quantity of the item(s) in-stock hit zero. I guess, I need a script written and a cronjob to execute the script. Attached is a product CSV file from the shopping cart that only has the header row and one product. Keep in mind that the shopping cart could have 1000's of items when implemented. In the CSV file you will see that co...

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    Request for installation of Freshdesk Theme + Customisation of Header and Footer in line with Brand - ASAP

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    small website Bitti left

    - A web site for a small website (it can be a fictional business) o A coffee shop o A restaurant o A doctor’s office - A web site for an organization or charity (can be fictional) - A topical web site about a band, famous person, movie, book, etc. Instructions: 1. Select a topic for your web site 2. Develop a 3 or more-page web site using HTML / CSS and JavaScript. Use of PHP is optional. 3...

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    I have a website in HTML . it need to be converted to react js with proper layout like header , footer and body contents.. etc

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    Blog Research: Interface Inventory Before you begin to design your blog template, you need to become familiar with all the components that commonly make up a blog-based website. For this research document you will select a blog template to analyze and inventory its contents. Take screenshots of the template in both desktop and mobile views. In Illustrator or Photoshop, identify all of the differen...

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    3 Jobs. Pink Logo, Header Card and VAL70

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    News website- where every journalist can make their own account and publish their article, video, photos, podcast. Website should be on wordpress platform. Example that we like from design view: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Here are some requires: -We will need login/sign up option and article publishing option for writers. They can register and then log in w...

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    hello, my website ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) is built with wix. i need you to re-design my website responsive home page with the new design i attached. apply the same header/footer to other pages. and no need to touch the inner contents of other pages. need it done within 2-3 days

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    Hi i need simple example of php where after api get call response inserted into mysql database it need to be with api key and user name and password

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    Note: all the stuff is done. data is flowing from topic "trip" to topic "enriched_trip" using [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] while the next component which is [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] is running but no data is flowing to topic "curated_trip". Need help with debugging of [URL'yi gö...

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    We already use CefSharp with their OffScreen method to get occasional images of the browser window (every 1.5 seconds or so) but that is very low frame-rate and is not good for websites with animations. We would like to get fully working C# Visual Studio 2017 project(s) of CefSharp on the lastest version (as of this posting 75.1.143) using the "OnAcceleratedPaint" method to get at least...

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    We are in the middle of website development and need you to improve and finalize its graphic design. The current design is not bad, can be understood as the direction we want to go with the look and feel but you don’t have to stick to it 100%. The web will provide information to people of 40+ age who want to reduce their weight with the help of medicinal drugs. The drugs are available only ...

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    PLEASE ONLY BID IF YOU KNOW THE NEW SWIFTUI LANGUAGE AND HAVE DONE WORK THAT YOU CAN SHOW. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR DEVELOPERS WHO KNOW SWIFT. I need someone who is really good with SwiftUI to create one page newsfeed as shown in the attached picture. Details as below: 1- a navigation bar with one + icon on the right. It should hide when you scroll up 2- A search bar at the top. It should hide when...

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    Hi, I have a wordpress website and I need a few changes done urgently that I can't do myself. This is the website: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] These are the changes (and I will also add screenshots of the issues): 1. I would like to video on the homepage to have a toggle bar so you can restart it. 2. header image is correct on pages, but on posts it...

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    I am looking to have a header image designed in the above dimensions. I am looking for a minimalist design which doesn't draw too much attention away from the search bar. I would prefer it to have a simple pattern as shown in some of the examples below. I am not entirely against having a photo of a warehouse/healthcare/construction worker in the background, but it should be discreet and not o...

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    Hello, We have a batch of txt files. Each file contains an article to be posted on a website. In parallel, we have an Excel sheet with columns and rows. Each column corresponds to a variable. Each column's header has the name of the corresponding variable in the 200 txt files. Each row contains the values of each variable for 1 txt file. The online tool you must code should do the followin...

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    Shopify Store Bitti left

    I want someone you can help me in my shopify paypal payment setting, header menu.

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    Hello, please read all first, there is a special word in my description. I have a php script that load diffrent websites and read the header (Locations,...) and the html content and analyse the data (Meta data, If is this if is that and write all in my database SQL) This script is slowly and crash all the time when site is not loaded or whatever. I need a software that run on my linux server t...

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    Hello, we have wordpress setup with oceanwp theme, Redux Framework and woocommerce. When ever we enable Woocommerce Catalog mode, we can no longer see product description page. Its blank and only shows header. We need someone who can figure out what is causing this conflict and resolve it so all plugins work together with no issues. If we deactivate the OceanWP theme, the everything works fine....

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    I have two webpages that need a fresh look and feel. Both pages allow a customer to make option choices for a product. Currently both pages use drop down menus, radio buttons, and sample product images to make the selection, want to modernize the look and selection process, only. The pages function fine, but just seems a bit old the way the options are selected. Not looking to change the hea...

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    I need someone to copy information from business cards and enter the information onto an excel file matched to the appropriate information field on the header of the file, which is a Salesforce leads/contact info file. Thanks

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    I need someone to copy information from business cards and enter the information onto an excel file matched to the appropriate information field on the header of the file, which is a Salesforce leads/contact info file. Thanks

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    Need flash based games based on numbers and words. Game design ideas will be provided but new ideas are welcome.

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    I have a php script that performs a database search and output the records using the jquery plugin datatable. Unfortunatly it does not work properly. The fixes it needs are detailed in the file phpscript4.docx. For a quick review of the problem have a look at the file [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (the table do not perform any sort and refuse to work after cli...

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    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data.

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    I need what I drew up to look nice. Attached is a high res of the product and what I need the image to show. In the header I need our company info to be displayed with the attached logo.

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    We are looking for a design for our home page, must have good ux/ui. The header and foot must stay as it is, you can change the colors if it helps with your design. We sell hand made craft products made from wood and Acrylic. We are looking for a top banner and some category images and it must have a nice flow. Our eBay store is [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ...

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    volksrust.net Bitti left

    I need a logo that will be for both the header of a website though it will also appear in documentation pertaining to the website. It must include the domain name which is volksrust.net. As it is the actual name of a small town is should be appropriate to reflect that of a town.

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    Device specifications: ● 14 x 9A PWM Nominal High side smart switch outputs (should detect open load on LEDs as well) ● 2 x Full H Bridge 20A Outputs (to be used as two motor controls or 4 polarity changeable outputs) ● 2 x Half Bridge smart switch monitored outputs 9A each (2 pins) (should detect open load on LEDs as well) ● 1 x PWM Output 20kHz (No Audible noise ) ● 1 x Audio Output (Flash memor...

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    Need someone with excellent graphic skills to complete a header design for a Wordpress website. Will provide logo, content and images needed for creation.

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    Anthony- Great work on the contest. I actually have one more small project that I need done very quickly (before Thursday). I need a graphic for a Facebook post. We are having a Black Friday flash sale, and are putting our 4 camera surveillance systems on sale for 3 days. If you have time to make the ad, I think you’d do a great job.

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    For an existing Android app that uses the camera light, to be able to control the light intensity for the major phone types that allows intensity control.

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    We have a Flash game that we're looking to convert into HTML5. You can see the current progress of the work done at; [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (non-working html5 version made by previous developer) We have all the sources of the original Flash game and that will be provided to help with the conversion. project completion objective: - Convert the ga...

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    Hello! I'm looking to have a logo made for my comedy group. Our name is Pineapple Rollercoaster (It's awful on purpose :)). I would like the logo to be simple enough to use as a sticker, watermark, and header for various projects. What is in my head is a very simple cartoon pineapple with roller coaster tracks around the pineapple and a track going through the pineapple straight out towa...

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    When i try to login, those errors show up: Notice: wpdb::prepare foi chamada incorretamente. A consulta só esperava um espaço reservado, mas foi enviada uma matriz (array) de espaços reservados múltiplos. Leia como Depurar o WordPress para mais informações. (Esta mensagem foi adicionada na versão 4.9.0.) in /home1/buyandho/public_html/wp-includes/...

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    Need to add recaptcha v2 (invisable authentication) to current newsletter subscription form: <div class="o-form"> <div class="o-form-header"> <h2 id="o-form-title">Mail List Subscription Form</h2> <p id="o-form-description">Please fill in and submit the form below to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.<...

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] For example it will give me pop up to attach .msg file. if you can fix issue in this code itself it is good.

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    I have multiple training modules that have been created in flash which need to be rebuilt in Storyline 360. Flash files are only available in published format. Storyline template will be provided. Project is for a major organization so privacy is of the utmost importance. Work is due urgently and required by next week (6th December) I will pay per completed course ~$125 per course

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    I want to develop SW & HW with ESP32, GPRS, Clock, SDCard and solar charger. TPL5110 will also be included with option to be activated or not. ESP32 & GPRS SIM800L: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] SDCARD & Clock: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] BME280: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş ya...

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    On a clients php based website you have to add a cart system. Note that there is all the features of a ecom like products checkout and everything but no cart system this means that users can’t buy multiple products at once... we don’t want to change anything just want to add a cart system on top of the present system. There will be a cart icon in the header and there will be a add to ...

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    small job to fix slide and add a tel number in the header

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    Single page website design and build displaying images and a very small amount of text and logo at header. But it is urgent. Please bid if you can start right now. deadline.1day Happy Bidding

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    Single page website design displaying images and a very small amount of text and logo at header

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    Modificar footer i header the una pagina web de woldpress, modificar direcciones,telefonos, correos etc

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