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    I am a qualified tailor and have designed and made clothes for a lot of people over the years. Fast Fashion has totally disrupted trends, too many designs being produced within hours of the catwalk in factories abroad, made by children in unsafe conditions. I am now looking at creating a Sustainable Children’s Brand called 'Once Upon a Time in a land far far away Ltd. Yes, it’s ve...

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    Hello, I need a quote for a script that is able to crawl a few million URLs and check for certain changes. If a change is detected that fits the parameters, it should make a screenshot of the changes like a regular user would see them. It will target only one website. Requirements: - Private Proxy support! - Has to save traffic as much as possible. Bandwidth is expensive! - Has to show the cha...

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    Magento Bug Fixes 1 gün left

    Good morning. We have several issues with our magento website. 1. We currently have no communication from the website contact page enquiry form displays error (authentication credentials invalid) with no order notifications coming through either. 2. Shipping fees were originally set to charge most expensive rate. Instead it seems to be only charging shipping rate for the item that is added to ba...

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    We're looking for an effective native English speaking professional to partner with to help in our goals of serving and educating families on the importance of pre-planning for their ultimate financial needs (many homes, families, and lives are wrecked by catastrophic losses brought on by unexpected death with a burden of debt inherited including loss of home and bankruptcy when life insuranc...

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    In short, we are a distributor in the manufacturing industry. We buy product, either sell it as is, lesser quantities, or add value to it (fabrication). We have been operating off of Microsoft excel and google sheets for a very long time. It has worked for the most part, but now we are growing at a rapid pace and looking to simply our office processes to make us more efficient, give us better tran...

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    I need a label for collagen powder. It should be exclusive, luxury, showing quality. There will be container as in the picture. Brandname "Q honey" . I NEED IN LUXURY, EXPENSIVE, HIGH QUALITY. Colos - black, pink, gold

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    We set up and manage Qualified Educational Assistance Plans for companies who work with teens and young adults. These plans allow high school employees to "bank" tuition payment benefits for the future for college, tech school, on-line study or certificate programs. Older employees can also use this same benefit. Once an employee is "vested", they can use their benefit in th...

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    We need an expensive website design like [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] website and pay a good amount for that Thank You

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    Hi, I need someone to design house interior. At this moment I only need kitchen, dining and living room design. I like modern loft/industrial design with black colors on walls and wood patterns (no bricks, concrete is ok, no glamour style). I don't want to use extremely expensive materials. Attached I send house construction project and one design example we like . Unfortunately I don't ...

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    Germany Marijuana Dispensaries & Recreational Cannabis Buy Cannabis Online Germany,Buy Marijuana online Germany Buy THC Vape Juice Online Germany Buy Edibles Online Germany discreet door step delivery and safe dont be fooled by fake pictures or claims of top shelf fire buy cannabis prides itself on providing the best of the best,Buy the vapes online at 420 medicate [URL'yi gör&uu...

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    I need someone who is really good at using social media to help me post to Facebook and Instagram for my online website business. My hand crafted product is niche and tends to be at the more expensive end of the market. I like to post about three times a week on both media. I have plenty of good, professional photos to hand but need some well written text and innovative ideas to post that will a...

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    We are trying to promote our book called “Small Change, Big Difference: The Penny Appeal Story” Objective: We want to create some excitement around the book and show readers interested and engaged all over the world. We will send you a book for free to your postal address and all you have to do is take a picture reading that book with the nearest famous landmark as the background. Yo...

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    Hello, I need a website where clients to create a job then craftsmen to send offers for the job, client to choose a craftsmen,after job is complete to be able to receive rating with pictures (evidence). Also I do not want a mobile app so dashboard (my profile) to look good and function well on mobile. If a platform already exist I will pay for set up and installation and customization, send a [U...

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    I have 1,048,000 GPS Coordinates (latitude and longitude) that I need transferred to US street addresses. Please see attached list. PLEASE DO NOT SUGGEST GOOGLE API, THAT IS WAY TOO EXPENSIVE

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    Water tanks are used to provide storage of water for use in many applications, drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming, both for plants and livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other uses. Water tank parameters include the general design of the tank, and choice of construction materials, linings. Various materials are used for m...

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    It is an employability skills task, will provide both given handouts and task outline and template. Please read task outline properly before answering. It’s a short 300-500 word task so shouldn’t take long and shouldn’t be expensive.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design my online store.

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    We’re a new start up company that specialises in Pine Needle tea. The company is called Kairos Ventures with emphasis on Kairos. We want to be classy font as we will be a high end expensive tea. WE CAN NOT USE PICTURE ATTACHED BUT WOULD LIKE SOMETHING VERY SIMILAR. BACKGROUND PICTURE - The big landscape image provided will be on the packaging so we want the new logo design shown in the ...

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    20/20 Project Management provides accredited project management courses from accrediting bodies such as The Association for Project Management (APM), Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and The Engineering & Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB). For some of these accredited course courses delegates are set assignments which they need to upload to us. These are then assigned for mark...

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    We have a new start up. We are currently creating a range of natural products. We intend to have a range of hair oils, bath and body oils, massage oils, face mist, soaps, pressed perfumes, lip balms etc. Initially we are starting with the hair oils, the bath and body oils and the face mist. We have two bottle sizes - 100ml and 50 ml and need to create a new logo/label. At the moment, we are ...

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    I need a logo designed. I am just an individual wanting to start a YouTube channel. So ni expensive bids please.

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    I have AWS but it is super expensive. I have three EC2s that I need migrated ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], 2x [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]). The website is built on Ruby on Rails 2.4 running on Nginx and PostgreSQL (RDS) and I believe the EC2s all use AWS Linux. I'm open to where to move the EC2s, but I'm consid...

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    I'm looking for someone who can retopologize high quality movie props mesh from diverse platforms like Sketchfab, cgtrader, turbosquid for me to be able to UV unwrap them and make 2d patterns for my YouTube channel. I used to do that myself so I know what it takes and what I want, then you won't have to find your way around for long to do that. I'll be able to explain what to do qu...

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    I need a proficient and experienced writer who is a passionate petrolhead to write 20 articles for me in the next 20 days at a strict rate of 1 article per day - if you are able to write more per day, the better your chances of getting the job. The articles will be in the So Expensive niche e.g. Why is the 2022 Bugatti Chiron So Expensive? You need to have exceptional research skills in order to...

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    SOCIAL MEDIA Bitti left

    Dear Mr. Robert. It's a great priveledge for me sending in my proposal in form of an article, tittle SOCIAL MEDIA. I'm Opeyemi Ali, an experienced, efficient, and highly responsive content writer with two years working experience in various fields under different degrees of difficulties, also understanding them all. My advance adaptability in my place of work (Opes Creative Conce...

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    I am wanting to enhance this image for a luxury brand. Thinking high end luxury back drop - business class, expensive layout. Happy to pay $30 for the perfect image and possibly regular work to follow.

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    I'm building a luxury brand. My brand consists of unique, exclusive and expensive women handbags. Quantity needed is less that 5 handbags for my first production with great material and rare design. I, surely, would go back to you again for more production if you can deliver great product to me. Thank you in advance.

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    We're sourcing for a photographer who could help us with photos for a unique on-the-go-care product. A small roll-on which people use 5-6 times a day on problem areas in the face. We're in need of photo's shot during commute, in the bus, going to the gym, in the office, at the restroom at a restaurant/dancing etc. Happy people, getting happier using our unique product. No expensive ...

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    Hi, I am traveling to Albania for Vacation and I need your help with some basic things like airport pick up etc etc. Online things are very expensive so I want to your help find the best way to do things in the most cost effective manner.

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    My company has portable tracking devices with movement detectors that we use to monitor from personal suitcases, to expensive electronic equipments, cars and even animals. I need an iOS app where the user can register a tracking device (that is always vinculated to a simcard phone number) and check detailed info on the tracking device. The app is basically a tracking device lister that the user ...

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    Hello, I am a writer/researcher in the realm of cosmology and theology with many followers. I want to simply change web host providers (the least expensive) and need someone who is willing to do this for me & migrate the files from one to another. That's all.. " [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]" is not a religious website but is widely read (ove...

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    My business name is Gloucester Fine Foods Inc. We are food distribution company located in Ottawa, Ontario. We are 19 years in the business. Our main markets are Montreal and the area, Ottawa and the GTA. We sell about 2000 products. Frozen, refrigerated and shelf stable. Some of our lines of products sell very well, some are the very best in North America (and sell well) and some are world class ...

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    Basically looking for the attached file to be produced by a CNC machine. Ideally in BLACK ABS plastic. I do have several 3D printers... they can print this pretty good in ABS, however there is issues with slight lifting/warping... I think a CNC machined version might produce a better result, therefore looking for people/freelancers to try this out for me. Injection molding could be another optio...

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    I want a tool in either excel or access where I can register the job repairs that I receive in our jewelry shop. Want to be able to record the information such as client name, address, date, phone and job repair description.. Give an automated number to the job and have the capacity to take a picture and store the picture to the job repair record and print the receipt for record keeping and the c...

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    I need an article writer for my website - Long term. Please submit your bid with price per 1000 article. I dont need any expensive freelancer. Please ignore if your expectations is too high. Thanks

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    Trophy icon Logo design for my business Bitti left

    I need a logo for my business which is western food. I would like it if the logo can look like a very expensive and professional logo. I tried to make it but it's very simple and I need something with the wow effect. Any other ideas are appreciated.

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    An educational website Not much expensive just for downloading notes.

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    I've already used google drive (disable download + disable right-click and F12). But it still can be downloaded by my national browser, or some super download extension (Even though they only can download a 360p video, not the 1080p one). It's fine to me. But I just wanna try more to prevent completely. I think encryption is the only way. But other video hosts are too expensive with the...

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    Music becomes my best friend when nobody understand me Manufacturing your own unique headphones can be an expensive and complex venture Features like noise-cancelling technology, waterproof design and bluetooth or wireless capabilities are responsible for a lot of variations in the price of headphones It’s good to be mindful of what audience you plan on targeting with your marketing, since t...

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    Energy Audit Bitti left

    For this 2-page writing assignment, you should prepare an executive summary of the results of an energy audit. Please see the "how to write an Executive Summary" page for details. But these are just guidelines: I don't care what font, font size, margins, etc. that you use. That's not how they do it out in the workplace. Just make it a professional looking document, geared towar...

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    Is your eCommerce store limiting your tech capabilities to expand business? If the answer is yes, then you should think to switch to better eCommerce platform option. Whether the store maintenance has turned out to be more expensive or your store performance has gone low, it is advisable to quickly migrate your store to a better platform like Magento. Failing to do so will affect your business in ...

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    Hello, We would like a simple and effective logo for our real estate agency. The real estate is going to be called " North Side " and it targets clients from north side of the Bucharest (mainly houses, not apartments). We don't sale very expensive houses , so we don't target super premium clients. We want something original and simple (scalable) , something that stays into your...

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    I would like to have an explainer video for the flow of operations of trucks accessing parking area . Please quote for 2D animation as well 3D animation . The slides for each stage would be provided part of a PPT when the designer is selected . Some pictures are attached for reference with this project post. Im not looking for something too fancy and expensive .Something simple . The operatio...

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    Hi there, I am looking to engage a Registered Australian Tax Agent, that can Lodge my outstanding 2020 and 2021 Returns for my Trusts, Companies and for me individually, using a platform like " [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]" or something similar. I have Summarised all my records from my bank statements, in an easy to use spreadsheet. I have spoken t...

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    Hello there, my start-up company wants to build email lists. This is a re-occurring task. We want to gather over 5000 emails. Here is the job: 1. On Google, search for luxury resorts: hotels/retreats/getaways/vacation spots that cost roughly over $1500 per night. The more expensive the location, the better. Geographical location: does not matter, as long as whoever stays there speaks English. ...

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    I've already used google drive (disable download + disable right-click and F12). But it still can be downloaded by my national browser, or some super download extension (Even though they only can download a 360p video, not the 1080p one). I think encryption is the only way. But other video hosts are too expensive with their bandwidth. Only amazon s3 seems to be free. So, I need to use amazo...

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    Based on 2d plans and simple 3d model (that we think is a very raw draft), that we provide, we need: New 3d model (interior, exterior) with possible (exterior) changes/corrections to the existing 2d plan to improve the architecture and accomplish the more representable and luxe look and shape and style we want. The architecture we are inspired by and looking in those directions are: France, I...

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    Design a Logo Bitti left

    We are making a private school review site called Education Independent. Where pupils and parents review their private school. Independent (Private) schools in the uk are hugely expensive and very much a luxury service. The logo needs to be attractive for pupils (13-18 yrs old) and rich parents. I have attached our concept designs, but It will need to look nothing like this a completely fresh desi...

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