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    I need a custom made Pinescript indicator made about A custom trading style Explanation of said style found in the attached zip below Images explaining each Shape and another images of required settings of the indicator Time limit : Preferred 2~3 days Budge constraints : 250 usd + bonuses if the work is fast/good

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    Freeradius Bitti left

    Hi I have installed freeradius and daloradius on my server. I use this for vpn authentication. I want to create batch user (prepaid voucher) and it should be expired and deleted after 30 days from the day of first use and user should not connect to multiple device / server. Is it possible with sql query or any other way. Regards

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    Excel Guru! Bitti left

    I have produced a excel spreadsheet to track training for work. There are various courses that expire after X years (which I have done) I need an overall training 'health indicator' against individuals ie if all courses in date green, if one course expired red. I am 80% there but need someone to ensure the presentation of data is professional and exportable.

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    I am in the process to commercialize some of my strategies, hence looking forward for some eligible person that can work with me based on partnership or fees. Codes are small, containing around only 15_20 lines and single indicator. Pls contact me

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    News: Using Search Engines as Penetration Testing Tools Source:  [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (Links to an external site.) Search engines are a treasure trove of valuable sensitive information, which hackers can use for their cyber-attacks. Good news: so can penetration testers. From a penetration tester’s point of view, all search engines ca...

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    I want an alert when there is a resistance or support in the OBV-Indicator with a few additional features. For more details please contact me.

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    FORMCOMPLETE Bitti left

    High Level of the functions required. --Client Functions--: - Various forms to be completed by the client with set questions. - These question forms must be customized in the back end through our team. - Updated forms then available for client to complete. Roll out to clients. - Monthly/Annual subscription (Credit Card) Payment system. User log in linked to account subscription. - Completed forms...

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    Hello :) Thank you for having interest in this topic. ** PLEASE, PLEASE READ THE PROJECT DESCRIPTION FIRST, AND SEND THE PROPOSAL AFTER READING IT. IF YOU DO BOT-PASTE PROPOSAL SENDING, I WILL INSTANTLY DUMP IT INTO TRASH CAN. PLEASE DON'T MAKE BOTH OF OUR PRECIOUS TIME TO BE WASTE. ** I'm trying to have a data of previously traded chart from Tradingview. When it means scraping ...

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    hi i wants to code EA on binray option indicator

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    my ssl is expired on my site and news to be renewed, its a free ssl

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    Hi, we are currently in search of a crypto trader with knowledge of indicator and spotting pattern development. Primarily, you will be needed to act as a pattern detector. When a pattern is detected or is about to form, you will be expected to either scan for this manually or using some kind of software. Immediate hire.

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    If you are familiar with Tradingview then you will know that we can apply script stategies to our chart. Problem is sometimes these indicators are private, meaning you can still add them to your chart but cannot see the source code of that indicator (Pinescript) written by the author. You can use Chrome Debugger tool to debug the Javascript (see screenshot) and get the Pinescript of public script...

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    im looking for a EA that functions as the one in the link below: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] After you check video let me k ow if you are able to do it then we proceed

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    We have an exchange server running in windows server 2012 R2. The problem is that the certificate on server expired on Tuesday. We need someoneto fix that because when we are outside of companys network, the mails dont work. thanks

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    Call expired real estate listings to set up appointments.

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    Hello, there was a milestone created for flyerEXPERT. Mistakenly, after couple of days Kris from your office was working on a company logo, the task was cancelled. Mistakenly, I deleted the project instead of an expired one I wanted to delete. Can you kindly advise how to make this project work again? I believe Kris was working on it and I am willing to pay him. Many thanks, VS

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    we need to build an api for authentication of third party systems to provide authorization before they can use our system, the api should be rest service and returns back a token which can be used for specific time it should be perfectly secured to be used for payments systems with banks it should receive post auth request , verifies client-supplied credentials in request and creates access token....

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    Hello, I would like to make a simple indicator for TradingView platform. This indicator should find Bat Patterns on the chart and draws it include labeling X,A,B,C,D and legs ratios(draws dotted line between Points). My calculations are: xa=MathAbs(x-a); ab=MathAbs(b-a); bc=MathAbs(b-c); cd=MathAbs(c-d); xc=MathAbs(x-c); xb=ab/xa; ac=bc/ab; bd=cd/bc; xd=cd/xa; I consider 5-10% tolerance for my ...

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    I am looking for a simple EA that uses a indicator ,I want this EA to use stop loss and take profit,I want the EA to loose money ,It must loose money by hitting the stop loss.I want the EA to drain the account. (dont ask why)!

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    Development of a subscription module for a sales shop books and novels. Introduction: Montreal-based company has two online stores 1. A website for monthly subscriptions made under Joomla + RebelHQ 2. A second website dedicated solely to the sale of novels and comic strips problematic: • The version of the module under Joomla is out of date - the version of PHP is expired • Featur...

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    Hi, is it possible to create a multi time frame alert from the stochastic rsi indicator on tradingview. What I'm looking for is a alert when multiple time lineup

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    Hi fxprogrammer, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I am referring your quote on building the supply demand indicator for tradingview. Can we get started right now?

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    Looking for a design on a Variable Voltage regulator, DC-DC Buck Boost Converter Source 12vdc (car battery) Output Range is 0vdc to 24vdc @ 360W output. This unit will be used to power a dc motor that is attached to a extension cable of up to 200'. Specifications: non-isolated step-up module Input voltage range: DC 10V~24 Input current: 10.5~30V input voltage, maximum current 30A Output vol...

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    Here is the list of point, I will do. 1. Tournament Joining starts 60 minutes before the start time. 2. Add Realtime countdown to show how much time left before tournament start 3. Disable or Hide join button if counter expired, so the user can't send any join request after the tournament start 4. Double check joining request in the backend (Is still time left for the tournament start or ...

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    Hello :) Thank you for having interest in this topic. I'm trying to have a data of previously traded chart from Tradingview. When it means scraping a chart, it simply means texts of prices and timeline and such, not a heavy task at all. It's rather really easy and simple one. Elements that will be scraped will be likewise below. 1) Time of the chart candle. 2) Price info of the ...

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    i wnats to code EA on no repaint arrow indicator

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    Metatreder indicator with buffer arrows need to make from webpage data

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    Hello, The project is attached with this order. The software required for this project is FEKO. Please, read it carefully. I need an expired person for this task. If there any question contact me. Thanks.

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    I am creating a new project - I think the last expired.

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    BallClock Java Bitti left

    “Tempus est mensura motus rerum mobilium” (Time is the measure of movement) - Auctoritates Aristotelis …. and movement has long been used to measure time. For example, the ball clock is a simple device which keeps track of the passing minutes by moving ball-bearings. Each minute, a rotating arm removes a ball-bearing from the queue at the bottom, raises it to the top fo th...

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