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    A simple audio editing gig. I have +/- 1330 mp3 podcast files that contain ads in the beginning, end, and in the middle. I need someone to go through them using audio editing tool like Audacity (free software) and remove all the parts containing ads and add fade-in and out effect where ads were removed when necessary. Bid how much you want to do the whole thing. Start your bid with x3 so I know yo...

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    I have a soccer API data pull that is in JSON format. It is a dataset of multiple matches. Essentially what I am hoping to accomplish is to extract each match from the API pull and save each as its own JSON file in an AWS S3 bucket API URL for data pull example: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Requirements: 1. Written in Python. I’m open to other optio...

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    Continuously Scan a Blockchain for embedded audio files and download and play them. Like this to be a desktop app for a pc first and also a web page.

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    Interested in finding someone who can take a flash website and convert it into html5 / mobile responsive. Let me know your experience.

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    Interested in finding someone who can take a flash website and convert it into html5 / mobile responsive. Bonus if you can turn it to an iOS / Android app after. Let me know your experience.

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    Need a designer/architect work with me for a project to design spa with juice drinking shop. Will provide shell building layout, and reference pictures for design. Will need an architect/designer to put everything together for my concept, generate 3D rendering, as well as 2D drawing with exact dimensions that compliance to the building code. Need interior and exterior elevations, floor plans, det...

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    I need a team or developer who can work on video generator tool. The video generator tool should generate videos using royalty free images, videos and tracks. Video should create automatically without or minimum efforts by the user. User have to give article/text or blog post which generate video by searching images or video clip by itself. And also transcript audio based on the text provided....

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    Develop a CoinFlip game on TRON Blockchain See Example here; https:// [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Code type is available here; [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I need to realise technocal graphic files for printing. I already have text and info about the graphic. I need to create the file for the supplier that has to print the items. In particular we have to create the following files: - n. 10 different file for labels (change dimensions and text) - n. 3 file for boxes. We provide you with the dieline you have only to fill up with the graphic. We already...

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    We need 3d files for a design tool T shirt Polo Shirt Singlet Hoodie

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    Seeking help with a mobile and desktop .psd designs for our new site. We will provide a lot of assets and a brief in your desired format to complete the job. We have started the designs just need to get this done quickly. Will mostly be photoshop work with some minor parts done in illustator It is for an agency site we would normally be able to take care of this ourselves but our designer is ill...

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    We need assistance to convert shop drawings to CAD files, we will need three views plan, section and isometric, see attached example. Project has been update, please review attached files and re-bid for the project. Thank you!

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    I Have Exe File Extracts files from Web Server I want to access the web server

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    Hi, Looking for someone to cleanup all malware in my server. there are about 10 infected sites. I'll provide a suspicious files list and would expect a full cleanup of all the malware. Ill pay a bonus for fast turnaround. The list of suspicious files is about 50 items long. Best, Scott

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    All outdated template files needs to be updated and if any other issues comes up while updating that needs to be fixed as well.

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    Hourly rate: $4/hr I will pay 1 hour for this job Description: I need somebody who is very talented with CAD and can render a piece of wood artwork and cut me the files for the laser shop. Requirements: * Great communication + English * Talented artist * Laser cutting experience * CAD To prove you've read this, start your cover letter with the CAD system you will use to design this...

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    I need this Flash widget [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] to be turned into HTML5, possibly with some javascript, but so the gallery is mobile readable and functional. Please ensure that all of the original gallery features: full screen, reflections, music, scrolling and description remain in place and are fully functional on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. ...

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    Hi , I need to merge xlsx files and remove duplicates ... I need the job done in python 2.7 files are in a folder and I need to merge and remove dups for any number of files. example attached.

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    I need to setup hosting for my quickbooks file so i can access from multiple computers, for the same file. Can use any existing hosting servers, with shared spaces for the file. Any and all suggestions are welcome for best solution

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    Six years ago I mistakenly deleted a lot of ODT documents from my computer. While I have recovered the majority of them through a couple of simple data recovery tools, there are still 10 files that were recovered as corrupted and I can't find any program to recover them in full or one to repair them to their original state. I am looking for someone who might know of someone or something that ...

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    Looking for someone to put my zip files to GitHub, they are software project. Not that the name of the programming language ( c# for example) must be detected by GitHub so the user knows on what this software is written.

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    looking for an autocad expert have experience in cnc and lasercut files

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    I already have an game prepared need some one who can just give function the game.

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    LOGO for e commerce website, powerbank, wall charger and flash drive.

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    I have been sent a notification from my hosting company that their servers are being attacked / hacked by some files on my websites. I have been sent long technical emails about what to do but I don't understand it because I am not technical! I need someone to do the following: - look through my 2 wordpress websites and remove these suspicious attacking file(s) - download the website files,...

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    Hello, we want to produce MIDI Files of famous european church organ songs. We provide songs like shown in the attached Image. They project has around 2000 songs. You need good music playing skills and good equipement to produce crystal clear songs. Experience playing Organ is highly recommed. If you are interested, please tell me about your music background and experience making music files fr...

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    we are looking to buid a project with the following objective and supporting application. Objective: Help Endusers to schedule a backup of their system directories/drives/files/folders using the application on AWS S3 storage. Approach: An agent software will be installed on end user's windows system which will target the directories for backup and upload the specified data. Agent softwa...

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    i have someone built wordpress websites..its not showing on google. as google says its not secure. need someone to login at back end install backup files of those websites provided by person who built them to be transferred to godaddy or hostgator & also install ssl certicate on word press website ....need it done asap please reply only if you exactly know what to not a techie i wo...

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    Watch the video link below and message me if you are interested in this project. I will not message you first or talk to you unless you have watched it. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about the video description. Thank you! Here is a video describing the angle, assembly, and color of the shot (use a white background) - [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yap...

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    The website only allows paid subscribers to download files and 80 files daily limit. I have a subscription. I need a script/browser addon to automate downloading 80 files a day and certain info for each file and save it to my computer. Start your bid with "X3" so I know you read this. Cheers

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    Hey Guys, I need this products replicated in our own renders [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] We only require the top colours in White and Maple. But we require the legs in Black, White and Aluminium. We need every colour variat...

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    I have two php pages [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] config has databased creds. index has codes for my request, after update php version. I am getting 500 error. is there anyone to fix it?

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    I have icons for twitter, instagram and amazon in my flash camroom. I want to change these icons to more colorful ones and also add a few icons for example Onlyfans and Snapchat (with the links to them, that are retrieved from a database inside wordpress). You will need to take my existing flash files, decompile them, add the assets, make the changes and recompile.

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    Nee some one who have created roulette or spin wheel games

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    We are looking for a professional individual to design CAD drawings and 3D models of an outdoor game product. The end result of these designs will be converted into an injection molded tool to have the product be molded for production. The design files the professional designer will work on will be delivered to us so we can send them to manufacturers in order to get accurate price quotes on the ...

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    We are looking for someone who is really good at making roulette and spin wheel games with timer. and have knowledge of back end. we have already made the game but function not working well thats what we need to finish very short work.

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    We are looking for someone who is really good at making roulette and spin wheel games with timer. and have knowledge of back end. we have already made the game but function not working well thats what we need to finish very short work.

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    Looking for a designer to create real looking 2D images in SVG files Please share some references Thank you

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    I have an HTML template that requires php files for interactivity - register page, login page, shop listings, shop cart, shop checkout, donations, and possibly a couple of other functions will to consult on that. sample: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Looking for a competent video editor that can add frames, captions, emoji’s & timers to my videos to make them pop on Instagram and Facebook. You will be required to take the raw video and the SRT file and then create a new video with attention-grabbing effects and share it back to my team on Google drive. You will also need to edit it for the different platforms (FB / IG / IGTV) Exa...

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    I have drawn 3-dimensional drawings in Rhino3D and I'm looking to have somebody with drafting experience converted them into a Top, Elevation, and Side view for the purpose of producing fabrication drawings. The drawings are fairly simple, not complex, I'm not proficient enough and just don't have enough time with all the other tasks I need to do. .3dm file and illustration attac...

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    Hello everybody. I need to convert two Construct 2 Files into Android .apk working files today. I will give to choosen freelancer two Construct files, you will convert them into .apk android files, then i will check them on my android device, you ll be awarded. I need it done today. Plus you will have a free Tank Wars game for your device. Budget $5. Need it done in an hour. Regards.

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    Program should be GUI It should ask for files and then process to change the files into usable iif files

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    Please type or paste the phrase "--cloudo brand Logo--" in your bid to be considered. This is to prevent automated posting. If this phrase is not included, I cannot consider your bid. Thanks for understanding. Hi! I need a logo designed for a robotics company. While the company is high tech, the logo should be minimals and focused on the font, rather than graphics (a small icon or desi...

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    This is a 3 part project: (1) Combine a PDF and Excel age into one Excel document. (2) Find the exact latitude and longitude for each address, add them to the excel page. (3) Create a JSON or text file using the data and put into the format below. { "ID": "", "NAME": "Ravagh Persian Grill", "ADDRESS": "210 Mineola Ave", "Latit...

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    host server files will need to be ready one by one and for each file a url will need to be created and then that url into a embed code. Any questions please feel free to contact me

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    I'm looking for someone that can create ready to laser-cut DXF files of art designs. I always seek them to be a creative mind to work with me directly on art ideas to bring to the table.

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    Pretty simple project. I need to update the logo on two Adobe Illustrator files. Then I need both files to be PDF. Both source files and PDF files need to be returned to me.

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    I believe Blender can be used to accomplish the slicing of the *.3mf, *.wml, *.ply, or *.obj full color 3D file via its scripting function. Im not sure if Blender can export each slice, with its color information intact, as a single page of a pdf book. I need the slice thickness to be adjustable from 0.01 mm to 0.10 mm. However the slice thickness information does not need to be exported to the pd...

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    IAR Workbench Project. MSP430F2013 - part of two Development USB Sticks from Texas Instruments. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] First TI USB Stick for Display operation only. Second TI USB Stick for Sensors you will have to develop the code for. You will write the C-Code only Based on my algorithms - you will not be involved in any changes to Hardware co...

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