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    Makina şirketi için üretim aşamalarını tek bir programda takip edilbilecek bir program gereklidir. Örneğin gelen hammadde giden üretim ve bunların sınıflandırılması, Nakliye sarfiyatları, firma dışı üretim sarfiyatları, satınalma işleri, üretim raporlaması, fire hammaddeler, CNC makinalarına verilen kesim emirleri ve resimleriyle bunların projelere göre sınıflandırılması. ve arayüzde firma içi yazışmaların yapılabileceği bir chat ekranı ve bu programa lan üzerinden farklı kullanıcı adları ile erişim. Tüm istenilen şeyler bir taslak halinde program yapımcısına sunulacak.

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    ENGLISH : I need a video. Completely new video will use our attached logo. I want to see highend molten metal, smoke, fire, spark, welding fumes etc particles. We will us this short video including sound effects for teaser to our advertising videos on Youtube, LinkedIn etc. Its not urgent. I need a quality result. Professional textures and full 3D movie. I donot want Cinema4D adobe after effects. I need real render in 3DSMax, Maya,Blender etc. TURKISH : Tamamı ile 3 boyutlu tasarlanacak olan video ile mevcut logomuzu erimiş metal, alev, duman, kaynak kıvılcımı gibi partiküller ile süsleyip teaser gibi yapmak üzere ses verisi de ekleyerek sunulması işim var. Örnek çalışmaları görmek isteyeceğim. Zaman kısıtım yok kaliteli bir sonuç istiyorum. ...

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    Mevcut android studada yapılmış uygulamami guncellenecek . Android bazı hatalı kodlar olduğu için uygulamaya giriş yapamıyorum .uygulamada imzalama sorunu var .aslında imzalanıyor fakat fire base ile giriş var giriş yaptım sırada uygulama durdu hatası alı kodlar yüzünden

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    Demirbaş ve zimmet takip sitesi yaptırmak istiyorum. Tüm işlemler, geçmişe yönelik kayıtlar, fire işlemleri, imha işlemleri her şey sistemde yer alacaktır. Site anahtar teslimi yapılacaktır. Template değiştirebilecek ve yeni template ile kullanılabilir olacak. Template tasarımı kullanımına açık olacak. Admin paneli ve yönetim panelleri dahil tüm source kodları ile eksiksiz teslim edilecektir.

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    I am looking for a landscape designer to create a natural/wilderness-themed design for the outdoor area of my 5-acre property. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing large outdoor spaces and be familiar with the natural/wilderness style. Key requirements for the project include: - Designing outdoor living spaces such as a patio and fire pit to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. - Incorporating natural elements and materials to enhance the wilderness theme. - Ensuring the design is functional and complements the overall aesthetics of the property. - Providing recommendations for plants, trees, and other landscaping features that thrive in a natural/wilderness setting. - Paying attention to sustainability and eco-friendly practices in the design. - Desig...

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    ...watching their favorite movies. The room should feel joyful and relaxing. Page 6: Illustration: The family in the kitchen, baking cookies together. The kitchen is filled with the delightful aroma of freshly baked cookies. Page 7: Illustration: A warm fireplace in the living room. The family gathers in the evening, sipping hot cocoa and sharing stories. The room is cozy, illuminated by the glow of the fire. Page 8: Illustration: The bedrooms of Messina and Santina. Their beds are depicted as incredibly comfortable, and their rooms are filled with toys and books. Page 9: Illustration: Messina and Santina looking out the window on a rainy day. The raindrops dance on the ground outside, and the room provides a sense of comfort and security. Page 10: Illustration: A depiction of ...

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    Looking for a talented tattoo artist to create a realistic black and white coverup design for a medium-sized tattoo. Want the cover up to hold symbolism. I want a man fighting towards money and power, while being murdered from behind by time. I also like good vs evil and mans fight to figure out which life to live. I like black and white designs, but I also like the black and white, with a small object inside the tattoo to be a vibrant color. I like the art that represents life, so, I say photo realistic, I really mean I want photo realism when it comes to any shading or anything that you may deem necessary to make 3d, if you did. ALSO, I want the artist to call me or find some way to talk to me via voice so I can be asked questions and be able to answer them quick...

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    Project Description: - I am looking for a skilled and experienced architect to rebuild a partially damaged 10,000 sq ft mixed-use building after a fire. - The building is currently partially damaged and needs extensive repairs. - The intention is to rebuild the structure for mixed-use purposes, combining residential and commercial spaces. - The preferred architectural style for the rebuild is traditional. - The ideal candidate will have expertise in traditional architectural design and experience in rebuilding fire-damaged structures. - Attention to detail and the ability to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space is essential. - Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate with other professionals, such as engineers and contractors, are also import...

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    I am looking for 6 images in the style attached to the pictures. I will the following images : page one - father holding sons hand as they walk through a park and are talking together - looking at each looking for 6 images in the style attached to the pictures. I will the following images : page one - father holding sons hand as they walk through a park and are talking together - looking at each other: father - dark hair and beard about 30 years old sallow , son about five years old also with dark hair and sallow skin ( boy 1 ) page two- boy one and another boy the same age ( boy 2 ) fighting over a football page three- boy 1 kicking over a carton of juice and boy 2 crying page four - male teacher handing boy 1 a magic flower page five- dad from page one and boy...

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    Trophy icon flyer for a boxing fight 5 gün left

    Dear Freelancer, I am in need of a skilled graphic designer to make a flyer that mirrors the style of the attached example. The design should incorporate the following elements from the original: 1. **Dramatic and dark background**: The background should set a dark, almost apocalyptic tone, possibly with a gradient from black to deep red. 2. **Fire and smoke effects**: Integrate dynamic fire and smoke effects that sweep through the image for a dramatic impact. 3. **Spotlights**: Place stadium lights or spotlights strategically to highlight the central image subject. 4. **Central image subject**: Replace the boxer in the original image with the second picture provided in the attachment. Ensure the individual is well-lit and the focus is clearly on them. 5. **Text element...

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    I am looking for a PE certified engineer with expertise in fire safety codes and regulations. I require both consulting and design services for my project. The engineer can work remotely and does not need to visit the site physically. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Extensive knowledge of fire suppression systems - Proficiency in fire alarm systems - Understanding of fire safety codes and regulations - Experience in consulting and designing fire fighting systems - Ability to work remotely and effectively communicate with clients.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can provide advanced photo editing services for 1-5 photos. The ideal candidate should have experience in retouching and color grading. Specific requirements: - Advanced photo editing skills, including retouching and color grading - Ability to edit 1-5 photos - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines Skills and experience: - Proficiency in photo editing software - Previous experience in advanced photo editing - Strong understanding of retouching and color grading techniques - Excellent attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines If you are a skilled photo editor who can provide advanced editing services for a small number of photos, please submit your proposal.

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    Modify Arcade Light Gun 4 gün left

    I have an old Namco Time Crisis light gun assembly (pictures) that I believe operates on 24V. I'd like the gun fitted with a USB re-chargeable battery and an on/off switch. The cable assembly can be removed, along with the internal electronics other than the trigger / solenoid components. In short, I want this to fire / cycle as it would in the arcade, albeit "wirelessly".

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a power point presentation on a fire service appliance, specifically focusing on firefighting equipment. The main purpose of the presentation is to inform the audience about the different types of firefighting equipment and their uses. For my Final Project in this class I will be instructing a 15 minute lesson on a fire service appliance, product, or activity. The instructor gave us a example of a power point presentation so we can follow it. We are to The download the attached presentation and edit the presentation to fit the needs of our own departments. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge of fire service procedures and equipment - Excellent research and writing skills to gather relevant information - Pro...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a detailed and informative PowerPoint presentation on fire service activities. The purpose of the presentation is to provide information and educate the audience on various fire safety activities. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge of fire safety and fire service activities - Excellent PowerPoint design skills - Ability to create engaging and visually appealing slides - Experience in creating informative presentations with examples - Attention to detail and ability to provide accurate information The presentation should include: - A high-level overview of fire service activities - Detailed information on different fire safety activities - Examples and illustrations to support the informatio...

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    I am looking for an experienced Animator to animate first person weapon animations for an FPS game. Each weapon will need 8 basic animations. - Fire - ADS Fire - Dry Fire - Reload - Empty Reload - Idle - Draw - Holster The animations need to be 30 FPS NO Camera Animations Very basic and easy straight forward and functional animations, reminiscent of old school games such as COD World at War. I am looking to pay a fixed price per weapon. I need the project file as the delivery with all the animations included so that I may later export them in fbx format.

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    Web-based application 3 gün left

    1 to 3 pages Functionality: - User registration and login - Data storage and retrieval - compatible with Jobscan (Jobscan Microsoft payroll app) Primary Purpose: - Fire roll call User Roles: - 25 user roles Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in web app development - Proficiency in user registration and login functionality - Knowledge of data storage and retrieval methods - Familiarity with payment processing integration - Ability to handle multiple user roles and permissions

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can integrate Selenium into my existing project, which is already set up on an Ubuntu VM in Microsoft Azure. The project is a simple python project and I need assistance with automated testing using Selenium. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in Docker, Kubernetes, and Jenkins (setup is already done but you need to fire up all three services they are currently inactive) - Experience with Selenium for automated testing - Basic knowledge of Python and handling Python projects

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    Trophy icon The Water Damage Company 17 saat left

    I'm looking for an experienced graphic designer to create a logo for an existing services business. We're looking for a logo that is classic and traditional, conveying an elegant, timeless look. As this logo will serve as an integral part of ...for years to come. Experience with modern design elements is preferred, however, our preference is towards a classic, timeless aesthetic. If you have experience in creating logos that convey the feel of a truly elegant brand, please get in touch! We Are a 24/7 Water Restoration company specializing in Mold Wind Fire and Water damage. Restoring businesses and homes. We would like the brand in white lettering (The Water Damage Company) Background Nautica Blue/ Navy Blue. a water, fire and mold pic art, in white coloring would b...

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    I am looking for a skilled illustrator to create a design for a fire station t-shirt. The design will feature a sleeping bear underneath a palm tree on an island. The island will have the text "RESORT 36" written in the water on the edge. Size: - The desired size for the bear design is large, ranging from 9 to 12 inches. Color Palette: - I prefer a muted and natural color palette for this design, creating a calm and relaxing vibe. Illustration Style: - I would like the bear illustration to be stylized, adding a unique and creative touch to the design. Additional Details: - The front of the t-shirt should have a simple "Resort 36" with a palm tree incorporated into it, positioned on the front left chest area. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong illustratio...

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    Safety Trainer 16 saat left

    ...Familiarity with the latest safety regulations and best practices Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of health & fire safety procedures and protocols - Experience in delivering training sessions to large groups - Excellent communication and presentation skills - Ability to tailor training sessions to meet the needs of different audiences - Certification in fire safety training is highly desirable Training Session Details: - The training session will be conducted in a physical setting - The session should be interactive and include practical demonstrations - More than 20 participants are expected to attend the training If you have the necessary skills and experience in fire safety training and can deliver engaging and informative sessions to a large gro...

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    brand logo 13 saat left

    ...Elements/Symbols: I have specific elements and symbols that I would like to include in my logo, I´d like to include an element like the one attached that simbolized "the ikigai" (the reason of being) but I imagine like an inner sphere (in blurred colors) symbolizing force, power, passion an maybe an arrow (simulated not specifically) that might symbolize progress, growth, something expelled by that fire sphere! Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong graphic design skills - Experience in creating combination logos - Proficiency in using bright and bold color schemes - Ability to incorporate specific elements and symbols into a design If you are a creative and skilled designer who can bring my vision to life, I would love to hear from you. Please share your portfol...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me export my Spotify playlist into one single audio file, edited and shortened like a DJ would do, for a music party. Desired Length: - The final audio file should be 4 hours and ...specific song list that I want included in the audio file. () Special Effects or Transitions: - I want the audio file to sound like a continuous mix, with seamless transitions between songs. The 70's block has to get shortened a lot because those songs are too long and sound alike (KC, Bee gees, CHIC, Earth wind and fire). The general idea is to skip the slow beginnings of the songs and jump straight to when it starts getting good and "dancy" and then gently mix it into the next song.

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    25 teklifler with little VFX, music will be good. It will be a good show case of your work. Feel free to use your creativity. I will supply the raw footage once we see your work. You need to submit your sample in order to take part here. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in video editing software (e.g. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro) - Experience in adding VFX effects, particularly explosions and fire - Knowledge in green screen keying and motion tracking for object removal - Ability to work with provided footage and images to create a visually appealing video - Creativity in suggesting additional footage and images to enhance the video's quality - Attention to detail in ensuring seamless integration of VFX effects with the overall video - Understanding of the intended mood...

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    I'm looking for a talented 3D modeler to help create a human (fire fighters) figures in multiple poses to a medium level of detail. I have images for references and open to suggestions for poses and need someone who is able to craft . Prior experience with human figure design - a must. The 3D model should be able to meet the standards agreed to in the deliverable. Please contact me if you are interested in applying for this project. also needed hand tools, radio and backpacks, Applied to a total of 10 different poses, a 20mm figures, not a cartoon, but a detailed human figure

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    ...view of the lake. Behind the cabins will be fields for outdoor activities including a soccer field, football field, baseball field, a basketball court, and a couple tennis courts. In front the cabins is a small beach area which can be used for beach weddings, and a beach volleyball court. To make the location more enjoyable in the winter months, on each bunk line will be 1 hot tub, 1 sauna, and 1 fire pit. Other parts around the lake will be dedicated for weddings. In one area will be a grassy area adjacent to the lake for lake-view weddings. Behind it will be a pavilion for the reception which can also double as a rain location. (In the future, I’d like to build a mansion by this location which can also be used by the wedding parties, as well as Airbnb for large groups.)...

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    Forward facing elephant with a teddy bear on the elephants head. The teddy bear has a fire chiefs helmet on. I want red cascading roses on this also Style: Realistic Design Elements: I have specific elements in mind that I would like included in the drawing. Size: Medium (up to 18x24 inches) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in realistic drawing techniques - Ability to incorporate specific design elements into the drawing - Experience working with medium-sized drawings (up to 18x24 inches)

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    Fire alarm design for a small building (1-3 floors) using a wireless system. Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing fire alarm systems for small buildings - Knowledge of wireless fire alarm systems - Ability to create a design that meets safety regulations and requirements - Understanding of building codes and regulations related to fire alarms - calculations for battery and battery size. - Strong communication skills to collaborate with the client and understand their needs and preferences - We have long term employment, while having steady work flow. - Must have (alarm cad, FireCAD, or equal that provides fire system layout and battery calculations)

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    I am looking for a Git downloaded AI image recognition model that detects smoke and fire, as a start preferably latest YOLO.8 1. Detect grey/white/black smoke in any image. Detect FIRE in an image. 2. Advance to a video. 3. Advance to a live video. 4. Package CNN in to run in device, we will deploy an App on iOS for demonstrations. Please only bid if you know what I am talking about.

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    Project Title: Fire Engineering, Fire Safety, and Technical Regulations Expert Needed for Building Design Assistance We are seeking experts in fire engineering, fire safety, and technical regulations related to building designs. Our project specifically requires assistance with technical regulations. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and expertise in technical regulations related to building designs - Experience working with fire engineering and fire safety principles - Familiarity with local and national building codes and regulations - Previous experience providing consulting or design services in the field of fire engineering and safety Project Scope: - The project involves providing assistance and guidance in ensuring complian...

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    I am looking for a skilled Android mobile app developer to create an app with the main purpose of providing first aid and emergency services, specifically for fire fighting in rural areas. Features and functionalities: - The app should have a user-friendly interface and easy navigation - It should provide step-by-step instructions and information on how to handle emergency situations - Users should be able to call for help or contact emergency services directly from the app - The app should have a feature to track the user's location in case of emergency Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in developing Android mobile apps with a focus on emergency services or first aid - Knowledge of GPS tracking and integration with emergency services - Strong problem-solving ...

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    I am looking for a 3D animation artist to create an anime-style intro for my D&D campaign. I want to surprise my players with an intro, displaying their characters while fighting with an epic phonk song. The duration of the animation should fall between 30 seconds to 1.5 minute long. I have a specific theme and style in mind (already have drawings of their characters thanks to an IA, shame on me I know) so the artist should have experience in this genre. The animation should include characters as well as any other special effects that would be necessary (landscape, ennemies,…). I am ready to move forward with this project and am looking for the right person to bring this 3D animation to life. Think this project as if you had to do an AMV from a manga, but with our own cha...

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    ...need a primary Logo with just the font “Firebirds Chicken House” . Want examples of straight font and big curved lettering fonts. Please make sure the font has depth and some character to it. 2) We need a submark logo, *two examples attached* 3) We need a logo of just the icon which is a simple house with a chicken in it, incorporated with fire. *example attached* COLORS: RED, WHITE AND SOME BLACK. Want examples of different reds. *PLEASE NO FIRE coming out from the BACK of the chicken. Need it to be professional.* *Attached*picture of a chicken logo someone made that we DISLIKE very much so I put a black X in the picture so you all can see an example of what we DONT want. Skills and Experience: - Strong portfolio showcasing previous logo designs - ...

    €51 (Avg Bid)
    228 girdi

    We need a label created with a fire breathing chicken sketched original by you for a hot sauce label

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    ...met my new girlfriend. After listening to my stories from work, we had an idea to build a platform to help out anyone from that domain with articles, guides, safety tips and ressources. From small terminology questions all the way to helping out people forced into selling their bodies against their will. I knew what was going on but didn't know it was that bad.. my girlfriend at the time was fighting demons and mental health issues of her own. She ended up commiting suicide in September 2022. I've been devastated ever since wandering aimelessly and shutting everyone out of my life and triggering multiple mental health issues of my own. Pumped with multiple antidepressants, I try to learn new things on my computer, but struggling immensly due to loss of short term memo...

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    I have a source photo of my kids on an arcade motorcycle, I would like to get two different pictures out of it. On with the kids riding the motorcycle and the background is utter mayhem, explosions, stuff on fire, cops chasing them, swat can be involved just for parents and grandparents to enjoy. The second one a similar idea but more tame and family friendly. Maybe a police chase but less chaotic and more acceptable to hang in the wall. Essentially one is getting framed for the man cave the other for the family living room. If this is something that can be done please let me know and provide a quote. No time frame although before Christmas would be pretty cool. Please let me know if you need more info!

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    I am looking for a Freelancer to send a Bulk Email. Bid what you want. Im not fighting the price, this is all what you need to know: 1. I need to send 100k emails 2. I have the HTML file with the content to send. 3. I have the addresses. I only need someone to give the file and the list and send it from your end, server, whatever.

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    I got one of my friends from work in kris kindle. I need him to be photoshopped in pictures with Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Jake Paul, the glazers. I would like photos of him with all them above in a group drinking or something Besides this, a few individual photos of him with a comedy club on fire in the background. It needs to be obvious it is a comedy club. I have attached all rhe pictures i have of him. He is the the kind of big guy.

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    I am looking for a frontend developer or coder who can bring my Figma mockup to life on my WordPress site. The ideal candidate will have experience in custom design and be able to create a responsive layout with interactive elements. Specific requirements for the project include: - Implementing a custom design based on the Figma mockup...bring my Figma mockup to life on my WordPress site, with a focus on custom design, responsive layout, and interactive elements. Experience in WordPress development and a strong attention to detail are essential for this project. Check out the 2 mockups here 1. 2.

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    I am looking for an experienced graphic designer to create a brochure to promote a product/service. The style of brochure should be creative and artistic. This brochure should be targeted to Fire Departments. I'm looking for someone who can design a brochure that will grab attention and stand out from the crowd. The designer should be familiar with producing digital and print-ready files. I'm giving the designer total creative freedom to create and design a brochure that will truly reflect the vision of our product/service. The end result should be professional and impressive.

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    ...quick thinker, can follow simple instructions, and doesn't disappear. I prefer someone in Mexico, but for the right person you can be anywhere worldwide so long as you are fluent in Spanish and Ingles and are good at online research. I live in Mexico now, but don't speak fluent Spanish. I am low income because I work for free to help save Humanity with my non profit, so no rich gringa here. I'm fighting for you too, did you know that? So, I really need you to have my back for this position. You must understand and write fluent English and understand me verbally. You must be able to follow procedures and assume you can do whatever you want without also following my instructions. Be able to concentrate on what you are reading & have a good memory. If I hav...

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...about NLP Forensics from this article: In this direction, I want you to use Clojure to develop primitives that help in making criminal profiling which helps crime investigators to record the characteristics of criminals. You may look into a very simple example in Python on the following link: @krishvictor/fighting-crime-with-text-analytics-2bcbaf7ff6c4 However, I would like you to use any text that you can find over the internet and perform develop your criminal profiling. You should use OpenNLP in your Clojure program to add in your classpath: (use ') Moreover, you will need to add the dependency on OpenNLP at your : [clojure-opennlp "0.5.0"] You may find this simple tutorial

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    ... You may also directly mail any donations to: Attn: Attorney Jason Sheffield Peters, Rubin, Sheffield & Hodges P.A. For: Anthony McCaskill Trust 2786 North Decatur Rd., St. 245 Decatur, GA 30033 4. You can also show your support by attending any court dates in the future. Studies have shown that defendants have a better chance of fighting their case with an appearance of bodily support. This is an uphill battle that we are prepared to continue fighting but we need your help as well. Often, people assume there is nothing that they can do, so they ignore the cause. However, even the smallest gestures can help. That little bit can go a long way. We want to thank you for taking the time to research, reach out, forward, read, or even pray. We remain in hopes an...

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    t shirt design Bitti left

    I work for the Detroit Fire Department in Michigan. I want to create a wintery themed/holiday graphic for the back of a crew neck sweatshirt and a long sleeve t shirt. The front will have the traditional fire department logo, but with a little wintery/holiday feel. I was imagining a wreath or garland making up the outline of the logo. For the back, I would like a starry night sky with a moon, and Santas reindeer pulling a fire truck instead of a sleigh. The skyline of Detroit Michigan below it. And the words DETROIT FIRE DEPARTMENT in a snowy text, perhaps with a small strand of holiday lights intertwined? I have attached a few images showing the general idea I was going for. For the possible intertwined holiday lights: For the

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    I am looking for a logo design for my clothing brand, GLM, which stands for " war and fighting against oppression". My vision is for the logo to be minimalistic but still represent strength and resilience. I would like the logo to feature a sword as the symbol, subtly integrated within the name. I have a specific color scheme in mind for the design - black and white. Also, I would like a design ( other than the logo) of a man aiming a gun at another man with a , the format for the logo and design to be supplied is PNG.

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    ...The system is intended for fire protection in an industrial area with a size of 780 sq meter (10,920 cubic meter). We will be able tot provide nozzle performance , flooding factor, pump information and free lancer will be required to calculate pipe and fittings, BOQ and other required data. Key requirements for the project include: - Expertise in pipenet calculation for mist suppression systems - Understanding of fire protection systems and their design principles - Experience in designing systems for industrial areas - Knowledge of the specific requirements and regulations for mist suppression systems in industrial settings Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in pipenet calculation software - Familiarity with relevant industry standards and codes for fire...

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    6 teklifler name TOTAL ESM and combing the 2 websites for one look. The main focus of this project is to improve both the visual aesthetics and functionality of the website. We are looking to have metallic silver, black and a pop of burnt orange for the back ground. Also looking for someone to create a new logo and digital documentation for customers. We are in the fire maintenance industry servicing businesses keeping them safe in case of a fire and also electrical testing and tagging. We would like to incorporate whiteboard animation short videos on our website approximately 10 at no more than 1 minute long. These would need to be industry specific so whiteboard animation drawing from scratch would be a must, not just stock standard animation. We require a private section f...

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    ...who can create a large fire penetration sticker, measuring more than 6 inches in size. I have a specific design or theme in mind for the sticker and I can provide references for the design. I am open to any creative ideas and designs that the freelancer can come up with. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Graphic design skills - Experience in creating stickers or decals - Ability to bring creative ideas to life - Attention to detail in capturing the specific design or theme - Ability to work with provided references and incorporate them into the design Can you please create a fire penetration sticker for my company with similar design to the first attachment using Vulcan Fire Logo and organge opposed to the red in the example. Below is the required text...

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    ...or electrical engineering work, and I have specific requirements for the project. It is such an urgent matter that it needs to be completed within a week’s time. If you are an expert in these fields and are confident that you can meet the deadline, please let me know. I'm excited to see what you and your team of engineers can do. Homework for building services lecture. Draft design of fire service such as Fire sprinkler, water tank, main pipe routing, Hydrant and hose reel for an 25 Level commercial building according to my example. Cad design only. 2. state the objectives of the conceptual design report; 3. identify and use various codes, regulations, standards and guidelines for the building services system design; 4. prepare tables showing the design crite...

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