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    I am currently using visichat which is a flash based audio / video chat that I need to replace with an html5 version before December 31 as we do large weekly meetings.

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    Hello, I am interested in building a gambling machine in Montana. The games are particularly what I am looking for here, but they would run in a cabinet with a linux or windows machine powering them. Any guidance or help on this project is greatly appreciated. I have many game concepts started but need helping putting the entire picture together. I have contemplated building a linux version b...

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    If you have compiled firmwares stored in flash, show me how to copy 1 to boot sector and make it bootable.

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    El reproductor debe servir para componer un iframe que permita incrustarlo en una pagina web y leerlo desde una web o un móvil con android o con sistema operativo ios con bajo delay 0,8 a 3 seg. sin utilizar flash.

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    I need a small .exe program that installs a small script on Windows. We have the same script that run ok in linux. We need only a Windows expert that can translate it for Windows. Requirements: 1) Create a small Windows .exe script, which takes screenshots of the desktop and the webcam periodically and send it to rest webservice. 2) When the script is installed, a configuration window should open...

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    We have 108 interactive Flash files that we used for teaching on a SMARTBoard that we need to convert to HTML5 to use in our online app. There are 2 lessons per file, and each lesson consists of 20 screens, but many of the screens are simply reused inside the lessons. All lessons follow a template, so once you design one lesson, you will know how to design all the rest. Once the template is done, ...

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    Building  APP to control shutter open and ISO in an android smartphone camera. As per use case , shutter should open 1 millisecond delay once flash is cut off , unable to achieve this preciously , ends up in 2 to 3 milliseconds additional delay always . Need someone who has experience in Camera hardware handling to fix this issue . may be 2 to 3 hours of work Achieve below...

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    Looking for a mobile app developer to create a simple and elegant app for math multiplication learning for kids. Will provide more information once a developer is selected, but the app does not requiere too much but a simple interface and a flash card type of UI.

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    The idea is to code a piece of software to run an RFID control access systems, mainly for private household buildings. This system should run in the ESP-32. Also the JSON database should be stored in the flash memory of the ESP-32. There should be web-page as user interfase (for installer and maintenance only) where users can be added, deleted or modified. This web-page should run allso from the ...

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    We have an older server with Adobe FMS (Flash Media Server which is a cams streaming application) installed on it. It also has some Adobe Flash chat applications with MYSQL Databases installed. It is using Centos 7. They are all running perfectly on the current server. However, we want to migrate them all over onto a new server. They need to be moved over as is. The old server used to have CP...

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    flash is being depreciated. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] A dear family member of mine plays one game. Mah Jong Tiles. This is on an MSN site, the link is here: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I have tried downloading it but it won't run on its own. It appears to try and run another file before it can run. I need the ga...

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    In this project we would like you to find a way to extract the original firmware from an Android phone and flash it to the different device but same model. Here's the phone info: - Model Name: SHARP AQUOS sense2 (originally sold in Japan) - Model Code: SHV43, SH-01L (both are the same device but sold from different carriers and they have different firmware.) We will provide you one sample un...

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    Hi I've some games to develop in HTML5. These games are actually in Flash. It can be course games, address games So, for first project, there are 5 games to do. 1 game is with 3 versions (courses : only images and vehicle reactions change) 1 game is to develop for 3 websites (so same game, with only images which are different. These games have to communicate with website (PHP) (players are...

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    We have some Flash web games we are looking to convert to HTML5. We will provide source code/art for the game along with guides. Only the game client will be needed, integration can be done on our end. Experience with HTML5 libraries like Phaser, PixiJS or createjs/easejs is required. You can view the game we would like converted here: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş...

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    I need help with my project. I need someone that can help me solve a problem that includes energy balance on MSF (i don't want the answer only. I want to learn, I want to know how u do it).

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    We have an older server with Adobe FMS (Flash Media Server which is a cams streaming application) installed on it. It also has some Adobe Flash chat applications with MYSQL Databases installed. It is using Centos 7. They are all running perfectly on the current server. However, we want to migrate them all over onto a new server. They need to be moved over as is. The old server used to have...

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    We need 100 PR3+ PERMANENT backlinks for our sex toys website. ALL 100 links MUST BE PERMANENT and have to be placed on a PAGE with PR3+ and not n/a with a home page of PR3+ GUIDELINES: - The anchor text must be : "sex toys". - We need the links for a Sex Toys website – the backlinks MUST be relevant. - ALL backlinks must be DO FOLLOW - ALL backlinks MUST NOT BE on NOIN...

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    Flash cards Bitti left

    Have a set of questions that need to be put in a flash card format that can be printed out. Needed to be double sided, just like flashcards. Question on one side and answer on the other. There is an estimate of 100 questions.

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    Bonjour Monsieur, voici quelques détails des jeux : 1- KENO Il s'agit d'un jeux à 80 chiffres de 1 à 80 .les chiffres ont quatre couleurs differentes : de 1 à 20 rouge; de21 à 40 bleu par exemple etc.... La machine doit choisir à chaque tirage 20 boules de couleurs differentes au hasard et le joueur maximum 10 boules qui ne seront gagnante que si...

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    I need an Android web view app. Which open the already set link. it should have following functionality back functionality works through native navigation flash screen loading screen app transfer works (as in whatsapp link transfers to whatsapp app) should not pose error while uploading something to website using app apart from errors i encountered as stated above app is straight forward webview.

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    I am trying to flash from so tool but it says brom CMD error

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    I have a 2d flash animator than 7years experience in production level work.

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    Need to make the flash application run after Dec 2020. When flash is retiring. Need to come up with alternatives to run it in the browser in or local after dec 2020. Need to work on remotely .

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    Private community association with clubhouse/golf course amenities located in Rancho Mirage, CA interested in developing a daily flash report which includes detailed revenues by profit center and detailed labor expense by classification reported on a daily and month-to-date format for actual, budget, and prior year. The entity utilizes Club Essentials for it's member website, POS and back off...

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    Storm Drainage Bitti left

    We currently bought a new house and there is storm water drainage issues on the property. When there is a flash flood our shop floods and our back yard and front yard flood. The house on the land is up 3 feet but it does go under the house. We are looking for the full scope of work including coming out to the property. Google maps 712 Holiday Drive, Ponder TX 76259

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    Hello, I have Flash on my website to manage the player's Avatar , i want to delete this feature and modify it by simply .jpg or .png images. Thanks

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    Flash card Bitti left

    illustrator needed for 4 categories: Shapes, Animal, Objects, Weather Linework, no colour, a little bit of typography required. Sample will be given.

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    Oleson Village Bitti left

    For this project, you’ll prepare an AutoCAD drawing representing a plat map of a new subdivision called Oleson Village. A plat map is a drawing that shows such actual and planned features as streets and building lots. Your plat map will also show the location of trees, both those that will be saved as well as those to be removed. Data for the drawing will come from survey information that wi...

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    Inside images of yacht, no window pulls. I external image. Six images will have 2-3 raw NEF images consisting of 1-2 ambient and 1 flash, for flambient/compositing blend. Six other images will be single image only, some are high ISO with grain. Color correction, perspective correction, flash glare elimination etc. No window pulls. 25 raw images total Final image quality is more important than tur...

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    Need a photographer proficient in canon products specifically canon 1D x Mark iii, gimble, primary lens 70-200 2.8 iii, 600 flash, photo booth tent and lighting, We have all the top equipment on site. I'd like to get a photo shoot done on our ranch. The shoot is for location and animals. Primarily animals. However the primary focus of the shoot or shoots is to help instruct our in house phot...

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    Hello, We are looking to add to a currently built site (that is within Shopify) on which we can have customers (largely wholesale/affiliate customers) have the ability to log in and have adjusted pricing (X% discount) based on affiliate/wholesale bulk buying). This would also be for direct-to-consumer retail customers. We're looking for something sleek (less is more) but possibly has some ...

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    Hello, I need a smart contract developed that creates a transaction with a number of steps 1. Flash Loan 2. Swap token[s] 3. Re-pay flash loan It should be able to input the slippage percentage, that if exceeded performs a rollback of the transaction. You must have experience in coding smart contracts. In your response please demonstrate past experience or I will ignore it.

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    €25 - €212
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    I want website like [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I need mobile bookers who can book phones from flash sales on my address. I'll give you commission based on your booking quantity.

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    Need to build a 3 bit flash a/d converter using op-amp 741 Check pictures, I have attached the work

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    Im looking for a developer to develop a Lottery Number game add-on for Stake- Online Casino Gambling Platform. Stake is a casino platform for playing online games. The backend is Laravel, while the frontend is written in vue. Link: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Lottery Number Game Operations: the player selects up to 6 numbers between 1 and 60. The numbers ar...

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    Need an experienced blockchain programmer to help develop a code for the use of flash loans on AAVE or dYdX exchange to use for arbitrage on different DEX's for a profit.

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    Interfacing pic18f27q43 with spi flash memory chip (SST25VF016B).

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    Hi, We have a website we need flash converted and working. As flash is banned in browsers now, users only see errors. Work MUST be done in TeamViewer or AnyDesk. Need tech with fast connection and good skill on this before. Thank you for your interest.

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    Voice repeater/playback Pressing button to recall sounds stored in flash memory.

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    We are looking to have a new drag and drop (preferably HTML 5 but open to other suggestions) to replace the existing one we have designed in Flash. Attached is a screen shot of our existing. We need it to load all photos associated to that floor plan (these will load from our database, which I can give access to an xml to view how it comes over) so that we can place them and have the coordinates s...

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    I want a mobile booking script to book mobile phones on flash sale in India on webistes like Amazon , Flipkart, And [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], It should add the product to cart, and auto checkout on COD for mi, and flipkart. For amazon it should just add the item to cart, The script should support atleast 100 accounts at a time

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    We’re looking for people that can convert old courses with flash animations into new courses with Storyline-based HTML5 interactions. By volume, most of the work involves copying and pasting text and media from the old courses on our development site to a given template in Storyline. The most time consuming aspect, however, is the conversion of the flash media to HTML5. Each candidate...

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    This project is to flash a custom rom to xiaomi redmi 8 by connecting with team viewer to my PC

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    Potrzebuję skrypt umożliwiający streaming live z kamerki (real-time lub prawie real-time). Streaming w modelu one-way (typowy LIVE). Nie jest potrzebna oprawa graficzna, skrypt ma stać się częścią istniejącego projektu. Założenia: 2 podstrony 1. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], czyli podstrona nadającego - 3 opcje: start, stop, mute(wyciszenie dźwięku). 2. [URL...

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    We are looking to get a software to be able to Read/Write internal and external flash memory of the ST10F27x microcontroller over the canbus and the serial port with the BSL function.

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    App Design Bitti left

    We need an app designed - the app is an on demand car wash app similar to KENO and SKYNN apps The features of the app must be the same as [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] - Need user screens - Need employee screens See style i like in attached PDF

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    I have a website designed with Flash decades ago. I want to convert it to HTM5/Javascript/CSS. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] All the internal Links , images and slides must continue working.

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