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    I need custom code for webflow form that will redirect the user to a URL based on his form entry from dropdown. Example: from form dropdown, is user selects option A, he will be redirected to [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I need my source backdoor'ed to where it is almost impossible to find or remove the backdoor's. I want it so that the backdoor sends Username/Password to a [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] account when a user registers (Web hook) and so I can get access to the Database and other things.

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    Every morning, our current CRM software programs outputs an excel spreadsheet with addresses. Procedurally, we "manually" compare each address with a publicly available database to identify and record three or four specific pieces of data from the public records (based on address match). We have a CD with the public data records available in our possession. Work request: 1. Crea...

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    Install and configure Kannel 1.4.5 with MySQL, OpenSMPP, SQLBox & SMPPSim on Linux server I would prefer Ubuntu but happy for your recommendations I have already installed and configured most of this myself however I am only getting speeds of 130 messages per second no matter what hardware I use so I am looking for an MySQL and Kannel expert :) ssh access will be given on fresh server Inst...

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    We have a thermostat that can be controlled via an API. It’s a brand called ‘Climote’. This thermostat is connected to its manufacturers cloud. We wish to use the REST API of the thermostat to record temperatures and to set boost and holiday mode.

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    We require a 7 textbox form added to the bottom of our website www.wegetfyt.com. Must integrate into the design. 5 minute job.

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    I have several PHP based project to work on. I need: 1. An individual (Strictly not a company) who can work with me directly and follow my instructions 2. Need a fresher having knowledge in PHP, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, Photoshop. 3. Need to work as and when required. 4. Having creative ideas to share.

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    I have simple UI which display MySQL table results for the given query. User can export results to CSV file as well. What I want is - For a given search statement, add up all of the sentiment numbers for each day and then present them on a graph day by day. I have added an image of how this graph should look like. Please remember - I myself is full stack developer. So expecting good quality work...

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    I have a contact form on my personal website, but he dont work, i have front end and back end...

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    Hello, I have a requirement for designing a few queries in any SQL Database like SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL etc. which will help me in doing analysis for Stock Market Data Tables. If you are an Expert in SQL Query and you have some very basic understanding of Stock Market Data Tables, then you qualify for this job. Please message me and I will provide you very detailed report about my req...

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    I will Create HTML5 Web Form With In Time Limit also With Validation and Attractive Design.

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I need you to design and build a website page that shows information from mysql database..

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    hi am looking for someone who got experience with oracle form 1 oracle form/report 2 oracle pl/sql 3 weblogic 5 oracle java adf 7 oracle soa 8 subversion/github 9 jekins 10 Linux must be able to work with little supervision/assistance

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    Bootstrap 4 php mysql form with validation for all input types (text, textarea, dropdown, checkbox). no framework. Only functional PHP

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I need you to make some changes to my newsletter subscription form url

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    We require a security audit person who can help us to follow owasp standard to develop e commerce web site(php & mysql ). We don't require developer, we require a web security person who can audit & review our code for security

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    Add an external form (I will supply code) to an existing web page in Concrete 5

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    I need this Flash widget [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] to be turned into HTML5, possibly with some javascript, but so the gallery is mobile readable and functional. Please ensure that all of the original gallery features: full screen, reflections, music, scrolling and description remain in place and are fully functional on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. ...

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    I need a Wordpress, gravity form expert Will only be awarded to someone who can voice call. Login to access form Unique number for each from submitted, starting from 1782 Form signature ability from mobile capture Ability to attach a photo to the form Create some if statments when creating a from to guide emails.

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    Hi! I'm looking for someone to quickly connect to one of my dedicated servers and install a Percona Server for Mysql on Ubuntu 16.04.

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    So we have this form for people to fill out [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and when they are done filling it out, we want a new page that shows up that says, "thanks your message has been sent" and there to be a print button underneath that allows them to print the form out

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    Form Website Backend Not Android IOS P 6/6

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    Hi, Please read posting carefully or you will be rejected. I would like you to build a short, two-page survey with five questions per page, and each question weighed from zero to five that a user can fill out and see a statistics summary of the average answers per question for all users. The user should go to the app, register with either email/password, Google, or Facebook (you may implement w...

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    I need you to change the fonts of the three words. Each word is 7-8 letters long. The three words create one logo. I have already arranged the words so the layout of the logo is done. See the attached file. The three words do NOT include references to hate speech, pornographic, illegal activities, drugs, political activities and affiliation. So the process is this: 1. There are 10 fonts. Yo...

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    I need a quote form made with Eform plugin for wordpress with 3 steps with conditional logic. If you have not worked with Eform please do not bid. I won't take it in consideration. Check E form: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Check this add button form [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Added info for form. Thanks.

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    We are going to start our business of computer services and web tools in US, for that we need to setup company in US and to run business with customers need bank and merchant accounts setup on that company. for these tasks concern department need a US presence on behalf of company who can do paperwork for company , so we are looking US representative who can handle these [URL'yi gör&uum...

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    i lost my system architect and my websites no longer work. i tried to solve the issue by restarting mysql but it failled. i need someone who knows Mysql, Linux Debian , HAproxy, Ngix technology to debug the system and maybe become my admin

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    I need an Android app. There will be 12 unique QR Codes placed at different locations in a big area. A person is required to visit all the 12 location and scan the QR code. The app would simply keep a track of the QR code that was scanned and the time it was scanned. This info would be pushed into a mysql database using an API. We will provide you with the required API. Simply need the mobile app...

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    Submit the form data to API. using jquery ajax

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    Hello every body! Now i want to get a php code script about CV builder online like: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] It support multilanguage. Please tell me what cost is it and how many days do you finish to developt it? I need you do it by laravel or CodeIgniter framework. Thanks!

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    I am looking for a laravel / Vue.js developer to add a new screen (page) to my existing PHP project management software. The two main goals of this project will be to add a drag and drop task management screen to better manage my teams task and to add recurring task feature which is unavailable now. The system is current a fully functional project management system so all of the back-end manage...

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    Hello. I want to develop a web platform The site is a platform to request different services from service providers such as plumbers. He registers as a freelancer and can bid on people's service demands The site must be bilingual: Arabic and French The front end of the site is already programmed (template), it is only necessary to make some changes - to merge a new logo, to merge images, ch...

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    PHP/Mysql page Bitti left

    I need a php page made that will query a mysql database and print a simply report. should be very simple for right coder. The report will be for a weekending date. then take jobs that have data for that weekending and show a table that shows each job then under ech job it will show Employees with totals of each job code they perform for each job under that weekending

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    Facebook manager for facebook pages objective: interact to comments on facebook page posts with: 1- Like the comment 2- Reply with comment (predefined for each post) 3- Reply with private message (predefined for each post) The project should comply with facebook standards as described in the following documentation : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] -Any face...

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    I have two projects On the first project I want to make the validations about the sign up form using Module Pattern in JS, AJAX and JSON to match every language based on IP user Location. On the second project I want to translate the website for 8 different languages using JSON.

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    all contact us settings of the website were connected to the email address, we changed DNS of that email address now contact us things are not working on the website anymore. Needs to be fixed

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    Hey! Do you have any specific expertise regarding the server you'd be developing the control panel on? I need a PHP programmer. Thanks, Raj D.

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    We provide bespoke golf tours in Scotland and overseas. We recently updated our web server PHP from 5.6 to 7.3 and a section of our website broke! So we need a freelancer to work on this code and bring it up to latest standards so that we can update PHP. It is not hugely complicated, basically just a simple form based quotation system.

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    Trophy icon From PHP form to WP Plugin Bitti left

    Our former developer have coded our webpage in PHP/HTML and we are now setting it up in Wordpress. But we need help with the form on this page: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The form are now coded into the page in PHP atm. We are looking for a developer who can take this form and make it into a wordpress plugin, so we can shortcode it into pages.

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    Develope a code for a basic sign up page in putron using [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] details PFA word document .We are looking for long term free lancing coders for our project.

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    Requerimos configurar una carácteristica de un formulario de contacto que se encuentra en MySQL, y que actualmente no sincroniza con la BD Access local que tenemos en un computador.

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    We've a simple webapp that needs to be build. At the moment it is working in Excel, but it needs to be updated. Therefor we like to move to a combination of HTML, PHP, Javascript and MySQL. There are dependencies within the form and show/hide options that need to be embed. Once all parameters are submitted, a product list overview page need to be generated with an excel export and pdf export...

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    I need java webbased application We can provide java web based application Spring security And spring boot Hibernate Oralce db Both arabic and english language

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    I want to rebuild the website with new framework and database. The old one is using Yii2 and MySQL and it is not really capable. I would like to know the offer or suggestion outside of Django or NodeJS if there is a better framework out there. The database I want to use between MongoDB / Cassandra or PostGRE / MariaDB or anything else you would like to suggest. I am open for suggestion. The ma...

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    I already have an game prepared need some one who can just give function the game.

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    LOGO for e commerce website, powerbank, wall charger and flash drive.

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    Project Duration: 1 Hour Project Requirements: WooCommerce Product Page Styling Project Type: Wordpress PHP & CSS Number of Pages to Re-Style: 1 All changes must be fully responsive & look great on all browsers, all devices & IE 10+ Full Project Document including screenshot design for all devices & CSS properties will be provided YOU MUST BE ABLE TO START WORK IMMEDIATELY 5*...

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    selling custom printed tee shirts. I need an order form for customers to fill in and have the order form sent to me or I can access the order on internet.

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    *** Only experienced frontend/backend developers please *** ***I do NOT make upfront payments, I will only pay after the project is verifiably completed*** * Add a secure user login/register with email verification to my existing website (login page design is already done). * Add Paypal, 3 direct payments and 3 monthly subscriptions. (pricing page design is already done). * Create a gallery of...

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    I need UX designs for a content website done as soon as possible.

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