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    I need to add controls to a video player on my website. Also want to add simple animation when the user clicks play. Need to fix height of video and remove title from on top of video when playing.

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    ...graphics and controls/template design like buttons, menus and etc. So, I give you an exact description (location and behavior) of each control or template I need and expect from you that you create an overall designfor my website and for each control (including its functionality). Important! For toggling or any other actions needed for the controls to work

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    I need an easy way to customise controls with scalable animateable images in Xamarin.Forms. How would you implement it? What image type would you choose and how am i able to implement it for ios/android? Please write a guide and a demo app.

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    This is a project for mechanical engineers. It is about System Dynamics and Controls. All of the information are in the attachment. Please read them carefully.

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    Hi, I already have a project made in Unity its a game I just need someone to add Android on-screen controls. The movement and other controls so a touchsreen phone can control them.

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    Hello, I have 7 led lights (each lamp has 10 little led multicolor bulbs). They are controlled by an arduino and some other electronic components. Some of the cables that go to the Arduino got disconnected, and I don't know what to plug where. I have never seen it working but I was supposedly this was all working before the Arduino cables got lose. These lamps are controlled using a software,...

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    Apply select NIST low-impact security controls to the JavaFX Login application [login to view URL] The following security controls should be applied to the [login to view URL] application (check the NIST Security Controls Database for details, description and guidance for each control): • AC-7 - UNSUCCESSFUL LOGON ATTEMPTS • AC-8

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    Compensator Design using the Root Locus

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    We want a simple telerik report to be done quickly. a very basic report.

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    ...is different from some of the ones out there. I was considering to store the results in a mongo database and display them with javascript. I want to have some additional controls and features for each word (r click to bring up menu, then rhyme the word with rhymebrain etc...) For each word in the language, I want a separate webapeg i.e. thesaurus

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    You must have Delphi XE6 or higher - Firemonkey skills. I need someone to work on a list of styles and controlsthat need fixing, maintenance, or additions A successful candidate will definitely earn more work immediately afterwards Message me and tell me you are advanced skills in firemonkey styles and components and can do this job

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    I need Experienced electrical engineer who is good at report writing as well. Thanks

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    I need controls to be designed and then manufactured for a video camera housing taking cameras to 100m underwater

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    MS Access 2010 – 32 bit Windows 7 – 32 / 64bit Requierements ============= - Live preview window on existing form - Shoot HD resolution image by VBA command - The captured image will be shown at the location of the live preview window - Option to reshoot the image - Image name is defined by field - Save image as JPG on specified location by VBA command - Deactivate camera w...

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    I need support to control an arduino with a webpage. contact me for more information

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    Help with system dynamics and controls.. I would appreciate

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    Summary: HTML5 video shows controls (i.e. play pause buffering, volume, etc) but they can't be clicked. When you browse over them they disappear. You cannot click pause, play, mute, nothing. Please help me fix this small issue The website is www.innovo-medical.com. Visit the homepage and browse over the controls and you will see that they cannot

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    I have a project based on control system. An i have a good deadline.

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    I am seeking a senior c# programmer. I want to improve the speed of displaying the controls in C# project. If you can do it, please bid. Best Regards wei

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    I need a freelancer who is good in system dynamics and control. Thanks

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    Need to develop Android app that controls GSM alert system by sending SMS commands according to specification. Screenshots and documentation attached. There is an another prototype (that will be send in private) to overview.

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    You are to write a program that simulates a boules (pétanque) match between two players. The program will allow the user to input the relevant player information and run the simulation using form controls. Details of the simulated game will then be written to the spreadsheet and presented graphically.

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    I am seeking a senior C# developer. You can download the project from [login to view URL] The database is [login to view URL] The database is mysql. If you can improve the speed of the controls displaying in this project, let me know. Best Regards nan

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    Urgent and Immediate Transcribers and Quality Controls (QC) for General and Legal Transcription services in Chennai

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    Need some one having sound knowledge about MVC 4 and Kendo UI controls strong C# back ground Part timer for consultancy

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    require someone with control systems expertise problem solving electrical engineering background

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    This just started yesterday randomly out of the blue. My website, the front end, is running fine, but woocommerce the backend admin controls is so slow it is basically unusable. Pages are taking minutes to load, I have to refresh multiple times, everything is at a crawl. This is my business so I need an expert in the technical backend features

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    ...I need to test if the controls & logic is great before moving forward. Here is the game, 1. Stickman A will be on the left We control Stickman A. Stickman A moves up and down only. To move Stickman A up and down, one has to 'DRAG' him up and down to the position. 2. Stickman B will be on the right. Computer controls Stickman B. Stickman

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    ...theme for the popular Divi theme by Elegant theme. The purpose will be to expand the functionality of Divi through the child theme, by implementing WordPress customizer controls to modify various parts of the theme directly from the WordPress customizer. You should be familiar with the WordPress customizer API, hooks and filters, all code should

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    I need a sketch for arduino capable of controlling a stepper motor. I would like to change some motor settings through a 2.8" touchscreen shield. In the attached image you can see the flowchart with all functions required. Hardware to use: - arduino uno board - bipolar stepper motor 4 wire, 400 steps, 1.7A each phase (mod. 42BYGHM809) - motor driver (Arduino shield is preferred otherw...

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    We are building a computer system that allows users to register online (through web browsers or smartphones) and remotely controls DSLR cameras connect to the system to take pictures. The system then will store pictures in a shared drive, and users can view their pictures through web browsers or smartphones.

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    I need a Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor (EA) programmed. The EA will be based on a very simple strategy. The EA will not be using any indicators at all. The EA needs to be compatible with all MT4 accounts (4 or 5 digit, ECN or Non-ECN). The EA will need to have an input for Slippage, Spread, No trading times, and a MM true or false. The MM is based on a simple calculation and will set the lots to be ...

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    ...headphones, starting call etc.) - Pre-buffer upcoming songs I need to be able to enable / disable all of the above features via a command. If they are disabled and a user clicks on them it should notify them (perhaps via a Super Toast) that the option is disabled. I should have the ability to queue a song for the player by doing something

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    The user of our SaaS-application should select a theme and/or change colors to get an indiviual design. The page should look similiar to this screenshot: [login to view URL] On left side the selection and saving. On right side the preview for some sample controls. After click on button "save" - the setting must be saved as txt-file and load

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    Write wrapper for some Devexpress ASP.NET controls like Grid, Pivot, Map, SpreadSheet, so they can be used in VisualWebGui

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    Chemical Engineering- Controls- Model predictive control solve it well.

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    write a control panel for multiple icecast2 streams regards of user / mount and or port (running icecast2 in shoutcast compatibility mode is ok ) must also run ices2 as auto dj

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    Please write up matlab codes for the specifications below. It is basically to adjust brightness, color, opacity and fading block by block basis. It also monitors the bandpass version of each block with DCT based bandpass filtering. Please use variable names in [ ] as much as possible. As you know, straigtforward matlab coding projects. Please add comments on equations or function hierarchy and fl...

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    The app requirements are simple: 1) User opens the app. They see a camera preview and one button. The camera should be set to its minimum focal distance. Not zoom, not focused on the closest object, but set to the minimum focus allowed by the hardware. 2) When the user presses the button, or a volume button, the app will begin to take photographs

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    ...software code for an Arduino Uno (r3) micro-controller to control 3 fan speeds inside a computer according to 3 temperature sensor readings. Temperature targets are set by user-defined values in Arduino code "sketch." So, each fan will automatically speed up or slow down to maintain the desired temperature goal for each of the 3 sensors. Two additional

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    for this project you will need to have comprehension of the following subjects: Matlab Simulation, simulinks differential equations After you finish the project you will have to write a report that basically answers all the questions given in the instructions and then discuss any plot you get from your results.

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    This project requires Matlab, Simulinks, Dynamic understanding, Differential equation understanding, and a final report. Message me for more details.

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    We need a Report of 10 pages on State Control of a DC Motor, Further details will be provided in P.M

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    ...dis/connecting headphones, starting call etc.) - Pre-buffer upcoming songs I need to be able to enable / disable all of the above features via a command. If they are disabled and a user clicks on them it should notify them (perhaps via a Super Toast) that the option is disabled. I should have the ability to queue a song for the player by doing something

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    ... some minor tuning may be needed so knowledge of MSSQL is required. User data from existing tables will need to be associated with the new login system membership details. For example user phone extensions, user-email, etc will be used to filter displayed records based on the user logged-in. The following is a list of what is required: 1) Log-in system

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    I have a 300x600px banner (attached) in Flash. I also have a video which will need to be embedded (mp4) to the banner and exported to have both AS3 and HTML5 versions available. Example of video in banner here: [login to view URL] Guidelines: [login to view URL]

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    We dont need the software or programming. We need a electronic board that can control rgb led, with bluetooth and wifi chips on it. So basically we are going to control the rgb strip via bluetooth or wifi. also board should be able to process some basic processes such as turning it on/off at certain times. Please bid for board-design & manufacturing (500,1000,10000 pieces)

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    ...developer having difficulty with handling session changes in Multipeer Connectivity. All users connect OK, but if a user disconnects and tries to connect back, some other users in the MC session still think they are connected to the user, and therefore reconnecting doesn't happen. I need a Multipeer connectivity wrapper which will handle this correctly

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    I am looking for a WPF developer to develop two user controls and the corresponding view models I have already done the most part of the project and i have to move to server side code more details will be given during interview the result application should be something similar to the attached image

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