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    I am looking for a java VNC viewer that is fast and can dislay in the same color as the remote computer rather than 256 colors. I also need the server which can be C++ or VB 6.0. The java is to be compiled into a jar file and loaded on the client's computer when called on a web page. It will then show the remote computer live at a very fast frame rate

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    I need an app that will display a pdf on the form. This can be done with activeX as long as it doesn’t require the user to have the full acrobat version. Requiring the Reader only is fine. Second, the pdf file must be able to be compiled into the exe. I do not want the user being able to distribute the pdf file without the exe. The pdf file will be embedded by ole/resource file etc… S...

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    This is a project to develop a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat that will use the capabilities of the Reference XObject data type in the PDF file format. There is a new feature of the PDF 1.4 spec which describes Reference XObjects. These are covered in section 4.9.3 of the PDF 1.4 spec, which is available on-line at: <[login to view URL]> Presently, this feature is not supported by ...

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    ...including embedded actions, animated GIFs, audio, video, Flash, etc... to an optimized dynamic HTML presentation (as small as possible without loss of quality). This program would require the ability to: 1. Convert a Powerpoint presentation where the screens and actions are controlled by the viewer using "right arrow" to move forward or to cause

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    An implementation of the Run-Time Environment described in the ADL Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) Version 1.2 ([login to view URL]) with support of the MS LRN 3.0 Toolkit ([login to view URL]) Environment: ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server More details in enclosed doc ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete...

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    A self contained Win32 App that Will display PCL files. -Must be written C/C++ -Can not use MFC (Not even statically linked) -Only needs to handle a small subset of PCL commands -Text - Only Ansi Symbols HP fonts should be mapped to standard windows fonts and handle size, bold, italic, and underline -Rectangle commands should be mapped to GDI rects -Only needs to support 'dot&#...

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    What I need is a Plugin designed for Neobook which is a multimedia authoring program... Here is a link where u can download Neobook Trial... and the Delphi SDK.... The Delphi SDK is actually rather good and easy to use.. Neobook Trial [login to view URL] Neobook Delphi SDK [login to view URL] Here is a link to a web page where i have it all laid out basically with screen s...

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    We need a program which lists a collection of over 800+ txt files.(we will need to be able to add documents ourselves and then recompile) Users need to be able to search these small text files by their titles, and then when double clicked , the text file will come up in a text box. There needs to be a command key that will then copy the document to the clipboard. On the top, there will be a space ...

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    This application must be able to open Tiff, gif, jpeg and other popular image formats. The application must be able to resize the opened image at a height of 300 pixels and changing the width automatically but also saving as a jpeg at 72 dpi. The criteria such as: -300 pixels height and automatic width change and save as jpeg at 72 dpi will be default setting within the save for web option. This a...

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    ...Applet for MetaFile creation / Manipulation, and also extending the Viewer / Editor for other file formats, and for support of HotSpots within the Image. If you want to mention your skills in these areas that would be helpful but first project will be restricted to just the viewer. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    I need a web interface setup that allows a user (such as a parent at work) be able to log into their computer that they have left on (such as a computer at home) and monitor what is happening on their computer (secretly view what activity is occurring on their computer screen), be able to shut down the computer remotely, and to activate a webcam so they can see what is happening in the room or to ...

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    Requirement: Bidders should have experience in digital medical images and hospital databases. 0. Must not use proprietary technologies 1. Use standard (nonproprietary) commonly accepted medical image formats to a. encode... read data and create file show of concept: data(1,1)= R, G, B, location data(1,2)= R, G, B, location .... set imagedata = data() [login to view URL] imagedata [login to view UR...

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    ...yet easy to use Image Viewer to display images in flash. I have a rather large collection of Pictures that I want my visitors to have some useful tools to zoom in/out etc. while allowing me to hide the actual image url. I basically need a viewer when clicked on a specific url will be opened within the Flash Viewer. I want the viewer to be seperated from

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    DICOM viewer Bitti left

    I need to view and analyze DICOM medical movies with some routines I've made in VB6. To do this I need some tool (OCX or similar) to handle movies in DICOM format. Can somebody help me? ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows XP, V...

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    I love this inexpensive little script at [login to view URL] (See it in action at [login to view URL] - click the side of book to open). I think it would be more powerful written in PHP. The text file books and PDF versions of the book will stored by categories, authors, date entered, etc. in a well-laid out MySQL database. Also, the pages might load faster and still have that neat old loo...

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    I would like a Quake 2 level viewer. Also i need loading and rendering of the lightmaps from the .bsp Performing BSP HSR would pe a plus for the project. I am mostly interested in handling the level format. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete

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    I've written a football pbem which has a turnsheet program written in VB6. The matches are played using another program but the text from these matches can be imported into the turnsheet program. These match .txts are fed through a text reader but I would love to produce something graphical, according to what the match text is saying. So a soccer pitch with small 2d figures moving around with...

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    report viewer Bitti left

    It must be: 1. user defined source path 2. import the raw data (text format) and compress to winzip format and detault filename is yyyymmdd 3. browse the zipped data with tree view 4. when user ckick the file then show all report heading and number of page 5. when user click the report show all content of report 6. allow user find the word or string 7. printer selection by user 8. two print-out me...

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    I have attached a file that includes a text file, an Access database, and a word document. What I need is to have an EXE created that will run under Windows 2000 and load (append) the text file to a table in SQL Server. You will need to create the table def (and I've supplied a model in the zip file as an MDB.) Once you have the load working, I need to have an Active Server Pages program writ...

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    Text Viewer Bitti left

    Text Viewer Program needs to be in C/C++ or Delphi.... I want this program to run wholely from a CD without having to put extra runtime files to the computer like VB does... Program needs to automatically open a text file on execution... It does not need to have the ability to open files, save files or modify the files in any way what ever. Just load

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