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    We have a flask web app which needs Stripe Elements Payment System Integration. Frontend UI and js script is done. Only the backend code is required. We need one flask route which will process the entered data. And webhooks for cancellations and payment failures.

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    Goal: To send a large file to multiple computers, to the same location and then to restart a web server running on those said computers. The function should return the computer id's the script ran successfully on. The computers to be selected are read from a text file, along with the file, and the arguments to pass to the computer once the file is saved. Assume the Windows username is the c...

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    A flask API and mobile APP for YOLOV3 object detection using custom Image(it would be a python flask api webserver) 1. Image labeling 2. Using transfer learning train the model 3. A flask APi to upload test images for object detection 4. options to train the model again with different images

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    Hello, Everyone. We have long term Linux programming job.(2~3 months) For that, I'm finding python expert now who can handle the full stack. As first task, Developer should build a simple web service that uses GPG to decrypt a message. Refer url is [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Please take a look for attached file. Thanks.

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    I need you to develop this project for me. I would like this software to be developed using Python. All the detail is given in the attached document. Read it carefully. The frontend should be in Flask, a sample interface is also provided. Accuracy should be more than 85. I don't have any dataset but mostly are available on internet. You can use any model, you can also use any pretrained mode...

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    Queremos integrar varios endpoints con información en JSON en un sólo modelo de base de datos. Se requiere diseñar un modelo de datos que soporte la unificación y estandarización de la información aportada por cada feed. Se requiere el diseño e implementación de una api para su consulta por parte de otra aplicación. Requisitos: - Progr...

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    Need to develop a web dashboard using python (flask). Find the pages as attachment. APIs will be shared

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    Can you build a JWT authorized REST API demo in Python/Flask TODAY I just need: 1. Written in Python/Flask 2. A full, simple working example with registration, JWT tokens, authentication. logout & refresh 3. Demo curl calling it 4. The API can have just 2 simple JWT authenticated calls: a. /dogs (returns 5x demo dog ids in json) b. /dog/<id> which returns that dog's json including...

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    Hi, need to hire one or two devs at max rate of 10usd for 1h/day. Chatbot stuff. I'm a senior python developer, just need some minor help to stay motivated.

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    I build car and parking detection. I want this application to be take pictures from CCTV and sent to flask API and show result in CV2 of CCTV. Your job is used my project to build flask API open multithread of taking and sending picture to this ApI and save results in Sqlite. I can send you example I used for people count which I want this project to be same.

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    I have more than 1000 job offers of specific jobs, in many regions during period of years, and list of skills. objectif : doing interactif graph using javascript in order to know the job who are similar taking in consideration skills in regions and during specific period. Merging that to my app Text mining Machine learning mongodb python flask javascript D3.js [URL'yi görünt...

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    Se necesita la colaboración de un experto avanzado en tecnologías Phython 3, Flask, SqlAlchemy, Bootstrap 4 y otras relacionadas (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScrip, Jquery, ...) para desarrollar una aplicación marco, con funcionalidades básicas tales como CRUD, listas, gestión de registros cabecera - lineas de detalle, autenticación por login, seguridad, roles y perm...

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    BIT ONLY U AGREE UNDER 20$. I have a zip file for website which is in python flask and sqlite and i want to deploy that on aws server. MIGHT NEED SOME CHANGES ON CODE because it needs to be on production server of flask but it currently is on development server. have to perform whole project on my pc through TeamViewer/AnyDesk(make sure have license or free version).

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    Hello, my job is very special. I am a student and I want to learn programming. I have to learn the following tools/skills step by step. For everything there is free article and tutorial on the internet, but I still need someone who explains and teaches me with PATIENT in English! With examples, exercises and homework. Ca. 3 sessions per week 1-2 hours. We will learn togethe untill I understand it....

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    You will be building applications for human and robotic operation of indoor vertical farms growing leafy greens. The team is based in San Francisco Bay Area with colleagues also through the Americas working remotely. This is a unique opportunity to do interesting work that is also highly impactful for moving the world to sustainable and nutritious food production. You will participate in weekly s...

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    I need a Python programmer to assist me with coding in a few projects. - Flask - REST APIs - Beautiful soup / lxml (half hour to learn) - XPath and CSS selectors (it takes 1-2 hours to learn) - Selenium (a few hours to learn) Not necessary but would be a plus if you are experienced in: - Pandas and Numpy - SQL - Instragram scrapping Please write about your previous experiences and other pro...

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    Hello I have project for advancement now. it is Flask and Bootstrap project connected to AWS S3 bucket. App is hosted on AWS server. So someone has to be familiar with AWS EC2. -Login/Logout/Register/Input/Markup/Supervising page -functionality for mark-up has to be advanced with keyboard marking up currently, only mouse marking up functionality on canvas -Table UI improvement/CSS issue This ap...

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    We have a flask based backend project and a react based front project, and we want you to provied detailed instructions and docmentations for how to deploy them together with ci/cd pipeline

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    I have more than 1000 job offers of specific jobs, in many regions during period of years, and list of skills. objectif : doing interactif graph using javascript in order to know the job who are similar taking in consideration skills in regions and during specific period. Merging that to my app Text mining Machine learning mongodb python flask javascript D3.js [URL'yi görünt...

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    We need Consultant for following Knowledge : Strong coding experience in Python Web crawling and scraping frameworks (knowledge of Java,Javascripts, HTML,XML,CSS) Experience with SQL /NoSQL Django / Flask. Experience with multi-processing, multi-threading and AWS/Azure  Experience with BeauitulSoup Docker and AWS experience Familiarity with industry best practices and code review Datamining...

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    Looking for talented full stack developer to help build modern SaaS application for data visualization and analytics of complex datasets. There is an opportunity to transition to full time employment and/or regular and ongoing work. Projects include: - Integrations with data providers - HTTP API - Tableau connector - Complex data visualizations (map plots, dashboards) - Search and recommendatio...

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    I need a help to make chatbot in flask bot.set_trainer(ListTrainer) AttributeError: 'ChatBot' object has no attribute 'set_trainer'

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    Python Flask API and Computer Vision Expert Needed.

    €13 - €13
    €13 - €13
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    We are looking for a senior full stack python developper (backend+front). - Most of the project had been already developed. - The project will be full time for 1/2 weeks. - The project will need to be documented. Technologies: - Python + Flask - AWS : ECS, lambda, api gateway, cognito - serverless - Full CI with gitlab (docker). You need to be proactive with a solid experience. (it's qu...

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    what is your hourly rate? we are looking for real python expert who can join our team

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    The projects we are working on are mostly complex and come with a lot of logic. Currently we are working on An ERP Rental Business, Sales Business, Process Management, Merchandise Management Target: SAAS An Fintech App Accounting automation, B2B, B2C (planed) An Collaboration App HR Beneath that we have several other projects (SW / HW + SW) planed (and partly still working on). Needed skills:...

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    I want a python web service using flask which will use a corpus built by going through multiple sets of documents and be able to generate responses from the contents of the documents for questions posted by the user. The functionality should be something like package "cdqa". Performance is the key and the responses need to be immediate. The documents are very unstructured and will cont...

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    Hi! I need a dashboard GRUD web app, with database, and exposure the data by a rest API. Basically, I have a front-end app, ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]), that need to call an API to get data, posts etc. What I need to you do is a backend app, that works like a GRUD dashboard for this frontend, the communication between front-back is by API rest. And you sho...

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    -​ ​Use pickle operation to serialize the algorithms and save the serialized format to a file -​ ​Start an API (flask / django) that will use the serialized model to generate predictions(json format) I will provide the training dataset.

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    Build a model which can detect the brightness score of any given image as input. ​Use pickle operation to serialize the algorithms and save the serialized format to a file -​ ​Start an API(flask / django) that will use the serialized model to generate predictions

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    hi am looking for developer who got the following skills [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] form/report 11g with webutil 2 weblogic 3 linux/unix/mac 4 oracle pl/sql 5 java oracle adf 6 python/flask/django 7 php/Laravel/yii/zend/CodeIgniter/Symfony 8 java spring boot/eclipse/neat beans 9 jekins/maven/gradle/git/subversion/gradle 10 mongo/mysql/postgreesql 11 mobile ...

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    I have 1200 jobs offers with list of skills that i have to extract in job offers and doing clustering I use Mongodb, Python (flask) and Javascript text mining Machine learning data visualisation [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] D3.js And then merge it with web app

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    Lütfen detayları görmek için Kaydolun ya da Giriş Yapın.

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    Important: I want a simple 3d model of an Arab man statue holding a lantern in on hand and a traditional water flask in the other. I want simple rendered imaged along with the 3d model.

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    Management App Bitti left

    I am looking for an application to manage clients, the application will consist of an ADMINISTRATOR portal and a CLIENT portal. Administrators can invite a new client (company), the client accepts via verification link in email. They are prompted to create login details (password hash generated with bcrypt). The client can now add services to their portal (example: API Assessment), once added ...

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    Take over an existing project. Must be comfortable with the following: CodeIgniter SOAP API Python Flask MySQL MongoDB VueJS Angular 6 The position is full-time. You must be dedicated to only this company. $500 AUD per month Salary grows in-line with company growth. ie. the more you put in, the more you get back.

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    Need to build a dashboard to display user information in VUE and flask or html/css vanilla JS.

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    Major requirements for the current project is Python, Flask, Bootstrap4, Sqlite. expect from the freelancer at the end of the project: 1) Make Uploading profile picture work. 2) add like and comment option under every post (Just Like Facebook). If freelancer needs the whole project file I can send the file to inspect it. AND MAKE SURE AFTER YOU SEE THE FILE AND UNDERSTAND I WILL ONLY TAKE BIT UND...

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    I am looking for experts in AI and Machine Learning,who is expert in Machine Learning model deployment in flask api more discussion on chat

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    Construcción de Dashboard automatizados sobre distintas bases de datos dinámicas utilizando Dash Plotly, Flask y Phyton. Proyecto de largo plazo.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I have developed a python flask application on azure VM and want to integrate it with frontend angular JS. I have both codes but I am unable to integrate both of them together. I need someone with Flask and Angular JS knowledge to help me with this

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    I need a trustworthy developer who can work continuously on small and big ad hoc projects. Some weeks will be a lot of work others less work. Technical skills required: Linux/bash, Python3, jupyterhub, scipy stack, flask, django, async programming, javascript, some knowledge of html5, css3 and machine learning/data science would be good. Communication required Should be able to communicate in engl...

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    Python Flask API code optimization

    €13 - €13
    €13 - €13
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    I have a TP-Link EAP115 access point and what I need is when people connect to this access point will be redirected to this form where they can log with their credentials for internet service. This form authenticate the user using freeradius server and should reside out of the access's point network.e.g WAN. The form could be coded either php or python (flask). The form and the freeradius ser...

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    Kindle Lik app Bitti left

    I want a kindle like App, that i can sell ebooks by categories, filters, etc. The user can Favorite books, mark pages, make notes, etc, they can read online and offline (but ebook needs to be protected in platform). Backend needs to be in Django or flask, and i hope to receive docker to run backend and database, the app needs to run in Browser, Android and IOS. People could login by google and fac...

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    Looking for Flask + Python developer. My project has a issue no detecting the customizing DDL when 'flask db migrate' run. Framework: Python Flask Database: MySQL If you fixed that, I will work with you in future. Don't apply if you have no experience

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    Hello, I have started a new company and we are looking to have a logo and emblem created. The company is named TOP CALIBER USA and is USA patriotic related as well as tactical/gun related. You can find our website here: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] to get a feel of the products we sell and the look we are going for. We Below I will attach some logos and em...

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    Deploy Flask app on windows server

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    I need a web API to be built in Flask with MySQL DB. I prefer most fictions to reside on the DB as 'storedprocedure' and less processes in the APP Engine. I would like to hire a Python developer with great knowledge of RESTFUL API and an expert with MySQL. API will be able to process search queries easily from 'input data'.

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    Task is to create a post rest api using flask and Python 3.7

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