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    DATABASE Bitti left

    ** ** Oracle SQL*Plus, Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports. **2. Case Study** Dreamland is well-known for their reputation in organising high profile business and social functions. Customers initially discuss their requirements for a particular function with one of Dreamland’s Marketing Consultants. The Consultant will then complete a Function Requirements Form, an example of which is g...

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    This is a website for people to watch movies online. All members have to pay a small fee monthly or annually and watch movies. The website name will be [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and should be done in both html and php. The location of movies on the site should not be exposed so as to avoid unauthorised downloads by hackers. Examples of sites like this ca...

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    Hi, Based on a group of ppl's data and schedule, this program allows the user to request a list of ppl available for an ad-hoc project or duty. This list will take into account the individual's suitability for the project as well as their weekly schedules. The problem is how to arrange the data for the weekly schedule, as well as how would the program pull data from the schedul...

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    1) I have an Excel spreadsheet ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) that needs to be converted to OpenOffice version 1.1 ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]). -This spreadsheet has Objects, Marcos, Forms, Modules and Command Buttons that will all need adjustments so the newly converted file works exactly as the current Excel version....

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    This project involves the development of a website that has static jpegs, mpegs, interactive webchat and retail selling in a free preview and membership enviroment. A logo will also need to be developed, but is not an essential part of the project and may not necesarily be accepted if developed. I provide all content, have several domains registered and have hosting on [URL'yi g&ou...

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    A longterm project opportunity that will include developing modules for the portal application [ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]][1] . This project is for develpers with competitve rates ONLY. Knowledge of dotnetnuke, ASP.Net and SQLserver2000 is required. The initial project will include enhancements to existing modules that utilize the standard datagrid con...

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    We simply need a new look and feel for [ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]][1]. This website is a community of horror, science fiction, and fantasy writers and should therefore have a dark look and feel. We need a creative designer that can help with determining an appropriate color scheme, as well as an efficient workflow for our users. The designer must ...

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    I want to develop a simple telesales application based on a conatc database that is still in development. I have to use Microsoft SQL Server as the database and need web based interfaces using ASP. I have a rough design of the datbase in access but need to refine this. The completed system should allow a manager to assign say a group of 5 operatives, a list of calls to make, selecting from custome...

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    We are looking for Screen share application on internet which facilitates anyone in an Office environment(on LAN having local IP & using corporate internet connection behind firewall) to access Host remote computer. I prefer to to have remote client software for Both Windows, Linux & macithosh environment. Please specify in detail your software development plan, Software design m...

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    We have many ongoing jobs that require a good programmer that knows how to program in PHP, ASP, MySql and general web design. We are wanting a freelancer that will work with us on an ongoing basis. We will supply work to you almost constantly, and have at the moment about 4 projects behind schedule. Please contact me asap for more details.

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    I need an application created to manage my Race team. You will create a database in Microsoft Access and the application will be designed in Visual Basic 6.0. You will store the information of my race team members as well as relative team information. The user will then be able to choose from a variety of printable sheets. You will also keep an event calendar and the calendar events will need to b...

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    Overview I need a program to help my business keep track of ongoing jobs and customers. It will essentially be a combination contact manager and project manager. This will be the first part of a larger program to be built in stages. The complete program will store customer data, job data, schedule resources, create forms from existing data, handle simple job cost accounting, track ongoing job stat...

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    Develop site specification Background information We are a travel agent company located in New York. We need three separate web sites that would attract viewers for a) Golf holidays b) Spa vacations c) Group travel We ought to have about 1000 genuine and interested viewers per day to each of the sites with in three months of hosting them. The purpose of the sites is to engage the viewer to scan av...

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    I need an outlook 2003 form (appointment) that will allow for: 1. conference room selection (6 rooms) 2. Meal Selection (whether meal is needed/not) 3. # of attendees This would ideally be a form that allows our facilities coordinator to reserve conference rooms and also do the meal planning, etc... for these rooms. Have tried this myself, but don't have the knowledge to make it...

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    I am looking for a team of programmers to write an online interactive chat program for me, for my ecommerce sites. The programs we have been using are Livehelper and Boldchat the application must be developed on asp.Net Platform I am looking for a team of programmers to write an online interactive chat program for me, for my ecommerce sites. The programs we have been using are Livehelper and...

    €178 - €267
    €178 - €267
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    I have a schedule page that is basically static on my site and I need the ability to update the content online. I would like the page to dynamically load the schedule information from a database table. I will need a password protected admin page where I can update the schedule content. I have PHP and MySQL available on my hosting account. I will provide the current PHP page and related files for y...

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    I need a program that I can schedule to run automatically on a Windows XP computer. The program will need to log into a particular website using my username and password, go to a certain page after that, submit a form search with values that I will give you later, and then print the results on the default printer. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable...

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    Hi, This is a project to write an emulator for a game client, that can do the same thing as the client itself, but be more friendly and allowing updates, and additions. The emulator has to completely duplicate the original client itself and be easy to edit and add things. I will give full working server files, the client and a location to download the game itself. The game client I am pretty ...

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    Exchange Sync: Bitti left

    I am looking to develop modules or extend certain modules currently available under Rainbow portal. Please review Rainbow ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) / IBuySpy portal kit and understand that we should be able to add your module under Rainbow. I have attached 1 module (zip file) developed for Rainbow. You can email me if you can’t download it and I wil...

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    We are looking for a clone of ebaybidding.com. In essence, a user can create an account, enter their eBay auction information, and select the maximum bid and amount of seconds to bid before the auction closes. The system will then place the bid for the user at the appropriate time. A user should be able to view all of their pending bids and delete/modify them. A user should be able to vi...

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    I need to have someone to integrate a commercial classified php script into an existing html site. The script is a html template based php script and you can come out any look. The details of this script are [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The script has been installed. But I will need someone to redesign a professional look for existing site and integrate thi...

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    [ Posted limits/schedule are negotiable ] This project will encompass the creation of script/program (or scripts) that will accurately process local SPAM, with the following features: [ Please see attached *.doc file in the ZIP archive - not enough room in this section ] It will involve parsing the output of FreeBSD's ipfw, various logfiles from SpamAssassin and related tools. ...

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    We are in need of an internal information management system to be built. We do a lot of business on eBay and managing this information has gotten out of hand. We will need customer management / inventory management and the ability to view this information in many different ways. We need to associate licensing information to our customers and our distributors for licensing management. The soft...

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    System should be built in ASP.Net (preferably C#). We have our own server which developer will have full access to. We have SQL Server backend database for development. Stored procedures are preferred for queries. A team with A+ development and project management skills are required. The online system that will need to be developed will be an extension of Global110.com. This sytem in essance ...

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    JSP Web Design Bitti left

    We require an experienced website designer to create an elegant, professional page design for an ecommerce site. The designer will work with us to design and write jsp pages and to integrate those pages with our existing, completed back end. Because our deadline is not flexible, the relationship with the chosen coder will be probabationary for the first 7 days of the project. If work is not progr...

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    Require a database linked to our web site that includes the following features: Candidate Features Vacancy Search and Job View Manager Premium search engine including criteria search and keyword search. Results presented in list format with click through to full description. Instant Referrer - Mail to a Friend Send the job directly to a friend or colleague. Includes full job information, and one c...

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    I'm currently working for a mapping solutions company which mainly uses Mapinfo and AutoCAD software, but has branched out into new software and applications. At present I'm undertaking a Home java project to advance my knowledge of the computing language. I have met a few barriers that prevent me from progressing and so I seek assistance. I need help on the following: 1) Production of U...

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    Model Windows Service Requirements Version 1.0 1/21/2003 High level Business Requirements: Create a windows service and service manager that does the following tasks: * Email out items not received notifications to models. * Email out model reports. * Email out ad expiration notifications. * Deactivate models with expired ads. * Execute tasks based on a recurring schedule basis set...

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    In the process of completing a small POS (point of sale) software for the use in a small business. Most of it's complete. Only need a few things to be fixed up which we're unable to do. We're on a very tight schedule so this must be completed ASAP. Full details about what it should / does do will be given to the successful bidder. A zip of the database so far is included. In short, ...

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    Intro Level college course in Databases, using Linux operating system and MySQL and PHP. Class project is to design a minimum level database base airline ticket ordering system, that will schedule flights and seating for a small-midwestern airline serving six states. There are approximately thirty-planes, all the same, with the same seating arrangements. The database-ordering system will be operat...

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    Rule Based System to Send SMS The complicated part is not sending the SMS as most gateways actually have a SMTP Interface to do that We currenlty work with Clickatell and they have quite an easy way to send SMS, we can forward you all the integration documents that is no problem The requirement is mainly how to put together the list of clients that we need to send and SMS to and how to have a r...

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    We need to develop a content management system for a new website we are designing for a client. There will be roughly 300 pages on the website. We would like authorised people within the client's organisation to be able to click a small link or button at the bottom of each page, enter a login name and password, and then be able to edit specified areas of text through a simple form-based ...

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    Tabbed Pages Bitti left

    We are a small charity organization in Toronto Canada and have an internally created volunteer tracking software package created in access and Cold Fusion. The system permits volunteers to login and maintain their information and that's it at this point. Our issue is that our current sign up or registration page is records personal details, work details, registration information details, s...

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    I'm looking for a program that will converts a PDF to Excel. It should work in the following manner: 1) It should run every hour, I will schedule it within the NT Scheduler. 2) The program will work with the following windows directories: c:CCLPDFConverterInbox c:CCLPDFConverterOutbox c:CCLPDFConverterExcelFiles **Inbox -I will place PDf files in this folder...

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    See Attachment for full details. **_Overview_** I currently have a macro (.dll file) that imports meetings from Meeting Maker (MM) into Outlook Calendar. This macro works by importing the MM meetings “as is?? and placing them in Outlook calendar as appointments with the category “MeetingMaker.?? However, the version of MM I work with is not time zone based and I have to operate ...

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    Coding of a web based approval system with full source code on Microsoft Platform. Typical Workflow: 1. PDF documents are deposited into a file directory along with a text metadata file containing the document type and key information, eg, purchase amount, originatorid, email address etc. 2. Document is retrieved by the WBPOI and assigned a unique weblink. 3. WBPOI will the invite authorised ...

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    Marketing Agent Requirements Version 1.0 11/12/2003 High level Business Requirements: * Send out eNewsletters to current customers and people who have requested to be on our newsletter mailing list. * Post articles and images to newsgroups to promote our products * Send connection information to communication web service providers. * Keep track of the latest promotions sent to each cu...

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    We need a small application that will automate tasks for us. This needs to function in a .asp environment (not asp.net) Essentially what we need is an application that we can install on our website, that will be accesible only to us (password protected: login required), and can be set up to complete specific tasks at specified times. Example: We have a .asp page that will send out...

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    Intranet hosted on Win2003 server running sharepoint services. We have a multitude of divisions in our company that need access to various "intranets" that will be created in MS Sharepoint services. ** - We have very limitted experience with SharePoint services and are looking for a company that has experience with this. We will be on a time schedule and cannot afford hangup...

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    To design and implement an embedded microcontroller on an Altera FLEX 10K20 device with the following specs - load-store RISC architecture - 16-bit instructions - 8-bit datapath - 256X16 ROM for instructions - 256X8 RAM for data - 2X8-bit Input ports - 2X8-bit output ports This project involes the use of VHDL ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable f...

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    I need the freelancers script intalled. I also need the payment systems implemented for Credit Cards and PayPal. I would like someone who can finish this as soon as possible, as I am behind schedule right now.

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    Synopsis: Project offerer (the Owner) are developing a Mozilla-based, browser enabled, embedded solution that requires the use of a remote control. At present, (our platform) has the capability of navigating (setting focus to) anchors and hyperlinks. Using this causes other Mozilla features (CSS, other key events) to become disabled. We need a JavaScript-based navigation system that will registe...

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    Hello Coders! I have a site: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I would like to turn the site into an Internet directory with each site in the directory having been reviewed by a dog, or at least the perspective of a dog. Each day a new site review, of a cool site, will be shown ??" a spot got. For this to work, I need some nice software that will ease the crea...

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    You will be bidding for a **10 hour block of time**, in that time frame we expect that the majority of bugs can be fixed, although if they can’t we will retain you for another 10 hours, etc.. You will be working on their server with the live files. After the major issues and bugs are fixed they have a huge list of additions so doing a quality job will insure that you get the rest of the work...

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    I need a programmer to work out a few bugs on my Freelancers site. I had someone contracted too do the install and such but they have taken off, and are not replying too emails :-( Such is life I guess. Anyways. The script is sort of installed, and my designer has begun to integrate the Graphics, but the join/login isn't working therefore I can't tell if anything else is working? I also...

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    CD-UK Internet Business Requires a reliable, professional freelancer to assist the project team leader in completing the back office SQL with the front-end ASP pages in our development area. A customised shopping cart system is being developed as well as the format / image of the site. Invoicing, ordering and shipping form generation as well as interaction with HSBC Merchant Bank Account for c...

    €178 - €267
    €178 - €267
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    We require an experienced website designer to create an elegant, professional ecommerce website for a growing gift and services company. Because our deadline is not flexible, the relationship with the chosen coder will be probabationary for the first 7 days of the project. If work is not progressing appropriately, the coder will be paid for usable work completed to that point, and released from t...

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    I need some icons for a software application I am finishing up. I need them within the next 2 weeks, so can you help? My budget is somewhat limited and my expectations are high. I need a total of 250 very **cool** icons, sized 32*32, in 256 color and grayscale. I may want revisions, so please let me know how many you can accomodate. ie. if you send me 12 that i absolutely dont like, will you red...

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    Production schedule/order application (approx. 3 modules, 30-40 mall programs... some programs only create a report for example) is written in Micro Focus Object Cobol 4.0 . This application runs in the Micro Focus run-time environment, dos-based. As this is outdated and because i have also some problems with new OS like Windows 2000/XP, I need to convert this application to windows applicati...

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    Dear Coders, Outlook Add In required to perform following tasks : 1. Export outlook contacts data to [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 2. Export outlook e-mail data to [URL'yi görüntülemek i&c...

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