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    I need a basic floorplan drawing for zoning, showing a small change of a veterinary clinic. Enclosed are the surviving builder's plans from 1974, not entirely accurate. The highlighted room on the plans was actually built as two small rooms with a door. This will be converted to two even smaller exam rooms with a corridor connecting the waiting room to the existing hallway by the restrooms. The corridor will be 44" (unless 40 inches is allowed by code, since occupancy is < 50 people?). The current wall bisecting the arc and creating the two rooms will be shortened by two new walls at right angles to the outside walls of the small exam rooms and each will have 32" doors installed, creating a corridor with an opening cut to the waiting room. The existin...

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    I am using Vive controllers to track a camera in Unreal. Even though Unreal now comes with great virtual production tools, we created ours before UE had a solution, and have been improving it and upgrading it as new Unreal versions are released. The current version needs to have 2 issues solved. One of the issues has to do with using the vive trac...when attaching the 3 trackers onto a rig, tilting the rig affects the focus and zoom, so the position of the focus and zoom vive trackers needs to be subtracted from the main tracker that is used for position of the camera. The other issue has to do with smoothing the noise of the position tracker. Right now it is very sensitive and if I zoom, the noise is multiplied. A solid understanding of blueprinting is required. Thank you for your ...

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    TUPP Yoga Studio 3 gün left

    floorplan, for 1300 sgft rectangle shape store front. 18x64 I have outline of an example of the floorplan, I want. Need it to be professionally, for contractor to do work. Creating one room big room, for the Studio, Open space for merchandise, receptionist check-in desk, walkway to the Sanctuary with one or two doors. It's pretty simple just need professionally floor plan,

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    Trophy icon Apartment interior desing 2 gün left

    ...furniture from the stores listed below. I will need a visual render for the selection from you, and after the winner will be selected - we will create a list of items to purchase. WE CAN"T CHANGE COLORS OF THE WALLS AND BATHROOM AND KITCHEN, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT. The mood board here: The visual of the apartment here: The dimensions attached: What needs to be included - Bike station (links how it looks) - Yoga mat - Reading spot - Working station - Two dogs bed Wardrobe - All for swim - All for run - All for bike - All for yoga - Shirts by color - T-shirts home by colors - T-shirt outside in colors - Suites by colors - Socks - Underwear - Jeans by color - Skirts by color - Bags by color - Belts by color

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    I have floorplan sizes on paper and need someone to draw them out electronically with doors, furniture, showing fire walls.

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    I need a shell of a building drafted into, restrooms, a break room, two offices and multiple storage units in various sizes. No 3D requirement. 2D and dimensions / sf diagram. I need sizes ranging from 250 sf - 3,000 sf. I will gladly give more design details / requirements but it is only for a rough cost quote so it don't need anything crazy detailed. Existing building and measurements are attached. x

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    AIRNBN PROJECT 4 gün left

    exterior/interior designer to give a design aspect for a property with land. 1.2D project: -siteplan (updated siteplan with exisitng house, tiniy houses, new drieways, garden, etc) -floorplan (tiny hosues and storage) -Elevations (tiny hosues and storage) -Sections (tiny hosues and storage) -roofplan (tiny hosues and storage) -foundation plan (tiny hosues and storage) -electrical plan (tiny hosues and storage) -plubuming plan (tiny hosues ) -door/window schedule (tiny hosues and storage) 2.3D: -for all exterior property included interior for 1 unit of tiny house. 3. Reference images for interior exisitng house.

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    Hi! I have a floorplan PNG images (2 levels of a Villa) Not a large villa. My goal is to export floorplans of this house from Sketchup or AutoCAD to Unreal Engine (the walls, floor, ceilings etc). I am familiar with Unreal Engine but I do not know Sketchup/AutoCAD. I want to render on my own in Unreal Engine, but I need to hire someone to create the walls. Is it possible to hire you for this and how much would you charge and how long approximately it would take. it is not a large house, I can send you PNGs if you prefer. Thank you, Olga

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    Flat floorplan Bitti left

    Hi, I have a floorplan drawing (with measurements) that needs to be converted into a simpler understandable format for home buyers.

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    Draw Floorplans on the base of a pdf. The floorpan needs to be drawn in VectorWorks with 3d wall element, door element and Window elements. Not lines. Accurate size can be taken from the pdf. Vectorworks file as a reference attached.

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    Project is to create a 3-D floorplan & renderings for the interior of a 380 square foot apartment. The goal is to make a modern & space efficient interior. This apartment will be used as an AirBnB rental unit so should fun, artistic & be designed with 5-star hotel quality. Please see attached contest description for full details & photos + floorplan of existing apartment.

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    I need to find a way to fit the kitchen into the living room/current bathroom space. As I want to move the kitchen to where the kitchen currently is. Would be good to get a floorplan design I had an idea of: 1. Removal of walls marked red on the second plan to make it a reception room/kitchen. 2. Addition of wall marked Green on the second plan 3. Addition of new Kitchen where marked in blue

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    Thai House Bitti left

    I need a freelancer IN THAILAND to do CAD drawings of house design and floorplan in Thailand.

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    We need a sale sign that will be printed 1,20 by 1,80 metres. So we will provide 2 or 3 pictures and some text. We need someone who is available now to provide templates so we can choose and who, next Wednesday, when professional fotos have been taken add them so that we can have the files ready for print Wednesday afternoon. In addition we would like to have an existing floorplan drawn up nicer as currently its just architectural drawings but as such noch appealing. Last but not least we want to have a double side (so four pages printed) A4 sales Brochure. Again I would like to ask you to send templates and when we choose I will provide you pictures next Wednesday.

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    We would like to build a rectangular wood building. It's a simple structure. We need a blueprint/floorplan to show in-floor heating and plumbing in the kitchen. I have attached a very rough drawing with the measurements.

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    ...draft dwg – last 2 sheets). I will send you this to use as a template for drafting the additional needed pages. I will also send to you a full set of plans, detailing a room addition project from the past on another house See attached; 10190(Final).dwg as well as 10190 PDF with Marked corrections. Both DWG plans are in the same format, which you will be using. Both houses have identical floorplan and dimensions (they are in the same housing area development). I need you to simply transfer the draft to the site plan of the existing housing project / combine the drawings and make minor changes as needed. Approximately 80% of the work is done. Some pages will require more editing, while other will simply require changing the date, north arrow directions, and copy a...

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    We are building a new shop/showroom for our business and need a floorplan to show to contractors.

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    I need to create configurator similar to: I have to set some option in different steps (pressing next): MODELS (model 1, 2 etc) USED FOR (pizza, poke, ice cream and more) CONFIGURATION (configuration 1 or 2) OPTIONAL (in optional we can add camera, tv etc) UPLOAD YOUR LOGO (upload a logo) SUMMARY (the end, summary) at the end we dont't need a chart, only a contact form. This configurator is going to be inside a wordpress website, so you have to use wp o a different CMS I can set. I need I can modify it without by myself if I need to add options, models etc. If you need I'm going to give you a web space in my server

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    Master room wardrobe and bathroom re draw

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    Need 4 bathrooms drawn and a few other modifications made to an existing Revit drawing. Also need final locations with reference measurements for plumbing All drawings have been uploaded. Bathrooms need modifications and a few other dimensions need to change.

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    - nice ornoments - medium level triangles (we are using mobile) - 3dmax - floorplan attached Must be mobile-friendly (1M-2M vertices before LOD) I need it in a few days? Budget: $100

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    I'm sending out a mailer in the form of a 3d puzzle. I'd like the graphic to be printed on the top to be a floorplan and logo I will provide. I'd like the graphics on the 4 sides to make some type of a building. The design is going to be printed on the puzzle at the url below

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    We are wanting to get a new floorplan map of our community. Same style as what we have but one that is clean and new.

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    Need to redo complete house floorplan total house Reno project 1400sf approx phase 5o will be the basement

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    Need to redo complete house floorplan total house Reno project 1400sf approx phase 5o will be the basement

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    I want the attached 2 floorplans drawn in autocad, like shown in the example. The goal is to make them presentable. Doesn't need much detail. Looking for a quick turnaround. Please prove that you read the description by starting your text bid with the word Red

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    Hi There, I am looking for an Interior Designer/Decorator to help me with the furniture layout plan, selection, decoration and plans for my living area. Please note that it's an open plan Dining cum Living area so is a decent size (42 sqm) area. Happy to share the floorplan if you would like to have an idea. I am based out of Australia so would prefer the shopping list from Australian sellers.

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    I would like to hire an online designer to redesign my room for me. What I am looking for is a floorplan, furniture selections, and a shopping list.

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    We are selling our house and need professional looking plans. -. I have our plans as PDFs - However the PDF Plans have way to much information. We only need basic but appealing plans for possible buyers to be able to see the floorplan of the house and also the outside area - once that is final and I have given my comments we need the different living areas highlighted in different colors. This is because there are, in theory, three seperate areas within the house so we would like potential buyers to be able to see them - Also once the inside is done we need to get the outside done. Here it will be more difficult as elements on the plan are missing and others are not there. For example there is no pool. But at the back of the house there is a pond. As a start I have marked in the PD...

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    Looking for someone to help put home plans into 2D and 3d renderings. Need 2D floorplan put together and completed first. Then 3D renderings with exterior and interior designs and walkthrough animation.

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    Trophy icon Floorplan best ideal WINS! Bitti left

    Attach is and for you to use to design, is an image of a sketch plan i did myself, for reference only, do not sketch like this. Please design in something like and not like sketch plan01.jpg. I am looking for the best ideal to utilize this space. This place is to be turn into a place with the following components: A stage, (can be circle, rectangular, semi-circle or any odd shade) Small changing room beside the stage, Small Kitchen, Public hall area with sitting sofas and tables, KTV rooms (at least 8 rooms and two of them must be bigger) I have attached an image for example/reference only based on pervious project. Please use the attached CAD to do , not the or

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    house 12sqft Bitti left

    Floorplan elevations electrical plumbing need details/ images on load bearing walls and lvls.

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    I am looking for someone to sketch a 3 D rendering of a room, I will send all the pieces and floorplan.

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    Trophy icon AutoCad needed floorplan Bitti left

    Hi I need a design of this draft please. The whole building will be around 3,000-4,000 sfts. You may add the dimension's sizes as you may see fit...

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    Room is 1760 x 2160 for a laundry layout. I need: cabinet floorplan, front on elevations, side on elevations The laundry will be configured in an L shape.

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    Hi looking for quotes for a living-dining room with the following deliverables in AutoCad: 1 Floorplan 2 Reflected ceiling plan 3 Floor finishing plan 4 Two elevations – enhanced with Photoshop I can provide the following: a Room size (8100mm x 5000mm) b Sketch of floorplan c Photos of furniture d Photos of completed room e Details of floor tiling f Details of lighting The work is actually completed – I need the Autocads re-done. I will have other projects too. Pls share price & time estimates. Thx!

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    Wizard to easily create floorplans. Flexible numbers for input should be: Length of steel structure Width of steel structure Thickness pf steel structure Thickness of panels outside the steel structure Locations of ...Thickness pf steel structure Thickness of panels outside the steel structure Locations of walking door Locations and sizes of sectional doors After giving that information a floor plan should be made, similar to the uploaded file, providing all the specifications that are in that file. Just to avoid misunderstanding: I am not looking for a design of a floorplan. I want to do that myself. I need a wizard where I can add certain numbers and then the floorplan should be created. So I need someone to build that wizard. If external software will be necessary then it ...

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    planning to open new furniture showroom in prayagraj uttar pradesh india . need expert in new furniture showroom design ,interior, logo design, floorplan design , light design , fascade design, showroom space design. virtual merchandising ,exterior design. total floor 3 , total area 4000 sqft including all floors economical plan required not very high.

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    Hi there, My name is Ward Schepman, CEO/owner of Boykeys B.V., one of the largest real estate presentation companies in The Netherlands. We work with around 30-35 photographers that not only photograph and film houses on a daily basis throughout the whole country, but also measure them for us to create floorplans. What we are looking for specifically are people that: 1. Check floorplans of houses 2. Check measurement reports Our fees are as follows: GO Wonen 0 - 150 m2 --> 100% of the payment (12 for a FN package / 8 for a F package) GO Wonen 150 - 250 m2 --> 125% of the payment (15 for a FN package / 10 for a F package) GO Wonen 250 - 350 m2 --> 150% of the payment (18 for a FN package / 12 for a F package) GO Wonen 350 - 450 m2 --> 175% of the payment (21 for a FN packag...

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    I am seeking for a drafter to draw a floorplan for a restaurant to show existing kitchen equipment and changing with new equipment. Thanks,

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    master bedroom Bitti left

    floorplan, elevations and details for new project zone

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    We need an interior designer for an old mansion with 3 buildings, 1. main building with 17 rooms 2. gardener’s building , 2 bedrooms and 1 living room , dining and bathroom and cooridor ( see floorplan) 3. garage building , see the floorplan (2 storey) The mansion was built at the beginning of the 20th century and its 700 square meters is divided into 17 rooms with halls and salons, grand fireplaces, library and wine cellar (basement not included). The mansion in neoclassical style and contains many beautiful and original details and decor. The main building on 2.5 floors + basement consists of large salons, dining room, glass dining area, fireplaces, oak panelling, stucco and ceiling- and wall paintings. The mansion also have a library, eleven bedrooms and in the...

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    2D elevations and 3D elevations for exterior, we need start from floorplan.

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    i need to draw a floorplan on sketchup but i am stuck as the dimensions are not to scale

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    i need to draw a floorplan on sketchup but i am stuck as the dimensions are not to scale

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    I need a 3d floorplan for a studio apartment that’s 480 Sf, I want something similar to attached plan but I will give you my architectural plans once I approve the job and we will customize how it looks

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    We need 3D Floorplan of one of our hotel rooms , used as a connection room consisting of 2 standard rooms.

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    Looking for a Cadcam drawing of an industrial unit Floorplan to be redrawn and parking lot redrawn

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    Trophy icon Floorplan division Barbershop Bitti left

    Hello, I’m looking to offer haircut to man and women in the same barbershop and therefore I want to create a separation for those 2 areas but with minimal to no cost. Attached the floorplan and a video of the area. On the floor plan ignore please the pool table. Waiting for your proposals, Cheers, Joelka

    €29 (Avg Bid)
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