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    Ekibimize Unreal Engine programcisi arıyoruz. Uzun sure unreal uzerinde calismis ve portflyo gösterebilecek adaylar,lutfen bize mesaj atiniz.

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    Selam, süre ayarlı bir kahve makinesi yaptırmak istiyorum, DIY style istiyorum yoksa piyasada bu tip makinelerin olduğunu biliyorum. Yardımcı olabileceğinizi düşünüyorsanız iletişime geçebilir misiniz? Hi I’m not sure if you speak Turkish or not but please contact me via instagram if you do not speak Turkish. @ I can explain you better in English

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    Merhaba yaptırmak istediğim uygulama android telefonlarda açılan uygulamalarin saat kaçta açıldığını ve nekadar sure kullanildigini alacak ve bunu bir web servis üzerinden sunucuya post edecek. Data ornegi : Uylamaya giris saati : 14:23 Uygulama adı : YouTube Kullanım süresi : 4 karikatür 23 saniye

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    Windows .NET Devdept Eyeshot 7.0 kutuphanesi ile varolan bir yazilim icerisine eklenmek uzere 2D sac cizim ekrani, olcu girme vb. Ozeklikler, 3D steo dosyasini yukleyip, unfold edip, simule etme isi yaptirilacaktir. OpenGL bilen c# yazacak programci araniyor. Sure 2 ay.

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    ...proje icin degil memnun kalirsak sizinle uzun vadeli calismak isteriz. Kisaca bizim Magento sitemizin butun islerine uzun vade icin talip olur musunuz? Saatlik, haftalik, aylik nasil bir ucret talep edersiniz? Fiyat teklifinizi TL bazinda yapabilirisniz. Turkiye'deki banka hesabimdan hesabiniza istediginiz zaman aninda havale/EFT yapabilirim. Ancak baslangicta cok hizli olmamiz lazim. 1 hafta bir sure icinde sitemizi faaliyete gecirmek istiyoruz. Faaliyete gectikten sonra yapacagimiz duzenlemeler icin daha rahat zaman verebiliriz. Ama su anda acil olarak ise girisebilecek birisni ariyoruz. Acil cevap bekliyorum. Tesekkurler. Erhan Koraltan, Bruksel, Belcika site adresimiz: buradan sitemizin mevcut haline bakabilirsiniz. Daha sonra skype uzerinden, teamwiever uzerinde...

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    Merhabalar; Elimde mevcut olan bahis siteme casino apisi, canli,normal oranlar ve yeni dizayn entegre edilecektir sure 1 haftadir. Sadece turk yazilimcilar lutfen. Pls only turkish programmers ...

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    Merhabalar; Elimde mevcut olan bahis siteme casino apisi, canli,normal oranlar ve yeni dizayn entegre edilecektir sure 1 haftadir.

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    php ıle kodlanmıs ve bırcok kısının oynıya bılecegı rpg mafya tarzı onlıne oyunda bulunmasını ıstedıgım kısaca bolumler cesıtlı rank ve sevıyeler olmalı ornegin godfather fırstlady gibi oyunda 7 adet sehır kumarhaneler hastane vb oyuncular kendı mafya aılelerını kura bılmelı bır sehırde cesıtlı ıs objelerı bulu...gelmelı gunde 1 kereye mahsus oyuncular baska bır oyuncu ıle coklu suc yapa bılmelı 2 kısılık 4 kısılık ve 6 kısılık suclar gıbı oyuncular arasında oyuncular bırbırlerını oldurmek ıcın dedektıf kıralamalı ve olen account en bastalı ılk sevıyeden yenı bır ısım ıle yenıden sevıye kasmaya baslamalı ve scprıt gelıstırılmeye acık olmalı mobıl odeme seceneklerı konulmalı oyuncunun hesabı belırlı bır sure sonra yorulmalı

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    Build Magento 2 API 6 gün left

    Hello, We are looking for a highly skilled Magento developer who is able to; - Develop API according to attachted postman file. (READ CAREFULLY!) - Make sure API is responsive to user (meaning error message and succes message or whatever is applicable) - Should handle it data really fast, direct SQL raw queries is preferable way. - Update attachted API doc (this is not up to date anymore) Check postman file for part of the API that is already done, but in normal PHP code. Not raw queries. So that needs to be converted. Work speed is good, but quality even more important. Thanks for bidding!

    €750 - €1500
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    €750 - €1500
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    Trophy icon Just in case 2 gün left

    ...till your LAST breath! And guess what; it also helps deliver them to WHOEVER you want, after your demise. Score! Absolutely ANYTHING, from text and audio messages to loved ones, documents, or passwords for your vault or all your financial details to the person of your choice. How? All you have to do is after recording your messages, choose the contact of the person you want the information to be delivered to and select the login frequency. After that, your login activity will be monitored, and upon finding you unavailable on the set login frequency date, you’ll be notified just to make sure. If there is STILL no activity after that, we will release the information to the person you selected. And no, not just like that. ONLY the selected person will get a unique authe...

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    ...a simple way to force each user to have to signup for additional accounts on my website if they wish to create copies and use the sheets in multiple google drive accounts. I was hoping to handle some of this on my clickfunnels website side with a custom form of some sort but I am only able to gather my customer list (emails) and not add additional fields to the data base. I can auto export my users emails to a google sheet via zapier but these email address wont necessarily be the same emails they want to use for the drive folder they save their sheets to so im not sure this is even useful for what I need. I currently have an authorization script built in google apps script that requires each user to input their user email and password for my website...

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    4 teklifler discouraging for you to even apply because you don't want to waste your time. I totally understand and for this job application, I think it'll be worth your time because we're looking for someone like you, who is very talented with Web Development. You also have experience working with eCommerce stores pretty much people with an online presence and online brand. You also understand deadlines and you enjoy working with clients You understand the role of a freelancer and you don't mind working project-by-project. I myself want to hire you but since we're just starting out maybe we can do it on a project-by-project basis and I'll be able to test your skills. So please don't be afraid to apply I will be responding to as many pe...

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    I have a few issues. The first is that I'm unable to edit items which I have imported into the site using WP ALL Import plugin. I can edit other products that I added manually. Not sure where the conflict is. I will need help solving problems like this from time to time. I expect you to work hourly for the wage that you offer when you bid. Thanks in advance! John

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    Android Mobile phone app 6 gün left

    Android 1. User downloads my app. 2. My app changes the Default Keypad. So that my app shares the screen with Keypad. 3. Make sure my app isn’t accidentally clicked when user has phone to their face. 4. Make sure the phone call is not interrupted will they press my buttons. Thanks Tom

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    Our existing site...has been serving us for a long time now. We are looking for you to replace it with a new design and layout. This will include defining mockups and website design for desktop and mobile. The current/ suggested content is as follows: 1- Homepage 2- Product (currently separated into few solution pages) 3- Module page (feature page)- opens from the product page. 4- Customers and Testimonials/ case study (could be 2 separate pages/ one single page) 5- Company 6- contact us form / request a demo- the site should lead user to fill this form. We are looking for a designer. Eventually the site will be implemented as a Wordpress site. You do not need to know how to implement it into Wordpress, but if you do have such knowledge then please include ...

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    ...paradigm. Please use the following links for a better understanding of Hadoop and Map/Reduce () 1. XSEDE Expanse M/R system You will be using the XSEDE Comet system for your project. Your login has been added for usage. Instructions have been given for using Comet. This is a facility supported by NSF for educational usage. Please make sure you stay within the quota for usage which is approximately 500 SU’s per team. You can install Hadoop on your laptop/desktop for developing and testing the code before you run it on Comet. This is for your convenience. Please look up and install Hadoop if you plan to do that. Please go through the file for the instruction to follow and u need to

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    Hey, We're looking for an Exceptional Virtual Assistant with fantastic English both writen & spoken to help us to achieve our mission to help 10,000 purpose-driven leaders to become Unstoppable so together we can create positive change in the world. We believe that right now we face some of the greatest challenges humanity and our planet has ever faced. We don't believe it's government or the system that will make the difference in the world it's the innovators, the problem solvers the Entrepreneurial leaders the big thinkers who want to collaborate and be that change. We're looking for a very specific type of person, a person who wants to be a part of something greater than themselves. A specific person who aligns with our vision, mission and ...

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    Hello, I need someone to proofread my 55000 words English book quickly, only checking for grammar and punctuation mistakes to make sure no mistakes are present Thanks.

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    I want an app that runs on win 10. I am not sure which language is option. I will provide the requirements on chat. Thanks.

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    I need a program that will run in the background of a linux system (on Raspberry Pi) and capture any data scanned by a Symbol DS6878 (preferred) or Zebra DS2278 barcode scanner. I have already had 2 people try this and neither were successful so please only bid if you are 100% sure that you can get this done. Need this done very fast as well as I'm quite far behind on my timeline. I am also a developer and quite willing to work hand in hand with you. If you don't have the hardware I am happy to help debug as long as you can troubleshoot remotely.

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    Wordpress Website Errors 6 gün left

    I have a wordpress website using woocommerce that keeps throwing up errors. Im sure its only a quick fix but need help sorting please

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    €20 Ortalama Teklif
    46 teklifler

    We need help compiling information on publicly traded companies in the Untied States...information on publicly traded companies in the Untied States. The data you compile will be used in research reports. Here are 2 examples of information we might ask for: "Find 10 companies that serve breakfast for their employees" "Find 10 companies that pay their CEO more that 5 million USD per year" Your task would be to identify such companies and cite relevant media articles about each identified company. This will an ongoing project with many varied topics. Note: this project is for a conservative Republican leaning client. Some of the research topics may involve political subjects such as social policies. Please be sure you are comfortable w...

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I will be launching my podcast shortly - Relevant & Reinventable - I am looking for a podcast cover image, a more detailed Facebook header image - and some customizable images to announce upcoming podcasts - I would like them all to be cohesive .. I will be launching a website soon as well. Relevant and Reinventable is about Chaos, release, rebirth and transformation - I would like to incorporate this image as part of the website header - and maybe podcast cover -just not sure -

    €51 (Avg Bid)
    7 girdi explain an individuals’s vaccination decisions for themselves and their children. To that end, you have been provided with a dataset, , which is extracted from one of the waves of the Household Pulse Survey, conducted by the US Census Bureau during between September 29 and October 11, 2021. It includes survey responses from several thousand individuals. None of them have been vaccinated yet, nor have any children in the household received the vaccine yet. Dependent variable: You may choose one of two potential dependent variables for your analysis (see important note below on their construction). Either you can study an individual’s decision to get themselves vaccinated (GETVAC) or get their kids vaccinated (GETKIDVAC) Be sure to adjust your theory...

    €133 (Avg Bid)
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    17 teklifler explain an individuals’s vaccination decisions for themselves and their children. To that end, you have been provided with a dataset, , which is extracted from one of the waves of the Household Pulse Survey, conducted by the US Census Bureau during between September 29 and October 11, 2021. It includes survey responses from several thousand individuals. None of them have been vaccinated yet, nor have any children in the household received the vaccine yet. Dependent variable: You may choose one of two potential dependent variables for your analysis (see important note below on their construction). Either you can study an individual’s decision to get themselves vaccinated (GETVAC) or get their kids vaccinated (GETKIDVAC) Be sure to adjust your theory...

    €141 (Avg Bid)
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    First and foremost...please excuse bidders without reading the heading! We are event management firm and we require manager for short duties @ Dubai location for a period of 30 days in total Kindly make sure to be precise in communication and presenting yourself because every word will create an image of your personality as an efficient manager for this task. We need 9 event managers as of now.

    €663 - €1325
    €663 - €1325
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    I'm developing an Educative Web platform. Hi, i'm Aron, i'm 25. I have 4 years experience in Java programming. We will work together on a very interesting project. We will focuse on the best practices and top standardisation You will work remotely on a clean virtual windows instalation via Remote Desktop Connection You need to know very know very well Java, Gradle/Gradle Wrapper, Launch4J, Jenkins & SVN You will use Netbeans IDE & Gradle Wrapper My tasks are: GRADLE tasks: - standardisation project - donwnload local library - compilation - clean - run - customizated packaging as a fatjar(with libraries)/nativ with Launch4J/as a service : icon in apps - ***obfuscation code/executabile (i'm not sure yet) - versioning: inte...

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    Please RE-DRAW the example “WHOOP! THERE IT IS!” image using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Please FULLY RE-DRAW the image (see attached image) in Illustrator or Photoshop as I need clean and crisp lines for every part of the new image. 1. Please add the word “PARADISE!” below the words “THERE IT IS!” At the bottom. Make sure they are on separate layers so we can move them around. 2. Please make sure final image has transparent background and looks good on both white and black backgrounds. Make final image at least 14” wide and hi-res suitable for printing (300dpi). Put ALL items grouped on SEPARATE LAYERS (so we can move/re-size). TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND PLEASE. Thank you :)

    €177 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon help with python project 2 gün left

    hi I need help with python app (Using Tkinter and sqlLite and more) I will put the app description in the pdf Python versions as long as it is Python 3.X (I am using PyCharm ) #this is what I started with for now not sure if this is correct import tkinter as tk from tkinter import ttk class GUI: def __init__(self): = () ("Mini Tawakkalna") = ( , width=600, height=500) (pady=10,expand=True) = (, text="Mini Tawakkalna Intro") = (, text="User Information") = (, text="Indivuals stauts") = (, text="Import & Export") = (self

    €44 (Avg Bid)
    3 girdi

    Write a review about how a mutation in SOD1 gene can affect the protein structure, maturation and conformation. Later, explain how those changes can be related to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Instructions: Times new roman, 12 Single space Style: APA. Make sure to include the doi link in the references. Use primary references (research articles, review articles, etc.) Number of pages with information: 6

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    Salesforce LWC Developer 6 gün left

    Hi there, I am looking for a good resource who has good Salesforce LWC + APEX knowledge. There is no specific project need. I have a couple of customers for whom I need to outsource the work. Make sure, you have 3-4 hours/per day of availability for the next 4-6 monts. Interested, please share your LinkedIn profile as well. Thanks.

    €50 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, we are needing help to design our pilates studio to make sure all things will fit correctly. Please apply if you have experience thank you each of the reformer machines is 126” L x 36” W (320cm x 91cm) Please see the rough rendering attached to get the idea of what we are looking for the restrooms 1 for woman and 1 for men, should each have 2 showers, 1 sink and 1 toilet. the coffee lounge front desk area as well as in rendering

    €88 (Avg Bid)
    2 girdi

    I want an FBA business expert who knows and experienced FBA business for private label and have all tools and knowledge to get this business succesful This include product research and supplier managment and marketing managment I am open to all offers as i am putting alot of effort to this business and to make it great brand Plese bid for this project as milestone tasks achievement I am opened for all offers starting from product research tasks Make sure you are familiar for what you are bidding for otherwise we will wast our both time No per hour work accepted You can price any complete task to be done in FBA Amazon experince Thank you and hopefully we will find our best online partner Yours

    €425 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a C, NodeJS, Java and MySQL developer to write an ad network. The system includes: 1. Side visible. • Aesthetic home page with several informational subpages for publishers, advertisers, types of advertisements, etc. 2. Administrator panel. Possibility to manage the entire website with statistics and system load 3. Publisher's panel. Possibility to add pages. 4. Advertiser panel. The ability to add advertisements and monitor statistics. 5. Affiliate program The ability to invite users to the network Modules: Ads-server, the server that generates and displays banners. Stat-server - statistics server. Img-server - image server. Main server - the main database with analysis systems. P.S. Please ...

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    Shalom, Y'all! My name is Mac. Yes, I know. Strange name for a Jew. Long story :-P Anyway, here's the shtick, I am an aspiring rap artist, just getting started in the game. My project here is all about officially producing my Mac Djinno logo to help build the brand :) The artist who can best capture my vision will be rewarded 100 Washingtons... Yes, 100 McGriddles [but, please don't ask me how I know that!] In other words, 100 U$D ^_^ My idea for my logo is comprised of four primary, non-negotiable motifs with corresponding colour schemes: 1.) Ouroboros (Azure/Purple & Jade/Green) 2.) Three Koi Fish, One Head (Saffron/Orange) 3.) Three Five-Pointed Stars (Azure/Purple) 4.) Specialised Hebrew lettering "Mem" and "Jimmel" (using wh...

    €88 (Avg Bid)
    32 girdi
    Investor video 9 gün left

    Hi Dani please see the attached script. Just your normal reading is fine :) It's just over 600 words, so @ $50 per $125 words that comes to $250. As usual please let me know if your rates change, I'm not keeping a tab of this and I'd like to make sure you're getting appropriately compensated. Cheers, Paul

    €157 (Avg Bid)
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    Just need to make sure the pop-up box on a client's Wordpress website has the right size and margins on both desktop and mobile. This is a theme-based Wordpress with plugins (not custom).

    €17 (Avg Bid)
    €17 Ortalama Teklif
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    Dear Freelancers We are helping a client to improve their connection numbers. We need a Linkedin Expert who can help us to improve our clients visibility on LinkedIn. They have completed their profile but do not think that it is adequate. Please take a look and provide some suggestions on the improvements that you can make. This is their profile link. h...clients visibility on LinkedIn. They have completed their profile but do not think that it is adequate. Please take a look and provide some suggestions on the improvements that you can make. This is their profile link. We look forward to your bids and suggestions. We get many requests such as these so please assist us with this and we will be sure to pass more work to you. Thanks

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    I need someone to help figuring out why my joomla website has stopped showing ads on the website, except for once in a while a pop up ad. On mobile they show as normal. I think it happened after last update but not sure as I did not check for the ads. Should be a minor issue since still showing on mobile. Offer 15 Euro for the fix. Should take less than an hour. You can have a look at it and accept the job or refuse if you think it take to long for 15 euro and I go to net on the list. Next update will maybe fix it but if 15 euro can fix it today I am willing to try. Try on phone and on computer and you see ads run fine on phone but not on computer

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    write a 3-4 page modern fairy story with a hero that incorporates the various motifs of the genre. You can certainly look at “Leaf by Niggle” and “The Golden Key” for examples of excellent fairy stories.•You may use the first person in your myth or fairy story. •If you use dialog, be sure that you format it appropriately(see LBH 4.5.4).•Set up with appropriate paragraphs. When you change speakers, change paragraphs.•It is not necessary to have a Works Cited page or any parenthetical citations. This is a creative story, not an essay. •You are still expected to write well avoiding fragments, comma splices, and fused sentences•Place an appropriate, original title on your essay. Do not underline your own title or put quotat...

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    MT ( More Time) 6 gün left

    I would like a unique logo done which represents my clothing brand MT The logo will be used for my website and social media After the logo is made I would like a creative design for my first product which will be just a T shirt which is why the first design is going to be very important so I want to make sure I get a great design for my first product More Time should illustrate what a lot of people want and need, so I think the first design should have a clock on it with the MT logo inside The clock and at the top of the clock It should say More Time and below the clock it should say Time is Priceless Or something along the lines of that if the graphic designer has a better idea for a design for the T shirt then I would love to see it but I wo...

    €359 (Avg Bid)
    €359 Ortalama Teklif
    51 teklifler

    Hello, I built a wordpress site on a subdomain and now that it is completed I would like it moved to the main domain. Need to make sure that the domain and site etc point properly so that the site is completely functional. Thanks

    €76 (Avg Bid)
    €76 Ortalama Teklif
    41 teklifler

    I am looking for Wordpress and Server Expert. Do you have 8-10 Years in Wordpress? Experience in fast settings of Menus. Have you done Multi-Lingual sites? Do you work in Elementor and create pages within 1-2 hours as technical professional? Do you follow instructions in English to the LETTER? Then we want to work with you. 1. Showyour Multi-lingual site as a demo site to me. 2. Make sure WPML Installed correctly and working 3. Make sure THEME is installed and working. (Current team didnt get this far yet in days.) 4. Add pages from theme that are PREMADE, so I can edit them and translate. (Current Theme has PRE-built pages already. ) 5. Other suggestions and immeditate fixes. URGENT PROJECT - Do not bid if you can not start RIGHT NOW and work 6-8 hours f...

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €12 / hr Ortalama Teklif
    59 teklifler
    Android Layout 6 gün left

    I am looking for good layout for my app. The image has 7 marks, I want to add touch events at those marks, you may overlay transparent buttons. but be sure your layout should support most phone sizes.

    €28 (Avg Bid)
    €28 Ortalama Teklif
    8 teklifler

    i want to develop a software for my app (android app) and make sure you attach the demo of it to be understandable

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €19 / hr Ortalama Teklif
    7 teklifler

    Looking for an agency to search availability of fashion brands in a list of fashion retailer webs and find any other websites where you can find the fashion products of this brand Activity 1 will list the retailers webs and I need you to look for the brands in the fashion category and input the number of products you find into the excel table and then add an hyperlink to the page on the etailer where you found the results. check the excel tab search_brands_in_etailers. Example in Nordstrom with several brands in yellow. Please make sure that you start from the retailers on the top and go down. Please share the first version by 10 AM CET tomorrow. SEcond exercise. search for these brands in google and goolge maps and find websites that sell their products. Ad...

    €9 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €9 / hr Ortalama Teklif
    4 teklifler

    My thesis is topic is: Economic Development vs Debt Trap: Is China's involvement in East Africa's economy a front to take over the region for strategic purposes? A case study of Tanzania. The literature review is the 2nd chapter of my thesis. I need a literature review of no less than 20pages for the following points: 2.1 - The economic system of East Africa 2.2 - The trade and financial structure of Tanzania 2.2.1 (Different Trades Tanzania is involved in) - Think of topic 2.2.2 - another trade topic and so on 2.3 - Economic Development by China in East Africa 2.3.1- Belt and Road Initiative in Tanzania 2.3.2 - Multi Lateral Trade System in Kenya 2.3.3 Bilateral trade agreements with Ethiopia 2.4 - The Debt Trap Phenomenon (Resea...

    €88 (Avg Bid)
    €88 Ortalama Teklif
    42 teklifler

    Hello there, I want to buy a Flutter quiz app template from themeforst and I want...move to the next question. Here the features again: 1- Multiple correct answers (app and admin baseboard). 2- Button for the user to check the correct answer after selecting and before moving to the next. 3- After clicking the check button for every question, the user has to see : a) Which selected answer was correct and which was wrong. For example by changing the background color. b) The correct answer of the question which was not selected: by adding a border to the answer. (See attachment). I am looking forward to your price. I am sure a lot of other changes will come up, so I hope the price is fair for future milestone. :) Please do not hisitate to ask...

    €245 (Avg Bid)
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    ...rights comic books, is looking for a hard-working Cosplayer to help in our booth at this year's Emerald City Comic Con! You will interact with customers and sign them up to our mailing list. It's a 4-day event and you'll get a free pass to the show, Dec 2-5. What You'll Need: - A Cosplay outfit - A laptop or tablet - A knack for sales - A love of comics and animals - A hard-working drive to succeed What You'll Get: - $400 - An Official Intern Credit for your resumé - Issues 1-3 of Here Comes CALICO - 1 hr daily break to chillax & enjoy the show - Fun experience selling comics at ComicCon Requirements to Apply: - Over 18 yrs of age - Valid Government-issued ID - Minimum 2 photos (preferably in cosplay) Learn about Sigma Comics ...

    €221 - €663
    €221 - €663
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    We like to update the current theme with new Theme Few months ago a developer did work on the site due to alot quality issue website performance dropped. We Planing to use website theme which is fast and Robust clean/seo friendly and perfect layout for the online store. We Planing to use Astra Theme compare to Oceanwp ,The7 Theme. * We want to make sure all the pages are moved over to new site properly. Theme we want to make sure we have added security/ online chat system/ Ticket system/ Forum by Vbulletin online store Everything configured Website url can be provided Let me know if you have any other question

    €179 (Avg Bid)
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