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    Need a VB/VBS/.NET application that will submit a form on a web site which will return listings containing contact information. Application should save the information in this listing into an Access 2000 database. Application should gather email addresses from 'Estate Planning' legal services of [login to view URL], at [login to view URL]

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    ...continuously monitors network services/devices availability and performance. In the event of network errors, the Server Monitor Software can alert the network administrator by email, net send, cell phone pager, put the formatable alert message in a network directory/port. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT FOR MORE SPECIFICATIONS. We are looking for top quality application

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    ...should not see it as well". I really need to get this done please Email me thank you. um and it needs to run in the system Tray and Be Writtin Completly in VB6 no outside Controls please Thank you ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) NO Installation

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    current application uses Infragistics controls (net advantage suite) and Active Reports. Written in VB NET, need a web based version that has all the same features using infragistics controls (ASP NET) OR a web based solution that uses NO Infragistics controls but has all the same functionality. see app at [login to view URL] and go to downloads. additional

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    12 teklifler basically does party planning for companies. The user will collect information, sends out invoices, makes reports, and get email back and forth. We would like the following: GUI Side ***Complete integration of email (exactly like Outlook) where we can put in user-names, password and recieve e-mail from them and put them in a tree-node folder

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    email request Bitti left

    ...request for support via email I need to be able to handle this in ASP if possible, if not I would use .Net or a third party email package if necessary. I want to define an email address on my domain and if an email is submitted to this address I want a piece of ASP code to run and pull information out of the email (at least this is how I think

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    ...(week), front page loads per week, pictures are seen in week. Statics needs to work live. Last Login: 20 seen only in text format. Email Service logging in -script. (I will give the code. Same as in ) Navigation + what these are for: Front page New ones: First date and time when the picture was added and then nick. 100 seen

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    I need my website redesigned so that it looks more professional. The site must have something above and beyond the typical static pages that most sites have. I sell email add-on software for home users. My current site uses frames and for obvious reasons, this must go. I currently have online samples and demos, a software rating area

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    I need a drag and drop feature in a project where the user will be able to drag and drop control to a .net table server control. On drop I need to know the name of the dropped item and also need to know the cell and the row number of the table where the item was dropped. This info will update an xml file. Please reply those who have a great understanding

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    TIF/JPG to PDF Bitti left

    ...[login to view URL] [login to view URL]~ghost/aladdin/doc/[login to view URL] "The PDFlib source code package contains C source code, support files for all language bindings except .NET and COM, the PDFlib reference manual and other documentation, as well as samples for all supported languages. All platform-specific flavors of the main package have the same

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    ...functional Email system in ASP .NET using VB .NET and EasyMail Objects .NET This is the first of a series of projects centered around an email system written using EasyMail Objects .NET. This Phase will be to program a system to receive mail from a POP3 server, store them in a database, present a list to the user and read text and HTML email mess...

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    ...application. The project will be a Compiled .Net (or similar technology) front end, with a SQL server 2000 back end. I would like someone to be able to work on site or at least be local for meetings as the details for this application are very intricate. The front end will be a compiled self updating .Net application that will be a login specific order

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    ...module. The customer (store owner) will come to our main website to setup their account. They will fill out a complete form and pay via PayPal. Once their information is complete and their payment has been made, they will be sent an email with their login and password along with a welcome letter and instructions on using their account. They may then login

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    ...load an image of any type (gif, jpg etc) into a vb apps webcontrol from a URL (so the picture source is on the net), you can copy and paste this image into a 'Rich Text Box' on Hotmails / MSN Email mail client. Because the image was from a Net control the URL of the image is preserved thus allowing you to send / view the image from the webmail. Works

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    Data Logger Bitti left

    ...pull data from a serial port and automatically store the data on another MS SQL database server. We would like some amenities that could be negotiated now or later such as email if the service or serial port stops receiving data or if errors occur such as can not connect to the SQL server and such and be able to data verification checking. At a minimum

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    ...SDK, the file is attached. I can email the code if needed. Your responsibility would be to package it all as a COM component, add code to resize the image, and convert to gif/jpg file. If you'de like to make this in .NET, no problem. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code

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    ...of data on batches of chemicals. When the batches get old (come up on the expiration date) they need a report to be issued to let them know what old batches to destroy. An email would be nice saying these are expiring today (quote this separate). After destruction, they come back in, select that batch, put a date into the “Date Out?? field and it executes

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    New Website Bitti left

    ...homepage, contact (with a form to email details), about, services pages. I also want a form & access database to capture memebers email addresses & postal addresses too, for mailing list. To acceive this i need a registration/amend user details page this should be password protected. I am hosting on a WinNT server with ASP/CFM/.NET support. Quotes...

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    ...fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. --Database [login to view URL] Pages --OCX/DLL if somehow incorporated Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform IIS 5.0 Windows 2000 Server Internet Explorer 5.5+ Netscape 6+ Please only bid if you know .NET --- I don not want it in Classic ASP.

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    ...addition to the platform, we would also be seeking some type of database management to keep all potential buyers and customers updated, and have the capabilty of sending bulk email to potential clients. We currently have several grants and loans in the works, so the more details that can be provides along with anything else need, please include that in

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    ...(includes tracking of referrals and comissions earned by members/cheating prevention(IE email verification included in this). needs a send mail program) Basically all the things resource a day has and more if possible. The site will also be a paid to read email site so this will need to be taken into account for crediting members accounts,etc. (However

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    7 teklifler all new members since their last sent. Gold : paid higher monthly fee, can send personalinzed ads message to all members join after them. I use a 3rd party component for email processing. This joining part is integrated with the second part of the system. The second part is a VB application and some ASP application that do placing new members into

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    I would like to build a fantasy football mock draft site. This site will allow registered users to sign in, and sign up for a mock draft. There will be 2 types of drafts: email and live draft with chat. The site will also keep statistics of all drafts. Basically the site will need a Home page, Registration page, Members Area Page, Draft Pages, and View

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    I need a powerfull email collector which will be a clone of the following program. Download it from the site below, there is also all the details on it there[login to view URL] if you think you can clone it, but add your own GUI touch, then bid away. I look forward to doing business with you. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    ..."pretty" core GUI, state-of-the-art [login to view URL] or .Net (discussion on .Net needed beforehand) -expense types -hierarchy (org groups, project groups, user levels: administrative, user, manager, project manager, etc.) -Fully secure (we are dealing with banks, cc companies, corporations) -report creation (html & email delivery) -expense report creation a...

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    ...not take inventory from any supplier and none of my suppliers offer me similar goods. When I quote my distributors, I use a form I created in MS Excel to handle each quote and when accepted, I turn that quote into an order and email it to my supplier (I use and I'm happy emailing it with MS Outlook Express). I then print (I need print preview) and file

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    Complete E-commerce solution based on ASP or .NET that is custom tailored to online mobile electronics retailing. Site must include the following features: -Be simple enough for people with no computer skill to navigate -Be written to reach the most possible users in a simple, fast loading manner -Possess a fully functional shopping cart -Provide Inventory

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    ...system that can handle Banners, Tiles, and Advertorials, HamWeather Installation, a centralized username/login system that works with all other features of the website, user email, credit card processing, custom CGI page ripper to display local headlines from local paper, a movie listing system, with an admin backend that ties all features together, and

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    ...decision for future contacts and Dial again at a "call back time" or fax, email or generate postal labels or print and address mailiing pieces. The postal labels will be printed with Post Net Bar codes. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights

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    Flash project Bitti left

    ...advertised in a magazine, but also am looking for the visitor to enter their email address/name etc before they enter the main site. I already have a domain that is currently held at but have not gone with the hosting as of yet. I guess I need help with - design table/form ftp/hosting and general advice you will have complete control of project

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    ...station. As far as the look of the form when it is running is just a thin bar with no title bar that has the current forcus and simply reads "Determining Location of Host Machine Program..." The final program exe can be titled net203.exe. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code

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    ...Commission from hotels Calculations of Commission on room only b) Net rates from tour operators If from Tour operator an allotment of rooms needs to be integrated c) Net rates from hotels Allotment and none allotment of rooms d) Tours (in and outbound on net rates only) The system must support in addition: - A shopping cart -

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    ...collect email addresses but it currently stashes them in an external excell database. It DOES send an email to the people in the database but not the way I want it to. Needed Changes: * Collected email addresses must be stored/viewed in program. When an email address is collected it should be added to a textbox or something showing which email addresses

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    File Replication System between 2 or more computers connected via FTP. The computers involved may or may not have a permanent connection to the net. A small program residing on the client should auto notify server when connected & disconnect from the internet after process completion. The server must connect to specified folders on client computers

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