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    I need design for a home page for a real state company. The logo is provided. The page must meet the following list of requirement: - Main nav contains: home, projects, about, contact - Social network links - Phone number - Email contact - A selected project picture showing details with icons: No of bathrooms, size, no of bedrooms, financing available. - Originality in design with appropiate fon...

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    I need a logo designed for a mobile application and 10 more vector images (svg format) designed . The logo is for a mobile app which checks car history and information based on the registration number. Please see attached images for some samples of the vector images which I need. Please include samples of your previous designs in your proposal.

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    Hey, we need a new set of responsive animated banners done. It's similar as one of our previous projects.

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    Change a PNG file to SVG file keeping color way.

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    Hello, I am looking for a cell function that puts today's current date in a specific Formula with the time always being 9:00 AM. Please help

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    i want to hire someone to program a bitmap to png converter. it has to use the 5 rules of png and has to implement both LZ and huffman compression methods

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    We have a picture of a previous freelance and the freelancer delete is account and we'd like to get this logo in format for printing.

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    Looking for a typesetter to take word files, which include illustrations and tables, and create and format a final PDF ready version for Amazon on demand books and e-book ready version. Job is most likely required during the last two weeks of August.

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    I have the pdf format of a 344 page technical book that need to uploaded on Amazon to be sold as paperback book.

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    We have a current logo that needs a small edit and then to be frovided in a couple of oulurs and in suitable format. the brand is Twin Fin and the logo is TF currently the F looks like a T so we would like it to have a very small mark to make it look more like an F.

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    Goal: As an interface controller I need to transform a given OpenAPI or Swagger definition (JSON) into an XMI file (XML dialect for UML). Use cases: Reverse engineer RESTful service Import data structures used in messages See following already existing tools based on Java and EMF: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek i&ccedi...

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    Goal: As an interface controller I need to transform a given OpenAPI or Swagger definition (JSON) into an XMI file (XML dialect for UML). Use cases: Reverse engineer RESTful service Import data structures used in messages See following already existing tools based on Java and EMF: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek i&ccedi...

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    New animated gif format email signature required Must work in Microsoft outlook A mockup might be required prior to awarding you on project. Budget $10AUD

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    We are looking for an experienced Java developer who is confident in developing code and capable of programming in Java We are looking to develop a program capable of converting text contained in excel documents into XML format, so that it may then be used for uploading questions into a chatbot. Because of the nature of the project, it is important that the developer has experience in NLP, as t...

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    design logo Bitti left

    Design a logo. Freelancer to provide 10 logos for review. The company is called Notum (latin word for comply) and it sells quality, safety and environmental certification software. The logos are to be in .pdf, .ai, .png, .svg format

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    I have a logo designed in CorelDraw 12, and simply require someone to export it into a format suitable for display on a website. It will appear with an image behind, therefore needs to be transparent. I attempted exporting from CDR to transparent PNG but the result was poor - edges of the PNG have a jagged 'halo' of light coloured pixels (I'm not a graphics expert, and CorelDraw 1...

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    I have all the content, but need the powerpoint deck formatted to be on-brand and look great for a senior audience. Includes embedding videos, creating some basic graphics.

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    I found this image online and wish to have the fish image recreated into a vector format. I don't expect it match perfectly - just as close as you are able to achieve.

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    Please help me fix this curved text. I would like it to align to the circle and I am having the hardest time doing it. I have attached a Photoshop PSD file. Once you get the circular text fixed, I would like for you to save it as a PSD file, then make a an SVG file and preserve the layers.

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    We have currently a website based on Wordpress and DIV currently that we would like to redo entirely. We are now searching for a new webmaster that can develop our new website and make sure it's top-notch in terms of performance, code quality, SEO and user experience. The website design is all done and confirmed. Please check the following link to see the design for all pages: [URL'...

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    I have an old logo in bitmap format. (The designer lost the original en forgot the name of the font. It was years ago and I lost contact with the designer) I want you to recreate this logo and provide me with a .svg file of it.

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    so I need a person who can convert my image o an eps and make it white . and deliver it as svg and png with no background 10 dollar

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    I need to improve an animation already done in css to give it more realism, and improve details of its position on the screen and interactivity. To do this, you must first rewrite the animation to javascript using some animation framework. The animation is a basketball that bounces until it hits a button inside a web and lights up. The animation is this: [URL'yi görüntülemek...

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    Carry out artwork for e-book cover, formating of pages, tables and create some illustrations within booklet

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    I have drawn some designs for a daily planner book. I need them brought to life. Need PDF format that is “ready to print” quality.

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    I have a Finance Policy and Human Resource Policy that need formatting. Most of the work has been done, we just need things like the footers and table of contents to be fixed. I would get the manuals to you today and want them back within 12 hours. I estimate an expert would spend less than 3 hours on this project. The goal is to have 2 professional looking, formatted the same, documents.

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    Looking for experienced data acquisition engineer/programmer to provide estimates and input for initial project budgeting. Project outline is as follows: Temperature Data Acquisition and Robot Control Temperature Data Logger Program Create a custom Thermistor Temperature Data logger program for recording multi-channel inputs. Program will be the property of Corporation. Program shall be written ...

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    Trophy icon SafeKids Network Logo Bitti left

    We are building a safe community WiFi network for children to use to be able to message with their parents/guardians. Similar to the Block Parent concept of the 1980's we want our neighbourhoods to be safe and secure for children to get outside and play. I have attached a basic concept that we started playing with, but open to any and all ideas and departures from this concept. Design must a...

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    I need someone to re-do the logo in the center of this sign ONLY. Logo design to remain the same; there are some uneven edges that need to be smoothed out around the baseball. Please do not recreate the entire sign. Final format will need to be a high resolution file, minimum 75 DPI, displaying the logo only. Any questions, please ask prior to starting project.

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    I have an Ionic mobile application. It is a mobile application to track vehicles. GPS devices are installed in the trucks which sends signals every 20 seconds to the server. The mobile application accesses this signal through a REST API which is called every 20 seconds. Google maps JavaScript API is integrated in the mobile app. There is a SVG (vehicle) marker through which the movement of the v...

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    I need someone to help me format a 127 pages cookbook with pictures for kindle and deliver in KPF format. I need this urgently please. In the next 6 hours. ONLY NIGERIANS SHOULD APPLY !!!

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    Hi Andrei M., You did a project for me about 4 years ago creating a Windows Store app (The File Converter). I now want to re-write that app based on our new Mac version. Please let me know if you are available. Details are here: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    IMPORTANT: DOWNLOAD AND READ THE BRIEF ATTACHED TO THIS JOB BEFORE APPLYING. Anyone who applies / bids without reading the brief will not considered. We are a busy design studio in Australia. We need a talented photoshop expert to provide a UI design for our clients website. We have created the template and have a base PSD file with all the new design, styles and elements you will need. Your job...

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    This is a super simple project that might only take about 20 minutes in total. You will need to take 2 EPS logos I have, add a colored background and provide the updated EPS file of each logo. On the first logo, you are taking the vector I have and just adding a red background. On the 2nd logo you are just exporting it as an individual EPS. Only bid if you can do this job now.

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    I need a logo in Svg for my website. I need in less time possible

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    I have slides, images, videos and short descriptions of a project. The task is to convert this material to a spesific format written in English. We have a full project example how it should look like. This work requires also some independent research to fill the gaps. The work should be done in August and September with weekly feedback and iterations. Hourly pay or pay by progress or something el...

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    I need help designing a logo package for a minfulness/wellness business. The logo would be modeled after the 'tree of lie' (see attached picture for example) and use calm colors such as a muted green. The brand has a Chinese name (醒折) and an international name (skyrleika) so there would need to be versions that are logo only, logo and Chinese text, logo and international text. I would...

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    Necesitamos mejorar una animación ya realizada en css para darle más realismo, y mejorar detalles de su posición en pantalla e interactividad. Para ello, primero se ha de reescribir la animación a javascript utilizando algún framework de animación. La animación es una pelota de basket que bota hasta que golpea un botón dentro de una web y se ...

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    I Require a stand alone EXE program to run on Win 7 or Win10 which re formats a data file. The input file is from a high speed data logger, which collects readings from various instruments and sequentially writes them to a text data file. There are 9 different types of lines written to the file, each line type relates to a different instrument being sampled. The Re-formatting pro...

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    We are looking for an experienced Shopify coder to help with 2 small tasks. 1. Shopify does not have the option to display subcategories in the main category page. So we added the subcategories manually through HTML in the description section of the collections page. The subcategories does display correctly on the desktop, but it does not display correctly in the mobile version or tablet version ...

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    My website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] need up grade to a design of a online newspaper and a blog. I have all the necessary content for the website. I need the website to be functional and ready for content. I also would like for this to be completed as quickly as possible. My bid is $50.00. Also enclosed is a copy of the type of content the website will hav...

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    From an image in jpg you must redraw the logo to be delivered in AI format. It is a simple logo. Color and black and white versions must be delivered. A simplified version should also be proposed.

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    Hi, do you do C# apps for Windows Store? You developed a Mac app (The File Converter suite of apps) for me about a year ago. Now I want to re-write that same suite of apps from swift to C# for Windows Store. Please let me know if you can do it, thanks

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    I need to scrape products from [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın](not all just some categories) [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (ALL I have base Excel sheet that just needs correction) 1-Title 2-Vendor/Brand 3-Category 4-SKU 5-Price 6-Description 7-URL Images 8-Weight and dimensions for shipping

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    I need an application which converts an XML file into a CSV file. It can either be web based, or run using a Mac computer. Pictures are coded in Base64 format, these will need to be exported at the same time as the CSV file. The fields in the XML file are: user_view q short_answer long_answer option option option option option option picture The CSV file should be ordered as follows: user_view...

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    I need 3 drawings as followed: 1. Drawings Nr 1 is a standard door with the dimensions as provided. The drawing simply has to be converted as a picture format as listed below. 2. Drawing Nr 2 is a sliding door with the dimensions as provided. The drawing simply has to be converted as a picture format as listed below 3. Drawing Nr 3 is a wheel chair with the dimensions as provid...

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    * Need individual images extracted from a larger image, each with a transparent bg and preferably .svg. * Possibly, would need a sprite image combining all these individual images, again a png with transparent background, or an svg. * Would probably need an image for favicon (Web, Android, Microsoft, and iOS (iPhone and iPad) Apps)

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