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    Merhaba Ozgen K. Ben bu sitede yeniyim ve frelancer olarak yeni girişim. Bilmek istiyodum ki, freelancer olarak iş bulmak ne kadar zor? Gerçekten para kazanılması mümkün mü?

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    use all of feature in [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] for our Wordpress website Freelancer need to have a good experience with [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and also know how to modified and optimized website to meet Semrush asistance. Frelancer need to understand and a have good knowledge about Wordpress and its plugins. Th...

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    Hey I want to develope a PWM HBR Switch for a capacitive load having output power start with 0.5v-1v after 55second the voltage drop from 1v to 0.5v .and again after 110 second voltage will again goes -0.5v to -0.1v I want hardware and software both from any frelancer .The project time limit is 10 days only

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    Should have SPSS to do analysis. I need help with mediation, moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis by Andrew F. Hayes Please find attached model image type: "stat " in your bid

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    Hi , i am a architecture Company based in Mumbai , i mostly design Kinetic facades and interior .i am trying my hands in integrating Hydrophonic into my project and need a frelancer to automate the process , he must have basic idea in getting the code running and sensor knowledge .

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    Research for medical field. I am a surgical resident

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    I created a system. I wanted to test the learning impact of the system. I used a within subjects design where students learned about 2 people. They used the system to learn about 1 person and then read a traditional passage to learn about the other. Half the students learned about first person using the system and the other half used traditional passage and vice versa for second person. I need ...

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    Phase 4 study for Grwoth Hormone in Adults. Some aspects I wrote, I used to a clinical monitor back 10 years ago, but need help with statistics, sample size and your overlook of the protocol. Thank you! I;m bilingual English and Russian.

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    request help with an excel data sheet .

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    Need freelancer to make the image attached professionally. I will give you all images.

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    HI Frelancer, easy SEO orginal I have website you can chek my website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], u must up my renk form 5 until in 1 page google , I have 2 keyword must in 1 page , this the key "produksi styrofoam" and "pabrik styrofoam" you must No ADS only orginal renk index if you can is long time working, i form indonesia

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    I am looking for a statistician who can help me solve some statistical issues. It is not statistical analysis, it is rather some issues and questions which I need answers for.

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    We are a start-up developing new technology to improve fertilsier decisions for farmers. We have conducted more than 50 replicated field trials in 2020 and are looking to engage a statistician to help us with the analysis. We would also like some help improving our trial design.

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    Making a comparison of a technique done at my hospital in management of enlarged prostates. Would like to demonstrate if our method of post-op management is as safe (defined by several variables) as that done by other centres. Multiple variables involved. Would need to discuss with a statistician initially to see what statistical analysis could be made. Many thanks.

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    Need expert in statistics , for urgent 30 minutes

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    posters menus Bitti left

    we are small dreams hub design and print company located in lisbon and we want to hire frelancer someone who can make posters for restaurant, menu, visiting card in low price

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    We would like the statistician based in Las Vegas to analyze data and chart it into graphs as applicable and look for anomalies. PLEASE ONLY RESPOND IF YOU ARE LOCATED IN NEVADA (USA). Thank you.

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    I am looking for expert level matlab programmer for coding purpose. If you think you can do any mathematical matlab work then do reach me for more details of proj

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    I am looking for someone with graduate-level background in statistics to teach and correct the practice problems that I am working on. Again, I am looking for people with master's or PhD degree in statistics, biostatistics, applied mathematics, or any related fields.

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    we looking a frelancer for our PHP web application

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    I need someone to interpret my data that has already been input into prism and write a ‘method’ and ‘results’ section

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    Hi Eman H., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I need a statistician on retainer

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    I need a statistician to help analyse health related project

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    Sir i am new member in freelancer I have some doubt about deposits in frelancer? Can you help me?

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    I need to build a predictive model to predict the probability of misstatement in the financial statements using SAS. I have large set of data, more than 60k observations and large number of variables. I attached an article to show the kind of model I am looking for and how rigorous I need it to be.

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    We have created an online test that we will be trialling in the coming weeks. In order to get the software approved, we need to conduct trials and prepare a report in justification. We need a statistician who could help us develop a survey and review the results. For this round of trials, we will only have 20-25 participants.

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    I have a set of data that I need someone to analyse. More detail given in chat. I believe that I have demonstrated a starting date - 4/07/2020 - and the degree to which non corona virus deaths are being misassigned to corona virus deaths. It is happening at between 2 to 3 thousand cases every week and accounts for more than a 1/3 of all reported deaths.

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    I am working on a quantitative, retrospective cohort study: TESTING EFFICACY OF AN EDUCATIONAL INTERVENTION ON USING THE CLINICAL INSTITUTE WITHDRAWAL ASSESSMENT (CIWA) FOR HOSPITALIZED ADULTS WITH ALCOHOLISM IN GALLUP, NM. Problem: Patients not screened/assessed for alcohol intoxication and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Under treated patients. Proposed Interventions Duration is 1 month: 1. Tw...

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    Tyies Brown Bitti left

    I need a statistician to help with disaster.

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    Who knows all stats tests, SPSS and correlation topics

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    Task is to derive floor areas of different categories of buildings for 4 year total period. Statistics of floor area are not readily available so you have to search for other stats ( such as population, number of buildings, average floor area of certain buildings) to work out an estimate using using certain assumptions. Requirements: -data analyst/researcher -background in statistics This is sho...

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    I need statistican with python or R programmer ideally with datascience and statistical background to write either python or R script to perform the following task. Propose a solution for the following problem: data file in .csv format contains x number of variables x,y,z and 300 rows of data. Need to expand the file to 500 observations/rows but such that the underlying data stucture is mainta...

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    The purpose of this study is to examine cross-sectional data, to evaluate if there is a correlation between exposure to combat, negative impacts leading to moral injury, mental health, and suicidality of military personnel and veterans. This study is proposing that there is a correlation between negative shifts in morality due to combat exposure, which lead to higher rates of mental health diagno...

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    My survey is regarding the impact of driving on highways geometric design on drivers cognitive abilities.

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    I am seeking a statistician with solid experience of Lavvan R package and R especially statistical experience Specifically I want someone to: a. Install Lavaan and run the simulateData function in Lavaan that simulates data for SEM model. Here is the link: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] i) run the code on this page and ii) run with custom parameters Please...

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    Hola Andrea como estas? Soy frelancer nueva en esta web. Soy de Argentina, quería consultarte como haces para retirar los fondos. Cual medio de pago es mejor? Disculpa mis preguntas , la verdad es que no se como hacer.. para que acá en argentina no me saque afip plata.

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    We are a healthcare consulting and market research company in the Middle east. We are looking for a statistician to work on a Pharma study with the following details; 1. Project description: Conduct a conjoint analysis for a 'willingness to prescribe' study to understand various clinical factors used to drive the choice of one drug vs another regimen. 2. Experiences: Share any experience...

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    hello Frelancer, need to convert a programme writed in MSACCESS to and MySQL DB. This programme must also be able to print barcode label in EAN13 and Code128. There are 5 Forms.

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    Need a statistician for advanced multivariate analysis of clinical study

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    I need to hire a statistician in London for 3 hours work on the 2nd of September at 9 am. Statistician will need to complete the task of the statistical analysis, data handling and providing a short summary report of data that will be provided in an excel file. It will be related to the analysis of trends based on a data about research funding (budgets). The task is simple and short and will take ...

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    I need a statistician to gather data, run a regression, and correlation for my thesis study. My topic is the quantification of Bitcoin against fiat currency. I need someone who can help me with this.

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    We need a statistician specializing in medical statistics for help with our research work.

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    I'd like to have my data analysed in a professional way to make the most out of it. It is a questionnaire -based research to look at the knowledge and attitude of some medical professionals about the use of artificial intelligence in radiology.

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    We require an experience frelancer who has made delivery app .. kindly reply us

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    I want to accurately describe mathematically the highlighted equation. I am not sure it’s perfectly correct as written. I have highlighted the one scientific reference on the constant described (attached as a file). Ideally, I need you to validate it or correct it. Further it would be nice to write some tables, perhaps in XLS to illustrate the boundary conditions of the variables des...

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    Hi, We're looking for statistics experts (professionals/students) from India for long term partnership. The candidate must have a speciality in Statistics. The main task would be providing solutions to the questions in a required digital format. The payment shall be on per solution basis. Thank you!

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    I studied the overall survival in the early lung cancer patients, and to compare between the subgroups. I did the analysis and I need to apply the Hochberg adjustment method.

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    I have some work related to data entry and virtual assistant. I need a female to handle and assist all of my work. I am looking for an open minded assistant who is available for call/text once or twice a week speaks fluent English.

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    Tengo una pagina web en programación PHP el cual requiere una pasarela de pago , contacte a AIRTM que son la pasarela de pago que brinda todos los beneficios que necesitamos y no facilitaron los API , se requiere instalar los API en la web para su correcto funcionamiento { "id": "YYYYYY-YY-YYYYYY-YYYYY", "airtm_email": "soporte@ [URL'yi gör&uu...

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