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    I am looking someone who had worked on Angular 8 Themes before and can customize quick pages and design of the theme as per the requirements. The purpose of the theme was to decrease the cost and get my work speedily done. Integrating of API becomes a charm using Firebase as well Please check the link and be sure if you can work on such theme! [URL'yi görüntülemek iç...

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    I am a contractor who is starting an installations business. I am providing the following services: Assembly of flat pack furniture ( IKEA and other stores), Mounting TV's on walls (home theater installations), mounting shelves, curtains etc. What I am looking for is a quotation for a company logo with the vector images (png) and to have a flyer made up that lists my services with web...

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    Photo editer Bitti left

    I need to fuse two pictures together to make it look like one

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    Trophy icon 3D models for Unity 4 gün left

    I need human models for a wedding scene and a business scene. All of the models need to be in a sitting pose and I need to be able to turn the heads to look towards the camera. The scenes are going to be in a VR app for mobile phones so if it's possible to keep the polygon count down that's great. I need these models: 1 Bride 1 Groom 3 Men (wedding visitors, so suits) 3 Women (wedding v...

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    Design of a Off Grid SPS. Coupling two Victron Quatros 15kw with three Furonious 5kw PV inverters and a 48 volt battery bank. To meet Australian Standards. SLD,s drawings, cable size, fuse size and specification.

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    I have an Angular 8 + spring boot web application that has been generated using jhipster 6.2 , i have an angular material template called Fuse angular 8 template. i want an experienced angular 8 developer to integrate this template with the generated code form jhipster. the images below shows the jhipster project and the template i want to use. Jhipster generator: [URL'yi görünt...

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    Develop a multiple land radar simulation program (Eclipse RCP project with SWT) with Java. Program will have a GUI and will simulate multiple land radars on a Map (World Wind Java) such that user will place radars on the map with a several kilometers of distance between each other. In the simulation tracks will be generated with different speeds and varying continuous direction. Lifetime of track ...

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    Develop a multiple land radar simulation program (Eclipse RCP project with SWT) with Java. Program will have a GUI and will simulate multiple land radars on a Map (World Wind Java) such that user will place radars on the map with a several kilometers of distance between each other. In the simulation tracks will be generated with different speeds and varying continuous direction. Lifetime of track ...

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    I’ve got a fairly new recording studio I’m assembling piece by piece and a logo for social media/business cards is my next step. The name Fuse Audio comes from a model cannon that I own and plan on displaying in my studio, pictured below. It’s NOT a requirement to stick to that as a theme, but it’s a concept that can be explored. Looking for something that feels late 60s e...

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    We rebuild TIPMs, which stands for "Totally Integrated Power Module". A TIPM is the fuse and relay box in all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM vehicles, and some Volkswagens that Chrysler built for Volkswagen. We need a short animated video segment that shows how relays work. Learn about what a relay is here: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] the ani...

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    This project is a simple customisation of the open source Rasa chatbot framework. Rather than answering questions, the chat bot will ask the user a structured set of questions. These questions are based on identifying nouns in the user statements and then forming questions around them. For example, if the user utterance is 'it feels like I am banging my head off a brick wall', the custom...

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    Hey There, We are an upcoming startup from India. We will be working on travel accessories and travel gear, starting with motorcycle luggage (not limited to this) we want a name for the brand to be versatile and not restricted to a particular segment, as we wish to expand in all kind of travels and products related to it for eg. Adventure (Hiking,Trekking), Urban(Daily commute,Long tours) , Spo...

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    Hello, I work for a co-living company and we need someone to measure our units and send them to us in a CAD file. This would be on a recurring basis all around the city. We are a co-living company our apartments ranging from Bushwick to Harlem, around 10 units/month. Our units are typically 600-800 sq ft. An outline of our standards: - Measure new unit: include doors, stairs, windows...

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    I would like to try to have an existing S3 bucket attached as a drive to my EC2 instance running Bitnami Wordpress. The goal of this is to have Wordpress use my S3 bucket as storage for media and for Wordpress to have access to pre-existing media files stored on my bucket via wordpress' media library and avoiding storing any files on the instances/host drive.

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    Looking for a frontend developer who can create a new PWA for real estate. Functional requirements; The details are in the attached document - Login Page - Home Page (list of properties and ads) - Search Criteria - Search Result (List and Map) - Property Page - Property Details - Property Gallery - Saved Properties - Saved Searches Non-Functional Requirements: - Mobile and Web: th...

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    I need to mount google drive as a real drive on ubuntu/debian/cent os I already tested google-ocaml-fuse/rclone/gcfs etc...etc no one respond to my criterias because it cannot permit to use google drive for downloading any files from internet directly on google drive, it must FIRSTLY download on local drive, and i don't want it! thanks to help me if you have a solution

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    We have been commissioned to build a prototype of a Web Application for a client of ours. Since we are still very early on in the Product Development Phase, here is an outline of the planned product: The world of Online Advertising (Performance Marketing / Affiliate Marketing, etc) is very competitive and very profitable for companies that are in the Top 3% of that industry. A common problem is ...

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    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone to design a brochure for my company ATTS-Inc. We are looking to merge the brochure design with our partner company TRS Global. I have attached their PDF trifold design and what I'm looking for is for the attached to merge well with our (ATTS-Inc) design (i.e. both logos together and clear mention of our work together and so on) more details can be prov...

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    I need a solar electrical design schematic for a residential solar system. The system will use 18 pieces of 380 watt panels for a total of 6.84 kWh. The inverter design is based on 5kWh. We want to know if we can use a 6kW solar and 5kWh inverter. If not, we can lower the size of the panels. Following Specs are provided - Panel Specs: See attached - Inverter Specs: See attached Growatt SPF 5000...

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    Bonjour à tous, S'il vous plaît veuillez lire attentivement avant de faire une enchère, c'est très important afin de ne perdre ni votre temps ni le mien. Aux enchérisseurs: Si vous faites une enchère à 5 € pour ensuite me demander mon budget, merci de ne pas répondre. Si vous faites une enchère à 5 € pou...

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    I am creating a off grid solar gardening system. The system is designed to be self sufficient and work on timers to turn the water pump and lights on and off. the system consistently shuts down. The inverter fault light turns on and the system needs to be reset. I am looking for someone to optimize the system so that it will continue to run. the water pump was changed from 370watt pump to 80 watt ...

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    Looking for angular expert to work on a project. Required skills: - Angular 8 - NRWL schema - Angular Material Design - We use FUSE theme library ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) - Swagger / OpenAPI - Yarn - SCSS

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    Visual-Inertial Odometry Using Synthetic Data This example uses: Automated Driving Toolbox Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox This example shows how to estimate the pose (position and orientation) of a ground vehicle using an inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a monocular camera. In this example, you: Create a driving scenario containing the ground truth trajectory of the vehicle. Use an IMU a...

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    Builld Multi Vendor, Multi Ecommerce Site Using Fuse React Admin theme ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) Multikart React Ecommerce Theme. ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) End goal: 1. Super admin can create any number of ecommerce sites with the option of setting up shop with given ecommerce theme’s different home pages ...

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    I would like to have someone design me a mechanical keyboard PCB. Output are the files of the design. Here are the specs: - 75% layout (~84-ish switches) - Support for USB Type C and/or USB Mini (maybe through a daughterboard) - ESD protection, Fuse protection - RGB underglow - Indicator LEDs (Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock) - Layer indicator RGB LED - Cherry MX footprint - should be ...

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    We are looking for a frontend developer with experience in building responsive dashboards. It is important that you would be able to create fluid animations, beautiful transitions and could work without having pixel perfect design. An example of what we are looking is someone who could take this from mockup to reality: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Required u...

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    Revise code for export button. When clicked, export data in columns: SOD, Prom Date, Will Ship Date and Plan Date on "Fuse Main", "Comp Smp", and "OEM" sheets will export to a .csv file titled "Promdt", and should save in folder C:Download

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    In a FUSE project, I need an endpoint (web service) which is able to receive Axis 1.4 type XML (RPC), transform the XML into a POJO, then send the corresponding request to a more modern SOAP endpoint (CXF kind), receive the response, transform it back into Axis 1.4-type XML Single endpoint. Within existing Camel context project. Using Gitlab for source control Sample request (Axis 1.4), target W...

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    Seeking a 3d artists that can easily create 3d model characters and animate them very quickly. Great if you are familiar with 3d programs like Adobe Fuse because you will need to be able to create characters very quickly, export them and create animated dance sequences with them. This is an ongoing gig with the idea that I will provide you different songs each day for you to use to create animate...

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    We are looking for a front-end or full-stack web developer (ReactJs, ExtJs, PHP) who will be able to prepare new front-end part for an existing web application based on PHP and ExtJs (v 3.x) at this moment. For this phase of project the main goal is to prepare new ReactJS UI (Fuse template) with all existing functions as in existing ExtJs version. You will work with the same API, requesting the ...

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    Convert the serial code three different times in OpenMP 1. Parallelize the code by separately parallelizing each loop. 2. This time parallelize the code by using prc_a.c to reduce the number of parallel regions 3. Use a single parallel region (directive) outside the while loop. If the 2 red-black loops can be combined, fuse them. Use 16 threads here.

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    Interface agreement provided; create a fresh FUSE project with a CXF Bean and ~5 endpoints as WSDLs. Code first or Contract first ok. Should include basic tests

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    Purchased the Fuse html admin template but doesn’t provide any kind of functionality other than Demo purposes. I need to convert to a wedding tool for couples to manage budget to do list calendar wedding style book vendors (linked to our directory) include wedding registry items guestlist table seating

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    Fuse project Bitti left

    create fuse client for either the tar or zip utility

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    Newest games......name is ATOMIC THRILL made by Atomic Enterprises On the screen (50 inch TV) (chrome win 10 or exe) a display of a bomb that (is counting down) with the animated spark fuse degreading and bomb ratteling etc... The Bomb goes off every ( set minutes) when the counter is time to go off and there is random amount ($5 or $10 or $15 or $20 or 30 or max $50) ....and desides random to ...

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    For someone to design PCB layout as well as schematic and small circuits. I want a PCB design with 40 way header to connect to raspberry PI3, The circuit must have 6 Digital Inputs 24vdc opto isolator with LED , 6 Digital outputs opto isolator with LED, 2 analog outputs 0-10v instrument signals , 2 analog inputs 0-10v instrument signals. RS 232 output using Uart from PI DB9 connector , rs485 2 wir...

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    Thank you for taking the time to read our design requirement. It is VERY IMPORTANT to carefully read our directions several times before staring your work. We would like you to design a new complete rover illustration, that looks almost identical to our original, based on our rover picture (attachment 1), including the same angles, not crayon-like illustrations. Notice the *body only* part of our...

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    Hi Unzag Designs, I have another project for you: 1) This project will take place in the driveway in front of the character's house. 2) The wolverine and girl will be standing next to a civil war canon in their driveway that is in front of their house (attached). The canon should be facing to the right. 3) Although I've attached an image of their driveway. I need the scene to extend...

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    Se necesita integrar SAP con CRM mediante Fuse, se tiene el documento funcional de los RFC de SAP para la integración.

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    We are new IT implementation company oriented for company processes and I need help to create logo for company and some small design face of company Our company is called “FUXSY” => Fuse cross systems and people

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    Customise base on existing bootstrap fuse template. Implement frontend elements on one responsive page written in PHP based on wireframe diagram. Leverage on data tables, relative column widths and tabbed pane navigation.

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    I will send a picture of son goku and a picture of my son nathaniel i need to fuse together both images withs nice background to print and put in a wall i want to make my son a anime character without losing his looks

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    have to have knowledge in RC4 Encryption/Decryption and have to know how to uses "FUSE, s3fs, openssl.

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    i will need a dockerconfig file that will create a container for php, apache and sf3 fuse

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    Trophy icon Design a logo for me Bitti left

    Hi, I have an auto electrical installations business id like to have a logo for sign writing. The business name is - FUZED INSTALLATIONS Id like some options of logos with FUZED INSTALLATIONS and just the word FUZED Maybe you can incorporate a car fuse into the logo somewhere Ive attached one I had made up but after something a little more professional looking, I don't want the...

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    Consists of two versions of a PCB Board to hold a simple loop wiring consisting of: 1. a 20mm fuse tube holder (to accept 20mm fuse tubes, either v1: 50mA or v2: 32mA) 2. a resistor (v1: 470 Ohm, v2: 760Ohm) - that is designed for high wattage (eg 5W) 3. A connector to a standard 5-pin M12 plug male adapter. Something that connects with this: [URL'yi görüntülemek için g...

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    I'm looking for web developer who needs the Angular 7+ template. This is Angular 7+ & Bootstrap 4 jQuery HTML Material Design Admin Template. check url: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I will provide you by low price. Please contact me.

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    Want to have a deaigner who could fuse gujrat embroidery with trendy kurti designs

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    Want to have a deaigner who could fuse gujrat embroidery with trendy kurti designs

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    We intend to start selling air freshener, local market and online. We are in search of product name. Parameters required for the product name formation. Should stick in mind and remember able Name should stand out It Unique It should be creative It should be very interesting Easy to spell Easy to pronounce It should be brand able It should be 4-6 characters. If name presents the air care ...

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