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    Konu ile ilgili 80 sayfalık, ilgili enstitünün yazım kurallarına uygun ve intihal gerektirmeyen yazı gerekmektedir.

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    Sıfırdan bir wordpress web sitesi şablonu oluşturulmasını olan *Çocuk Oyunları ve Spor Kulüpleri Konfedarasyonu'na uyumlu hem çocukların hemde yetişkinlere hitap eden(oran verecek olursak Yetişkinler : %75 , Çocuklar: %25) kullanışlı ve fazla karmaşık olmayan *Haber,duyuru,ilan vs alanları barındıran *Döküman indirme sayfası bulunan *Kurumun Bünyesinde barındırdığı, Birdir Federasyonu , Çelikçomak Federasyonu, Mendilkapmaca Federasyonu ve Seksek Federasyonu birimlerine ait (tüm federasyon siteleri aynı şablon olmak kaydıyla Milli Eğiitm Bakanlığı usulü) sayfalar yapılması. *Şuanda var olan veritabanlarına link atarak bağlantı yapılması (özgün butonlar ile)

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    ...Müşteriden hangi bilgileri talep etmesini istediğimizi girebilmeliyiz yada formu o şekilde oluşıca bütün bayilerin müşterilerinin admin tek ekrandan herşeyi ile görebilmelidir. Sınırsız sayıda ürün ürün ekleyebilme ve eklenecek ürünler istenilen özelliklerde veya kategoriye göre eklenebilmeli.. Örnek " ingilizce Çeviri Hazırlama Hizmeti" "Web sayfası Grafik Tasarım Hizmeti " " .org Domain" "SEO Paket 3" " IP Telefon " "Kulaklık" v.s. ayrıca ürünler için iki tip fiyat bayi alış fiyatı ve diğeri de Bizim tarafımızdan girilecek bayinin Müşteriye Tavsiye edilen Satış fiyatı olacak… Ürün Fiyatlarını Ziya...

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    Bliz Beats Music, LLC, a music production company located in southern California, is looking to offload high-ticket sales of our custom music production service offerings (to serious artists looking to take their careers to the next level) to an experienced individual or team of high-ticket closers. Because their business does not solely focus on a single revenue stream, they cannot adapt the traditional sales funnel model from their homepage. Instead, their main website () segments the appropriate content based on the audience type. ___________________________________________ Their website visitor profiles are as follows: (1) Artists / Vocalists / Singer-Songwriters looking for exclusive licensing of high-quality custom instrumentals (either for an Single track

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    I need a rabbit mascot designed for my value education organization. The rabbit should be designed keeping in mind children and teens between the ages of 0-16. It should embody qualities of drive, integrity, vibrancy, insight/maturity, nurturing, and empowerment. Key Requirements: - Mascot should be soft and friendly, aiming to be warm and attractive overall - Mascot should evoke emotions of joy, trust, and care simultaneously. - Color scheme should be soft but vibrant colors. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in mascot or character design, especially for children or educational organizations. - Strong understanding of color psychology, particularly as it pertains to children and teens. - Experience creating characters that are simultaneously joyful, trustworthy, and nurturing...

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    ...details for each banner. Flag 1: Company Branding Content: Our logo (provided) Slogan: "Zukunft Gestalten mit KI" Website: Design Requirements: Colors: Use our brand colors #f25443 (red) and #2e2b2b (dark grey). White is also acceptable for contrast and readability. Style: Clean, modern, and professional. The design should convey innovation and forward-thinking. Flag 2: Careers at TIKI Content: Focus: Career opportunities at TIKI Slogan: "Deine Zukunft in KI beginnt hier – Werde Teil von TIKI!" Website: Design Requirements: Colors: Consistent with our brand colors #f25443 red and #2e2b2b dark grey. White can be used to enhance visibility. Style: Inviting and aspirational. The design should appeal to potential job seekers and highlight

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    ...base design package. • Home • About • Travelers • Clients Additional Page Development Creation of additional web pages beyond the initial set included in the base package. Each page is tailored to fit the client’s specific content needs and includes SEO-optimized content, and mobile responsiveness. The included pages in this estimate are listed below. • Resources • Our Team • Mission Values • Careers • Apply Now • Job Board • Traveler Divisions • Benefits • Referrals • Healthcare Staffing • Staffing Requests • Benefits • Featured Articles • Credentials • Travel Requirements Search Engine Optimization Possible Blog Some help will be need with copy Photos will be provided Sites we c...

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    I'm looking for a talented app designer to create an app that will serve as a job portal in the movie industry. The app will be available on both iOS and Android platforms. Key Features: - User Profiles: Users should be able to create and maintain profiles showc...informed about job opportunities and industry news. - Search Functionality: A robust search functionality is crucial for users to easily find relevant job postings. Ideal candidates should have experience in app design, particularly in developing user-centric and intuitive interfaces. Knowledge of job portals, or similar platforms, will be an added advantage. Your work will directly impact the careers of budding movie industry professionals, so a keen eye for detail and a passion for the entertainment industry will ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled web developer to create my company website. The website will be primarily focused on providing information about our company. Here are some key details: Key Pages: - Home - About Us - Services - Contact - Careers Design Preferences: - Modern Ideal Skills: - Proficient in web development - Strong understanding of user experience - UI design skills - Familiarity with creating modern website layouts - Ability to integrate a strong navigational structure Please provide a portfolio of previous work that demonstrates your experience in creating modern, user-friendly websites. Point of reference :

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    ...following questions: 1) You will be responsible for 3 social media (IG&X&Linkedin). Answer your years of experience in each platform. 2) Can you create content in mental care in English? 3) Can you make one collaboration per week? 4) Can you interact with the audience via 10 comments and 10 likes every day on each platform? 5) If you answer "yes" to the above questions, please go to Expathy Org IG page, make one sample post OR reels for Expathy and submit it between 20th of May- 26th of May. Colors: Green (#012b28) Yellow (#ebb42c) We are looking for an experienced social media expert who can manage and promote EXPATHY across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Key Responsibilities: - Content creation - Design via Adobe programs such as graphic designs an...

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    I'm in need of someone who is experienced in graphic design to convert and edit a series of JPEG logos into a vector format. Here's an overview of what I need: **Conversion to Vector Format**: I need the logos to be transferred into a vector format without any background. This is important for their use in digital media, so it's crucial that the final output is of high quality and resolution. **Grayscale Edits**: The vectorized logos should be in grayscale, mirroring the specific range of the bottom banner. This means the freelancer will need to match the grayscale of the bottom banner, ensuring a consistent look across all logos. REFERENCE: SAME BOTTOM BANNER AS Have attached the logos along with this posting

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    ...somebody who's passionate about charity, who loves people, who loves to empower people, who speaks clear spoken English and is good with Discord. # Payment $200-$500 CAD (CAD = 73% of USD) monthly depending on your abilities and quality of work. # Non-Profit Org We're an organization dedicated toward making video games that improve people's lives through education and through raising awareness. # Key Requirements - A PC that can play games - Good spoken English - Able to be online from 2:00 P.M. EST - 6 P.M. EST - Stable internet. # Org Details In joining us you will be joining a community deeply passionate about empowering other people to succeed. Your goal will be to connect with people in live meetings with more than 50 people to help them build...

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    ...the newsletter to be sent out on a weekly basis. Key Requirements: - Design and Set-up: I need someone with a keen eye for design who can make the newsletter visually appealing and professional. - Audience Focused: The content of the newsletter should be tailored and engaging for experienced freelancers, providing them with valuable insights and tips that can help them excel in their freelance careers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing newsletters, specifically for experienced professionals. - Familiarity with email marketing tools for managing and sending out newsletters. - Strong understanding of the freelance industry and the needs of experienced freelancers. This is a long-term project, so I'm looking for a freelancer who can commit to a we...

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    ...Analysis section should focus solely on the specifics of the proposed transaction. Please avoid generic industry trends, target market demographics, and competitor analysis, and instead, provide a detailed analysis of the market environment where the proposal is targeted. - **Financial Projections**: This section should consist of detailed financial data and projections related to the proposal. - **Org Charts**: I require a clear and concise organizational chart to display the hierarchical structure of the entities involved in the proposal. - **Project Description**: A comprehensive description of the project, its objectives, and expected outcomes should be included. I'd like the design to be visually engaging and easy to follow. Experience in creating business or fina...

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    I need content scraped off a Dokuwiki for use elsewhere, (maybe in Dokuwiki or another html, css format) I am in need of an expert who can skillfully extract content from http: // geodesicsolutions . org /wiki/. The task is not recurring; it will require a single extraction that encompasses: - all the text content, - images, and - links. Ideally, the perfect candidate for this assignment will possess expertise or qualifying experience in web scraping. Knowledge on how to extract data from diverse formats will be beneficial. Proficiency in web scraping tools and techniques is a prerequisite. Once the content has been scraped successfully, I would appreciate if you can help arrange the data in a clear, accessible structure. Kindly ensure that while conducting the web scraping, the ...

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    Project: We are developing a cloud security platform (MVP) focused on AWS. The initial phase will center on visualizing the AWS Or...Wireframes/mockups of the organization structure visualization. - Interactive prototype showcasing the UI/UX flow. Following must include in your proposal otherwise your Big won't be considered: - Have you worked on any CSPM related product at any level with any skills? if yes, tell me more about it. - Do you have knowledge on AWS Org structure? - For this project, what estimate about of pages do you think would be there considering login, account connect, aws org structure view, etc.. Please include your portfolio and relevant experience when applying. Note: This is a short-term project with the potential for ongoing collaboration as...

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    I am currently transitioning careers and venturing into the Human Resources industry, targeting a role as an HR Generalist. I need a seasoned professional in resume writing with a strong HR background to rework my resume, making it appealing to potential employers in this industry. Key requirements are: - Strong knowledge of HR lexicon and terminologies. - Proven experience in creating resumes for HR roles. - Ability to highlight transferable skills effectively. The essence of this project is not just to properly structure my resume, but to make sure it clearly communicates my aptitude and readiness for a HR Generalist role.

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    Here's an opportunity for a female model to collaborate for my Instagram reels. My primary purpose is to showcase content related to career advice, specifically tailored towards the finance industry. Hence, an understanding of the finance industry and the capacity to deliver career advice content would be much appreciated. Let's increase job career advice - Previous modelling experience, preferably in video format Desired Skills: - Knowledge about the finance industry - Authentic and engaging on-camera presence - Excellent command of language This collaboration aims to provide tangible, helpful career advice to young professionals navigating the finance industry. If you love the camera and are passionate about finance careers, you're just the...

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    we want to develop a new WordPress website for an HR provider - 5-7 pages (home, about, services, careers (will have a contact form with job titles as drop-down, send to an email when submitting), a contact page with form & google map) - Basic content & logo will be provided. - Pictures and other images/videos developer to source. - Responsive design - SEO friendly - Elementor PRO ( we will provide the license) - faster page load - optimized - animated - eye-catching design - Security - Mobile Optimized - contact form & other needed plugin configurations. Please share some design ideas/links to discuss.

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    ... In the first, when a user in the org enters go/wbr, it correctly redirects to the welcome Google doc link. To kickstart this project, we plan to leverage the open-source software "trotto," which already provides a solid foundation with its frontend, backend, and browser extension. Based on the Trotto backend, a Django-based backend has already implemented that supports social login, adding and removing links. Goal is to implement team functionality so that a user created golink is available to everyone in the team similar to The task involves creating JSON API endpoints to create/edit/delete links and invite/add/remove members to enable golinks across an org. You are not going to be touching frontend HTML/CSS. Please

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    31 teklifler company. Key Features: Homepage: Use technology-themed visuals, such as code snippets, or futuristic designs, as part of your website's background or banners. Include a section titled "Join Our Team" or "Careers" prominently on the homepage to indicate that you're actively seeking tech-savvy individuals. About Us: Emphasize your company's commitment to innovation and technology in the "About Us" section. Highlight key technological achievements, projects, or patents to showcase your company's expertise and contributions to the tech industry. Careers: Create a dedicated careers page that outlines available job positions, including roles in software development, engineering, data science, etc. Describe your...

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    PHP XML Sign Bitti left

    Necesito en PHP puro un modulo para firmar electrónicamente un XML con un certificado .P12, y este se debe enviar a un webservice externo que valida el xml, se espera datos de respuesta. La aplicación de WS-Security se aplicará exigiendo...con un certificado .P12, y este se debe enviar a un webservice externo que valida el xml, se espera datos de respuesta. La aplicación de WS-Security se aplicará exigiendo la firma mediante XMLDSig en el body del mensaje SOAP utilizando los siguientes parámetros: • Algoritmo de firma: RSA/DSA (se recomienda RSA - • Canonicalization: "exc-c14n" (Exclusive) • Algoritmo de Digest: "sha1" (

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    ...targets validated by the SBTi, and we’ve been recognized for the transparency and ambition of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We’ve also recently been named as one of the world’s most innovative companies. If you’re a curious and collaborative person who wants to make a big impact through technology, then we want to hear from you! Find out more at Location: Lake Forest, California (Hybrid) Type: Full Time Permanent Path: Individual Contributor About the Role When you join AVEVA’s Research & Development team, you are joining a global team of over 2000 engineers and computer scientists. We work on more than 75 leading industrial automation and engineering products. Our focus, passion, and collaboration help us to deliver innovativ...

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    Description: Are you a freelance sales professional with a knack for closing deals and a passion for helping others succeed in their careers? Our startup is seeking an experienced freelancer to join our sales team and drive growth for our mock interview services. As an independent contractor, you'll have the flexibility to work remotely and set your own schedule while earning competitive commissions for each successful sale. **Key Responsibilities:** - Utilize your expertise in sales to identify and target college graduates, job seekers, and professionals across industries such as IT, sales and marketing, finance, and accounting. - Craft persuasive pitches to showcase the value of our 30-minute mock interview sessions in preparing candidates for specific job roles. - Impleme...

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    Description: Are you a freelance sales professional with a knack for closing deals and a passion for helping others succeed in their careers? Our startup is seeking an experienced freelancer to join our sales team and drive growth for our mock interview services. As an independent contractor, you'll have the flexibility to work remotely and set your own schedule while earning competitive commissions for each successful sale. **Key Responsibilities:** - Utilize your expertise in sales to identify and target college graduates, job seekers, and professionals across industries such as IT, sales and marketing, finance, and accounting. - Craft persuasive pitches to showcase the value of our 30-minute mock interview sessions in preparing candidates for specific job roles. - Impleme...

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    Calling all energetic and charismatic high ticket closers! Our company's name is MalTrak and we are a cybersecurity career coaching company. We help people build or shift their careers to cybersecurity. Our values are mainly empathy. We share compassion, understanding, and care through our interactions with each customer and you need to share the same values and energy in your sales calls. We are looking for an experienced High ticket closer on a commission-based and a base salary. It will be a 12% commission on coaching programs of $7200 or higher commissions of %15 for a high closing rate above 25% We have a complete 12 months coaching and mentorship program and we already have a high ticket closer at the moment and we are looking to expand our team. All the leads come fr...

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    ...offerings, and industry presence. The website should prominently showcase our presence across multiple countries, highlight key metrics such as employee count, customer base, and market sectors covered (including IR channels, key accounts, online platforms, and KDR), and provide seamless navigation to essential pages such as landing, country-specific, divisional, about us, contact, blog, news, and careers. Additionally, integration with social media platforms is imperative for maintaining a robust online presence. Requirements: • Demonstrated proficiency in WordPress, including experience with Elementor Pro. • A strong track record in website design and development, with a portfolio showcasing previous projects. • Ability to creatively conceptualize and execute we...

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    156 teklifler 12. WKNR. This Day In History. Retrieved from 13. 7 inches of 70s pop. (2012, November 6). My Ding-A-Ling by Chuck Berry. Retrieved from 14. Cash Box. (1972, July 15). Without a doubt, Chi Coltrane deserves the attention of every top programmer in the country. *Cash Box*. Retrieved from 15. USAF Tuslog, Kas60. (n.d.). Jumpin Jimmy Connors. Retrieved from 16. How Do You Do? The Story of Mouth and MacNeal. (2016, September). *GoRetro*. Retrieved from

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    ...- About us: background pictures of your selection and a text read from a file (no copy-paste). - Team: a matrix of 2 cols and 10 rows: * col1 = pictures read from a file (no copy-paste). * col2 = a text read from a file (no copy-paste). - Domains: a text read from a file (no copy-paste) - Projects: carousel of pictures (see attachment): free download from - Careers: one text read from a file (no copy-paste). - Contact: one text read from a file (no copy-paste). - Customer area: fake, it will be visible but grayed-out = disabled. Some inspitational websites I like: - I like colors and the animations - I like that the upper row with the logo and tab names changes size - I like

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    I need someone to create a simple data table search and display function for me. ...for me. The search form will be inside of a page. The search function will read from a specific spreadsheet with organization names and URLs but it will also have keywords and categories that it needs to search. Example: search term: Fatherhood Display: Organizations, categories, URLs with the term "fatherhood" or a category. The results will simply display below the search form in a row: ORG NAME URL. CONTACT INFO (if any) See the attached spreadsheet. I DO NOT want a listing directory with individual pages for listings. All this is should be a search box, and display results statically beneath. I can create a screenshot of necessary. Also it needs to match the CSS of the ...

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    ...Candidate screening and evaluation: Conducting initial candidate screenings to ensure the candidates meet the criteria and evaluating them for suitability. - Job posting and advertisement: Strategically posting the job openings across various platforms to reach a wide range of potential candidates. Candidates will be across various levels, including: - Entry-level: For those just starting in their careers. - Mid-level management: For individuals with some professional experience and ready to take on more responsibilities. - Senior/executive-level: For those with extensive experience and capable of leading teams or departments. Ideal candidates for this project: - HR recruiting agencies or professionals experienced in talent acquisition. - Those with prior experience in filling ...

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    ...experience for my site's visitors. Ideal Skills & Experience: • Expertise in WordPress optimization • Proficiency in SEO • Experience in improving website speed As my target audience is the working professional , who want to change the aws cloud for need to optimize the landing page to be attractive yet simple enough for anyone to understand and navigate. The focus should be on how to change the careers to AWS Cloud Task 1 • WordPress Optimization: - Improve loading speed of each webpage : - - Better SEO Ranking Task 2 • Landing Page Creation: - Target Audience: Working professional - Promotion of Article on AWS , Azure and Devops best practise and try to engage the users Task 3: Integration of LMS with Payment Gateway with...

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    ...database nor payment functionalities. There will be just one language. Tabs: - About us: 2 cols and 2 rows: col1 = pictures, col2 = text - Team: 2 cols and 10 rows: col1 = pictures, col2 = text, email and linkedin - Domains: 2 cols and 10 rows: col1 = pictures, col2 = text - Projects: carousel of pictures (left, center, right) with arrow left and right to move; text only below center-image. - Careers: 2 rows (job1 and job2) - Contact: 1 row (a description and a email address: opens user mail client) - Customer area: (fake: it will be visible but grayed-out = disabled) Texts and images: - The website reads texts, jobs and pictures from a folder in my server. - I will be able to change these at conveniance by updating new files (show me how) - The icon and favicon will also be u...

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    ...require a skilled and detail-oriented artist to doodle on my 20+ generation icelandic family tree. I envision Icelandic words, wildlife, scenery, Viking runes, Viking ships and weapons - that kind of thing. I have researched the family tree back to the year 836 and I can work with the artist to develop a creative way of listing and connecting the names (something more interesting than the standard org chart style). The end product would be a scroll or poster of the family tree that would be worthy of hanging on the wall. Key Deliverables: - A print-ready file - A resonating realistic style - Inclusion of the names of my ancestors back to the settlement of Iceland. Generations Ideal Prerequisites for this task are: - Experience in creating family trees would be benefic...

    €1012 - €2025
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    €1012 - €2025
    31 teklifler, company, and potential career opportunities. Key Features: - The website should feature an 'About Us' section, presenting a concise but engaging overview of our business and its history. - A detailed 'Services Offered' page, outlining the range of IT services we provide. - A 'Contact Us' section, including an interactive contact form and details for reaching us by phone or email. - A 'Careers' page, where visitors can learn about job opportunities at our company. Design: - It should be designed to be professional and sleek - a design that promotes trustworthiness and reliability. Ideal Freelancer: - A web designer with experience in creating professional websites for IT or similar businesses. - A solid understanding of user ex...

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    ...Career Suggestions: Implement machine learning algorithms to suggest careers based on users' distinctive skills and interests. Please note, I'm not seeking to include past job history or education level at this time. - Career Path Details: Each suggested career should include a basic yet informative description. In-depth information or exploration of growth opportunities is not necessary for this project. Ideal candidates should possess: - Experience in both web development and ML algorithms - Understanding of user-focused design principles - Ability to ensure data privacy and security in the context of user registration and data handling. Accomplishing this project successfully will allow users to explore potential careers that align with their unique skills...

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    ...Based About the Challenge: Target Audience: Individuals interested in transitioning into cybersecurity careers. Challenge Format: 5-day online program packed with actionable insights and strategies. Benefits: Equips participants with the skills and knowledge to land cybersecurity jobs. Your Role: As an affiliate marketer, you will be responsible for promoting our 5-day cybersecurity jobs challenge to your audience. We offer a generous 50% commission on every sale you generate. This means you can potentially earn up to $10,000 per week by effectively promoting the challenge. Responsibilities: Develop targeted marketing campaigns to reach individuals interested in cybersecurity careers. Utilize various marketing channels such as social media, email marketing, content m...

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    The American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) is a non-profit, co-educational institution of higher education in the United Arab Emirates. It was founded in 2009 and offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields, including business, engineering, education, and arts and sciences. AURAK is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Educa...variety of fields, including business, engineering, education, and arts and sciences. AURAK is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education with QAA & SACS accreditation and has partnerships with several universities in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Its mission is to provide a high-quality American-style education to students in the UAE and the region, and to prepare them for successful careers and leadership ://

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    1 teklifler for my construction company. The site should comprise of the following pages: Home, About Us, Services, Portfolio, Contact Us, Investment, Health & Safety and Careers. Here are some project specifications: - The site must stick to a particular color scheme that I will provide. - The site must incorporate image sliders and an information request form. No need for a blog feature. - The 'Services' and 'Portfolio' pages should showcase our work via high-quality images. - The 'Contact Us' page should contain easily visible contact information and a Google Maps integration. - The 'Investment', 'Health & Safety', and 'Careers' pages should be simple, with a focus on text content and clear navigation. - A...

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    ...seeking a skilled content writer who has a keen understanding of the construction industry. Your task will be to craft diverse, engaging write-ups about my construction company for our website. You will be expected to cover various sections such as described below: - About us - Services and expertise - Project portfolio - Sustainability - Health and safety - Investors - Media centre - Careers Our target audience comprises potential clients, investors, and job seekers. Therefore, your writing should appeal to these groups and align with our primary goal - generating leads. NOTES: - A background in the construction industry or related niches will be a significant advantage. - Proven experience in writing for diverse audiences and adjusting tone and style acc...

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    We're looking for a skilled user tester to evaluate the HR side of our innovative platform, Discover. Discover empowers users to explore careers and personal development opportunities through AI-powered analysis of LinkedIn data. - What You'll Be Doing: Conduct a comprehensive user testing session on the HR side of Discover (not the live version: [link to Discover HR mockup - . Analyze each user journey in detail, answering questions like: How easy was it to get started? Was the platform intuitive and easy to understand? Did the features and functionalities work as expected? How user-friendly was the interface? Were you satisfied with the overall user experience? Provide clear and concise feedback, including: Suggestions for improvement Usability

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    I need a proficient PHP developer who can help me sign XML files and send them through SOAP using a .p12 certificate from FMNT in Spain. We need to use XMLDSig in the body of the message SOAP using: • Sign Algorith : RSA/DSA (better RSA - • Canonicalization: "exc-c14n" (Exclusive) • Digest Algorith : "sha1" ( - The certificate will be used on a web-based platform, which requires a professional with strong experience in working across different web environments. - The primary purpose of this project is to authenticate company data securely ensuring data integrity. - Ideal skills include a strong background in PHP, SOAP, XML, web security, and ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced web developer with strong WordPress and Elementor skills to update our corporate website. The main focus of this project is to add a blog/news section and a careers section to our site. In addition to these main tasks, there are various other content updates required. Key tasks involve: - Designing and customizing the blog/news section with a custom layout and related posts section. - Implementing a comprehensive careers section including job listings, an application submission form, and employee testimonials. - Updating text and images across the site and adding new pages as needed. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience with WordPress and Elementor. - A strong portfolio demonstrating success with similar projects. - A keen e...

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    ...the word of the logo name (Daaniyah) could be incorporated somewhere? Essentially I would like to make the website that has courses, articles, Islamic related questions and children’s and adults courses to learn about Islam. I have included some pictures attached that I kind of like the style of. The colours shoudl be a dark green and black maybe. But a green that looks like img_4084. The letters .org can be written very small perhaps. I'm looking for a talented designer to create a logo that's significantly catered toward brand recognition for my educational company. It's crucial that the design is well-structured and distinct. Ideal skills: - Proficiency in modern design software - Previous experience with educational logos or similar - Strong underst...

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    I need to gather emails from: https://alaskabar(.org)/for-lawyers/member-directories/ Need it in CSV

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    I'm looking for a talented writer who can craft a Wikipedia article for me. This will be a personal project, aimed at informing the public about my career as a politician. I have personal anecdotes and stories that I'd like to include in the article. Key Responsibilities: - Create a Wikipedia article that is informative - Incorporate personal anecdotes and sto...Responsibilities: - Create a Wikipedia article that is informative - Incorporate personal anecdotes and stories that I provide Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experienced in Wikipedia article creation - Strong understanding of the Wikipedia guidelines and standards - Excellent writing skills - Ability to craft a compelling narrative from provided anecdotes - Familiarity with writing about political figures or careers...

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    As an organizational recruiter, I'm specifically seeking individuals with a background in IT and Technology, focusing primarily on those at the mid-level to senior stages of their careers. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in lead generation - Strong IT and tech industry knowledge - Experience in mid to senior-level roles Ideal candidates should have: - Proven track record in an IT/tech-based role - Demonstrated ability in lead generation - Skill in using technology to drive recruitment goals Prior experience in a similar role and a proven ability to source and recruit high-quality mid to senior-level IT talent is critical. If you have a thorough understanding of the tech sector, specifically in lead-generation roles, your expertise would be of great value in this position.

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    ...navbar are going to be separate for all pages. The header is supposed to be a branch of a tree with the sitelogo on it in the middle. - On a desktop view we want the left side of the screen to have a tree trunk run along on the left till the footer And leaves on the right. - Footer content should include: Column 1: Small kalataru logo and under it social media links Column 2: About us Contact us Careers Kalataru Magazine Column 3: FAQs Returns and exchanges Shipping and Handling Terms of Service Privacy Policy Column 4: Sign up to our email Newsletter (Email ID text box with validation) (Subscribe button) - Integration with payment gateway (phonepe) - Cart and login mechanism should be OTP based and very direct and easy - Collect user data in a proper format (ip, usage, email_id...

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    ...Class schedules: A clear and easy-to-understand presentation of class schedules. - News and events: Regularly updated news section and upcoming events calendar. - Student picture: A space for student pictures, possibly for class photos or a gallery. - Online payment: A secure system for online payment, preferably integrated within the registration process. - Careers program information: A dedicated section for information on our school's careers program. - Welcome message: A warm, friendly and welcoming message from the school. The ideal candidate will have experience in: - WordPress CMS: As per my preference, the website should be built using WordPress. - Design: A strong portfolio of visually appealing, fun and colorful websites is a big plus. - User experience: U...

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