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    Google Smart Home ile Geofencing Oluşturulması ve Action Tetiklenmesi

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    Geofencing oluşturup işlem adımlarının raporlanması, akıllı ev sistemlerine ne şekilde entegre edilebileceğinin ortaya konulması.

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    tek bir örnek anylogic programinda yapilip raporlanicak. 2 sayfa rapor yeterli. Programa az biraz hakim olan birine, benim örnegim oldukca kolay gelicektir

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    Dear Freelancers, I am looking for a person that can install a payment plugin, for example WooCommerce. Deadline: 24 hours Thank you

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    Design a logo similar to the one attached. Goals: - Instead of using the letters N J to make a house icon, we will use P R. - Keep the color scheme the same. - Refer to PR font style that we like attached - Refer to sample logo attached that we like, see attached.

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    Design a logo similar to the one attached. Goals: - Instead of using the letters N J to make a house icon, we will use P R. - Keep the color scheme the same. - Refer to PR font style that we like attached - Refer to sample logo attached that we like, see attached.

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    Design a logo similar to the one attached. Goals: - Instead of using the letters N J to make a house icon, we will use P R. - Keep the color scheme the same. - Refer to PR font style that we like attached - Refer to sample logo attached that we like, see attached.

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    I need an example of how to use the GoDaddy API to purchase a domain written in VB.NET. Documentation can be found here: and Domain API can be found here: I will provide the test api and keys which will allow test transactions to be made.

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    I heard there are some plugins which help me to convert html, css, javascript react etc. like builder, I am look for someone help me to use these tools, and show me how to do it, thanks

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    Create an example project that does the following tasks : 1. Use this library (browser less) , or better lib. 2. Web Landing with a firebare login and then show the QR so user can connect his whatsapp 3. It will detect if syntax parameters are present like : /gpt or /gptimg , if not present skip message, otherwise (by default gpt queries will use a specified apikey in node.js .env) /gpt = will send prompt request to openai api (curl) davinci3,.. /gptimg = will generate a dall-e 2 image /gptapikey = will allow the user to set and change to his own apikey It will be need to be setup in a vps hosting, this is required to help lite scenario setup, can be also awake in netfly, heroku or similar.. as per the demo. The bot must reply to my self

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    We are using this control for DataGrid Need CRUD functions for: Headers Columns Rows Cells The code should be self-explanatory and clean. VS 2019

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    Example code of Httpwebrequest with multi threading (c#) 1. Connect with 1000 threads per sec 2. Connect with 1 thread per sec

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    I created a PDF design. It is a draft of what the PDF should look like. Freelancer will create a professional looking PDF template based on this inspiration.

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    I also need someone to know about wireshark to monitor the traffic and understand when we run the code.

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    I am looking to make 2d room images scenes. There will be a total of about 20 but we can start with 5 to begin with

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    I have created example images inside a template these will be category icon images on my website. I have utilized stock imagery from the Internet to create the current images. I would like you to create an original version of every one of the icons that you see at these 2 pages. The goal is for you to hand to draw a similar version. I will provide you with the template file for the outer border The yellow brand colour is hash code FEE200 We use a standard FFFFFF for the white elements And a standard 333333 for the black I'm hoping that you will hand draw these and then set them inside of the template border and create a Google Drive with all of the images saved as Photoshop as well as PNG optimized

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    Gender Awareness and Sensitivity Issue

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    I've drawn the attached image as a person who's drawn little more than a few stick figures in his life. This image is meant to convey the way that I view reality. This image is an attempt to put to page my personal grasp on the concepts of separation between the observable universe and the divine/primordial realms, concepts of conscious outside forces intertwining to form and influence experienced reality, choice, finite timed life amongst infinities, separation of the ideal and inverse-ideal, embodiment of said ideal and its inverse, and a contained representation of the infinite nature of the relationships between these concepts. I'm looking for someone who is willing to ponder infinity as they add their personal beauty to the concept/structural piece that I've outlin...

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    Hi, I need Oxygen builder developer to build me Oxygen section in which will be recreated timeline such as on in section History. Dont quote before checking example timeline.

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    Looking for someone to design me a great checkout as in a example using the premium Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce plug in I am using the elementor page builder In the Screenshot u see how it looks. Details in private chat!

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    We use several web applications to run our landscaping business. One is Samsara which is a GPS tracking device / app so I know when the trucks enter and leave one of our sites. Samsara will do a webhook on some of the geofencing but the webhook communication isn't enough for my needs. Samsara will do a TEXT notification that is exactly what I need. To start with, I need an API to take the TEXT information and update a Google Sheet. The update to the Google Sheet will require a MATCH to the site address....the address of the site is in both the TEXT and Google Sheet. I will provide access to both Samsara and Google Sheets.

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    please have a look on original branded coconuts here: I need a quick digital visual example of this with the following words: one side; Happy Birthday Harry other side: the attached logo but no colors obviously, the way it would look on a coconut. thanks for your inputs

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    I provide SCRIPT & Audio. Need provider to supply: - Storyboard Drawings x 5 - Custom Animations Deliverd as MP4 x5 - Grant Exclusive Rights! I've attached - .zip file for EXAMPLE PURPOSES only (similar to what I would be sending to provider: text script and audio file to sync) - desired style (snippet of .mov final output) With your proposal for BULK PRICE of FIVE Animations, please supply EXAMPLES of your work and kindly only bid if you have similar style to attached .mov output. Or at least show me what you got for consideration if it's of similar caliber/quality.

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    We need to make the woocommerce product addons for bundles look like orderuniform or giraffeworkwear

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    ...programs running I'm not able to correctly pass the javascript methods to get it working. The example I'd like to get running is here: @mkane2/force-directed-graph-demo What I need is a working file that calls the dependences e.g. d3.js, stdlib#file-attachments locally. I'm running into an issue with getting the file graph () in using FileAttachment in this line of code here data = FileAttachment("").json() You can find the FileAttachment library here (I think): You can use this or the library - I tried that but am getting a CORS error and I'd rather not invoke CORS. Ultimately I need the example running with the dependencies locally (so the javascript etc. files and such packaged in)

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    The project concerns a wrist bracelet with an SOS function. Required features: Wrist bracelet with SOS button, fall detector, geofencing BLE + Wi-fi connections to own smartphone Android and iOS Apps for remote data access. We are looking for a turnkey solution for the following: - PCB complete with battery (Design/prototype only) - Working firmware. - APP for Android and iOS for remote data access

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    I need someone to design a sales funnel on click funnels for health and fitness supplements, Previous case studies and experience is a must!

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    I need my wordpress site redesigned using code. It's a simple 5 page site with a contact form, newsletter and spam filter.

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    looking for a final vector file like image attached. color theme same text Certified Technology Consultant TCA Specialist

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    I want to have an elliptic curve example with scalar calculation mathmetically

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    I need someone who can build me a simple website (i will give you an example which you can copy, i just want other texts and images. Please contact me, if you can finish the project asap. Kind regards, Markus

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    hello i want a logo immediately (very easy because i have the same). i you have ready to do it now just biding please.

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    Create a logo based on an existing example We're looking for a skilled designer who can help us create an attractive logo for our start-up company! We've attached a sample and need a similar logo that represents our company with a different color scheme, similar font style and bigger in size. Please take a look at the example and get in touch with us if you're up for it! PS. If we like the design, do let us know if you're interested for further permanent in-house position (wfh is negotiable for those outside of US) as we're currently hiring designers too. Anyways look forward to hear from you :)

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    Draft JPG House Plan and section to Auto Cad. JPGs provided and example of autocad linework required provided. Please use same linework as example file. Any questions please ask. Thanks.

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    JPG files to autocad using same linetypes/ linework as example linework file. Any questions, please ask. Thank you.

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    Please note this should be VERY quick and simple; just please help me The build command is: build build -t my_publish . What should my run command be? We can do additional milestones after this is completed (short work task and pay after each one) let me know your thoughts and any questions There is hope you can give your “best” price; unemployed, and have cancer with bills backing up, $10 possible? Please note $10 is the max total that I can handle for this. Will leave a Glowing paragraph of feedback 5 stars My funds are low but will pay quick and leave 5 stars. Please give your best possible for your bid ? (something reasonable?) Please note there is hope we can mutually complete this task; we can leave each other nice comments and 5 stars for each? Look at feedback...

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    I have urgent need of Indian HRMS software with source code for mobile and web, hosting should be done in windows server, All basic feature with geofencing login different wise will be available in the same. Only serious and who already have the same bid please.

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    need to make charts as example using highchart or any other js -

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    need to make charts as example using highchart or any other js -

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    need to make charts as example using highchart or any other js -

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    Just nice fonts with a basic Tiger outline (see example) Exact same with my text as follows: TIGERFIER (same as example with a Tiger shape with solid red eyes) A JONNY FERRARI (like font example action movie) Screenplay

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    iPhone App to be delivered as working Xcode project. User interface in SwiftUI. Functionality: - Add eSIM to phone - Add eSIM to watch - Show eSIM status, phone number and monthly usage data (Voice minutes, Data MB) The following will be made available via REST API: 1. eSIM dispensing endpoint - providing SM-DP+ Address and Activation code to App 2. Status and usage data endpoint - providing phone number and usage data to App

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    We are creating India's first agriculture focus rural job portal in which labors can find out work and water company farmer requirements for labor day can find out through a map. To find out near by labor and nearby jobs who enrolled in my app as labor or who want to hire work. They enter this thing at onboarding time and then show it like this. we created already application just we need to implement this Google maps platform APIS

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    i need a simple android app that can store data like in my case username password, and show them as list. and from list if I click on list it should open for edit (update) details, and if I click on a button then it will open a webview and fill it on facebook that's it. I'm a beginer and my budget is low so don't bid if you can't do this on my budget

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    I want to receive a budget of an app created by 0 with the example I left attaches

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