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    otonom robot için önündeki engellere çarpmadan yoluna devam etmesi içi bir yazılım python mathlab vbot coppeliasim olabilir. For the autonomous robot to continue on its way without hitting the obstacles in front of it, a software could be python mathlab vbot coppeliasim.

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    Although the GPS tracking app running on the Android phone shows the GPS device correctly, the app shows the phone's location incorrectly. In order for the application to show the location information correctly, it must get the location from the google maps application, not the phone hardware. When installing the application on the phone, necessary changes should be made to ensure that the application runs in a high priority classroom and the application works without any restrictions when the phone switches to battery saving mode. Actions to be taken: 1-Fix location update error of app 2- Changing app permissions to high priority 3-Ensuring that the application is not affected by battery saving restrictions Turkish language: Android telefonda &cc...

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    Google Smart Home ile Geofencing Oluşturulması ve Action Tetiklenmesi

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    Geofencing oluşturup işlem adımlarının raporlanması, akıllı ev sistemlerine ne şekilde entegre edilebileceğinin ortaya konulması.

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    sadece Türkçe bilen yada Türkiyeden arkadaşlar yazsın lütfen front end kısmı % 70 bitmiş siteme backend, işleri yapılacaktır..php, mysql altyapısı, admin panel ödeme sistemleri ve test aşaması olacaktır.. Fiyat 10.000 TL, ödeme buradn ve aşamalı olacaktır..baştan AVANS isteyenler yazmasın ! süre : 30 gün.. şartları kabul edenler detaylar için yazabilirsiniz..

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    I dont know English and want working without any language problems.. Bütçe max 500 $.. bundan fazla teklifleri siliyorum…Fiyata az demeyin, Bu bir deneme işidir, sırada 30 a yakın yapılacak projem var, lütfen iyice okuyup süre ve fiyat tekliflerinizi verin… dating sitesi yapılacak, örnek : çalışma yapısı olarak buna benzeyecek ama tasarım vereceğim örneğe göre değişecek, standart bir arkadaşlık sitesinde olması gerekenler olacak, bazı şeyleri, çıkarılıp bazı fonksiyonlar eklenecek.. yazılım 0 dan php ve mysql.. ssl olacak, responsive mobile…hazır script veya wordpress kabul etmiyorum...sadece diller için ve bazı standart şeyler için hazır kodlar ve api ler kullanılabilir, isteklerime...

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    interested in only freelancers can speak Turkish but without a translator.. arkadaşlık sitesi php mysql web sitesi responsive...script yada wordpress istemiyorum...Bütçe 300-500 $ ... site standart arkadaşlık siteleri gibi olup ilaveten bazı fonksiyonlar var, detaylı bir admin panel yapılacak... SÜRE : İşin süresi 2-3 ay + beta testi 15 gün, ÖDEME : 3 aşamada her aşama tamamlandığında ödeme yapılacak.. baştan AVANS verilmez…açılacak demo hesabından çalışmaları anlık takip etmek en önemli şartım... bu isteklerimizi karşılayacak olanlardan Fiyat ve Süre tekliflerini bekliyoruz…

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    Rusya, Ukrayna vs pazarlarına hakim, çok iyi Türkçe ve Rusça bilen ( tercihen Türk, Azeri olabilir ) yazılımcı arıyorum….1 ana site ve bağlı birkaç zincir site anahtar teslimi yapılacak, ayrıca Rus ve Ukrayna pazarlarında reklam, ilan ve SEO işlerinide takip edilecek…Bu iş bitiminde APP yapımı işide ayrıca verilecektir… SÜRE : İşin süresi 3-4 ay + beta testi 15 gün, iş 4 aşamada yapılacak.. ÖDEME : 4 aşamada her ay o aşama tamamlandığında ödeme yapılacak.. baştan AVANS verilmez… Lütfen ilanı dikkatlice okuyun, YARIM BİR YAZILIMIN kimsenin işine yaramayacağını düşünerek Yukarıdaki şart ve isteklerimizi karşılayacak olanlardan Fiyat ve Süre tekliflerinizi bekliyoruz…

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    Engilish I want freamwork structure to create modules without writing code Turkish Kod yazmadan modüller oluşturmak için freamwork yapısı istiyorum

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    ****just admin panel without site ** en ***************** we have a wedding hall and customer reservation system ------------------------------------- - Monthly and yearly calendar ---------------------------------------------- -history -name -customer gsm - Organizing time: (12:00) (18:00) - Number of person ---------- admin to make changes the admin will authorize the user whenever he wants to ---------------------------------------------- user-based reporting -------------------------------------------- sales representatives' own color -------------------------------------------- report ************************************************************ tr ************** biz düğün salonuyuz ve müşteri rezervasyon sistemi lazım -------------------------------------...

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    Hello there, On Mongodb, a filtering query will be printed using aggregate. You'll certainly be giving details of mongodb function while not reaching the expert friends on mongodb aggregate queries to be printed without sacrificing performance by using aggregate.

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    htaccess help 6 gün left

    i am having trouble with my htaccess file. my ssl cert is currently configured to secure my naked domain, only. so the site is displaying perfectly fine across all browsers whenever someone enters the domain without the "www" but google has many pages in its search results that include the www and i can't figure out what i am doing wrong in my htaccess file i know this is a common problem and an easy fix and i feel stupid for not being able to do this on my own so i'm happy to pay $25 if someone can spare a few minutes to help me out with this thank you

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    Interior work for all spaces.. Everything must be large, with high ceilings, large bay windows, giving an impression of great luxury The floor is in large light natural stone paving All bedrooms have white linens, white towels And bedspread, different colored cushions in each room, with rugs, plants, contemporary frames, statues, wall covering 1 bedroom, 1 atmosphere In the tense, you need plants, decor, wall coverings, you want to avoid too many white walls, chandeliers, light fixtures 1. Master bedroom. We must find a bedroom, the bathroom and the dressing room at the back, not necessarily in the marked proportions, since the walls have not yet been erected. The wall between the bedroom and the bathroom can be opened on both sides or on one side. We must be able to access the dre...

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    ...responsible for handling all aspects of the loan process. Your strong eye for detail and exceptional customer service skills will be crucial in this position, as you will diligently gather information, field questions, and handle any last-minute changes so that mortgage applications race over the finish Upgrade to see actual infondidates should have a strong ability to prioritize and multitask without being micro-managed to meet multiple deadlines and work well in a team environment. This is a different type of loan processing but the multi-flexible individual has the skills to adapt to change....

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    I have a set of sqlite database crypted with SqlCipher. I know the passwords and I need a simple console exe for Windows that: - accepts two parameters: the file name of the DB and the password - password could be plain text or raw data (0x....) - open the file and save a copy without password You can use any Free/Open Source library that you like; I need the C++ or C# source code for Visual Studio Community Edition, last release, and the executable, with any dll or anything to make it ready to use. If you find a similar Open Source project and you fork from it to solve my problem, that's right for me. Don't use any commercial library that require royalty, because I have to share the exe/dll with some of my customers.

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    need help convert a mp4 file to gif animation without lose any quality graphic issues what you bid is what my budget is

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    ...only commotion as explain point # 1 9. They can not payout without giving the commission. You can see our another demo as example( can be seen after award accept) it will give you clear idea 10. Payout details will be reflect in doctor and admin panel too 11. Doctor can see their money as in wallet. 12. Wallet amount will display on dashboard. 13. In every 23:30 hr auto payout. 14. Patient also can see their transation in their account. 15. seamless payment integration for all doctors through out gateway. 16. sub-merchant’s settings will be on doctor panel 17. Total payment gateway(PG) integration setting will be in admin panel. Admin should not go to PG panel for his daily activities. Followup & Payment: 1. Need an optional for followup appointment...

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    I am looking for someone who can be able to compile and transform a Python GitHub project to a simple windows exe file, that it can run with a command line. And it will be a standalone program, it can run without api or internet, and without depending to any other programs.

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    ...effort is not wasted and a lot will be built upon the initial work. The goal is to build an administrative system to deal with data stored in a database. This is to manage customer data, equipment data and other items of a internet provider including its service usage data etc. For this project we start with a simple table which is a list of customers who have a postal address, phone number, email address, unique customer number etc. Your task is to write a nice GUI which can Create,Read,Update,Delete (CRUD) entries from a MariadDB database. So you need to present a list form where selective data is shown (list form/ table) , where you can add a new entry (input form), or modify an entry or delete an entry. Some input form fields should have verification checks ...

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    Hi, we have a end to end design in figma for a dating app. I need end to end templates for this design without business logic. if everything is fine, we can talk about the business logic as the second phase.

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    Hi, we have a end to end figma design for a dating app. I want you to develop react native app without business logic, just. the screens and css etc.. No logic for now. if everything is fine, we can proceed with 2. phase.

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    Hi I’m Shirley and am looking for an expert in designing logo for my firm with or without any years of experience and excellent skills, we need a career oriented freelancer professional, who has a great commitment in designing logos. Kindly send in your bids if you can handle the project for more details.

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    The front end of the website should include woocommerce prices with and without VAT.

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    Hello, I have a txt file with inventory movements of some thousands of products, I need it to get it orderly in lines in an excel. All productos have a header and then the inventory movement. It looks like this: HEADER: ****************************** Inv Number Description Part Number Group N Discount Code 0000-0080 *** GENERAL PARTY *** Meter N DWC-Exempt N CONTRACTOR RENTAL Analysis Y Meter-DWC-Exmpt N ************************************** HISTORY OF INVENTORY OF THE ITEM *************************************** I T E M / L O T H I S T...

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    Inventory Stock-take App description *** Android App *** • Login form - This form user will login to the app. He must enter username, password and select branch from a dropdown • Once logged in the next form will display the branch details and a scan button. • When click on scan button to scan a barcode on product this will retrieve the product from the inventory table. • Then user need to enter the quantity and click save • If barcode is not found in table, user can add this manually to the database by enter the description and quantity then click save. • If there is no bar code on product user can add item manually without barcode. So only rack code, product description and quantity ***Backend**** • Users Page wh...

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    Hi there! I would like to see a variety of logos/infographics that are bright, fun and inspiring but also professional. I'd like 1 with text labeling each of the different parts of the ferris wheel and I'd like another without the text and just the image to use as a logo. See the draft image attached but i'd like color, artistic renderings and eliminating empty areas that do not have texts. Only 6 "spokes" of the wheel and only 4 "cars" i'd also like some renderings with my business name "Emily Dills Consulting" and others without.

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    Today, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) became an integral part of website building. Without optimizing the website according to the right targeted keywords, it will not have the visibility to drive traffic from organic searches in SERPs (search engine result pages). However, the primary concern of the web developers is on the functionality, they must also have a basic idea of web design and SEO. Therefore, in this project, you will play a dual role such as Web developer as well as Digital Marketer and gain in-depth knowledge of SEO. So, once you gain knowledge in SEO, it is easy for you to build a website having user-friendly URLs and featuring an integrated, responsive design. In addition, optimizing the website according to search engines will allow the si...

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    ...continual ongoing jobs/role (if desired) if sales results and work culture suitability are a match. Please let us know if you would like to be considered for an ongoing (casual) role in your response. To be successful for this job, you will need: -Very fluent English -Available during some AUS working hours to communicate, work in your own time. -Experience with cold sales and fostering leads via genuine unique IG DMs without being marked as spam/deleted. -Ability to generate sales and with a small budget (goal of 5 sales/week). -Most recent example of cold sales experience and timeframe / budget for completion. To be successful for an ongoing position, you will need: -To be genuinely friendly and use initiative. -Marketing experience on IG with ability to grow...

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    ...manage corporate messages. See the attached examples. These are based on components variable: - a background animation - free text organized in different areas - references for contacts After creating this template, I must to be able to modify the message, the background animation, the texts, ... without having to do any major work. Surely, it possible to re-use a free code, available online (ASP/PHP). There should be no license fees to add. ----- Environment ----- The application will work into an intranet (no internet access) and access will be allowed only for users inside the same LAN. A firewall lock external access. Web-server is IIS10. ----- Costs and quality ----- Please pay attention on application performances. No upfront. No payment before successful co...

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    reinstall new update of wordpress theme without losing out on anything

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    backend-developer-nextjs- 6 gün left

    I need help with my app. TASK #1 > the app uses getServerSideProps to generate dynamic routes and the next-sitemap package to generate dynamic sitemaps. since the routes are only generated at request time, the route URLs are not in the generated sitemaps. However, I want the sitemaps to include all the possible route URLs {hundreds of millions of urls} so I can submit the index sitemaps to Google Search Console. There will be 1 index sitemap, 50k child sitemaps, and 50k URLs per child sitemap. since there'd be hundreds of millions of URLs, I want it in such a way that the sitemaps will be generated without too-much space, duplication, or server breakdown. TASK #2 > the app works fine in localhost without any errors. However, each time I visi...

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    Kazam is an agnostic EV-charging software platform that has built India's largest smart, affordable EV charging network. Kazam provides a complete software stack that allows fleet companies, charge point operators, OEMs, and charge point operators to run their businesses without worrying about technology. This includes white label template apps (both Android & iOS), load management solution, API integration, and a charger monitoring dashboard. You can use both OCPP-enabled charging points and Kazam chargers via our platform. Kazam will support hardware flexibility via OCPP. Our intuitive user interface will allow you to track your customers and support billing and receivable history, as well as monetary and nonmonetary balances. We will also provide you with a dedic...

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    I have copied code that I have pasted into wordpress, now I am missing the correct css code to make it look like the page I copied it from. Short Description from Shop Page code: without Css Long Description and Specification from product Detail Page without Css Code Long Description Code Specification Short description to short description in Woocommerce Long description to long description in Woocommerce Specification to Extra Tab to Woocommerce, that extra tab is created with a plugin

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    Hi, I would like to use Google Analytics without cookies (consent mode), but when I update gtag with gtag("consent"... code it stops collecting data. I want you to fix it and tell me what exacly should I change to make it works on another domains. Wordpress website with Tag manager plugin. Google Analytics 4.

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    ...Sets up beautiful / converting pages - Inserts content - Where necessary tweaks some images to go the extra mile, e.g. Basically turns collected materials into customized websites. 3. Booston presents the first version to a client and with the content manager alterations are made and the website is set live. Note: these sites are content managed without the help of our dev team. They built the tools, the content management department works with the tools to create these high converting websites. The process in these 3 steps, with the exception of the tailored content management is almost fully automated by the Booston SAAS solution. So connecting their external backoffice software, setting up the environment, setting the website live, etc. are

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    ...entrepreneur. I want some helpful applications to be developed for social media. I want to have instagram tools that have a lot of features. I want an application that will work on Android and iOS Platforms, will be Admob and subscription system. I will share the feature list with you during the chat. I need a modern design and easy to use. I want a professional coding. I am waiting for offers from professional developers who can stand behind the project he has made. The project I want to be done; Instagram Profile Analysis Application You can view sample applications by searching this keyword in Google Play and AppStore. Please do not make an offer without reviewing similar applications. Average budget for this job: $ 7500 Timeline : 35-45 days I will wor...

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    We are facing problem with stripe payment gateway on our website. When someone try to pay with stripe that orders will automaticaly passed to server without collecting the payment It must be fixed in 2 hours

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    I need skilled editors to paraphrase documents pertaining to engineering, business, academia, accounting, marketing and finance. Job involved rewording content using a different set of words without affecting the original word count much. Fee is INR875 per 1000 words (all inclusive).

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    i need someone can remote or give me the solution to fix my problem, using flutter 3.7 before 3.3 version without error, need someone good in flutter and fix this bug E/AndroidRuntime(11674): : Found interface , but class was expected (declaration of '' appears in /data/app/~~HV1LCwODi3lGuYJrBCEBVA==/com.xxxxxxxx.rfm-N1L4vt3x_RG7BF6HeR5KsQ==/!) E/AndroidRuntime(11674): at () E/AndroidRuntime(11674): at () E/AndroidRuntime(11674): at

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    my client has these details from the hosting company: Updating Drupal and PHP in a live web environment is not advised. The site has custom modules that are untested and could contain out-of-date PHP commands that will have to be fixed before the site can run without error. Updating the version of Drupal has a different issue: the jump to 9.5.x is the last major step in a process that will make Drupal much easier to update in the future. It wouldn’t be that big a deal once PHP is updated; however, we have discovered that the installation of Drupal on your site was constructed incorrectly. There should be a “web” folder in the main public directory, and Drupal should run from inside it. Instead, your website runs directly from the public directory, which is a secur...

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    Trophy icon Blog Posts 6 gün left

    I need a designer who can create 5 appealing blogs to add to a WordPress page. I will provide all content (text), I need for the designer to add backgrounds, relevant images (without copyright infringement), and fonts that are eye catching. The required outputs will include the integration of those posts into my website and a written clear instruction step-by-step document on how to perform the integration going forward. SEO optimization of the content provided in the website is also required.

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    Get some professional advice on a machine learning project and setup development and hosting environment. When you apply please attach your resume without contact information. Thank you

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    android or ios prefer without using a service - but if its REQUIRED thats ok code you already have that we can tweak

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    I have a PHP/Mysql travel website having an approx total of 50 pages. I want to change the design same as - I will give this template. 1.I want the same booking engine, same animation, same header design, same footer design, and same EVERYTHING. The booking Engine at the home page should work properly in the new design. 2. Search results page for all ( flight, hotel, car, tour) should work properly. Modify search should work on search-list page as it is working now. 3. Flight, hotel, tour, car - having sorting

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    PLEASE DON'T SEND ME A BID WITHOUT READING THE ENTIRE PROJECT! DO NOT SPAM THE PROJECT. I have a PDF file with 306 pages in total, the text is editable and can be changed, but the lines and boxed in picture format and I can't change their colors, I need a way to make multiple copies of this PDF each one with different color (Lines, boxes, circles, etc), so I need a way to make these objects editable because I need to change their borders and filling color, I tried to convert the file to pictures and use photoshop that wasn't easy, I guess the best way to create a PDF with editable objects from mine, or use Adobe Acrobat Pro -- Convert Colors option. Kindly check a sample of my PDF attached and an example of what I want in 2 pictures attached. I want to know yo...

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    The domain name is: I need a custom theme design and need the following features: - Customization & plugins - Installation & theme setup - Calendar integration - Other Looking to develop a community based website that includes a calendar of events that users can enter their own events with or without payment depending on how much information Also… A business directory that includes basic business information and the opportunity to ad additional information for a fee Also… The ability for the site owner to add static pages of community information

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    We need to create a custom wordpress widget that allows our clients to update their hours via a form connects to a google sheet. Without effecting the elementor plug in on the site

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    PDF and forms expert 5 gün left

    We are looking for someone who can help us create a form that will be fillable using the iPad pencil. We have tried using Adobe, but it's unstable and erases entries often. We need something that will allow us to add documents, email and print without losing the changes.

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