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    I am seeking bridge design experts to present a functional geometric bridge proposal. The primary purpose of the project is functionality over aesthetics. This bridge should be designed specifically for vehicular traffic, and it's crucial it accommodates both light vehicles like cars and bridge design and functionality - Knowledge in geometric designs - Proficient in design software - Understands load calculations for different vehicle types. Views of the three-dimensional model of the proposal that includes all structural and complementary elements (Parapets, shoulders, barriers, joints, etc.), description of type of elements, cross sections and important details in the geometry of the proposal based on the following allocations per team (in all cases, the bridge will...

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    I'm looking for a math expert to complete a challenging high-level math test for me. With 21 to 30 questions, this test covers a wide range of topics that include: - Algebra - Calculus - Probability and Statistics - Geometry - Combinatorics - Booleans - Simple harmonic motion Since this is a challenging level test, an ideal candidate should have extensive experience and a deep understanding of these subjects. Your approach to problem-solving, especially in high-pressure situations, will be crucial to this task. So, if you're a math wizard with an ability to crack the most demanding questions, I'd love to hear from you!

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    ... 8. Energy Tree: Create a stylized tree incorporating elements of renewable energy in its branches, symbolizing sustainable growth. 9. Energy Waves: Use wavy lines to represent energy waves in a modern and elegant design. 10. Sustainable Urban Landscape: Integrate elements of a sustainable urban landscape, such as eco-friendly buildings or solar parks, into the logo design. 11. Transformative Geometry: Experiment with geometric shapes transforming into each other to symbolize the resource transformation process. 12. Scientific Connections: Create a design representing scientific connections and collaboration among researchers in renewable energy. 13. Uruguay Contour Lines: Use subtle contour lines of Uruguay in the background or as a linking element in the logo design. 14. Energy...

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    I'm in need of a skilled BIM modeler with proficiency in Revit to assist with a medium-sized project. The modeling required should be at LOD 200 - Basic, focusing on fundamental geometry and general characteristics. Your role is vital in ensuring the project is represented accurately in a detailed, yet not overly complex manner. - Proficiency in Revit is non-negotiable. A deep understanding of the software is crucial. - Experience in BIM modeling, specifically at LOD 200, will be a significant advantage. - Previous work on medium-scale projects (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft) is highly desirable. - Attention to detail and ability to deliver high-quality work while adhering to set deadlines is essential. Looking forward to reviewing your portfolio and discussing further details with ...

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    ...if any height, edge, or diagonal measurements are changed. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Experience in software development, specifically programs involving geometrical calculations - Proficient with GUI design -Experienced in mobile app design - Robust understanding of 3D polygons This project is a sophisticated task, requiring a keen eye for detail and a solid comprehension of 3D geometry. Any prospective freelancers require previous experience in similar initiatives....

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    ...custom geometry node that generates waves on a plane, resembling the effect of water droplets falling onto a surface. Current Progress: We have an initial setup that generates a basic wave-like pattern, but it needs significant enhancements. Requirements: Customization of Waves/Droplets: Ability to specify the number of waves/droplets, which should appear at random positions on the plane. Boundary Constraints: The outer edges of the plane must remain flat without any elevation from the waves. Falloff Control: The waves should decrease in intensity with distance from the center of each droplet impact. Randomized Intensity: While the falloff should be consistent, the peak height of each wave should vary randomly. Deliverables: A Blender file containing the fully functional g...

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    ...bring my vision to life. I require a custom square illustration to be used in print media. Key Requirements: - Geometry: The illustration should predominantly feature squares, in line with my vision. - Style: I'm looking for a vectorial style, marrying the precision of geometry with clean, crisp lines typical of vector art. - Application: The primary purpose of this illustration will be for print media, so it must be high quality and suitable for this purpose. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in Adobe Illustrator or a similar vector-based graphic design software. - Proven experience in creating custom illustrations, particularly for print media. - Strong understanding of geometry and how to incorporate it creatively into artwork. - Excellent communication skill...

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    I'm seeking a proficient designer who can construct a minimalistic logo that will be used for a tattoo. The design should incorporate: something to do with 5 Brothers. - Symbolic elements, specifically nature-related and geometric shapes. Let the spirit of the natural world intersect with the sleekness of symmetry and form. - A minimalist approach, emphasizing simplicity while still incorporating the given elements in a stylish and meaningful way. Those who have prior experience in tattoo designs and a keen insight into geometric and nature-inspired aesthetics are highly desirable. Samples of previous work demonstrating these elements would be beneficial to the selection process.

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    I'm seeking an experienced education/assessment professional to work on advanced level quantitative aptitude assessment. The goal is to test and enhance problem solving and cognitive thinking skills in the following areas: - Number systems - Geometry - Probability and statistics - Logical reasoning - Numerical reasoning - data interpretation - Spatial reasoning - Abstract reasoning Previous experience creating tests or assessments with a mathematical or analytical focus will be highly regarded.

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    I am in need of a math tutor proficient in high school level Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus. As a client, I'm seeking someone who could: - Provide live tutoring sessions via video call. - Employs a clear and engaging teaching methodology. - Has previous experience teaching and explaining complex math concepts to high school students. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in mathematical education, preferably with previous tutoring experience and strong communication skills. A patient and understanding approach would be appreciated.

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    I need a program written that can verify the geometrical dimensions (Length, Width, and Diagonals) of 3D polygons. These dimensional data will not be from a file but inputted directly into the program via an interface. We are using a Shopify ecommerce site with a configurator which will need to have measurem...- Capability to handle and calculate length, width, and diagonals - Display accurate results Ideal Skills & Experience: - Experience in software development, specifically programs involving geometrical calculations - Proficient with GUI design - Robust understanding of 3D polygons This project is a sophisticated task, requiring a keen eye for detail and a solid comprehension of 3D geometry. Any prospective freelancers require previous experience in simila...

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    I'm currently facing issues with mesh refinement within a complex 3D geometry using Ansys Fluent. The problem lies specifically in refining the mesh to my required standards. KEY REQUIREMENTS: - Ansys Fluent expertise - A strong understanding of meshing complexities associated with 3D geometries - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve difficulties in mesh refinement - A track record of successful problem-solving within Ansys Fluent The ideal candidate will have hands-on experience in resolving similar meshing challenges and will be well-versed in dealing with complex 3D geometries. Please include a brief description of your previous related projects in your bid.

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    ...finite element models in ANSYS. This includes acquiring PAUT corrosion mapping data, tank specifications such as geometry, material properties, loads, temperatures, and details regarding potential variability due to residual stress. Subsequently, the collected data will undergo processing using MATLAB to format it for seamless importation into ANSYS. this is objective of the project, its in different phases. i have done this part in MATAB but i need help with the writing of the methodology and detail explanation of results/ and discussion am struggling to write it Phase 2: Shell modelling and mesh validation This phase is to develop a shell finite element model of the entire tank geometry in ANSYS with adjusted shell element thicknesses and neutral axes based on the obtai...

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    I'm aiming to ace the SBI PO banking exams in India, specifically focusing on improving my quantitative aptitude. While I require help across the main topics of Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry, my primary struggle lies with Data Interpretation. Ideal Skills: - Deep understanding of Quantitative Aptitude - Prior tutoring experience for SBI PO exam - Excellent problem-solving skills Expectations: - Provide comprehensive lessons and practice quizzes on Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry - Devote substantial effort to improve my Data Interpretation skills - Identify and work on my weak points to improve my performance - Offer strategies to tackle the Quantitative section of the SBI PO banking exam efficiently. Having previous experience with SBI PO aspirants would be a ...

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    **Please read carefully all the requirements and check the 2 pictures attached, phi letter is so important in the design*** **Do not use Artificial Intelligence to generate the logo, do it yourself*** **Do not add classic DJ headphones or equalizer bars, I want s...letter Phi, which is the symbol of the golden ratio, as a key element. **Refer to picture attached. - The logo will include the name "DJ Vlader", using simple font but eye catching. Examples on attached image from Ultra Miami 2024. Deep knowledge of geometric design, a passion for music, and prior experience working with DJ or music industry logos is ideal. Understanding and respect of the sacred geometry would be appreciated. I look forward to a design that encapsulates my brand's philosophy in a subtl...

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    ...every week. Requirements : • You should know how to deal with hard surface model and should provide high end detailed model matching exactly to the references provided by us. • You should know how to deal with all types of Blender animations and nodes. • Geometry nodes is compulsory. • You should also know how to make cinematic lighting and environments for product commercials, with mind blowing camera animations. • You should also have a creative knowledge of making product commercial of your own with complex animations and geometry nodes. • You should also have the ability to work within the given period of time without compromising with the quality. We will provide you a test before hiring you, just to check your quality and speed ...

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    I am looking for a well-experienced professional in using Ansys Workbench to help with my project. Key tasks include: - Working on Ansys Workbench - Performing Analysis - Responsible for DPM - Working with Geometry - Compiled with Meshing - Creating UDF The main goal of this project is to improve the efficiency of my product. Therefore, I require a freelancer who is not only adept at using Ansys Workbench but also possesses a keen understanding of product efficiency. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expert knowledge of Ansys Workbench - Profound experience in Analysis, DPM, Geometry, Meshing, UDF - A strong understanding of product efficiency Ultimately, I am hoping to find a freelancer who can use Ansys Workbench effectively to achieve the desired outcome. So, if you ha...

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    I'm in need of a skilled mathematician who specializes in computational geometry. I'm particularly interested in individuals who can assist with the following tasks: - Resolving problems related to geometry, in particularly area calculations and perimeter measurements. - These calculations will primarily deal with specific shapes such as rectangles and triangles. Knowledge and understanding of the geometric principles related to these shapes is critical, as you'll be working to simplify and solve related equations, and produce accurate area and perimeter measures. Experienced math tutors or graduates with a background in Geometry would be ideal candidates.

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    I'm currently on the hunt for a detail-oriented SolidWorks designer with strong skills in 3D modeling an...specifications. - Performing CFD analysis for fluid flow analysis and heat transfer optimization. The ultimate goal is to optimize the design of the product in question, basing improvements on the results from the Fluid Flow analysis and Heat Transfer analysis. Given the technical nature of this project, I will provide the selected freelancer with all the needed details such as: - Dimensions and geometry specifications - Material properties - Operating conditions Ideal freelancer is a seasoned SolidWorks user that understands Finite Element Modelling and can handle complex, two-phase computational flow simulation scenarios. Expertise in Product Design Optimizatio...

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    ...motivated Maths Teacher available for part-time work, dedicated to teaching Elementary and Middle School students. Ideal candidates should have: - A strong focus on problem-solving and critical thinking techniques. - Ability to teach Algebra, Geometry and Basic Arithmetic effectively. Candidates with a hands-on and interactive teaching style are preferred, ensuring students understand mathematical concepts to their full extent. Primary responsibilities will include but are not limited to: - Deliver engaging lessons to students focusing on Algebra, Geometry and Basic Arithmetic. - Emphasize on critical thinking and problem-solving skills in lessons. - Regularly track and report students’ progress. This is a rewarding opportunity for those passionate about Mat...

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    PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS MANDATORY, please do not bid if you're never design a suspension system before. I'm seeking a suspension engineer with considerable experience in designing double wishbone suspension systems for off-road vehicles. The initial project would lead to a full time job offer. Your Role: - The key element of this project is to d...and assembly Ideal Candidate: - A detailed understanding of vehicle dynamics, particularly in relation to off-road vehicles. - Hands-on experience in designing suspension components, especially double wishbone suspension systems. - Strong knowledge of materials engineering. - Knowledge on production procedures and quality control - Able to make CAD suspension simulation to test the geometry and alignment on compr...

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    I need experienced help in 3D file editing. The task involves the alteration of an existing STL model's shape. And also to ensure the model can be 3D printed. Key task areas include: - Geometry Modification: I need to change the object shape, particularly to widen the opening on one side. - Expertise Required: A comprehensive understanding and experience in editing STL files are essential. - It is important to not edit the bottom "base" of the model at all as this is used to mate with another model. The "base" is the end of the part with a narrower opening Therefore, I am seeking a seasoned 3D designer who is proficient with 3D modelling, model editing and can send me back the files in an STL format, ready to 3D print!

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    I'm looking for an experienced web developer who can create a user-friendly website featuring a robust drawing tool. This tool should incorporate a variety of geometric shape functionality, including the ability to create circles, polygons, and lines/curves. Ideal skills and experience for this project would include: - Strong web development skills, particularly in creating interactive features - Prior experience developing online drawing tools or comparable software - Understanding of geometric shapes and how to create tools for their display - Time-management skills to ensure timely project completion Due to the requirement of advanced functionalities on the website, proficiency in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 will be crucial. Additionally, a strong understanding of algebra to ensu...

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    HI there am new on this platform I'm looking for an experienced graphic designer to create a modern and geometric logo for my brand. The ideal candidate will have a keen sense of color coordination, particularly within the spectrum of warm colors (red, orange, yellow). Here are the specifics: - Deliver a logo design featuring a modern, geometric aesthetic. - Use a warm c...specifics: - Deliver a logo design featuring a modern, geometric aesthetic. - Use a warm color palette (focus on red, orange, yellow). - Final output should be easily adaptable across media and mediums. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite or similar design software. - Strong portfolio showcasing previous logo design projects. - Experience in color theory and geometry ...

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    I'm seeking a professional who can develop multiple-choice questions tailored to the Elementary (K-5) level. They should cover various topics including Basic Arithmetic, Fractions and Decimals, and Geometry, compliant with the CBSE ICSE Syllabus. • Ability to generate engaging and challenging multiple-choice math questions • Familiarity with CBSE ICSE Elementary-level syllabus is a must • Proven experience or background in elementary education or curriculum development Your task would be to create an array of math questions that test student understanding and application of these crucial concepts. I look forward to seeing your creative approach to making learning mathematics fun and engaging for elementary-aged learners. Before you apply make sure you read it ...

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    Design of four legged tower according TIA-222G code in MS Tower software. Available material list, tower geometry, location for wind loading, antenna configuration is already provided. After analysis and design the tower structural members will be finalized. Based on reaction anchor bolt, base plate will be design. A design report, anchor bolt, base plate drawings and line diagram (member sizes and Connection bolt) will be provided. This is the milestone one. After completing the first milestone we will proceed for detailed drawings. At this stage we will model this tower for drawing generation. Detailed tower fabrication and erection drawings will be provided. This is the second and final milestone.

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    As a property developer, I am seeking an experienced and meticulous structural engineer to conduct a detailed analysis of a building structure. This analysis is integral to the upcoming new construction project. Key Responsibilities: - Analyze the foundation of ...building and provide insight into its condition and adequacy. The purpose of this project is not only to meet the legal construction requirements but also to ensure the longevity and safety of the building. Ideally, you have previous experience with building construction and have a keen eye for detail. Knowledge of construction laws and regulations would be beneficial. Understanding of applied geometry and engineering principles are crucial. This is a great opportunity for someone interested in innovative construction...

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    I am seeking an experienced coder familiar with Autodesk Maya who can write a script to convert data from a CSV file into geometric meshes. The script should place the resulting text, which is the only information contained in the CSV, above my 3D models; it should be centered each time for consistency. Familiarity with both geometry manipulation using scripts and working with CSV files is essential. Key skillset should include: - Proficiency with Autodesk Maya - Strong scripting abilities - Working knowledge of geometric meshes and CSV files - Understanding of text placement in 3D environments

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    I’ll supply the target part in solidworks. I need you to make some geometry around the target part in detail. This includes Extending some surfaces Adding fillets Knitting all surfaces to make it into one surface I'm in need of an expert in Solidworks to create a detailed part design specifically intended for manufacturing. Key requirements include: - Providing intermediate-level detailing. This project involves more accurate shapes, sizes, and specific areas rather than rough approximations. - Incorporating specific materials into the part design. My project focuses on metals, specifically steel and aluminum, so I require a freelancer with experience working with these materials in Solidworks. Ideally, the ideal freelancer for this project would possess an ex...

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    geometry mug Bitti left

    geometry mug design 4 set of design

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    I need an expert in 3D modeling and animation who can efficiently identify and fix broken geometry in a human character model. Specifically, the issues are in the model's hands. It's already rigged

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    ...idiosyncratic identity. However I don’t have the maths background to effectively put this together cohesively. I am using a theologically based metaphor to unify the determinate and indeterminate aspect fields of experience reality as a jumping off point. I have follow the bread crumbs, so to speak, into Real projective plane and Orientable double cover manifolds as an extension of elliptic geometry as a solution to Euclid’s 5th axiom of the parallel postulate....

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    I'm in need of an expert in 3D modeling who can transform an existing model of a drinking glass. Your primary task involves retopologising the model, ensuring it has simple quads and fine geometry. An STP file is provided... Here is what you need to know: - Model Details: The remodeling process should result in a low-poly drinking glass model, meaning it should have few polygons but maintain a fair amount of detail. - Skills and Experience: Proven experience with working on similar projects, solid understanding of geometry and proficient in using 3D modeling tools are a must. In your bid, please include samples or links to previous 3D remodeling work you've done, especially with low-poly models. Let's create a beautiful and simple drinking glass model togethe...

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    In need of a proficient Ansys user to generate a high-quality mesh from my 3D geometry. You will be utilizing hexahedral elements for this task. This is crucial as I prioritize accuracy over computation time. Desired skills and experience includes: - Proven track record of working with complex 3D geometries - Deep understanding and capability in using hexahedral elements - Strong ability to deliver a high-quality mesh - Sound knowledge of the Ansys software Your job is simply to create a robust, high-quality mesh of my 3D geometry using hexahedral elements. My ultimate goal is improved simulation accuracy. Hence, quality should not be compromised for speed. Timely delivery is a must. Looking forward to your bids.

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    In need of a proficient Ansys user to generate a high-quality mesh from my 3D geometry. You will be utilizing hexahedral elements for this task. This is crucial as I prioritize accuracy over computation time. Desired skills and experience includes: - Proven track record of working with complex 3D geometries - Deep understanding and capability in using hexahedral elements - Strong ability to deliver a high-quality mesh - Sound knowledge of the Ansys software Your job is simply to create a robust, high-quality mesh of my 3D geometry using hexahedral elements. My ultimate goal is improved simulation accuracy. Hence, quality should not be compromised for speed. Timely delivery is a must. Looking forward to your bids.

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    I'm in urgent need of a assistance for math who can aid me across different areas of the subject, including Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry Your Role: - Evaluate my current understanding of math - Create a learning plan across Algebra, Geometry and Statistics - Offer visual explanations, step-by-step examples, and real-world applications - Regularly assess my progress and adjust instruction methods accordingly Ideal Skills and Experience: -Experience in tutoring a diverse set of learners -Strong understanding of Algebra, Geometry, Statistics -Ability to teach visually, step-by-step, and through real-world applications -Excellent assessment and adaptability skills

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    I am currently in need of an expert in the field of mathematics. The specific area of expertise is not outlined, which means that I need a versatile, well-rounded individual who has a firm grasp on multiple areas such as Algebra, Calculus, and Geometry. Skills and Experience: - Ideally, you should carry significant experience in mathematical work. When applying, remember to include details of your experience in this field. - As an expert, your understanding of complex mathematical ideas should be second to none. Besides, it would help if you had a flair for explaining these concepts in concrete, understandable terms. I look forward to hearing from candidates who can help me navigate this mathematical journey. Your technical skills, coupled with your experience, will be of immen...

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    I am seeking a skilled app developer to create a mobile application tailored for middle school students focusing on three main areas of mathematics: Algebra, Geometry, and Basic Arithmetic. The application should be interactive, user-friendly, and engaging to help students understand and practicalize these mathematical concepts. I envisage an app designed to test and improve their mathematical abilities through regular quizzes and tests. Details include: - The primary users of the app will be middle school students, so the interface must be engaging and suitable for that age group. - The quiz should cover topics like Algebra, Geometry, and Basic Arithmetic. - The app should be operative on all standard mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android. Ideal Skills/Experience: - S...

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    We're seeking a talented mobile app developer to bring our innovative Math Tutor platform to life on smartphones! Project: Develop a Revolutionary Math Learning App We're building an accessible and interactive mobile app that merges the fun of gaming with essential math skills. Imagine a friendly tut...functionality, and explore concepts like cardinal directions and angles through interactive games. The Ideal Candidate: Proven experience developing engaging mobile applications. Expertise in building apps that leverage various phone sensors (microphone, accelerometer, GPS, etc.) Experience with integrating audio and visual feedback mechanisms. Strong understanding of math concepts (trigonometry, basic geometry). A passion for creating educational experiences that are bot...

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    I'm needing an expert in Hyperbolic Geometry, preferably with a grounding in astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and particle physics, for my project revolving around the Real Projective Plane. Key Requirements: • Deep Understanding of Hyperbolic Geometry: Your knowledge in this area should allow us to dive deep into real-world applications, presenting a clear picture of how these theories are used practically. • Interest in Projective Plane: You should be fascinated with the Projective Geometry environment and starting up on research based on duality in projective geometry needs to be your forte. I'm particularly interested in individuals who are able to contextualize their knowledge, and those who can bring forth new ideas to the table....

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    I am looking for a skilled and creative 3D artist to create an architectural visualization of a modern building in Blender. The model should capture the unique features of modern architecture and strictly focus on medium detailed external structures. So, pay attention to the contours, geometry, materials and lighting as these form the essence of the building exterior. Interior details and small fixtures are not necessary for this project. Ideal candidates would have a strong experience with Blender and a portfolio showcasing architectural projects, specifically modern structures. Understanding of architectural design principles and excellent attention to detail will be a plus. A building should be modeled and textured with a sufficient level of complexity. Among other things, the f...

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    More details: What is the purpose of the LOD 300 Revit design model? LOD 300 Revit Design Model What level of detail (LOD) do you require for the Revit design model? LOD 300 (Exact geometry with specific details) What architectural elements are necessary to include in the model? Structural framework

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    I need a skilled professional who is experienced in exporting a Navisworks model to Sketchup. This is for a commercial building design, with the purpose of facilitating further revisions and collaboration with other designers. The job will require: - Converting a Navisworks model to a Sketchup model - Retaining only basic geometry and massing details in the export - Ensuring compatibility and functionality with Sketchup tools for design changes The ideal freelancer should understand Revit modelling comprehensively and should be proficient in using both Navisworks and Sketchup platforms, particularly concerning model exports. Familiarity with commercial building design will be a bonus. Sketchup will be 2019 version. Base model will be *.rvt. Rv file ll be ca. 200mb over 4 models

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    I am looking for an expert who can assist me in crafting the perfect hints for multiple choice questions (MCQs) for JEE Mathematics Examination. As an experienced tutor, you would understand the spectrum of JEE syllabus which includes: Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and more. Your task would be to: - Review given questions pertaining to all areas of JEE Mathematics syllabus - Write a single, clear, and illustrative hint per MCQ Minimum qualifications: • Proven experience of teaching JEE Mathematics • Proficient in all areas of Mathematics syllabus • Great communication and presentation skills • Previous experience in creating educational content is a plus

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    As we work on the progressive development of our operations, I require an experienced Calypso CMM progra...role include: - Crafting new measurement routines - Debugging and fine-tuning existing measurement routines - Generating custom reports using measurement data The overall objective of these tasks is the refinement of measurement accuracy and precision in our current operations. As such, the ideal candidate should possess the following crucial skills: - Proven experience dealing with complex geometry - Expertise in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) Analysis - Demonstrated excellence in problem-solving If this corresponds to your areas of expertise, and you're someone who thrives on consistently improving systems for better efficiency, I invite you to su...

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    I have 3 robot ready robot files, I need a simple task to generate the automated robot report showing the following: 1- input loads ( dead loads, live loads, wind loads, etc) 2- case of loadings 3- the properties of the selected profiles ( dimension, grade, location, etc) 4- reactions according to the cases of loading 5- spacing and Geometry 6- stresses checks (moment, shear ....) 7- deflection check. In addition to the above I need Print screens from the model for some items as follows: 1- All dimensions (horizontal, vertical and diagonal). 2- All Profiles 3- All spacing 4- Maximum deflection according to the service case of loading.

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    For this project, I need a freelancer who is highly proficient in using a flow and thermal analysis in SolidWorks 2014. The result has to be easy to understand and apply in similar models with changed geometry and variables and in SolidWorks 2014. The model is a complex assembly made of copper with gases combustion inside moving at supersonic speeds and water cooled. Key Responsibilities Include: - Constructing a detailed flow and thermal model using SolidWorks. - Performing a high-quality steady-state analysis. Necessary Skills and knowledge base for this job: - Excellent English. - Exceptional skills in SolidWorks, including flow and thermal analysis. - Expert in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. Prior experience in complex thermal analysis is a must. Provide similar exampl...

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    ...conditions, and solving the resulting nonlinear system of equations. Objectives: Discretization of Equations: Employ FEM to discretize the Poisson equation and the electron and hole continuity equations for a 2D MOS-transistor model, as described in a German-language exercise sheet. Boundary Conditions: Implement Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions in alignment with the semiconductor device geometry specified in the exercise. Nonlinear System Solution: Solve the coupled nonlinear system to determine electron and hole concentration distributions, along with the electrostatic potential within the device. Parameter Determination: Calculate necessary physical parameters such as dielectric constant, electron and hole mobilities, recombination rates using the Shockley-Read-Hall...

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    I need help with the rapid development of a 3D prototype. While I don't have specifics on geometry, structure complexity, level of detail, or preferred texture and material at this point, being able to take a vague concept and turn it into a concrete prototype is key. This project requires a quick turnaround, so I am looking for someone who can deliver ASAP. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Experience in 3D modeling and prototyping • Strong skill in interpreting and working from vague briefs • Rapid turnaround capability • STL expertise

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    17 teklifler, and earned a merit-based scholarship to attend. Alia's middle school is not one of the common feeder schools, and thus, in contrast to her peers who have known each other since elementary school, she doesn't know anyone at Brigham. After weeks of feeling isolated, a boy named Aidan in her geometry class says, "Hey! We need 1 more person for our group. Do you want to join us?" Excited that she is finally included, Alia agrees. Over the next few weeks, Alia works with her classmates in geometry. Though she likes everyone in her group, she especially likes Aidan. She thinks he's pretty cute and hopes that he'll ask her out soon. Alia desperately wants to fit in. She picks up a job at a car wash to try to earn money for new clothes, a phon...

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