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    I need a *comprehensive* guide to how to access an attachment (image) sent to my chatbot in Messenger. I usually get the image from the payload (the usual way) but as I understand there are other methods to get the image - from the message id and the page inbox. I could use this to obtain better resolution images. Check this thread in Facebook Developer

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    I need the amazon categories structure/tree for each countries. Check this resource : [login to view URL]

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    I need a Auction Insights expert, who can get the competitor data by domain name given. He will give me some details of ad words that store in excel or in some other way so we can store in database Auction insights experts required to get some data as given below avg_ad_position": 2, "number_of_advertisers": 5, "num_paid_keywords": 4721, "paid_clicks_pe...

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    Hi, i have a website build with laravel. [login to view URL] we are improving this website day by day. if there is a problem exist we should solve this asap. or every month we determine new improvements, we talked to developer they give price for that and if it is acceptable we start to do these issues. we need new freelancer to co operate this project

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    Need to calculate extra thing in the code which is built and working perfect. All needed details are available .. You just need to be patient to understand the code Thanks

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    I need to get a script working on my server. The script is [login to view URL] item/everest-php-classified-ads-script/20234300 The server is host gator shared hosting, SSH access has been enabled I tried to enable PHP 7.1 and install Laravel but it still doesn't seem to work. Probably a very simple job for a skilled admin. Will select the first qualified

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    Syntax Error is an online community where people can interact with each others and get the information needed, for this, we need a website having blogging features with moderate functionalities. This website should be built with premium OKAB theme which will be provided.

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    ... WordPress with Custom Theme: Involves restructuring of navigation, menu and to build new archive page and custom posts system with search/filter options. 2. Custom CMS website: Involves adding various functions like top menu, bottom navigation and breadcrumbs, as well as buttons and to fix some issues. All works must be consistent with the current

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    Hi, below is the attached file of my project. I need the 8-10 pages of Word document which is formatted in APA and the 15-20 slides presentation. I need it by Friday. Kindly anyone interested can ping me back. We have chosen the company as NORDSTROM and accordingly the attached file points should be covered. Thanks.

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    Need a freelancer with an affordable price to built a Website for cooking channel name Bhawana Jaiswal link- [login to view URL] The website should look attractive , And able to fullfill all the demands to get monetize from google adsense if you able to monetize in a week extra money would be rewarded and simple

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    I need an android email client that can handle multiple email accounts (should be able to connect and autoset up everything, given the password and username), but with built in customizable strong spam filter. User should be able to block or unblock any domains added to the ban list, or countries or certain words in the content or title. Email that

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    ...from the content below and try writing content for a 1-page document. (could be made into a well designed document/poster/zine/brochure too) Also need the Wellcure logo, website - [login to view URL] and the app download logos of playstore and app store. (all attached here) USE YOUR CREATIVE CONTENT WRITING SKILLS TO MAKE THIS A BETTER DOCUMENT, WHICH

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    ...discovered that I install older versions of these, because the latest ones show errors about my dependency on deprecated gulp-util. Older ones do not mind. But even so, now I can't get the gulp to work. It runs about one quarter of the tasks (30 seconds) and then stops. No files are produced. No clue that I can see. I doubt it is any problem with the source

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    its about writing small pieces and submit, Need American usa people to get my job done, thanks

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    I own a new Shopify store and have all the ads/website built. I just need the proper facebook audience to target in order to get sales.

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    I need to get a website page built in joomla. I have the copy and photos needed and an example of what I want it to look like. The example of what I am looking for is: [login to view URL] I attached the two photos for the top of the page and the middle of the page. I would like to copy the verbiage from the example page, but will

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    Hey all I am in need of having the below java code re-worked to allow me to send just JSON strings and receive JSON strings. Please see all the java code from the links below: Client: [login to view URL] Server: [login to view URL] Handler: [login to view URL] Note these 3 classes will need to be in the same class (as in 3 classes into 1 class) public class UFTtrack { static Thread updateCl...

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    Hello I would like to pinged the IP Range [login to view URL] – [login to view URL] and write the answered IP Addresses into a Variable. The Contents of the Variable will be reused later. How does the attached Code need to be changed? To check the Code, the Variable Must be test-by-test with a Print Command.

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    I have a project where I would like to be able to place a list of keywords into a google sheets and have a script pull the search volume data from Googles API. Please see attachment. The input columns should be able to take 3 inputs. The Keyword, City, and State. The output should then provide all of the associated metrics. I need to be able to do this process for a large list of keywords. I woul...

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    Simple staffing agency website

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    We have a small website built as a flat website. We need this website converted to work on OctoberCMS, with content being editable. We will provide you with access to a Github repository containing a basic Docker image and OctoberCMS installation. You must be able to run our Docker image. You must have the following: - MacOS (our Docker images only

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    We're now looking to make some changes and updates to WordPress Website - - Update a booking plugin to use our site's booking information stored in the DB. - Update the form that users fill out to book an appointment. - Smaller front and back-end changes for clarity and ease of use. Small to start with and may result in future engagements

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    I have a WordPress website and am using Toolset plugin for custom post types (property listings). I am trying to display the property listings using Google Maps but cannot get authorization. I keep getting error: "REQUEST_DENIED - This API project is not authorized to use this API.". I need your help to get our site/app authorized so we can use the

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    I am looking to have a site similar to the one listed in the Word document built in Wordpress using either Elementor or Beaver Builder. It does not need to be exactly the same, but something similar. I only need everything setup so I can add the information and images on my own, without having to modify the actual layout too much. Please, do not underbid

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    ...particularly want to spend a heap of money if this script will not suit my needs, however, after following the install instructions, im having an issue. Calling the website address, I get an Error 500 message. I have uploaded all files and folders. PHP INFO states I have relevant modules installed I have CHMOD relevant folders to relevant permissions

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    Need site built similar to this [login to view URL]

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    require an app which is based on cricket game where you select the players based on upcoming live match and compete with the world with your team. get points based on each player's performance. Higher the team score, wins the game. i need app in android & apple platform along with the web platform. App shouldn't be in hybrid format. It should be

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    I need to handle the GET request here is the request that will be sent to my server [login to view URL],0,19800106002323.000,-15.363,131.044,.0.[login to view URL],, ok then I have to take the coordinates from this request and send to another server there will be already showing a marker on the map with the same coordinates what should be happening

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    Built A Website For Online Travel Flight & Hotel Aggregator with the below specifics; Payment Gateways Multi Language Affiliate Marketing B2C B2B

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    When searching on google for ‚Kai Isemann‘, first that appears is a negative entry of one of my business partners. This is sorted out in the meantime, the entry however remains seen. I would like to have this gone. In best case, when searching for my name, reference is made to [login to view URL]

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    I need someone who will build my website and also be able to get people that love sailing or people who want or need vacations to book with the yacht company at affordable prices.

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    I need someone who will build my website and also be able to get people that love sailing or people who want or need vacations to book with the yacht company at affordable prices.

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    I need a website to be built like the below link : [login to view URL] We will give you photos. U have to get domain and hosting

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    We are looking for highly productive, creative, and innovative sales people to get the software and enterprise security projects. You will get a 20% direct commission of the total sales amount on each project. You need to work remotely from your location for AG Technologies USA, LLC & Focused Cloud LLC. We are in Web Development, App Development,

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    Asistentes virtuales: se necesitan trabajadores y se necesitan brillantes cierres. Póngase en contacto con los clientes, confirme las nuevas ofertas. Reciba $ 30 por cada nueva oferta cerrada en los pedidos de los invitados. ¿Está motivado y es excelente para las ventas? ¿Tiene grandes habilidades sociales para conseguir nuevos acuerdos con los clientes? Reciba $ 30 c...

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business.

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    im looking to hire a sales person who can get me contracts with local companies to service their fleets and provide emergency roadside services in San Antonio, TX

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    it is a logo for a school project i need it to be traced by the given attachment and then it should be mixed with a firey and black gradient and add flames

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    [login to view URL] We want to get the Data of tracking numbers into excel - that we could see if it is delivered or not. Tracking numbers will be filled on our own. Here is a sample how it could work - but it is not working: [login to view URL]

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    build for a boutique crypto trading firm

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    Wordpress woocommerce website built. Details will be shared with qualified developer. Please start your proposal with "I AM EXPERT".

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    Hello, we are promoting a Star Trek based online game to people in A...find a person to work longer term- the pay will also increase. In your job proposal please outline how you will get people to sign up + install and how many you think you can get in the future (e.g. per day). Please only respond if you can get them from the countries listed above.

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    I would like to have a google ( or excel ) sheet built the helps us go through a website audit Site: Will tell you privately; it is a commerce site on Shopify. We can get a lot of reports on this but would like 1. To have them all in one spread sheet 2. Some thought / analysis to this vs just these reports Things I would like to have audited

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    wanted to get 5 images done to post on social media & classified websites for marketing our services. good quality sharp images will be used to advertise on Facebook market place, or adwords other on line avenues to generate clients. only reply if you can deliver within 48 hours or so..with flat rate to complete the job. thanks

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    Correct crackling sound and get better sound from a video [login to view URL] I can send you the original video by wetransfer to the person i will award

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    hello, need to build a website selling car part with cars brand and parts catalogueexemple using tecdoc database contact me and i will send url of similar website

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    Hi am currently supporting the launch of a New Independent Pop Singer. She launched ...using Google Adserve, with some of its disadvantages (not allowing likes to the video or channel subscribers). Therefore, I would now like to organically promote the channel to get more subscribers and the video for likes. I am looking for true users, and not bots.

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    Hi there, We have a website that we need to be built in Shopify. We need to get this done by the end of the month. For a skilled Shopify person, it will probably take 2-3 days. Please let us know if you are interested and we can discuss further. Thanks,

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    corrections to website - small number of changes/corrections to Website built in Divi Wordpress Builder on Divi Theme. I need a REALLY GOOD developer with a lot of Divi experience please as I have had problems with the original Freelancer who did this work. I need to get the work finished within 7 days and I want someone I can work with in future for

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