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    5,000 guitar lesson iş bulundu, ücretlendirmeleri EUR

    Merhaba! Benim adım Erem ve bu projeye dahil olmak istiyorum. Yürütmek istediğim proje, gitarda öğrenmeye başlamak isteyenlere yardımcı olmak için bir e-kitaptır...katkılar ekleme. Her bölüm, konu ile ilgili çizim, metin, fotoğraf ve videolar içerecek Hello! My name is Erem and I want to be involved in this project. The project I want to run is an e-book to help those who want to start learning on the guitar. The format of the book will be as PDF and I will have content available in addition to it. The book will have at least seven chapters: introduction to the guitar - chords and rhythms - the art of decorating with the guitar - decorating with chords - adding character and melodic contributions to the guitar. Ea...

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    ...hızlıca cevaplayıp çözümlerini bana gönderme, göndereceğim soruları önceden belirlenecek zaman diliminde detaylıca çözüp anlatıp cevaplamayı içeriyor. Ücret karşılıklı değerlendirilerek belirlenebilir. Yanlış çözüm olmamasını umuyorum. Uzun bir zaman diliminde gerekli olan homeworkler için de yardım isteyebilirim. This project requires to answer my questions about the electric circuit theory lesson thoroughly and detailed by sending the detailed solutions to me in the predetermined required time period. It also requires to answer the very hard 7 questions(2 in some) that i will be sending for the online exams that i will be taking in the said predetermined time period of about 2-3 hours(40 minu...

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    Bu projemde İngilizce kelimelerin Türkçe karşılıkları konusunda size detaylı bir biçimde uygun fiyata yardımcı olacağım. In this project, I will help you in detail with the Turkish equivalents of English words at an affordable price.

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    Hello, We have an online course project. We want a lesson page which supports webrtc, real time whiteboard and also some other features. The features are; - Real Time - Adding pictures and updating the position and shape of these images - Adding files - Writing with different fonts and colors - Drawing with the mouse on the board, drawing types (thick thin silky gold polishing) - Ability to authorize students for writing - Live video / audio sharing from the camera - Authorization of cameras of students depending on the will of the teacher, if they want, students can enable their cameras too. - Live chat box - Ability to add slides and move on them and draw on them with mouse - Setting the necessary back-end of the software with comments on how to integrate. - A box to ask questions...

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    İyi günler, Şu anda prototip geliştirme yaptığımız bir ürünün websitesini yaptırmak istiyoruz. Geliştirdiğimiz ürünün linki aşağıdadır: Http:// Bu akıllı gitarı USB ile internet sitesine bağlayabiliyor ve USB ile browsera bağlayabiliyorsunuz. Sitemizden video seyrederken ışıkları da senkronize bir şekilde yanacak. Uzun uğraşlardan sonra bir chrome plugini ile browser ve bilgisayarın USB portunu bağlamayı başardık ve bir videoyu da senkronize ettik. Fakat bu bizim upload ettiğimiz bir video idi (youtube değildi). Sitemizin en basit versiyonunu yaptırmak istiyoruz. Bunun için ekte bir adet sketch dosyası gönderiyorum. Gerekli olan beceriler kısaca javascript ve Youtube API dan olusuyor. Birde bizdeki plugini de biraz daha düzeltip chrome...

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    Easy Guitar Bitti left

    İyi günler, Şu anda prototip geliştirme yaptığımız bir ürünün websitesini yaptırmak istiyoruz. Geliştirdiğimiz ürünün linki aşağıdadır: Http:// Bu akıllı gitarı USB ile internet sitesine bağlayabiliyor ve USB ile browsera bağlayabiliyorsunuz. Sitemizden video seyrederken ışıkları da senkronize bir şekilde yanacak. Uzun uğraşlardan sonra bir chrome plugini ile browser ve bilgisayarın USB portunu bağlamayı başardık ve bir videoyu da senkronize ettik. Fakat bu bizim upload ettiğimiz bir video idi (youtube değildi). Sitemizin en basit versiyonunu yaptırmak istiyoruz. Bunun için ekte bir adet sketch dosyası gönderiyorum. Gerekli olan beceriler kısaca javascript ve Youtube API dan olusuyor. Birde bizdeki plugini de biraz daha düzeltip chrome...

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    In need of a dedicated, spanish-speaking video editor. My project entails editing spiritual teaching videos, designed to engage and enlighten. The ideal candidate should be able to: - Cut and trim footages seamlessly. - Sync audio and apply audio and video effects - Have an eye for documentary-style / educational style editing. Your task is to transform raw content into a lesson-driven, cohesive narrative. At least 2 years of video editing experience is required, and prior work on educational or documentary-style content will be highly beneficial. Ability to understand Spanish is mandatory, since the videos are in spanish. This full-time position calls for timely delivery of tasks and open communication regarding progress and any issues. If you're passionate about storytelli...

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    ...manual input for tracking. - A realtime update system should give popups as students reach milestones in the lesson. - would show seating plan for classes with names on them and a simple thumbs up / thumbs down or a clock for lateness. When I tap the lateness button, each tap is one minute. - when I tap on a student their info for the last week will pop up. - it should track progress lesson per lesson and aggregate data over the week/term. Including lateness - in lesson acheivements will have milestones with rewards. - has a dice roll button for when I want to call upon a random student to ask them a question - can integrate a fortnightly timetable of lessons that brings up the lesson for that current time. - ni student data is on the app. No photos, j...

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    ...Feedback and Iteration Feedback Collection: Gather feedback from users to identify areas for improvement. Iterative Development: Continuously update and enhance the software based on user feedback and changing requirements. Example Functionality Breakdown: Admin Panel: User management, course management, fee management, etc. Teacher Dashboard: Attendance marking, grade input, lesson planning. Student/Parent Portal: View attendance, grades, assignments, school announcements. Considerations: Scalability: Ensure the system can scale with the growth of the school. Accessibility: Design with accessibility standards in mind. Customization: Provide options for customization based on school-specific needs. By following these steps and considerations,...

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    I'm looking for a highly experienced and engaging math and science teacher for secondary school level students. The teacher will be responsible for conducting online classes. Key Responsibilities: - Delivering live, interactive online classes - Developing engaging lesson plans for math and science topics - Providing timely and constructive feedback on student work - Assisting in resolving student queries and concerns Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven success in teaching math and science at the secondary school level - Experience in online teaching and creating interactive lessons - Strong communication and problem-solving skills - Ability to work with different learning styles and adapt teaching methods accordingly. - Proficiency in using online teaching tools and platfo...

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    I'm seeking a skilled tutor to teach IELTS online to beginners. - Targeting beginners, you should have experience with this level and be able to adapt to their learning pace and style. - The focus of the teachings should include the three main areas of the IELTS test: Reading, Writing and Speaking. - As this is an online-onl...previous experience in teaching IELTS, especially at a beginner level. - Be proficient in teaching the Reading, Writing and Speaking components of the IELTS. - Have a good understanding of online teaching platforms and be able to create engaging, interactive online lessons. - Possess excellent communication skills and be able to engage with and motivate students effectively. - Be able to create lesson plans and materials that cater to the needs of beg...

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    I'am looking for a website developper capable of creating a site where people will be able to book and schedule lesson with language teachers.I need the site to be both in english and french. the website should also facilitate secure credit/debit card transactions. I am seeking a professional with: - experience in website design and development. - Knowledge in user interactivity and personalisation. - Proficiency in implementing secure credit/debit card payment systems.

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    I need a developer who...who has game knowledge and has a good PC to run Fortnite. I would like either a AI bot which can play the Fortnite Festival Main Stage and Battle modes for me hitting every note perfectly and either with AI learning where the best place to hit overdrive is for maximum points for #1 place or Auto player and I just hit overdrive myself. AI would be preferred if possible. The game mode is much like guitar hero and someone has made a auto player for that which get's every note perfect. This needs to not only press notes but hold them down too sometimes. Please no offers without these requirements. I don't want to pay someone who has 0 experience. I also have an auto player and I know this can be done through chatgpt so no stupid prices either. I know ...

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    I'm in need of a proficient guitarist to carefully craft advanced guitar tabs for R&B Pop music. The deadline for this project is incredibly tight, so I'm looking for someone who can commit to delivering this at the earliest. Key Requirements: - Proficient in guitar and music theory - Advanced level of guitar tab writing - Experience with R&B and Pop music genres - Ability to deliver under tight deadlines - Strong communication skills and attention to detail Your expertise in R&B Pop music is crucial for this project, as I need the tabs to be true to the genre's characteristic sound. The ideal candidate will be able to provide samples of previous guitar tab work, particularly with R&B Pop music, to showcase their competence and s...

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    I am currently in search of a part-time role in online tutoring within the marketing industry. Key Responsibilities: - Deliver online tutoring to students in the field of marketing. - Develop engaging lesson plans and materials for each session. - Monitor progress and provide feedback for improvement. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge in Marketing. - Experience in online tutoring and course development. - Excellent communication skills and a knack for simplifying complex marketing concepts. Please note that flexibility in scheduling and prompt communication is appreciated.

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    4 teklifler 9 years old, and he will be the main student. The two girls are little 6 and 3 years old. Therefore, mostly the girls would be listeners. • We prefer Female Native English speaker • Target price will be around your country minimum wage • Session will be about 1 hour long using Microsoft team • 5 hours per week for about four weeks • Mostly the teaching would be pronunciation and speaking lesson • You can show any materials for teaching Key Responsibilities: - Design and implement engaging and interactive English lessons suitable for children aged 4-8. - Focus on building their basic English communication skills through a variety of activities. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in teaching English to young learners, particularly in an...

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional with extensive experience in Android app development. The project should be completed within a month. We want a app which can be used my multiple user using there mobile number and some lesson plan and voice to read the same

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    I want a Hindi script of a youtube shorts that can engage the audience with the story and life lesson at the end. Script content - story - hoke ( some line of poetry, punch line, shayari aur any thing that can be best for the particular video) - life lesson at the end My pricing will be ₹50 per script, Script will be 1000words ( yt shorts) 1script per day If you are passionate about creating compelling short videos and can meet the daily production requirements, we would love to hear from you. Please provide examples of your previous work and share your estimated turnaround price per script.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create an education software that is compatible with iOS and Windows. The software should encompass: - Progress tracking: Ability to monitor student's learning progress, marking off completed lesson plans, noting areas of struggles, and easily identifying and recording improvements. - Lesson Plan: Interactive and dynamic lesson plans that adjust according to student progress. Including options to add, remove or tweak sections as needed. - Resource Generation: A tool to generate teaching resources such as worksheets, quizzes, and interactive learning materials. - Assessment: Features to assess student learning, provide feedback, and grade assignments. The software is intended for use by teachers, so user-friendliness...

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    I'm in need of an Odoo17 Accounting Trainer who can provide a hands-on training session on the accounting module. The training will be focused on the following topics: - Expense management - Purchase management - Management Accou...There will be 1 participants in the training session. 3. The participants have an intermediate level of proficiency with Odoo's accounting module. Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in Odoo17 - Skilled in teaching and training - Strong background in Accounting - Able to provide practical, engaging sessions - Familiar with Management Accounting and Project Analytics. - Very good English for each lesson we have a set of question that will be anticipated via email. These question will be answered via mail and the issues will be solved togheter wit...

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    Hello I need a simple thing a 30 s music video, an hispanic guy with a guitar saying Hola soy Rodrigo "a po prai" el hermano de Jean Michel Con maxime hemos escrito una canción para Isa, es un poco complicada pero puedes cantarla "a po prai" Musica La Bamba with only Lyrics ISA " ISA ISA LA ISA, ISA ISA LA ISA, ISA LA ISA LA ISA LA ISA, A LA ISA LA ISA etc ect until then end of first paragraph Then "Hasta domingo

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    Necesito un editor de video para editar un curso en línea de aproximadamente 34 ejercicios. Yo proporcionaré grandes secciones de cada lección y necesito que el freelancer recorte los errores, agregue el logo de entrada y el logo de cierre, así como las transiciones. Key Responsibilities: - Edit big chunks of each lesson - Cut mistakes - Add an entry and closing logo - Incorporate transitions I need the editor to be proficient in Spanish to understand the content and be able to translate it if necessary. On Thanks

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    I am urgently in need of a freelancer who can provide me with lessons in digital marketing and social media. I am interested in gaining knowledge in the following specific areas: - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Social Media Strategies - Content Marketing The ideal candidate would be proficient in these topics and have prior experience in teaching or coachin...areas: - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Social Media Strategies - Content Marketing The ideal candidate would be proficient in these topics and have prior experience in teaching or coaching in these areas. I would prefer for this to be a hands-on, interactive learning experience. I am hoping to start on this as soon as possible. Please make sure to include your teaching methodology and sample lesson plans in your...

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    I am looking for a skilled musician or music educator to write a series of 12 engaging and age-appropriate guitar exercises for absolute beginner children aged 5-8 years old written in tablature and treble staff notation. Each exercise will be 2-4 measures long consisting of simple rhythms and melodies. I will have specific parameters for each one that follows my curriculum sequence. The exercise will also need simple lyrics, all around a unifying theme. These exercises are also meant for group classes and will each need 4 differentiation levels- 1. A main challenge that follows the skills/parameters outlined 2. An easier support part consisting of only whole notes and simple fretting or open strings 3. Open chords for each measure 4. A challenge part that incorporates eight notes...

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    I'm looking for a talented animator to create a series of 10 to 20-second animated videos. These videos will be used as educational content for children. Key requirements: - 2D Animation: The style should be 2D, keeping in mind the target audience of children. - Educational Content: Each video will be designed to convey a specific concept or lesson in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. - Length: The videos should be short, ideally between 10 to 20 seconds. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in creating 2D animations, particularly for educational purposes. - Understanding of child psychology and the ability to create content that is both entertaining and educational. - Strong communication skills to understand and interpret the educational concepts that ...

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    Key Features: - Actors ( Student, Admin, Instructor ) - Course Management ( Courses, Lessons, Categories, Enrollment ), Lesson Content is video - Ability for Student to Purchase or add a Course to Cart and Purchase it - an in app Wallet for Student, for purchasing courses - Ability to Top Up Student Wallet Requirements - API to be consumed by a Web and Mobile App ( Student ) - Administration Panel for Managing Courses, Instructors, Student Wallets. - Back-end Must be Written in Php using laravel framework - Admin Panel with either vue or blade

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    ...ranging from 3 to 50 years old. The main focus of these lessons is to improve their general English skills. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting engaging English lessons suitable for preschool, elementary, middle school and adult students. - Implementing various teaching strategies to cater to the different age groups. - Assessing the students' current English proficiency and creating tailored lesson plans to develop their language skills. Requirements: - A native English speaker, preferably White, with proven experience in teaching. - Ability to teach English to a wide range of age groups, from 3 to 50 years old. - Familiarity with various teaching methods suitable for preschool, elementary, middle school and adult learners. - Strong communication and interpersonal skills ...

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    I'm seeking a professional with teaching experience to instruct small groups (up to two people) in intermediate English, focusing on speaking and pronunciation. They should be equipped to handle intermediate-level students, driving perf...They should be equipped to handle intermediate-level students, driving perfect improvement in their verbal English skills. Ideal skills and experience: - Certified English teaching qualifications - Proven experience in teaching intermediate English - Strong focus on speaking and pronunciation techniques - Comfortable teaching small group classes Your responsibilities will include: - Creating lesson plans tailored to improve speaking and pronunciation - Evaluating individual progress within the group - Facilitating engaging interactive lea...

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    I'm in need of an expert 2D animator to bring to life a unique concept for a music video. Looking at a duration of 3 to 5 minutes, the animation should capture an enchanting scene of a boy sitting on a hilltop at night, under a starlit sky, with his guitar. Therefore, a portfolio containing similar stylized, narrative-driven work would be great. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in 2D animation - Understanding of aesthetic and mood in music videos - Capability to create imaginative, dreamy landscapes - Proven record of delivering high quality animation within a given timeline If this engaging project seems like your niche, don't hesitate to bid!

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    I'm in need of an exciting, upbeat jingle to promote my bakery. Transposing the tune of "Let's All Go to the Lobby" but with fresh, new lyrics replacing "lobby" with the name of my shop, "The Pie bakery. Transposing the tune of "Let's All Go to the Lobby" but with fresh, new lyrics replacing "lobby" with the name of my shop, "The Pie Hole" to encapsulate the spirit of my brand, is what I envision. Ideal Skills: - Musical composition - Lyrics writing - Skilled in fun, energetic jingles I'd also be interested in having the melody played by a few lively instruments, so a mix of piano, guitar and drums would work best. Prior experience in jingle creation or composition within the Food & Beverage indu...

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    ...Specific Attendance Settings - Subject Attendance - Subject Specific Attendance Settings - Circular - Fees - Holidays - Timetable - Leaves - Payroll Approve - Helpdesk -Procurement : Raise Request in T/A/E Login Approve Request in Admin Login" - Appointment - Doc Request - Message - PTM - Report Card - Display Web URL - Today's Topic - GPS Tracking - Homework - Online Exam - Offline Submission - Lesson Plan in Parent and Teacher Login Platforms: The app should be available on both iOS and Android. User Authentication: We're opting for social media login (e.g., Facebook, Google) as our preferred method for user authentication. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in React Native and native app migration - Proven track record in developing complex schoo...

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    I'm seeking a skillful and creative songwriter to compose music for a religious song I've written. It should fall within the Christian genre, conveying an atmosphere of surrendering one's life to the Lord. The outcome should evoke a worshipful, reflective mood, enhancing the message of the song. I envision the composition comprised of Piano, Guitar, Drums, and E-bass. So, musicianship in these instruments is a key aspect. Experience in Christian music composition would be an added advantage. Your touch will bring the lyrics to life!

    €230 - €689
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    €230 - €689
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    ...need of a composer who can provide an instrumental tone for my melody. The genre I'm aiming for is Pop Soft Rock. Key Requirements: - Familiarity with Pop Soft Rock genre - Strong composition and arrangement skills - Ability to work with a mix of Guitar, Piano, and other Sounds - Proficiency in creating engaging and harmonious instrumental tones Ideal Freelancer: The ideal freelancer for this job should be a talented composer with experience in creating instrumental tones in the Pop Soft Rock genre. Experience with the specified instruments - Guitar, Piano and ability to incorporate other Sounds creatively would be a huge plus. Your task will be to transform the melody I have into a full instrumental piece that not only complements the melody but gives it a fresh...

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    I'm seeking a talented musician for an upcoming bridal shower. This entertainer should master not only the guitar but also singing, as we want both. It's crucial that the performer has an acoustic style, as this is the preferred music type for the event. The performance should last 1-2 hours, making a repertoire of songs and strong audience engagement skills crucial. Additionally, I do have a few specific songs in mind that I'd like the performer to include during their set. Ideal skills and experience: - Expert at acoustic guitar and singing - Versatile playlist with popular and lesser-known songs - Willingness to learn a few requested songs - Proven track record of audience engagement - Experience playing at similar events or venues.

    €14 - €23 / hr
    €14 - €23 / hr
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    I have two educational lesson plans that I need to make interactive. This lesson plan will be used in marketing efforts so it does not have to be fully interactive. Ideally, there will be 4-6 interactive elements that will include definitions of words, letter sounds and letter blend sounds, video clips, website information, and email addresses. We will be providing the links and/or files for the definitions, the letter sounds/letter blend sounds, and any necessary video clips or images, websites, and email addresses. The lesson plan will be provided as a PDF with 3 pages. - Multimedia Elements: I'd like to include a variety of multimedia elements in the lesson plans, such as videos, audio recordings, images, and definitions. These will help cater to differ...

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    Bible Lessons Bitti left

    Weekly Lesson handouts with "Word" of the Week.

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    I'm in need of an expert with skills in creation of 3D animations to help me come up with a physics lesson cover focusing specifically on the concept of 'Motion'. It's a must for any freelancer bidding on this job to have: • Mastery in 3D animation • Prior experience in creating educational content • Understanding of Physics, especially the concept of Motion The 3D animated video should capture and simplify the concept of Motion in an engaging and understandable manner. Your past work samples in the education sector, particularly physics, will be a huge plus.

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    I'm looking to hire an Early Years Foundation teacher with expertise in the Montessori method to teach Preschoolers (3-5 years). My aim is to create a course that centers around: - Boosting cognitive development of the children. Ideal candidates will ...Foundation teacher with expertise in the Montessori method to teach Preschoolers (3-5 years). My aim is to create a course that centers around: - Boosting cognitive development of the children. Ideal candidates will have: - Extensive experience teaching preschoolers. - A comprehensive understanding of the Montessori method. - Proven ability to design and implement cognitive development-centric lesson plans. Please provide evidence/thoughts on how the Montessori method can be used for boosting cognitive development i...

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    If u are not familiar with cricut design space dont apply please I am asking for one time short explanation lesson (no more than 10$) I am a beginner with Cricut machines, seeking a skilled and experienced individual to teach me cutting and weeding I know how to operate the machine and use design space however in making stencils I keep missing one crucial point which is how to keep the design stuck to the frame so I would have a 12*12 inches stencil that I can hold *Stencil making * multilayer SVG expert - Proficient in using Cricut maker 3 and Design Space software - Excellent understanding of cutting and weeding techniques - Prior experience in tutoring or guiding beginners .

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    I'm in need of an experienced and proficient curriculum developer who can assist in creating a comprehensive 1-year lesson plan for a test series. The lesson plan will be centered around exam prep for NEET, JEE Main and JEE Advanced and should encompass the following: - Subjects: The plan should cover Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics - Topics: We'll provide guidance on the specific topics to be covered for each subject. The lesson plan should be structured in a clear and engaging manner. We're looking for a dynamic, interactive approach which includes the use of watermarking and our institution's logo for a professional touch. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in curriculum development, particularly in the field of ...

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    I'm looking for an expert in C++ to provide tutoring services for a beginner. I have a keen interest in learning this programming language and would greatly benefit from one-on-one instruction. Key job requirements include: - Extensive C++ knowledge and experience - Excellent communication and teaching skills - Patience to teach complete beginners ...a keen interest in learning this programming language and would greatly benefit from one-on-one instruction. Key job requirements include: - Extensive C++ knowledge and experience - Excellent communication and teaching skills - Patience to teach complete beginners This task is particularly suited for those experienced in tutoring, as well as C++ programming. Practice materials and structured lesson plans will be major advanta...

    €23 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...of Tools: -Utilize tools such as Canva for presentations, along with proficient use of screen recording software, audio editing tools, laptops, microphones, and internet services to create professional course materials. -Familiarity with Zoom for virtual meetings and course recordings. 4. Collaboration and Review: -Engage in regular meetings with a manager to discuss research topics, lesson plans, and receive approval before proceeding with course recording. -Collaborate with team members for the review of recorded courses, incorporating necessary adjustments or corrections as suggested. Skills and Qualifications: 1. Proficiency in English and Amharic. 2. Strong ability to research topics and develop engaging lessons and presentations. 3. Experience with online co...

    €342 (Avg Bid)
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    ...achieving desired proficiency. - Skills and Experience: The ideal tutor should have a strong command in Spanish, ideally as a native speaker. They should have considerable teaching experience, especially with adults starting from scratch. Experience in business Spanish is appreciated as my main motivation is career advancement. - Responsibilities: The tutor will be responsible for developing lesson plans that suit my learning style and pace, and for providing clear and constructive feedback on my progress. - Other Details: I'm very flexible with scheduling and looking for regular lessons, so tutors who have a good degree of availability will be highly regarded. Online sessions are preferred, but I'm willing to consider in-person sessions depending on location and...

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    I'm in need of an experienced academic content writer to create lesson plans for the CBSE and ICSE educational boards in India. The focus is predominantly on generating innovative and detailed lesson plans for three key subjects: • English • Math • Science Your responsibility is to structure clear, engaging, and effective lesson plans aligned with the curriculums of both the CBSE and the ICSE boards. Your skill-set should ideally include: • Previous experience in educational content creation, specifically lesson plans. • Proficiency in English, Math, and Science subjects for CBSE and ICSE boards. • Firm understanding of CBSE and ICSE guidelines and curriculum. • Remarkable organizational and communication skills. ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a custom web DFU updater. This project will enable firmware updates for a guitar modeler via a web interface. The ideal candidate should be familiar with the WebUSB DFU protocol, and have experience in designing and implementing firmware update processes. Key Requirements: - Implement automatic firmware detection and update - Create a user-friendly progress bar for the firmware update process - Integrate error handling for failed updates The project is specifically aimed at updating a Guitar modeler via a website. Therefore, the developer doesn't need to worry about compatibility with other USB devices.

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    I'm an educator in Malaysia looking for an AI-driven tool that can alleviate the burden of content creation and lesson planning. Here's what I need: - An AI tool that can help me generate educational content. This content should be generalized, and not specific to a particular subject area. - Support in lesson planning. The AI tool should provide suggestions and insights that can make my lesson planning process more efficient. Ideally, you should have experience in AI, education technology, and content creation. You should also be proficient in developing tools that can assist educators in a classroom setting. Your understanding of Malaysian education system would be an added advantage.

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can bring life to my Fortnite Festival by creating an autoplayer that can handle the music on the main s...added and it's detecting the triangles too which show up and knowing to press or not, would also be nice if it could detect the boost bar so when it fills to the end it will activate. Here is a few videos/ or sources I have used: - This has both source and exe Also someone has made one for Guitar Hero: I know this same result can be achieved using chatgpt which is much faster as it just generates code and I myself have done that, so no stupid prices as now chatgpt is a thing, it's not very hard.

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    I'm looking for a video editor experienced with Adobe Premiere Pro to teach me editing, motion graphics, and grading. My aim is to reach an intermediate proficiency level. The intended use of the skills is for creating promotional materials. Key Requirements: - Adobe Premiere Pro Proficiency: I need someone with a solid understanding of the software, able to, able to convey knowledge effectively. - Teaching Skills: Patience and the ability to break down complex topics is essential. - Motion Graphics & Grading Experience: Skills in these areas are a must as they are key elements of my learning objectives. Please provide details of your experience with Adobe Premiere Pro and with teaching. Include any relevant samples of your work. A structured lesson plan wo...

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    5 ai generated landscape panorama image (extremely wide, but not "fisheye lens") in oil painting style as a background for music sheets in a guitar book you must be able to correct the mutations (since everything is very small, you can also discreetly use parts from other images for those parts that the ai cannot get right) real picture size is just 15 cm high and 42.6 cm wide - 300 dpi total page size (double A4 + bleed) that is 30.3 cm high - 42.6 cm wide the upper half (upper 15 cm) of the double page is white and flows into the lower half the lower half (lower 15 cm) of the double page is divided into: sky and landscape The upper part of the lower half is light (not dramatic) sky (light blue with clouds or sunrise), because it serves as a background for the music s...

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