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    Looking for to engage visitors, inform them of our company and our website, and collect their contact information. Attire includes nice jeans or skirt, a black shirt, and black heels. Send your contact information, three photos- at least one face close up and one full body shot, and any relevant experience. Payment relevant to experience

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    ...accessory for high heels - that will keep you "put": in your shoes ( think a strap around your heels ) so no more embarrassing mishaps where you step next our out of your heel. The Shoewel is either discreet ( "nude" /transparent model) or available in other materials (leather suede with colors/feathers etc.) to "pimp" up your heels....

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    Fetch me a folder of images where both legs and feet (footwear) are visible. - At least 5000 images - Max variety possible of footwear (trainers, sandals, crocs, urban, heels, platform..) - Feet must wear footwear. - Footwear has to be well visible. Big images where footwear is small are not good. - Preferably standing up, some of them can be

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    "Fetch me a list of URLs of images where I can see people's legs and feet in the same picture". - At least 5000 images - Max variety possible (trainers, urban, heels, platform) - Feet must wear footwear. - Footwear has to be visible. - Preferably standing up, some of them can be also sat. - See image for example - Can't be easy backgrounds

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    Trophy icon Logo for sexy-fitness app Bitti left

    ...butt are important - should not have too many details - best would be just lines of shape of her body and possibly that mentioned chair - if possible to show: let her wear high heels - if chair is too much - propose something different related to the office Colors: - background should be a gradient of RGB(77,120,226) and RGB(38,45,142) - body shape

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    I need a simple drawing of 5 pairs of feet showing only from the ankles down. One pair of feet will be wearing high heels One pair of feet will be wearing flip flops One pair of feet will be wearing converse tennis shoes One pair of feet will be wearing boots One pair of feet will be bare foot I have attached the look & feel I want. Those 3 feet

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    ...the coloring of the other pic provided. Female model standing and throwing the american flag in front. Model has dark hair, a little past her shoulders. Model is wearing heels, jean cut off short shorts, bikini top (Probably grey would work ). Not to look like a cheap cartoon. Mighalso want to try an extra pic with the star behind her like the one

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    I need a logo designed. Logo for my hair extension business name is Boss Beauty. I want the B's back to back with a silhouette of a lady with flowing hair wearing high heels in the middle of the B's. I would like the colors to be black and fuschia pink with some silver glittersparkle somewhere for attention. It's the beauty industry

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    Design project Bitti left

    I need a logo designed. I'm a Hair stylist. I'm branching out and starting a Hair extension and Mink eyelash line. I'm looking for a Logo the business name is Boss Beaut...I'm looking for a Logo the business name is Boss Beauty. My idea is something with the B's back to back with a image silhouette of a lady with long flowing hair wearing high heels

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    Trophy icon create an event flyer Bitti left

    please create a flyer with the following on it: GROWN FOLKS LIVE presents SMOKE "N" HEELS Thursday April 12, 2018 8pm -12am Ladies Night Drink Specials Grown and Sexy attire GIF Logo Cigaros Logo Location: Cigaros of Georgia 3220 Butner Rd. Atlanta, GA 30331 Images: Sexy black female smoking a cigar (preferably

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    Design and Create a Prototype of a convertible high heels shoes able to turn into flats with Onesize fits all sole. Very technological shoe with manual mechanical heels and onesize sole conversion. The heels should be foldable NOT removable same for the ergonomic onesize sole. Materials: stainless steel metal, acrylic, leather, silicon, luxury design

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    Shoe Design -- 2 Bitti left

    Create a prototype of onesize fits all sole with foldable high heels that can be flats sandals or high heels in the same shoe without taking off any parts. Very technologic and hi end shoe. Luxury look and materials.

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    11 teklifler create a new 3D model. - Realistic / real looking white skinned rigged high poly human lady 3D Model needed, - Clothing should be of business attire - White shirt with red smart jacket on top of it. Pants to be a black or grey skirt. Stocking on legs. Smart black heels. Please can you send me your 3D model pic references so I can check the

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    Trophy icon Logo need for a life style brand Bitti left

    Crushing I...logo and know what it is for. Please do more then just play around with the font of the word. Some Ideas I have are maybe 1. A silhouette of a woman on the go, in high heels, well groomed, carrying a hand bag. 2. The word CRUSHING could actually be crushing the number 40. can you get the number 40 to look like it is being crushed

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    Trophy icon GEN Girls Academy Bitti left in Barcelona, made for girls between 16 and 23 years old Overcoming,challenging and change power. With first level players, the girls will be able to improve with high quality trainings. Barcelona. The city is the heart of the academy, common point of our participants. Maybe represent Barcelona (the city) in the text could be good option

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    Design project Bitti left

    I am trying to create a platform where I interview successful women in the Hospitality Industry. I want a logo of a pineapple with legs and heels on

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    ... of course. For years, Americans lived in blissful assurance that if the government said it, it must be true. Then came a watershed called Watergate. Following hard on the heels of the Pentagon Papers’ revelations that the government lied us into a war it knew to be unwinnable, this tale of dirty tricks, lies and coverups in the Nixon White House shredded

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    I got photos, I got a laptop, I have a portfolio, I just need you to build my personal website. Sexy little helper, trying to get by, k...I just need you to build my personal website. Sexy little helper, trying to get by, know I got the looks to kill, might as well try. I can flirt, I can work, and I love high heels and me help you...

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    Trophy icon Damas Closet Bitti left

    ...color is#02BDA8 and #000000 Is there any imagery that you DEFINITELY want to see in your logo? (e.g. "I want to see a baseball in my logo") Silhouette of a women with heels. Something like this: [login to view URL] (1st row and 3rd column girl) Without the purse

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    Mission Statement: "[login to view URL] pays CASH for your gently worn, name brand, clothing, purses, heels, boots, jewelry, sunglasses, and more! You don't even have to leave your house! Give us a call or schedule 24/7 at [login to view URL] and we'll send a Buyer to you!" We are seeking a talented designer to create a logo that speaks our mission statement

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    Trophy icon design a logo with text below Bitti left

    Starting an E commerce store with trendy pr...the text below the logo. The dot com below and a tag line that reads "Shop In The Comfort Of Your PJ's". So this means I am not looking for shopping bags, women dressed in high heels, carts ect. The background will be white but I will be using the colors green (7FAB56) and blue (1B9EE4). Thanks everyone!

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    HI, Hephzy: 1. Podiatrist Tips for Choosing High Heels (make it touch on these points and maybe a few more.... reference: [login to view URL]) 2. What can toenails reveal abut your health? Thanks!

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    Heels that would be able to lock into position in order to change the heels for different colors and size heels.

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    Trophy icon Logo design Bitti left

    Looking for a logo for my new company. Company name is SearchPerfect It will be a marketing company ( online...Black Colors I hate: Red, Blue, Orange I am well known as a speaker for my shoes, so if the logo somehow had heels in it that would be awesome. However this is not a selling point, so I am happy to look at logos that do not have heels

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    Trophy icon Design project Bitti left

    ...Business called Dance Appeal Fitness and choreography. This class is fun, sexy, glow in the dark party themed fitness class. The colors are Black, Gold and Pink! This is also a heels class! I was thinking a heel on the logo would be super cute!! Think Sexy and chic!! Quick pay!! I need it ASAP! Thank you sooo much!! Unfortunately I can’t chat because I

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    ...the customer will find in the specific category. 12 x 300 words required. Please see below pages. [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    Trophy icon DESIGN A DOORMAT! Bitti left see your humans again, leave me a jar of peanut butter and a t-bone. -the dog [login to view URL] cat and its housekeeping staff reside here [login to view URL]’s no place like home <red heels> [login to view URL] have eaten here few have died 17.i golf therefore i am not here. 18.welcome. when you’re here, you’re family. sure you still want in? ...

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    We want you to make 2 different women: Gentle woman: She has a purse on one arm. This arm is slightly raised and the other is on her hip. She is wearing high heels with a very pretty and flowy dress. Her face is to the side with no definitive ethnicity. Hair medium length, black and also flowy. She must be gorgeous and very feminine. Virtue

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    We are Mestrae Europe a manufacturer of woman shoes with interchangeable heels and we need comunity manager for the new web sites and facebook pages for Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and UK. We want to pay a fix and a plus based on sales in the country. For this we look people with connection with influencers and bloggers in fashion area that

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    ...75m) -Skinny to average build Outfit: The character dresses herself very elegantly. She wears a dark skirt, dark knee socks, a white, long-armed sweatshirt, and black high-heels. On top of that, she also wears large, golden bracelets on both her wrists and a golden necklace that ranges to her chest. Reference pictures: The facial features + hair

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    Need a prototype designed for high-heels I have a creative idea for my company. Need prototype designed for manufacturers to mass produce

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    €23 Ortalama Teklif
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    ...that free pizza! Accomo-Date! We have found the best matches for you! Make sure you accommodate your date into your schedule. Date-Able! You’re gonna go head over heels for the dateable matches we have for you. Check it out now! The sub-title must end with a call to action! I need 2 lines first as sample to check the quality of the content

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    Love,Loubtions (Blood Heels),Money,Success,

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    Design project Bitti left

    I need a logo designed. Company Name : Rawhide Inc It is a startup fashion Brand. Currently dealing in handbags and clutches but soon be moving on to heels, clothings, shoes, etc. Need a logo which is simple yet classy and sofisticated, eye catchy ofcourse and a ting of royal look.

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    My name is Shinell Iniss. I am a young entrepreneur in the making in the wo...a young entrepreneur in the making in the world of small business. My small business basically offers a customizing service to clients, where we customize items from women heels, men shoes,slippers,purses, wine glasses, personalized coffee cups , mugs, jars and much more.

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    Looking for a shoe designer that will be able to design trending fashionable heels, flats & sandals.

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    ...cell phone camera, in your house or wherever you chose. It doesn't have to be exactly like the youtube video, but you have to be wearing leather pants/leather leggings and heels, the rest of the outfit is up to you. I also will need you to sign over the ownership rights to the video. If interested please contact me. model search casting call wanted

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    conent writer Bitti left

    ...(for a business) Business name: Ultimate Callisthenics Classes that are taught and need short desсrіptions. -Hip hop -Jazz -Contemporary - rhythmic gymnastics -Heels class (for women) - latin fusion so I will need short desсrіptions of each style and what the class will teach for each style. Plus each class includes warm up, new choreography

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    ...well executed,” Orr said. “Blumhouse owns this space no doubt about it, and they do this better than anybody consistently.” The film also had the benefit of coming on the heels of the massive success of “It,” which has earned $314.9 million domestically to date. The “Happy Death Day” trailer played in front of “It” at theaters, which...

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    The aim of this contest is to find and adjust 3 stock images that represent our shoe types stiletto heels, trainers and warm lined boots at our womens’ department at You can search for and see the different shoe types here: [login to view URL] We have a total of 144  shoe types that we need to create banners for. We will choose

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    Design project Bitti left

    I need a logo designed. Women heels

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    Trophy icon Podcast Album Cover Design Bitti left

    ...picture of women is used please keep that in mind. Some examples that could be used if a picture of women cant be used with the above elements, could be a picture of high heels shoes, lipstick or women accessories can be used, women getting inside of limousine, a red carpet event photo.. These are just a few off of the top of my head. I look forward

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    ...professional woman on sofa after work, message pings 'on our way, you said 7, right? Looking forward to dinner!', she curses, jumps up, flash images of cooking, pulling on dress & heels, opens wine fridge, finds empty, repeat above - app onwards. 3rd - guys in pjs on sofa playing videogames, convincing brawl about who goes to the shop, one opens app, repeat

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    We are a band of electronic music formed by two people, we are about to take our first demo, and we need the design of the cover of our...take our first demo, and we need the design of the cover of our album, the concept is simple, you see a man watching a woman dancing on a table dance, you know the woman in high heels, neon lights, a dark atmosphere

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    ..."wohoo" with the same gesture of Homer and thinking, in a cartoon bubble, "Best Auntie Ever". 2. Or he's just come out from his encounter with Danaerys and jumps clicking his heels, thinking "Best Auntie Ever". 3. The Star Wars image I put as a reference of how perfectly recognizable characters can be drawn without infringing copyrights. The m...

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    I'm sale some beuaty tools and lovely high heels,and high heels boots on my website.i wanna find the one who good at about how to writing those things. thx

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    I need to have a male captain of a ship and 3 girls behind him (captain has black hair with a silver str...(see attached draft). I need you to put a pink polo tshirt on the girls and the male captain. i want the girls looking like this with pink tops and white pants with pink heels and pink lipstick. use this picture to get the gist and positioning.

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    Trophy icon Online Store Logo Bitti left

    I need a logo for new eCommerce store "PlusShoePlus" which sells shoes (high heels, flats, sandals, athletic shoes) and purses to women age 18 to 50. Please note: 1. The first two words, "Plus shoe" means large size shoes for ladies with extra big feet. 2. And we also sell handbags/purses.

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