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    ...script (Ctrl+Tab every 3 minutes) to keep a desktop active. The catch is that this will run in an office environment that has a macro blocker in place. Simply put, macros or hotkeys don't work (AHK/Jitbit/etc). The only way for it to register input is from physical keyboard keystrokes or mouse movement. I need some custom software or alternative solutions

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    ...will display on monitor 1 scoreboard ([login to view URL]), this will display on monitor 2 shotclock ([login to view URL]), this will display on monitor 3 I need to be able to set hotkeys for the controls timeup, timedown, home score up and down, away score up, away score down, team foul up, team foul down, away foul up, away foul down, home teamtimeout up

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    Need to make a file csv file with Logins and pw for genric data to be entered and login into a mpg site ru...into a mpg site running js/css with dynamic thtml tags, to collect daily gifts on 45 accounts daily gifts and add guild members. Am open to using simple {php post/get},{js},{Hotkeys ex. ahk script}, {Imacros} pretty flexible. May be ongoing.

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    ...recording time THEN stop OR start new recording (loop) • Save recordings to the phone or SD Card (optional) (destination folder option) • Voice activated recording (optional) • Hotkeys to activate, pause or stop recording • Send recordings via email/ Dropbox or upload to an FTP server on end of recording • Selectable sound quality / encoding options (wav

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    ... Sequence Controlsend,, {LAlt Down}h{LAlt Up}, ahk_exe [login to view URL] ;varzz=1 return WheelOnOff(State := "Off") ; WheelOnOff turns mousewheel hotkeys on and off { Hotkey, IfWinActive, Sierra Hotkey, WheelUp, %State% Hotkey, WheelDown, %State% } CustomMessage(ByRef Index) { if (++Index > 10)

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    2 teklifler Menu Screen 4. [login to view URL] Settings Screen 5. [login to view URL] (Agar modded version) Settings Screen 6. [login to view URL] Settings Screen 7. [login to view URL] Hotkeys Screen 8. [login to view URL] (Agar modded version) Hotkeys Screen 9. [login to view URL] Hotkeys Screen 10. [login to view URL] Themes Screen 11. [login to view URL] (Agar modded ver...

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    Im looking for a chrome extension that can add the feature to buy/sell instantly with hotkeys to the site [login to view URL] . I think the most efficient way is to use the api feature. [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Please understand what cryptocoin is, what trading is and how to use these exchanges. That helps speed this process

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    10 teklifler assign hotkeys or short phrases to trigger these sentences. Look up "Auto text expander" to see what I mean by this. Example: lol would automatically come out as "laughing out loud" instead. Another detail about this is that I need these sentences to be mixable and automated. So say I want to construct a sentence that has the hotkeys such as this:

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    i need to create an animated video with hot keys to move the object using the keyboard hotkeys. so the screen is running with bubbles as an object moving and then when the user presses a button on the keyboard the bubbles will react or there will be a change in color of the bubble.

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    Need to setup hotkeys for online game, need to do online research then setup.

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    ...when user clicks on on of the decision buttons then the buttons with percentages must slide on top of it according to the design. 2. There must be a possibility to specify hotkeys for every action button (Bet, Call, Raise etc; 25%, 50% etc; Next Task button). When a hotkey is pressed then the "click" event is activated. I also need a simple configuration

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    43 teklifler voting contest. While things are going well for us, it is pretty clear that a competitor that we will eventually compete against seems to be cheating or using a bot or hotkeys to win. While I don't want to cheat, I don't want to lose to a cheater. Would you be able to look at the code for this contest and show us how we can win? The contest is https://www

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    ...(Other functions are not required) Expectations Calculator should works with the control buttons in html (no direct keyboard entry) but the buttons have to pair hotkeys (eg. numeric keypad) The calculator design should be as provided by us (the customer) to the constructor (HTML layout should be followed) The programmer should directly program

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    OBS studio [login to view URL] Send commands to OBS to start/ stop reco...[login to view URL] Send commands to OBS to start/ stop recording. get the source list and able to show/hide the records from OBS. Ideas: OBS API and OBS have Hotkeys so can configure a key to start recording then let the software just send the key to OBS.

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    ...a game to get a feel for it. Requirements (to be expanded): * Hex grid map of a level; * A character (just an 2d image of a hero) moves in all directions, also using hotkeys. * camera follows the hero (map bigger than the screen -> player discovers the level) No polish, just a raw prototype you can build fast and explain me design decisions

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    I need a Website built on [login to view URL] This website will be a moneypot casino, it needs 1% House Edge Dice, Roulette with a single zero, Auto-bet with hotkeys,a built in chat with a chat bot to "rain" bits on players and a faucet, lastly a wagering leader board separated into a few different sections: Hall Of Fame(Top ten wagerers of all

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    So the forum, this cheat has to be .exe/launcher, so you need to login via launcher to get acces to cheat ( like this [login to view URL] Tabs Text 1 Text 2 Controls Settings: Configuration Refresh New Rename Save Load Reset Delete Export to Clipboard Import from Clipboard Hotkeys Misc Unload cheat

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    We are looking for a regular supplier of Pension hotkeys.

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