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    ...designers to have a Dev, stage and prod pipeline for woocommerce with automated testing of load, website fails (like 502 and so on) and visual and UX changes ( I was thinking we could use [login to view URL] for this) of the website when they deploy new code or do updates so that bad code does not reach the production site. Also, if it is possible to...

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    I have created the best Geography software on the planet. But I can't afford to travel to each school in the USA to give demos. I need to create a video showing me as I use the computer to learn the names and locations of all 50 states... so that I can use that video to show teachers and students that they can learn the names and ...

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    I need someone to crowd fund the creation and marketing of a website which will collect names for a petition asking Tim Cook from Apple Inc. to read the following letter. Bid the minimum and I will chose someone I like.   The money I pay you is just a retainer, the real money will come if you reach your Go Fund Me target. I suggest US$30...

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    I need someone to crowd fund the creation and marketing of a website which will collect names for a petition asking Tim Cook from Apple Inc. to read the following letter. Bid the minimum and I will chose someone I like.   The money I pay you is just a retainer, the real money will come if you reach your Go Fund Me target. I suggest US$30...

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    I need someone to crowd fund the creation and marketing of a website which will collect names for a petition asking Tim Cook from Apple Inc. to read the following letter. Bid the minimum and I will chose someone I like.   The money I pay you is just a retainer, the real money will come if you reach your Go Fund Me target. I suggest US$30...

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    ...Arts is a mobile music school that provides one-on-one lessons in students' homes. What sets us apart is our creative teaching that includes use of technology and game-style learning to capture students' interest. We would like a website that highlights these features and demonstrates how we go out of our way to create a p...

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    I am a Real Estate Agent in the Toronto Area looking for someone who can boost my business by driving quality traffic to my website. You will take care of what you do best - internet marketing and I will do what I do best - selling homes. You have the knowledge and a proven track record for getting on the First page of Google and are a whiz with S...

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    68 teklifler are a company tell your developer to apply). Duration: 1 - 2 weeks Starting as soon as I find a very good candidate (even today) Budget: $5 - $10 per hour Minimum of 42 hours per week (you can work as much as you like) We are looking for an experienced tester to help up test a Web application and our internal API (we use Laravel for...

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    Trophy icon Logo for a Music App Bitti left

    ...Purpose: The logo is for a website that will be used to stream music for music school students, they will also get help from seasoned musicians 3. Idea: Think of sound that produces a ripple, at the same time think of how one idea from a seasoned musician will create a huge change in a musical piece 4. Co...

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    ...created an ionic app with a custom api and I would like it to be made more robust and make it scalable. The app today is as specified an ionic framework app that serves schools a newsfeed(user generated) and time schedule(for the students). I have created a somewhat ok api(100% php, no frameworks) but it is far from what is expected for an app like this...

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    We need to create a PDF guidebook for our website, entitled: 5 Steps to helping your kids succeed in school. Ideally, this guidebook would be 10-15 pages long. This advice would specifically be written for parents of teenagers, focused on how to help students with organization, time management, and study skills. I have attac...

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    Objective -------------- To create a Wordpress plugin to allow my client to add Adverts to his website. All adverts are shown on the website based upon Postcode and Locations (town/city) in the United Kingdom (england) that has been entered into the search facility. Ad Types --------------- * Search Results - Adverts are shown on ...

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    ...functionality is similar to paid surveys/free lance job boards. College students are simply getting paid for completing projects (simple feedback forms) as a freelancer would. And the website will sell 2 different PDF files. Please see precise instructions below. To get a background: [login to view URL] - landing page I used for colleg...

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    Hello My project is to the get information- (Quarries/complaints/request) from the market where many people are facing the issues in their daily life in terms of services. Language - English For example I need to get the accurate information regarding nursery admission for a particular school but I do not have time to visit there personal...

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    Trophy icon Design a Flyer Bitti left to design a facebook flyer (JPEG or PNG) to encourage people to sign up as Product Ambassadors for our brand. My company, J-Palm Liberia, is based in Monrovia, Liberia, and we produce Kernel Fresh, which is an organic skin moisturizer and hair conditioner. We would like to empower our current customers to market our products directly ...

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    ...developer quit and we have a deadline of Sep 10th. This website is to replace the existing site at It is an online service that assists students that want to study abroad. Students create an account, select where they want to study, and pay the tuition. Once paid, a school administrator would assign documents to...

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    My website is [login to view URL] ; Until now I used to sell books on my website that help students get into medical school. I am completely changing the website at the moment. A Magento developer is currently inputing all the content from the books into the website so that the content is freely available to browse by web users. The we...

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    I have a website which is for items / stuff that teens do not learn at school. Like in high school they never teach you how to lodge a tax return, or get a Australian medicare card. So i have created a list of items that high school students complan they never learnt, but they were taught trigonometry which really isnt u...

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    ...looking for a Web/Blog Promotion & Marketing Assistant who has both English and Taiwanese writing skills. I am a Sales & Marketing manager at Australian Business School. Our school provides General English, IELTS and Vocational Training Courses to both Australian and International Students. I have outlined the tasks that you will undertake <...

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    ...looking for a talented illustrator / cartoonist to create some artwork for an advertisement. I have shown the examples of the style I am after. It can be hand drawn, watercolor or digital. It just needs to be in a style that is professional, with dynamic shading and well detailed or illustratively detailed that suggests more detail… And is...

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    ...are in requirement of a course booking and management system. The easiest way to think of this is that of a school, there are many courses, each course can have x number of people enrolled, each course lasts y number of classes, classes can be booked on a one off basis is there is space, users (students) need to be able to manage which classe...

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    This website will be for players, their scouts and coaches. Thomas wants a place to find other kids who he can scout and help train and/or place in teams or other coaches. Private schools, Semi-Pro teams (when they are older), Colleges, etc , there is no system to connect players w/ Scouts. Players are kids who play a sport. Coaches are people who lead/coa...

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    6 teklifler So how about you work for free? Please! Okay, so we don't have a ton of money either, but we do run a series of very popular websites, including [login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to view URL], and many others. [login to view URL] has really exploded in the last year, and we're up to nearly 200K a month in...

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    ...testing; with proven track record developing business solutions using Microsoft and others cutting edge technologies. Interested in a challenging technical environment where innovation, team work and curiosity is encouraged to create great products and services. SKILLS • Languages & Frameworks: C#, Visual Basic, C++, Pascal, Java, Java Script, Python

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    ...working on a brand new product as part of our overall website. Our new website is just a small work in progress and at the moment we are looking for a quote to build our initial addon, with a few of attempting to secure funding for the addon in order to expand. Basically we have a sports news website, ...

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    Golden Hint provides free products and services catering to the needs of charitable causes worldwide. Golden Hint will be creating a set of television commercials to achieve the following objectives: [1] Explain the Golden Hint brand – Golden Hint refers to social entrepreneurs in the same or similar fields sharing their ideas with one another

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    Hi, i'm looking to create an entire website - WITH 100% SIMILARITY - to the following website ([login to view URL]). a) New school logo will be provided for you to use b) You do not need to reproduce or copy any EXTERNAL media materials like press releases, videos, audios, brochures, files, prospectus and...

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    €9 - €26
    11 teklifler toward making my website SEO friendly. I utilized Joomla and a free template (Joomla 2.5) then modified the css files to create the look and content I want on my site. ([login to view URL]) ~15 years ago I wrote html on a side job to help with school costs so I was able to figure my way through the creation of the website...

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    ...I need a logo design for an home recording online school. It could be simple but professional. It will be used as website logo, video tutorial logo, slides and pdf logo, ecc. It could be a square or circle do be easy to put everywhere (also as .ico on url browser bar). I have no idea about the concept, i prefer to leave you free to...

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    ...menus, etc. for a new takeaway food kiosk that we’re looking into developing a full franchise model. We have developed a name for the franchise as Selfie Foods or Selfie Bar. We are looking to choose a brand that: - has a story, - is subtle but strong - has a double meaning, ie self serve food bar and the act of...

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    I have a colouring website [login to view URL] where I sell on-line colouring designs and lettering. I need some help with marketing an on-line website. I currently email free samples - a design /name in my Art Alphabet to the Education, Childcare, Disabilities and Ageing market. I also create custom colouring designs for schools and medi...

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    I need to create a social black natural hair. The natural hair that I am referring to is black hair. Black hair is very coily and it shrinks but it is very versatile. Therefore, many women need help creating different styles and learning how to take care of it. We want to provide them with a community to help them learn to care ...

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    What? __ QuizNation is a free, fast-paced and daily real-time “last man standing” quiz competition with a sponsored prize for the winner. QuizNation is simple and straightforward. Once every other day at the same specific time the quiz begins and once it starts you cannot enter the competition any longer. As the quizzer advances in the game, he will

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    ...Valbuena, im a Founder of GOV3DSTUDIO, an online school who teachs people for free how to use software to make 3d animations, graphic desing, virtual architecture and more. I need for my YouTube channel a good intro for videos courses. I a template made in after effects of that videos so i can edit text and content, ...

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    3 teklifler to provide small business customers with a basic way to block Non-Work related websites from their Office / School Computers. The system is to work based on changing the DNS settings in there Modem or Router to our DNS Services. This will be a free service for clients. Admin Section: (Our Use Only) An Admin Section must b...

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    7 teklifler looking for a smart logo for a Venture/Start up incubator based in South Italy. The project promotes entrepreneurship, innovation, new ventures and the entire world of start ups and everything around it. The name is "012Factory". Meaning: - 012 states for something that start. The programme is up for 12 months, our start-up school<...

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    We require a WordPress Web Developer who have experience in SEM to assist us in our new website development. Please see specific job scope below. Our web site profile We are a leading cooking school agency who partners with professional and experienced chefs and renowned cooking schools to offer the widest choice of cooking classes, workshops and

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    ...Java programmers for our thesis design. We will be creating an offline site (can be upgraded to online) where there is a link in the school website and when clicked, it go to our admin page. This admin page will be where we can edit the whole website from adding pictures, links etc. we will create a site based on the ...

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    Hello, ChangeTheFuture is a non profit social enterprise with a huge dream; to involve more people in shaping UK education. We'd love to hear from UK based programmers who could build the prototype for this. Really it will be a proof of concept; something we can test out in the real world with real people, refine the idea and develop it. If we

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    Özellikli Acil Mühürlü Gizlilik Anlaşması! I need to finish a personal project (school), but my stress level is gone maximum because of a certain situation that happened a few days ago (keeping this private) I can't focus anymore and really need to finish this project - I could do it myself but the situation is killing me and I can't tell anyone not even my teachers - I'm...

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    10 teklifler is very simple. Some users create exams and other users take the exams. The goal of this application (tentatively called 'Know-itall') is to create a business providing online education system where the exams are created by the users themselves. Phase one will focus primarily on providing a platform for young students. ## ...

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    ...NEW LEADS PER WEEK for Education Service? The Leads must be people that need academic advice either Students or those that are willing to go back to school, looking to enroll but not sure of where to start. There is no form for your leads to fill or any website to submit data to. We will give you USA Toll-Free...

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    Algebra Training Website I’m a part-time Algebra teacher and would like to help train students online. I’m looking to build a website that has similar quiz functionality as [login to view URL] and some design functionality as [login to view URL] but with the changes mentioned below. The information below looks detailed and complex however on...

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    ...students to help them walk more in their daily lives. I'm in the process of making a forum and website where young adults can create an account and enter in how much walking they do each day or week. I have a website so far: [[login to view URL]][1] but it's a mess because the original coder was quite lazy. From what I'...

    €26 - €4390
    €26 - €4390
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    TAF Social Media site We would like to develop a social+professional website targeted towards Textiles, Apparel and Fashion (TAF) industry. In the beginning, it will be "User Generated" content, just the way facebook and Linkedin started. Allow people within the industry to post their profile details and upload their address book and invite their

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    Seeking good writer to write and submit 20 different articles (500 words) related to my website(Coupon) on E-zine articles or another well respected article site with DO FOLLOW ANCHOR LINK. All articles must be different and 100% unique and include keywords like discount coupon, coupon codes, promotion codes etc. One or more of the keywords should be

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