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    Hi there, I am looking please for someone experienced (at least 6 months in intern, college or professional job) in audio transcription, for some editing/proofreading and then it's listening to the audio to double check the audio transcription (I have a first draft) and putting in time code with [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Looking for someone availa...

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    Images Editing Bitti left

    We have 16 images of different resolution, different background, different dimension, and different quality, etc. Your job will be to optimize the quality of the images by editing them so that they have the same BLACK ground, the same resolution, the same dimension, and the same great quality. You'll also remove the text on the images. And you must finish the job quickly within 2 days of the ...

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    Need an accountant that can tutor me intermediate accounting, taxation, advanced cost accounting and intermediate cost accounting. I will need someone to work through problems and concepts through skype. Will be for minimum of 12 hours per week for 3 months.

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    This is a simple derivation of these two equations. There is no programming at all. Explain these two equations

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    basic knowledge about html and web servers.

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    I am looking for someone who can develop html from psd that is compatible with ionic. Remeber you must have expertise to work in ionic and can give me html working with ionic project. I will provide psds.

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    Empresa Argentina busca diseñadores web de Argentina para empezar trabajos por proyectos:<br /><br />Proyectos:<br />A: Página web en HTML + CSS + JQuery + PHP Básico.<br />B: Página web WordPress o Joomla.<br />C: Sistemas de gestión. Se haga como se haga debe cumplir con las funciones necesarias solicitadas.<br />D: Maquetado...

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    I need someone who has sharp eye for design and know html and css. You also need to know wordpress very well, because I will be giving you content and you need to enter them in making it look good. You will also need to create images using photoshop. 1. Need skilled wordpress technician. 2. Need to use photoshop. 3. Need to know how to use wordpress visual composer. 4. Need to work 8 hour...

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    I need freelancers to Find emails of 10,000 Website URL. I'll share google spreadsheet to [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] to finish fast. Looking for the hard-workers bid.

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    Athletes and kids alike, enjoy drinking "sports" or "energy" drinks. They taste great, and the advertising tells us that they are good for you. Well, they are better for you than normal pop...... and they taste better than water. Sometimes... These products can help you when you run a marathon, but have you ever stopped to read what you are ingesting? Is it natural, and ther...

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    Design to HTML ( FINISH IN ONE HOUR) need my design made into HTML within one hour.

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    Design project Bitti left

    I need a logo [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] are a new business in our country, and we need a great logo, transmissing a serious one, but is necessary trust and fun image too! thanks!

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    The project is to create 50 five star reviews in Google local listing for one company listing. Requirements: 1. We will provide you the reviews. Each review needs to have at least two sentences including the the keywords we give you. 2. You will need to have a separate Google account for each review and IP Address. 3. The reviews should be done no more than 5 postings per day. It ...

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    Ich brauche Simple Tkinter oder HTML interface I need a simple TKINTER or HTML interface to control a python script running on a Raspberry Pi

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    I need some one to convert all my PSD into html. we have converted 2-3 psd to html but now need external need to convert all in responsive html and make them perfect. Please bid for amount to convert all in html not one or 10 file. Note: these are all related to one project and are more are less same.

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    I am looking for an experienced web designer with excellent designing and html skills ( with Bootstrap, Full Width, Parallax, Responsive to all devices etc.) We need 100-150 psd/html pages. Will pay $4 per html page. 1. The designer MUST have prior experience in designing dashboard, ecommerce/marketplace, user profile pages, content management responsive sites, Mobile UI, etc. The website...

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    Please check the Read Me document in the attachments and let me know in your proposal. Will answer genuine bid instantly! Very URGENT!!

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    I have an amazon account and several other applications tied to quickbooks. I don't know the first thing about setting my quickbooks up. I need help, either someone teaching me how to do it, or someone doing it for me.

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    I need two trends about USA cancer. I need: 1) Number of incidents of cancer in US from 1900 to NowDays 2) Number of deathes from cancer in US form 1900 to NowDays P.S. I need simply statistic about how many incidents were, This statistic have to be not age-adjusted or per 100.000 persons etc. Only how many incidents and deaths total from cancer desease in US with link/s on source/s.

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    I need someone to find some leads for our IT company named as Internosys. We are a web development and web hosting service provider. Intrested bidder can visit our website at: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] to know more about us. We are looking for the people from India and USA as our client. For each client we would pay you 15% of the total amount of the proje...

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    I want an accountant for making data entries. Work relates to garment trading industry.

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    I am getting this from Google Developers PageSpeed Insights and like for you to show me how to bring that speed to 100% instead of the current situation 60/100 on mobile and 74/100 on desktop. See attached.

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    Please assist me for the some numbers and answer some professional questions.

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    I need a game boosting site similar to: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] or [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Ideally with a gun theme like CSGO, or BF3 or Counter Strike Source or just Counter Strike. Only two pages needed, a homepage and a payments/buy p...

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    Wordpress 7 css issue fixing and 1 open graph facebook post image not display properly.

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    *¿Que buscamos en ti?Ingeniero de Sistemas GraduadoUn profesional proactivo, cumplido, comprometido y entusiasta en sus labores, debes tener la capacidad de solucionar los inconvenientes, debes manejar un lenguaje apto verbal y escrito , queremos que crezcas dentro de nuestra compañía aportando ideas innovadoras. *Labores del cargo-Análisis de casos de prueba-Automatiz...

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    I need to convert the map attached below, labelled " [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]" to SVG AND THEN TO HTML, just as the SVG map at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] has been made into HTML. I want the different parts of the map to carry hyper-link (anchor) tags. And I also want roll-over effects as found on my s...

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    I need a simple modal dialog. I want it to look like exactly like the one on this site: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] You can just copy the html and css from from that site. I don't need it to have any functionality like actually signing up for an email. I just want the HTML and CSS.

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    Turn my signature into a HTML code so i can upload into Apple Mail and Outlook. I have the signature already designed and packaged from Adobe In-design. I will need instructions on how to upload it.

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    I am a start up company, looking for glass dropper bottles size 0.125oz colors yellow, black, opaque white.

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    Create Powerpoint/PDF Proposal and Make Blueprints of how to improve our website. Need someone to help us make our site better.

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    I need to find a buyer for my Christmas business

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    We are in need of a steam login system for our forum Phpbb ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) It would be great if you could use ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) because this allows us to grab the information form then website and display it in game. Thank you

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    I need help fixing a small angularjs multi-step form with angular UI Router web app made with - angularjs + bootstrap + jquery + css3 - to become very responsive and work properly on any device. The web app currently works 70% but there are still some navigation issues especially with the . The ideal candidate should be able to determine the issue and make recommendation to fix the issue. The i...

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    I have a new client that would like to redesign their website. We will not have access to their FTP. Their computer IT will upload the html files and image files due to security reasons. We can design the site on my FTP for previewing the design. They would like their website to be mobile friendly, have an interactive calendar, and facebook feed. We cannot use wordpress or similar. I can design a...

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    I need a designer to make some website updates. The updates are simple and shouldn't take long. Replace JPG files with PNG files and title the images Add Page on Navigation Menu (Page already exists) Remove Page from Navigation to Header and Replace with new page Fix Wholesale Form (not working) Update Content (Text) Fix Background Image that appears cropped in some pag...

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    Prestar suporte e ajuste em sistema php já existente. Desenvolver soluções para o bom funcionamento do mesmo.<br /><br />Início imediato, horário flexível.<br />Trabalho em conjunto, por hora supervisionado.<br />Busco criatividade e dinamismo.<br /><br /> 

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    Hiring an expert in outreaching bloggers and contacting them and building relationships with them, helping others as well by offering tips related to their niche. If you want to know more information, please message me. Looking for someone who is very patient and willing to work with a teammate. Also willing to do long term work with Salary and bonuses.

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    I want someone who knows how to code in arduino, java, and/or python. Looking for someone to write a short code for a product I am developing. Should not take too long.

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    I need a Java Script Slider designed for a HTML webpage ASAP!!

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    i require 500 genuine leads for concrete and concretor businesses in NSW Australia I require name, email and phone numbers for these companies

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using PHP. Currently, my Open Cart Affiliate Program is not working. I really need it up and going. If someone could help me that would be great. So, when I go to the affikiate login page on my website and login to my dummy account, and try and gene rear a product specific code, it then takes me to a page that...

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    I need someone to alter some images. Need Html Email design

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    Hello ▬ This page [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] is a "web reader" ▬ It's a page to allow easy reading & navigation of regular HTML content, mostly text ▬ They will use this page to read books ▬ I will give you some long HTML content e.g. 10 pages of text & your work is to feed it to this page such that we are able to navigat...

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    Teach me elastic search and how to integrate with apache mahout? We can get on google hangout or skype and you teach me 1)elastic search 2) elastic search integrate apache Mahout 3)how to pull data from elastic search

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    I want to capture real estate leads through face-book and my website.

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    I have a turbo pascal file that rewrites itself each time I use it. I would like to be able to save it each time under a .csv file that i can export

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    Programação  do design anexo em HTML e CSS. Deve ser implementado totalmente responsivo. Serão entregues os PSDs tanto da versão desktop quanto da versão mobile para referência. Suporte de um analista sênior para tirar possíveis dúvidas. Este job é uma análise inicial do trabalho, como uma concorrência, pois temo...

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    I need a designer to make some website updates. The updates are simple and shouldn't take long. Replace JPG files with PNG files and title the images Add Page on Navigation Menu (Page already exists) Remove Page from Navigation to Header and Replace with new page Fix Wholesale Form (not working) Update Content (Text) Fix Background Image that appears cropped in some pages (FAQ’...

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