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    i need someone that i can hire a...someone that i can hire and pay monthly salary you need to be good at photoshop and you will need to know how to list items on eBay i would tell you to get a designs from a specific place and will ask you to make a mockup of the designs on t shirt hoodies sweatshirt and tank top and ...

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    I have 40 designs that need a professional designer. All of the designs have already been sketched out with the guidelines and example photos. Some of the designs are more simple... others are more detailed requiring detailed silhouette or vectorization. I am looking for a creative designer who can put my ideas on a T-shirt. Must be able to take direction

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    I have several existing t-shirt designs for you to model after. I will provide you with examples of the look and feel for each t-shirt design. I need you to create designs that are better than the examples I give you. We will start with one design. If you do a good job then I will hire you for a dozen designs. If you do a great job w...

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    I am looking for web designer to develop a website for me, the key elements to the site are as follows; Important: The Logo will need to be updated and new images added and some text changed, please quote this as a part of the cost setup 1. It has a shopping mall that offers paid members dicounts 2. It has a forum that only paid members can access

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    ...sent me a link to your profile. He told me he had already spoken to you about what I plan to do. So, in short: I'm a graphic designer specialized I t-shirt designing. I have more than 15,000 t-shirt design created so far. I'm a freelancer, so I work for other people, they order the design from me and sell it further. I would like to<...

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    ...for t-shirts, hats, hoodies, windbreakers for a marijuana dispensary. Weed is now legal in california. this dispensary wants to promote weed culture. we are not looking for a new logo. We are looking for design elements to combine with the logo or to put on tees to sell. So make these t-shirts look really cool!! the logo must be on the shir...

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    Hi, I'm looking for a tee shirt design with the following phrase "i have plenty of patience said no mom ever" I am going for something similar to the design in the following link, but with my wording above. [login to view URL] Looking to market this shirt to mothers so please make it cute and trendy. Colors,

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    Trophy icon Re-design an image Bitti left

    Look at the image of the hand on the person and the image on the t-shirt. I want you to create a NEW unisex image that looks better and more creative than this one. DO NOT create this image. Repeat, do not create an image that looks like this one. Make a NEW one more creative than this. Does not need the flag in the background. Try different

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    I am looking for web designer to develop a website for me, the key elements to the site are as follows; 1. It has a shopping mall that offers paid members dicounts 2. It has a forum that only paid members can access 3. It allows paid members to sell items on upgraded membership package Key website features; 1. Extremely modern responsive ecommerce

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    Hi there! I am in need of 100 t-shirt designs over the time period of 1 month. Your task is the following: I will send you a list of ideas for t-shirts that I would like created and I would like you to be artistic and creative to recreate the idea in your own style. I could for example send you a link or image, or even just plain text and I would

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    ...talented graphics designers to become regulars supplier for T shirt/Mugs/phone cover designs ... this contest is to see how good and quick you guys are by starting off with 6 T Shirt designs based on the following concepts. 1 - Quotation (Text only or with graphics your choice): To The World You May Be One Person But...

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    Hi littlenaka, I have a t-shirt business on Amazon and i'm looking for a graphic and logo designer. I want them to be qood quality designs but I care more about quantity for this business. So my question is: how many shirt designs can you make in one hour?

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    I'll pay you 4$/ t-shirt design. I will provide you with designs that you need to get inspired from. All you have to do is make a unique design that resembles the Tshirt design I've sent you or told you about, you can add whatever you want to the design as long as it looks good and of high quality. DO NOT copy, the images I will send w...

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    Trophy icon T- Shirt/ Logo design Bitti left

    My contest consists of a t shirt design and a logo for the brand 'Perfect Timing' having to do with a good vibe. The goal of this t shirt is a main message of an event including a date, location, city, and state, and year. Something like this. All lowercase black or white font. *aug 26th dorchester // nh 2017 on the back and only on the back

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    T-Shirt Design Bitti left

    ...Artists to create T-Shirt designs for me. I have the idea how it should look like but not the skill do do it on my own. I need various styles of art skills, like comic, minimalistic, vintage or even hand lettering. Also designs fit into the categories: geek, hacker, programmer, sci-fi I can give detailed information of the designs I want ...

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    I want to make a T-shirt line that appeals to the trending youth/college crowd, by creating a strong brand fan base with unique retro logos. Many of these shirts I also plan to sell with accompanying matching bomber jackets or possibly fleece sweaters. Depending on how good the designs are and how much I feel it could benefit the bra...

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    Good day, how are you doing? I would like to know if you are available for logo design services and if you do accept credit card as form of payment. Below is the job details: Don't know much about logo designs, so I can only give you detailed information of what is needed for the. So with your creativity you should be able to come up with a design

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    ...([login to view URL]), is in need of a t-shirt design for our newest collection which will launch before this thanksgiving. The collection is called Lumen Civitatis (Latin for "Light of Community"). Our company current provides luxury travel and carry goods for young professionals. We are so excited to add our own apparel line starting with graphic

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    ...10 T-Shirt designs each shirt can win you $20 dollars. Upload Shirt designs to contest individually not as a group. Even if you don’t win the contest for the first design I pick, please be informed that you can still win the $20 on the other designs or win $200 all your designs that you do. You can pick and choose which desi...

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    Trophy icon Typography Design Required Bitti left for a t-shirt/hoodie that just uses words. No images. Just simply a text-based (typography) design that uses the following words: I'm An Actor If it needs to be all capitals then try it, but if your design idea doesnt force it to use capitals, then you dont have to. I need as many designs as possible. The colours can be up to 3,...

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    ...somebody to upload and make 200 listings active on Etsy. Preferred candidate must understand how Etsy works and how keywords work for SEO. They must also have experience listing products on other WebStore/POD platforms. Job Tasks Include: __________________ - Uploading designs to Etsy through our fulfilment partner - Choosing shirt colors...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Bitti left

    ...However I only have 2 designs, and I like them, however I think another one or 2 designs would make the site launch even better! My clothing company is called "Adversity Clothing Company" I don't really have a logo, logo. But use my company name as that, I want that to change. Some ideas for you. My slogan is "Bringing Adversity to it'...

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    ...want to hire you :) I'm looking for a friendly and positive designer to work with us by creating 3-4 amazing quality designs that can sell (meaning - design quality has to be really good) every day in approximately 5 hours. You have to speak fluently English and be able to design 3-4 designs for me every day and work fast. You hav...

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    ...and fast t-shirt designer who is enthusiastic and has excellent English and communication skills to work remotely as a virtual assistant designer for my company My goal is to hire a creative t-shirt designer who can produce great quality original designs with ease using Photoshop or Illustrator. I will provide benefits that are hard to ...

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    Trophy icon Super Easy T-Shirt Design IV Bitti left looking to have 3 shirt designs made this week. This is an easy way to make some money. Also, I give great reviews for those who do good work so this will be perfect for anyone looking to establish their reputation on Freelancer. Your submission/design: * Must be designed for women to wear * Must use artwork that would appeal to...

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    Trophy icon Design a T-Shirt for Dog Lovers Bitti left

    ...We need a t-shirt design for true dogs' fans. We will need lots of designs for different breeds... But let's start with the first one which will help us to choose best designers for our t-shirts. Are you in? Please send us a t-shirt design with a Labrador and text "Life's better with a labrador". We need a nice, fre...

    €10 (Avg Bid)
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    ...designers and illustrators. Trademarked and copyrighted elements or copying someone's designs/arts/images etc. are absolutely NOT allowed. If you are a creative artist who can create original visual concepts and art work, by hand and by using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or catch customers eye, then we are interested

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    ...apparel websites. We are looking to work with a developer long term to help us integrate custom print features in our websites. Please visit one of our websites: [login to view URL] that sells static product and then look at another site, which specializes in customizing designs, www.CustomedGirl. We are looking to develop something very similar

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    Trophy icon Super Easy T-Shirt Design III Bitti left

    ...looking to have 3 shirt designs made this week. This is an easy way to make some money. Also, I give great reviews for those who do good work so this will be perfect for anyone looking to establish their reputation on Freelancer. Your submission/design: * Must be designed for women to wear * Must use artwork that would appeal to...

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    ...your best T-Shirt for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. I WILL PAY UP TO $100 FOR AN EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN. Make some mock-ups and lets talk. Designer: Go to the sites, look at what's going on, look at other T-shirt designs for this event and NOW MAKE A BETTER DESIGN "You" will need to do online research to<...

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    ...have several existing T-shirt, Mug, pillow etc. design for you to model after. I will provide you with example of the look and feel of each design. i need you to create design that are EQUAL TO OR BETTER THAN the design that i give you. We will start with 1 Design, If you do good job than i will hire you for 10 designs. If you do a great

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    Özellikli Mühürlü En İyi Yarışmalar developer to make SaaS on web, experience with this type of softwares is a huge plus. It's going to be a T-Shirt Designer, EXTREMELY SIMPLE to use, that can make a design in less than 60 seconds. Someone types in: "Keep Calm and Nap" and software automatically puts it on a shirt and gives template options for custo...

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    Hey, I am in need t-shirt designs Your task will be pretty basic, I will send you ideas of t-shirts I want to make and you make them yourself in your own unique style. For example, I might send you a link of a already existing tshirt and I would need you to be inspired by it and create a better version that is in your own creative style. ...

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    ...please disclose how many designs you can produce in an hour or you will not be considered I am looking for a graphic designer to design t-shirts and who can do both typography and illustration designs. I will be looking to build a long term relationship and will have work regularly for this person. I will be looking for the designer to star...

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    ...Fashion Webside. This Contest is also to find someone who can do some more banner designs. so please give also a bid for 10 more banner, otherwise it is not interesting for me, no matter how good the first one is. if your design is the best and your bid is good, you ll get the 20$ and the rest for the next 10 designs. Please take a look on the attached

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    ...We are a custom t-shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs etc. printing-making shop and we would like a new website (we already have got one, but it's not usable). The new website will entirely replace the old one. These are the things we would like: ◘ Designs we will upload everyday. ◘ Offers, ongoing or others we will make from time to time. ◘ Categories

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    ...starting to pick up. Looking for someone who can create and send me print ready vector files for t-shirt printing, and print ready rasterized files for digital printing on demand of a customer base business. Right now it will about 1-3 Jobs weekly. It will range from things such as Simple Text T-shirt Designs, Logo Creating and business cards to ...

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    Hi ryakou, I like your typography t-shirt designs. Can you let me know how much you charge? Because I am looking to make 10 - 20 designs in this month.

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    I want to have a t-shirt fulfillment services using Shopify. I will be using a POD company to print my shirts. I need someone that knows how to integrate with Shopify. Must be familiar with t-shirt fulfillment app. I have 50-60 t-shirt designs to be uploaded and want to make sure they are searchable f...

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    I am looking for someone to designs 3 SLIDERS for me and 8 Images for my website selling T-shirt. I'll provide the mockup template and model wearing my brand. All you have to do is designs the background and make it presentable/catchy. I'll pay for all the mockup Template. step 1: Select which images you think you can work with from...

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    Trophy icon Design a T-Shirt Bitti left

    Require a design for a t-shirt - "I love being awesome" - the word love can be replaced with a heart. The template size for the image is 10 x 12" The following is how I will require the final file. Make sure the print file is set in RGB color space. Graphics should have a transparent background. All fonts should be converted to outlines. Fil...

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    Trophy icon I need some Graphic Design Bitti left

    ...printed t-shirts and embroidered baseball caps. I need you to make a postcard so I can send it out to automobile dealers to earn their business. The way I make the sale is by convincing the dealer that t-shirts and hats are a great way to advertise. Your picture below on the postcard will backup what I'm trying to say to...

    €44 (Avg Bid)
    En İyi Yarışmalar
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    ...project. I sell T-Shirts ([login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to view URL], etc. and I am looking to expand my # of different shirts from about 100 now to 1000+ in 2017. This particular project is to get me apx. 50 new designs to establish a relationship and see how things work for both of us. I started with some sports T...

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    ... 2) Please tell me how many T-shirt designs you can do per hour. Looking for high-quality. 3) Please attach examples of your past T-shirt designs (best if you can show funny/cool T-shirts you designed). We are looking for a CREATIVE T-shirt designer skilled with Adobe Illustrator who can create high quality T-S...

    €2 - €11 / hr
    €2 - €11 / hr
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    Trophy icon Design a T-Shirt Bitti left

    I'd like to make good quality christian based t-shirt designs based off my initial picture. I just need a sketch of a baby sleeping in thier mother's arms, and it can be a generic drawing. Baby should not be a black or white baby, just a baby and mother. I hope I will be able to make the design small or large. This is my first contest,...

    €35 (Avg Bid)
    18 girdi

    ...are a t-shirt printing company looking for a new designer. The company that actually prints our shirts has some rules that MUST be followed, so we're currently searching for a graphic artist who can follow these rules. We are currently sending the same design to multiple designers to see how well they fit with us when it comes to their ability t...

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    ...month. I would like to combine these two causes into one t-shirt and hoodie design. The goal of the design is to be fun, happy, cute, and most importantly making one want to adopt a pit bull. A sexy look is within the bounds too. I was thinking of two different types of design, to give you a choice of which one you’d like to choose from....

    €89 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Design a T-Shirt Bitti left

    ...someone to create a brand new hipster skull (vector in illustrator) so I can print it on one of my t-shirts. I really like the one attached so you can use it as reference and make it better. Also, I would like someone to improve the logo of my company to make it more according to the business. Logo meaning: Tikicia is how locals use ...

    €44 (Avg Bid)
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