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    Hello, We are looking for an expert who work as a consultant & manage start to finish to create & publish series of comic books. This project involve various aspects developing in phases. Initially we need a detailed business plan & workflow. This will be use as guide for funding & internal decision making. Project will be fixed price with milestones. Please only apply with p...

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    I need 1 blog article on How families can take advantage of tax credits when paying for college. Approximately 1,000+ words.

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    Company is sourcing funds for a manufacturing die required to produce a component. Clients who're pledging funds will be able to view progress (funds raised to date). The same page will allow clients to contribute. Scope of work: redesign website based (tentatively) on existent proof of concept + create Point of Sale page allowing clients to track funds raised. Critically, clients will no...

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    Need some one to learn me how to set up smtp like this: I saw there in the wild in google many solutions. I need something like this: Buy my server or my servers maybe with multiple ips also buy multiple domains and a script to rotate them for high deliver inbox. I need a legit setup I wish to use it for affiliate. I need to send aproximative 1 milion emails / hour.

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    Hi I need someone who could help me raise my next round of funding.

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    I was setting some stuff on a web plugin when I started getting a 400 Bad Request error. The site can be accessed at the front but the backend is totally inaccessible.

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    I have an expat and immigration blog for which I need the Business plan covering the following points: • Executive Summary (Mission, vision, Objective, Key to success) (This is a concise one- to four-page summary illustrating the key points that are detailed in each section of the ensuing business plan. The Executive Summary should stand on its own as a separate document.) • Company Sum...

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    I am importing some temperature values on hourly basis in google spreadsheet via IMPORTHTML function. I need to calculate the % change in values i.e. (current value - old value)/(current value). The problem is as soon as the new values are imported, old values are lost and I am unable to automate the process.

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    I need someone who can show me how to go on any webpage in any browser, edit it using inspect element or whatever, save it, and refresh the webpage without losing the changes.

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    hi how are you i have project php script i need install for ex server localhost and install this php script & create and link database 1 click software program can me this or not ?

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    I need someone to submit some articles for me .

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    I need my content polished and edited for my new website. A lot of the information that is there relates to my previous services of making breakfast sandwiches and I'm no longer offering that so I'm revamping my entire website to show my services as "Breakfast Mom and Nutrition Detective." The website content that need to be edited will be shared via my google shared drive. ...

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    create an insomnia request to submit an order on bitmex

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    This is for a blog and we want SEO writing within the blog to draw traffic. Intro blog post that informs small business owners as to what is on-line presents and how it can help their business. Include ways to setup online present simply and affordably and how to maintain that present. Include Ideas of posting resources such as Manta and other business type sites. The blog should include how they ...

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    Hi, I'm looking for a writer to research and write a 15,000 words eBook (approx. 75 ± pages) on various "how-to" topics, with terms and conditions are as follows: * Budget: $80 USD * Payment conditions: Full payment upon completion (No upfront fees) * Deadline: 14 days upon project acceptance. The eBook must: * Contain original content (pass copyscape) * Be written in a po...

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    I would like to know from a successful freelancer about how to make the bidding process easy and how they quick bid on the project as soon as someone post a project.

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    After logout, when you want to login with another account, but you will still see the last account information. How to logout completely. Thank you! These codes below do not work for me... [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın](nil) [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın](nil) [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ...

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    Please write the article "How do comparison shopping websites make money?". Within the article include a section: "According to XXX, comparison shopping websites like ours make money through advertising and by promoting some products within their platform. Some of these comparison websites may go as far as only comparing retailers in which they have a direct financial relationship ...

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    Hello Freelancers, HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on ALL topics from A to Z by everyday experts! The mission for HowExpert is to Discover + Empower + Maximize talents to ultimately make a Positive Impact in the world on ALL topics from A to Z. Join our mission by writing a quick 'how to' guide about your #1 BEST PASSION/KNOWLEDGE/EXPERTISE for HowExpert! *********...

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    DO NOT BID LOW AND THEN TELL ME DIFFERENT PRICE. It's fixed 10$. I want someone to write just one simple request code to go to a site and get results. This site has captcha you don't have to worry about that. You just write a get request which will get the image and see the image and type the captcha number for the next request(payload) to get the results. The site is : [URL'yi g...

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    I need a Java program namely Unicenta POS to be ported to C# with clean functional code. The ported version must also be fully working and tested We also need it to communicate with MSSql instead of my sql. There should also be an easy way to migrate all data from the old Unicenta platform to the new ported one. there are a viariety of options that has been discussed with various freelancers in ...

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    I'm testing my website in numerous web browsers But some UIs are rendewring baddly on IE11. Basically, this is due to CSS flexbox system. IE11 and modernized browser such as Chrome and Firefox, have different Flex systems If you've ever fixed IE11 CSWS incompatibility issue, please apply for this bid Please start bid within "I know how to target IE11 in CSS" Thank you

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    Its an finance company and also doing personal private funding

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    HI, Looking for someone who can help me below activity in my new business [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I have budget of 5000-6000 per month for 2-3 hours of work daily. Candidate should be good in Hindi and English speaking and very good in wiring business mails. Should have minimum 3-5 years of experience in corporate. Payment can be increased based on perfo...

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    I am looking for an experience tech advisor who can help me generate more feedback from clients. My clients tend to fail letting me know what they feel about my product, so i really want to find a way to encourage them to give me a feedback.

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    We want to be able to crawl out all the Baidu crawl sub-domain address, but Baidu can only show 76 pages of total 760 messages

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    I need you to write some content for a website.

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    Hi! I need a shopping wallet "copy". Basically will be a mobile app which will allow to add shopping cards: entering the plastic card number, scanning the plastic card and /or connecting with a digital card (mobile app) belonging to a standard shop chain. The difference from standard shopping cards/wallets is that my app will be used to copy the data from the digital apps are connected w...

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    Relevant Expeditions is a Christian humanitarian, evangelical missionary organization targeting poor children and women in South and Southeast Asia to help lift them from poverty with water, housing, education, food, job opportunities. We empower people for transformation. What I need is a well-written letter, powerful and compelling introduction that I can send to funding Organizations fo...

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    I am looking for a social media expert who can help manage all the social media editorial and placement for a world record flight around the world. The person needs to be able to write well, think about what is being written in relation to the project and post the different stories to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. More information can be found at [URL'yi görüntülemek i&c...

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    I already have app which need to converted to pod file so that it can be install via pod 'appname', need asap with 2-3days, budget ranges from 50-100$

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    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data.

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    Dear friends Hello I am Mohammad from United Arabic Emirates (UAE). I want to buy an item (Old Stereo Receiver) from a seller located in Florence, Massachusetts, United States. The item is a single box and the weight is about 30 KG. (50cm * 50cm * 30 cm ) You need to pick it up from seller store and Repack it with soft bubble wrapping and Just ship it with FedEx company to my country UAE. Yo...

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    Hi We looking for someone with proven experience to develop a Business Plan and feasibility studies for IT and Logistics business. We need feasibility study is designed specifically for banks, investors, acquisitions, or joint-venture partnerships. It can also be used as an operational guide. , and will i want include color charts and graphs. The business plan for the above mentioned should incl...

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    I need an expert writer who is comfortable in liaising with subject matter experts and doing their own research in order to be able to write very high quality professional education style short courses. Writing quality must be to the same quality and caliber of that expected out of major consulting houses and/or universities. Writers with a learning design background are very desirable.

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    I need an iPhone app. I would like it designed and built.

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    TOP TELEMARKETING TEAMS WILL EARN TOP PAY IN THE INDUSTRY!!! MORTGAGE OR DEBT LEADS..... WE PROVIDE CALLING DATA, DNC AND CRM ACCESS... WE PROVIDE EXTENSIVE TRAINING AND ONGOING SUPPORT CURRENLY EMPLOY NUMEROUS SUCCESSFUL TEAMS Established Canadian company will pay for leads or full sales process. We pay commission per lead as well as % of settled amount or funding bonus. This is an untapp...

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    How to speak so that people want to listen By Julian Treasure

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    For a telcomm company. I am looking for someone who can create a simple video of how to use the portal. Will give you access to it. This is for a new product to be launched.

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    1, Adding a wordpress page for cleaning service with introduction details about the product and packages. 2, User friendly Online request form enabling each user to request a service. 3, Form backend using wordpress plugin so requesters information are managed from the wordpress backend 4. Notification after a requested has submitted his/her request to specific email address

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    have mssql database table from which i want my data to be shown on front end as needed(ASP in front end) - SQL rows needs to be grouped based on Date and arranged horizontally. details will be provided

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    HI Mr. We are OPS Cargo From Miami FL We find your contact information on Internet We are Freight forwarder with warehouse in Doral Miami FL , A the moment we need a Quote for one of our client Pickup and Delivery Truck Services with driver. The truck will be load in the address: Ollie D Clark, 4204 Orchard Ave. Lot 11 Pascagoula, MS 39581-3835. And Delivery in: 6...

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    Early investor pitch deck for mHealth app startup for pre-seed funding/ angel investors.

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    i need a temlpate created in excel for business owvers to fill out to calculate the total amount of funding they need. The excel sheet should add up all of the entries to calculate the total output required. Make sure to also include totals of the funding required in each individual category I want a nice clean look that is easy to navigate. feel free to include images as long as they do not ...

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    Need an engineering guidebook developed for cyber resiliency analysis techniques (a how-to guide) that follows the system engineering 'V'.

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    I have purchased a SSL for a website of mine that is hosted in AWS. I need someone who's familiar with AWS to create a CSR and then install the SSL on my website.

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    let me know u did or no and let

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    I have a subdomain on Digital Ocean (sftp access only) and I need the subdomain copied onto another subdomain. The subdomain is a wordpress.

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    Document Type: Grants Notice Funding Opportunity Number: DOS-DARESSALAAM-CVEFY Funding Opportunity Title: Conflict Assessment and Pilot Project along Tanzania/Kenya Coastal Border Opportunity Category: Discretionary Opportunity Category Explanation: Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative Agreement Category of Funding Activity: Other (see text field entitled "Explanation of Other Category of F...

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