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    I need a software which either web-based or software based (Windows compatible) to automatically login and post ads in Facebook Marketplace. This should be easy to do, here's the path that users need to do in order to post in the facebook marketplace: 1. Login using specified username and password (I should be able to easily change this). 2. place ads

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    Need to build single page web contact form (NOT wordpress) that has the following object as text input: - First name - Last name - Email - Message The user may wish to input details for multiple people so the ability to add 1 person or 8 persons from this page must be accommodated. A single submit button is required once details are input, which

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    Trophy icon WEB Page - CONTENT and Design Bitti left

    DO NOT SUBMIT WORK YOU HAVE DONE IN THE PAST. I WILL REJECT. I WANT TO SEE MY CONTENT. READ THE ENTIRE DETAILS. Good Luck! This the first time doing this so please be patient with my questions and tell me what I am not asking. (functionality, impact, best way to be found, etc) I want to start here and then continue to build out additional components

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    ...message, and date. This page shows example of facebook card: http://[login to view URL] I should be able to post a simple message and have it add it to the card list using vue. c) Registration page that utilizes framework7 scrolling tab content feature. Each tab will have a form of profile questions. When person clicks on next page it will

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    This website link allows users to register and put in matches of people they like at a dating party: http://[login to view URL] For some reason the 1. submit button does not seem to be activating the next screen and 2. the data is not being captured in our database This is likely a simple fix relating to a out dated Wordpress front end problem

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    ...applications as well. This is the current desired workflow: Student register in the system Employer register in the system Employer submit application to be verified that they are eligible for reimbursement Employers post job / internship opportunities in the system. Note, for this we will integrate with a 3rd party service. Employers will only need

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    ...our iOS App & submit to the iOS App Store (including mock-up designs). (2) Complete our web panel that enables posting content on the app; tying it in to our existing domain. In short, Townview is an app that allows users to view content based on tags (selected during the sign-up process) and time. Content will essentially come in the form of local events

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    I need a simple, two field login form created from psd <html> <head> <title>Member's Only Area Login</title> </head> <body> <form action="http://[login to view URL]" method="POST"> <blockquote> <br><font face="times new roman" size=5><b>Member's Only Area Logi...

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    ...Android y Web, tiene como característica en una de las paginas usa un Input File: <form action="http://....." role="form" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <input type="file" name="file" accept="image/*" multiple> <input type="submit" val...

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    17 teklifler as a sophisticated form on OS Property listings. I was wandering if you could create a plugin for OS Property based on the API docs attached. Perhaps the admin panel of the plugin would have all possible options that would connect the user with agent, property ID with the content ID (and other fields if any possible). http://[login to view URL]

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    ...: <form action="[login to view URL]" method="post"> <input name="amount" value="4" type="text"> <input name="channel" value="wechat" type="text"> <input name="currency" value="CNY" type="text"> <input name="merchantid" value="...

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    12 teklifler more enticing. The signup form uses Jotform, so integrating that form into the page seamlessly is also needed. You can see the content and general idea here: http://[login to view URL] Lastly, I have an Instagram and Facebook page that I will need a cover image and also a sexy Instagram photo I can post, enticing prospective models to

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    <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <title>Home</title> <!-- Bootstrap --> <link href=&quo...

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    ...</style> </head> <body> <form name="sendin" action="http://[login to view URL]" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="username" /> <input type="hidden" name="password" /> <input type="hidden" name="dst" value="http://[login...

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    ...</style> </head> <body> <form name="sendin" action="http://[login to view URL]" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="username" /> <input type="hidden" name="password" /> <input type="hidden" name="dst" value="http://[login...

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    ...function to the Wordpress post upload form and just remove it. Info: - I'm using this wordpress plugin to display events at my site. - There are two 'custom post types' - locations and events. - When you add an event via the 'submit event' form, a post, or an 'event' is created. A post is also created (c...

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    ...additional menu we will post our wishlist. integrated in our site with a joomla extension. Generell: I'd like that the people choose a project to support by a free choosen amount. After choosing they should just fill a form with their name etc. After they should just get an confirmation mail with the IBAN of the project to submit the money afterwards.

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    I am using AWS to host my site: http://[login to view URL] and I can't get to make the form work when you press the SUBMIT button. Everytime I press submit I get a POST http://[login to view URL] 403 (Forbidden) error. The database was created in RDS. I need the form fixed ASAP. If you can do it send over how long it will take you to

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    32 teklifler non-English blogs and online publications in design and architecture niches. The Task 1) These two pages should be already translated to your language: http://[login to view URL] and http://[login to view URL] If not translated, for you to translate I will add 50 bonus as milestone for each untranslated page, only after the translation is done. 2)

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    ...need done: I need a software which either web-based or software based (Windows compatible) to automatically login and post ads in Facebook Marketplace. This should be easy to do, here's the path that users need to do in order to post in the facebook marketplace: 1. Login using specified username and password (I should be able to easily change

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    I need my gaming website redesigned and rebuilt. http://[login to view URL] The site uses the The7 theme, which comes with WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) and Revolution Layer Slider. I have purchased three premium plugins, Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder, AccessPress Ultimate Author Box, AccessPress Social Login, and Smart Review.

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    ...with that wid. For example if wid is "w123", javascript should get contents from "http://[login to view URL]{{{widvalue of domain-widget}}}" i.e. http://[login to view URL] And that "domain-widget" inner HTML should be replaced with the contents of call back result which is a form. 4.) On page load, if cookies not present, it must create two c...

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    I am looking to have my current website of http://[login to view URL] re-designed to be more user friendly and tailored to better curated content. I've posted a project before, but was not happy with the freelancers I interacted with. The base idea that I would like the new design to look like is: [login to view URL] I like how modern the website

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    ...access). http://[login to view URL] u: testuser p: nwcyhE*n^LO#h@7fqiWVVh7J This site allows users to post their WP plugin to a directory, and there is a "submit" form that the user populates with text, links & images. This information then appears on the site (pending approval). Some of the issues I am having relate to the submit process

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    I need an IOS application that can send POST & Get command to http server. The ip & port should be editable. The POST command is a simple form wich has following options. <form action="http://[login to view URL]:xxxx/[login to view URL]" method="post"> Indoor unit: <input type="text" value=&quo...

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    ...developed on bootstrap toolkit (only bootstrap - see [login to view URL]). This landing page will promote a forex (finance) service. We drafted a very basic version of it at http://[login to view URL] but all the content (including all texts, positioning...) can be changed with your own inputs. You can however reuse the video <iframe id="ytplayer"

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    .../13987211 I've installed it here: http://[login to view URL] We are creating a car directory for new and used car listings. There will be 2 types of users: Dealers (Car Dealerships & Standard Users (Private People selling their cars). The theme is self has package based pricing for users to submit listings on the website. It gives them

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    ...Categories like Science, History from Online mysql table 2.) able to Show questions in category divided into levels (customised/hardocoded number) 3.) Allow to submit feedback, signup form for lucky draw, Report a question as email or online mysql database update 4.) Show Jobs from online mysql table filtered/sortable by 1 column from 4-5 sort enable

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    ...categories as well. Rewrite it, send it to me I'll put it in. <? include("[login to view URL]") ?> <style type="text/css"> <!-- .selector { background-image: url(http://[login to view URL]); background-color: #d4af37; position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%;

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    ...gateway on my codeigniter cms vs best review Following are there code of Esewa payment gateway- <form action=”http://[login to view URL]” (http://[login to view URL]) (http://[login to view URL] (http://[login to view URL]) ) method=”GET”> <input value=”100” name=”amt” type=”hidden”&...

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    ...explanatory but for the dumb people out there I will explain them all. Home; This page will contain the latest news section feature a few upcoming events and also latest post page in the forums, some of our social media and sponsors link aswell as the login/sign up feature. About; This page will contain information about us aswell as a few other

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    ...create 8 web form pages that use AJAX, PHP, and MySQL. I have created the draft forms with correct field names and set-up the database tables and fields. What is needed is the post routines to save the info, and display to view and edit the fields, as well as display some fields content. Here are the deliverable specs for each web form -- you'll see

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    ...Level explanation (in a separate text document) of how all the processes work a. Example…To create a sign up form in react native, you must save the user input to variables which are then passed to an external server through a http POST request and sent through JWT ...React Native uses these modules to save the variable and then parse the JSON data

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    copy website Bitti left

    I want this site http://[login to view URL] but with different design, something like more professional. I also need to copy all the content form that site. I don't know how many post are there, so carefully check the site and submit your bid please.

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    ...needed) 3. Sample website: http://[login to view URL] - (I want my theme to look like this) 4. Existing website template: http://[login to view URL] (current theme that needs to be completed) PROJECT DETAILS: 1. Fix existing bootstrap theme and create necessary settings inside admin panel. 2. Add Gravity Form with steps to current theme

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    ...easily be accessed and changed. • The form will be set up on our server and the freelancer will need to help us get it up and running on our server. • We need to make custom changes to Google Maps styles to look same as our design. Front end: • Picture & Video submission. We need a button that says “Submit a photo/video” and when we click on that

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    ...first is the form connects to Open Weather Map(create a key), and user can provide input for a city or a zip code via a GET command. User would be able to asynchronously show the weather information retrieved from Open Weather Map. The second form should be a form that submits to "http://[login to view URL]". Second from uses POST to submit...

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    ...parameters to a bank payment page, I presume when a form has been submitted somewhere. <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function onLoad() { [login to view URL](); } </script> </head> <body onLoad="onLoad();"> <form name="frmInput"...

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    Static HTML page with jQuery multi step form - 5 different steps plus last thank you step - Option to go back to previous step - Step tracker (“you are at step 3 of 5”). The tracker does not need to be clickable, it is just there so users know how far they are in the process. - Step 4 is a suburb search, this must be an autocomplete field searching

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    ...interesting with more pictures than copy. The type needs to be sufficiently color-blocked and of a sufficient size to be located and read easily and quickly. (Sample site: http://[login to view URL] ) Access and routine administration needs to be in the hands of the Centralina Workforce Board administrative team. They will also help coordinate

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    1- Create a simple webpage with the following requirements: - accepts user input in the form of a text box - upon user selection of a submit button or other control, input data is processed in some way (e.g. capitalized, MD5 hash, reversed, etc) - processed data is displayed at the top of the webpage while preserving the original functionality

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    1. you need to create an HTML5 document that allows prospective college students to provide feedback about their campus visit. Your HTML5 document should contain a form with text fields for a name and e-mail. Provide checkboxes that allow prospective students to indicate what they liked most about the campus. The checkboxes should include: campus

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    I require a plugin which can be used to submit a form on my website. It is a phone repair company and the form is used to book repairs. The form will have the appearance of an iPhone messenger application. The 1st message will say "What iPhone model do you have?", with another box below saying "select device". Clicking the reply message with

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    Submit a multi page form which includes validation, calculations, postcode derived address fields and on submit posts a data record (preferabl y an xml record) and pdf to another site either by sftp or http post. A full specification will be provided for this at a later date.

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    ...Alexandra and I'm a food blogger. I just bought a new WordPress theme that has a form that allows other people to register, manage their user profiles and post recipes. I like the current Submit a recipe form but it needs a little bit of tweaking. At the moment this form consists of: recipe name, upload a picture, short description, ingredients and prepa...

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    ...Like/Share content on Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter 1 Page is for an admin to post rich-content blogs. 1 Page is a "Contact Us" form that should send an email to our support email. 1 Page is a "Careers" form. Both a list of careers and a detailed view. - Users need to be able to submit their resume for a job. - Resumes need to either be ema...

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    ...and girls! I have an existing plugin which is used to submit a form on my website. It is a phone repair company and the form is used to book repairs. First the customer is asked which device they have. There are radio buttons to select. When they select the device using the radio button the form expands and the next question is asked. This is working

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    ... We have a form that bots are using to submit thousands of requests through POSTs. We want to add a check which would ensure bots do not auto-submit the form. This is in Classic ASP on Windows 2012 R2 server IIS 8. Attached are the files related to the POST requests: 2017-01-24 16:24:01 W3SVC118 flash [login to view URL] POST /mortform-proce...

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    ...server. The webpage will be launched from another program. Using either HTTP URL or POST parameters the program having the link to the new webpage will be sending the unique identifiers for database. 1. The look should be like the included PDF. 2. The individual completing the form be can pick as many choices as they need in the question section. a.

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