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    ...a new commercial edifice and am in dire need of an MEP engineer with a creative yet methodical approach to breathe life into this venture! My project calls for a maestro in Mechanical and Electrical design to ensure the functionality and sustainability of my building. **What I Need:** - **Inventive Mechanical Design:** A visionary to draft and implement heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and other mechanical services to guarantee optimal environmental comfort and efficiency. - **Electrical Design Excellence:** An adept professional to devise electrical systems that not only meet but exceed safety standards and can sustain the commercial activities intended for the building. This includes, but is not limited to, lighting, power distribution, and emergency ...

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    ...looking for a skilled HVAC engineer or technician to help me design a hot air supply system for my crawl space basement. The primary goal is to calculate the necessary CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and design the appropriate ductwork capacities to meet the demands of the space. Key Requirements: - Experience in HVAC design, especially in calculating CFM and designing ductwork for residential properties. - Ability to work with incomplete data on the square footage of the crawl space, as this has not been determined. Flexibility in approach will be appreciated. - Strong analytical skills to provide a comprehensive solution despite the lack of specific information on the crawl space's size. What I Am Looking For: - Professionals with a portfolio showcasing past work rela...

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    ...a skilled freelancer to create a detailed thermal model for a commercial building focused on the design of heating and cooling systems. This project aims to optimize the HVAC design by accurately simulating temperature distribution across different rooms and zones within the building. Key Requirements: - Experience in thermal modelling and simulation for commercial environments. - Proficiency in using software such as EnergyPlus, ANSYS Fluent, or similar for detailed thermal analysis. - Ability to incorporate specific room data into the model, including dimensions, occupancy, and expected heat loads. - Knowledge of HVAC systems and their design to provide efficient heating and cooling solutions. The ideal candidate would: - Have prior experience in creating detailed th...

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    I'm looking for a skilled engineer to design an HVAC system for a large commercial area exceeding 5000 sq ft. The space requires constant temperature control to ensure a comfortable and productive work environment. Ideal Experience and Skills: - Proven experience in designing HVAC systems for commercial spaces. - Knowledge of constant temperature control systems. - Ability to handle large square footage projects. - Sound understanding of HVAC codes and standards in state of Wisconsin Specifically I am looking for an HVAC engineer who is creative and innovative in reducing both energy and cost at the same time. I am trying to design a low energy usage warehouse that is also low cost to build and operate. The concept is to use standard residential unit...

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    ===...SEE ATTACHMENTS :: FLOOR PLAN IS COMPLETE but (a) Window sizes not decided, once decided modify on floor plan (b) Create Foundation, Electrical, Plumbing, Elevations (in relations to land contour/slope), Section, HVAC and Roof Plan. BUILDING B - 30' X 60' Garage with small bedroom suite - SEE ATTACHMENT :: FLOOR PLAN NEEDS MINOR CHANGES (a) change position of garage doors (b) move bedroom suite from right side to left side (c) add 2 feet roof overhang (d) Modify existing or create new Foundation, Electrical, Plumbing, Elevations (in relations to land contour/slope), Section, HVAC and Roof Plan. 2. Both buildings share a driveway, show both buildings' position and driveway MUST SHOW in 2D Elevations 3. Deliver files in DWG & PDF in ARCH D 24" x...

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    ...businesses within offices, shops and other commercial premises, aiming to boost revenue and promote company. **Key Requirements:** - Experience in B2B telemarketing, especially Air Con/ Ventilation sector. - Proven track record of successful appointment setting. - Strong communication skills, with fluency in English. - Ability to research and identify potential business leads. - Knowledge of the latest HVAC trends and key players. **Specifics of the Project:** - The target audience comprises businesses associated with commercial premises like offices, shops etc.. - The campaign’s main goal is to set appointments with decision-makers in these businesses. - Success in this role requires impeccable persuasion skills to ensure a positive and receptive response from potentia...

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    I'm seeking a mechanical engineer with expertise in renewable energy to assist with my heating and ventilation project. Responsibilities: - Develop a system design - Determine energy requirements - Aid in selecting suitable equipment Key project details: - The focus will be on achieving the desired ventilat...ventilation project. Responsibilities: - Develop a system design - Determine energy requirements - Aid in selecting suitable equipment Key project details: - The focus will be on achieving the desired ventilation capacity in cubic feet per minute. - The project involves integration into an existing infrastructure. Ideal candidate: - Experience in renewable energy projects - Proficient in HVAC design and equipment selection - Understanding of energy requiremen...

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    ...skilled MEP designer who can rise to the challenge of completing a Revit project on a medium-scale, moderately complex high-rise luxury building. The focus will be on delivering a comprehensive blueprint covering HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems, infused with energy efficiency by adhering to LEED Certification standards. Key Tasks: - Design a scalable HVAC infrastructure - Develop a robust electrical system layout - Create a sustainable plumbing network Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Revit MEP software - Experience with medium to large-scale building projects - Familiarity with HVAC, electrical, and plumbing design principles - Knowledge of LEED Certification processes Experience: - Previous work on high-rise buildings preferred - Portfolio showcasing MEP d...

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    I require precise electrical design plans for a medium-sized hotel, spanning 50-100 rooms. A core focus of this project lies on developing comprehensive floor plans that consider the placement of lighting, HVAC systems, and electrical loads for each room. Key components should encompass: - Lighting Fixtures - Power Outlets - Switches and Dimmers - Fire Alarm Systems - Switchgear Ideal candidates will have a proven track record in CAD or Revit and an adept ability to balance aesthetics and functionality in past designs. A profound understanding of hotel-specific electrical design standards and safety regulations is highly desirable.

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    I am in the final stages of designing an HVAC system for a commercial building and require specialized assistance with Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HAP) calculations and the chilled water system design. **Skills and Experience Needed:** - Proficient in HAP software for HVAC system design - Experience with chilled water system designs PRICE: $3/hour Time needed: 1-3 hours URGENT

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    I'm in need of a software application that streamlines our HVAC service operations with efficiency and simplicity at its core. Our goal is to enhance our customer management and service scheduling, supported by a user interface that prioritizes ease of use. Here’s a breakdown of our specific needs: **Key Features Required:** - **Customer Management:** A robust system to store and manage customer information, service history, and contact details. This feature should enable us to quickly access any customer's record for seamless service delivery. - **Service Scheduling:** An intuitive scheduling system that allows us to easily book, adjust, and track service appointments. This functionality should support our team's efforts to optimize operations and ensure t...

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    ==...SEE ATTACHMENTS :: FLOOR PLAN IS COMPLETE but (a) Window sizes not decided, once decided modify on floor plan (b) Create Foundation, Electrical, Plumbing, Elevations (in relations to land contour/slope), Section, HVAC and Roof Plan. BUILDING B - 30' X 60' Garage with small bedroom suite - SEE ATTACHMENT :: FLOOR PLAN NEEDS MINOR CHANGES (a) change position of garage doors (b) move bedroom suite from right side to left side (c) add 2 feet roof overhang (d) Modify existing or create new Foundation, Electrical, Plumbing, Elevations (in relations to land contour/slope), Section, HVAC and Roof Plan. 2. Both buildings share a driveway, show both buildings' position and driveway MUST SHOW in 2D Elevations 3. Deliver files in DWG & PDF in ARCH D 24" x ...

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    HVAC Design Residential with all Duct work USA Standard and code and Cayman Islands 2009

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    ...our team - Follow a script that will be provided - Keep constant communication with our team in case of issues/questions Requirements: - Native English speakers ONLY - Be a good conversationalist - we don't need a pushy, sleazy sales man - No previous experience needed, only the willingness to learn and grow - Be okay with being rejected - (Optional) Have knowledge in one of these areas - Solar / HVAC / Interior Design - (Optional) Have knowledge in digital marketing ? £40 payment will be done for each booked call, where the lead shows up. ? Does it sound interesting? Send a quick reply now!...

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    I require schematic design drawings for a prototype device. This includes a detailed focus on electro-mechanical elements, specifically: - Mechanical systems; The ideal freelancer for this project woul...elements, specifically: - Mechanical systems; The ideal freelancer for this project would be highly skilled with experience in electro-mechanical drawings. They should have a good grasp of working on prototype devices and must be able to showcase previous work related to this. An added advantage would be a strong understanding of different types of mechanical systems, including (but not limited to) HVAC, Plumbing, and Conveyor systems. Please, I need you to detail your experience in your bid, and provide examples of your past work if possible. Let's create something bril...

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    ...and MEP plans sets and are seeking a consultant that can provide their expertise for training and project participation. **Requirements:** - Proficient in Revit Energy Modeling and MEP design - Experience in residential multifamily, commercial, and institutional building projects. - Ability to translate conceptual ideas into detailed MEP systems designs. - Familiarity with air source heat pump HVAC systems - Understanding of building codes relevant to residential MEP systems. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - A track record of successful MEP design projects in the residential sector. - Strong technical proficiency in Revit with a portfolio showcasing previous work. - Creative problem-solving skills to address design challenges. - Excellent communication to ensure project object...

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to utilize eQuest modeling for a project focused on PACU, Split units and window units. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in eQuest software - Expertise in data analysis and resource management - Strong background in sustainability practices - Ability to interpret complex data sets for actionable insights ### Key Requirements: - Experience with similar optimization and sustainability projects - Ability to work with large datasets and identify patterns - Proficient in creating clear, insightful reports ### Application Instructions: Please include examples of past work, specifically projects where you've applied data analysis skills in resource optimization contexts. Highlight any experience with sustainability projects or eQuest mode...

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    the project is a drive-thru restaurant, we finished the external and internal design, and we are looking forward to starting the design drawing stage along with the BOQ document. the project has two levels, and we need the DD for : - Architecture - electrical (Kitchen equipment is not included in our scope) - Mechanical (HVAC is not included in our scope) - FFE - Details - BOQ We are seeking a freelancer to give us the final product within 3-4 days. *All data we have is attached. *External works are excluded

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    I am seeking a talented freelancer to assist me in compiling a comprehensive and informative catalogue. The focus of this catalogue is in the field of mechanical engineering which includes Electronics, Home Furnishings and Clothing Accessories. This catalogue will specialize in detailing HVAC systems, Industrial Machinery, and Fabrication processes within the field of mechanical engineering. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Knowledge in Mechanical Engineering. - Expertise in HVAC Systems, Industrial Machinery, and Fabrication. - Excellent cataloguing skills. - Excellent graphical representation. - Proficient in various publishing software. Accurate, detailed and visually compelling representation of the products is of utmost importance for this project. Only freelancers with...

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    I need a skilled CAD professional to create an as-built drawing of HVAC ductwork, focusing on detailed dimensions and branching. The scope of the project will r other heating or cooling units - your expertise will be solely focused on the ductwork itself. Here's what I'm looking for: - Accurate representation of HVAC ductwork, capturing comprehensive dimensions and specific branching details. 1 x Supply leg + 1 x Extract leg with fans - 2 x AC units with pipework - 1 x Overdoor Heater - Exceptional attention to detail in reflecting intricate aspects of the ductwork. - A quick turnaround time as the project needs completion ASAP. Ideally, you'll have extensive experience in AutoCAD, HVAC design, and be able to work swiftly on this urgent task.

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    As a construction firm, we are searching for a competent MEP engineer adept in designing HVAC, plumbing, and electrical modules. The project is relatively small and straightforward, which will require: - Comprehensive design and planning of HVAC systems. - Water supply and drainage system (plumbing) design. - Electrical layout design and planning. Essential skills and experience: - Proficiency with Autodesk AutoCAD. - Strong understanding and application of MEP engineering principles. - Demonstrated experience in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical design. Your attention to detail and ability to deliver high-quality drawings within a reasonable timeframe will be pivotal to the success of this project. If you are the professional we're looking for, do not hesitate to...

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    ...and plumbing systems for an office building spanning more than 5000 square feet. Your tasks would involve: - Designing and setting up electrical systems. Though the questionnaire regarding specific requirement for electrical system was skipped, I value resourcefulness and expect the hired professional to suggest a well-thought-out, energy-efficient electrical plan. - Planning and installing an HVAC system that ensures optimal indoor air quality and temperature control. - Installing a plumbing system that functions seamlessly. Ideal skills and experience for this job include demonstrable proficiency in MEP services, experience handling large-scale projects, and a strong understanding of energy-efficient systems. Familiarity with advanced safety protocols and security systems ...

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    ...MEP Engineering, particularly in building construction. - Experience in creating detailed MEP layouts for new constructions. - Excellent understanding of building codes and compliance requirements relevant to MEP designs. - Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively to incorporate feedback and adjustments. ### Requirement Details: - **Heating and Cooling Systems:** Design and layout of HVAC systems tailored to the building's size and usage requirements. - **Electrical Wiring and Fixtures:** Comprehensive electrical plan including lighting, power outlets, and specialty electrical needs tailored to the building usage. - **Plumbing and Drainage Systems:** Detailed plumbing layout covering all water supply, waste, and vent piping along with fixture placements. ### Obje...

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    ,floorplan,elevations or sections 500dlls plan , plumbing plan, waste plan, window door schedule 500dlls 3. Hvac, safety plan, details 500dlls

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    We are new company which is specialized for instalation and servicing heat pumps and aircondioners. Our name is “Tepelkáři” - in my language is it - installers of heat pumps. We need simple logo, buss cards and simple website on our domain

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    I'm urgently seeking a skilled HVAC technician to help diagnose and repair commercial heating and cooling systems remotely. Looking for a extra layer of support for my younger less experienced techs, when they can't reach our senior guys who are also in the field working. ### Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficient in Commercial HVAC systems troubleshooting and repair - Experience with commercial HVAC systems - Ability to diagnose issues quickly and efficiently - Excellent problem-solving skills - Professional and reliable ### Requirements: - Inspect the HVAC system to identify the cause of poor cooling/heating performance - Provide a detailed assessment and recommended solution - Implement the necessary repairs with minimal disruption to our operation...

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    18 teklifler need of a competent freelancer, well-versed in both HVAC design and submission protocols for the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (WI-DSPS). Your responsibilities will cover: - Reviewing our currently available CAD and PDF files for four 12-plexes, originally crafted by our retiring engineer. - Proofreading these drafts to ensure optimal energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and system reliability. - Submitting the finalized designs to the WI-DSPS. The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, particularly in the residential apartment complex context. A strong understanding of WI-DSPS standards and submission procedures for such HVAC designs is vital. Evidence of...

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    Seeking an innovative app developer to create an HVAC design application tailored for selecting various air conditioning equipment and providing detailed itemized costs for each project. ### Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in 3D modeling - Strong background in HVAC systems - Experience with cost estimation software ### Key Features: - **Equipment Selection**: Implement a feature that allows users to browse and select different air conditioner models for their HVAC designs. - **Cost Estimation**: Integrate detailed itemized costings for project bids, ensuring accuracy and precision in financial planning. ### Deliverables: - A responsive HVAC design app - Accurate cost estimation module within the app - User-friendly interface for equipment selecti...

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    I'm seeking an experienced professional to assist in sizing a generator suitable for our hospital's power needs. Here's what I’m looking for: - Determine proper generator size for 500-1000 kW power demand. - Ensure compatibility with key electrical loads: • Critical medical equipment • Emergency lighting and life safety systems • HVAC and refrigeration systems - Prefer a diesel-powered generator solution. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Electrical engineering background - Experience in power systems and generator sizing - Knowledge of hospital electrical needs - Familiarity with diesel generators The expert will guide our choices to meet both current and future demand, ensuring reliable backup power for our critical services. Your input will be...

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    I require a specialist skilled in Ansys Fluent to serve as both a mentor and tutor, guiding me through a comprehensive analysis of airflow dynamics within educational setting. KEY OBJECTIV...Study the possible dispersion of contaminants in indoor air and how effective airflow management could mitigate it. Ultimately, the project aims to significantly improve the indoor air quality of these educational spaces, providing the benefit of healthier environments for students and staff. PREFERRED EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS: - Proficiency in using Ansys Fluent for airflow analysis - Experience in HVAC or indoor environmental quality analysis - Strong understanding of air thermodynamics and contaminant dispersion - Prior experience in working with educational buildings or large indoor spaces ...

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    I'm in search of a proficient freelancer to help expand my brand's reach and generate valuable leads to prop up my revenues via Google Search Ads, targeting a distinct local customer base. Here’s what I’m looking for in a freelancer: - Understanding of local suburbs within Australia and niche targeting depending on clients request. - Past results of work - Mainly service based businesses like hvac, electricians, etc Let's boost my local lead generation together!

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    I need an experienced professional to quickly design a duct sizing system suitable for both heating and cooling in my home. My goal is to optimize airflow while maintaining efficient energy use. Here’s what I’m looking for: - Expert HVAC Design: Strong familiarity with the latest standards and best practices in HVAC design. - Material Knowledge: Open to discussing the best material for the job given local availability and cost-effectiveness, as no preference was indicated. - Fast Turnaround: I require this project to be done urgently. - Detailed Plan: The final deliverable should be a clear, executable duct sizing plan, possibly with recommendations on material usage and placement. The ideal candidate will have: - Proven experience in ductwork design for...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned MEP Engineer with a focus on HVAC systems for a residential complex. I need basic layouts and schematics created in a clear and professional manner. And I can also design ELECTRIC, PLUMBING, AND FIRE FIGHTING. Requirements: - Strong knowledge in MEP design, particularly for residential buildings. - Proficiency in creating basic layouts and schematic diagrams. - Good grasp on HVAC system design and principles. Ideal Skills: - Experience with AutoCAD or similar drafting software. - Ability to communicate complex technical details effectively. - Familiarity with MEP standards and residential codes. - Detail-oriented with a focus on accuracy and quality in design work. Expectations: - Timely delivery of the required schematic designs. - Willingness ...

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    I am seeking an expert in SEO and backlink building to increase the online visibility and organic traffic of our HVAC service websites - , , and Our primary goal is to attract local residents in need of HVAC services. As such, your work will play a crucial role in accomplishing this objective. Considerations for backlink generation: * Local Business Directories: Linking our services within directories to widen our local online presence * Home Services Related Blogs: Collaborating with related blogs to provide informative content while subtly promoting our services * HVAC Industry Related Forums: Displaying our expertise and collecting quality backlinks from industry forums The ideal freelancer for this task should

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    ...looking for a talented individual to boost my company's lead generation and appointment-setting efforts within the home services sector. This role will center primarily on reaching out to potential customers in the HVAC, Insulation, and Pool Installation niches. **Responsibilities:** - Conduct cold calls to generate leads - Schedule appointments for our sales team - Maintain records of customer interactions **Skills Required:** - Confident communication and negotiation - Proven track record in cold calling and lead generation - Familiarity with the home services industry, especially HVAC, Insulation, and Pool Installation - Organizational skills to manage call lists and follow-ups **Experience:** - Experience in B2C sales within the home services market - Previous ...

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    ...growing hotel, we're experiencing a few issues with our HVAC system. Primarily, the challenge is dealing with high humidity levels in our public areas such as the lobby and hallways. This affects the overall air quality and can make the environment uncomfortable for our guests. The ideal candidate for this job will be an experienced HVAC contractor who can effectively address high humidity conditions in large public areas. A deep understanding of air flow and air quality management is a must, as this project goes beyond merely installing dehumidifiers. The contractor must not only solve our current issues, but also implement a system that maintains a comfortable atmosphere for our guests. Skills and Experience: • Expert in HVAC systems • Exper...

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    I'm in need of a skilled HVAC expert to help me with the following tasks for my sizable super-insulated, airtight home, which is over 2,000 sq ft: - Conduct detailed Cooling Load Calculations to ensure a comfortable environment during the warmer months. - Perform thorough Heating Load Calculations for efficient warmth in the cooler seasons. - Recommend HVAC equipment that aligns with the high-performance, energy-efficient, and cost-effective standards that my house requires. The right freelancer for this job should have: - In-depth knowledge of Manual J calculations - Experience with super insulated and airtight home designs - Ability to suggest suitable, high-quality and efficient HVAC equipment - Timely project execution since the need is somewhat urgent Und...

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    I'm seeking expert assistance with ductwork drafting for a commercial office/retail building. My project entails: - Creating precise ductwork layouts using AutoCAD, Revit or DrawTech. - Adapting designs to accommodate an existing building...commercial office/retail building. My project entails: - Creating precise ductwork layouts using AutoCAD, Revit or DrawTech. - Adapting designs to accommodate an existing building environment. Ideal candidate skills: - Proficient in AutoCAD, Revit and/or DrawTech with a focus on HVAC systems. - Prior experience with commercial HVAC design. - Knowledgeable in ductwork system standards and codes. - Attention to detail and accuracy in drafting. -MWBE Certified - NY Please include samples of previous work related to HVAC or d...

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    ...from a central point. Plumbing Plan: 1- Fixture Placement: Design the placement of plumbing fixtures, including sinks, faucets, showers, and toilets. 2- Water Supply and Drainage: Ensure efficient water supply and drainage systems, considering water-saving features and sustainability. 3- Smart Plumbing Devices: Integrate smart plumbing devices such as touchless faucets and smart water meters. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning): 1- Heating and Cooling Zones: Design heating and cooling zones for optimal temperature control in different areas. 2- Smart Thermostats: Specify the use of smart thermostats with zoning capabilities for energy-efficient climate control. 3- Ventilation System: Include details of a ventilation system to ensure proper air circulation and indo...

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    I'm in search of a proficient freelance mechanical inspector to ensure the safety and compliance of various mechanical systems, identify potential issues, and evaluate quality and performance. You'll be looking at: • HVAC systems • Industrial machinery • Automotive components Your focus should be on: • Evaluating functionality and performance • Assessing structural integrity • Checking electrical components Individuals with a sound understanding and experience in inspecting these systems and equipment will be ideal for this task. Your ability to spot defects and issues that may not be immediately noticeable will be key to this assignment's success. This is a fantastic opportunity for those who regard safety and compliance as a to...

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    ...electrical engineer to create comprehensive electrical panel and load schedules for my unit, incorporating all relevant equipment. The documents must be delivered in PDF format. Your work will enable optimal power management and compliance with safety standards. **Responsibilities:** - Develop electrical panel schedule - Create load schedule for entire unit - Include all equipment: lighting, outlets, HVAC **Requirements:** - Proven experience in circuit design and power system analysis - Proficient in creating clear, detailed PDF documents - Skilled at integrating diverse electrical components into cohesive schedules **Ideal Candidate:** - Detail-oriented and analytical - Strong background in electrical engineering - Familiar with code and safety regulations - Proficient in...

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    Trophy icon "FastTrack-HVAC" Logo Design Bitti left

    I'm seeking a skilled graphic designer to create ...create a logo for a new division of our company. Here are the details: - Color Specifications: I have specific colors in mind for the logo. The exact color codes are provided below in the project files "EEtiltiy Color Codes" for your reference to ensure accurate color representation. - Logo Font: I would like the font to be done using the "DAYS" font. - Name: FastTrack-HVAC - Explanation of company: In short we replace HVAC systems quickly with energy efficient systems. Ideal candidates will have a strong portfolio of past logo design works, with significant emphasis on corporate branding. Familiarity with standard design software and keen attention to detail are essential for this job. I look ...

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    I'm seeking a talented draughtsman with a keen eye for detail and a strong background in architectural drafting. My project involves creating detailed drawings for a 4 bhk residential apartment in Pune Key requi...architects, and constructors. Prepare and maintain project documentation, including drawings, schedules, and revision logs. Organize and manage drawing files to ensure version control and accessibility. Knowledge of relevant building codes and standards. Timely Completion of Task . Delivery of final drawings in both PDF and an editable CAD format. Clear representation of civil, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems as part of the design. If you're passionate about architectural drafting and ready to bring traditional designs to life, I'm excited to work ...

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    I'm seeking a proficient web designer to develop a specialized website that displays my HVAC business including services for installation, repair, and maintenance. This website will connect with our client base that extends to large areas of more than 5,000 sqft. Ideal Skills: • Extensive experience in crafting E-commerce websites • Knowledge on HVAC industry is beneficial Responsibilities: • Design a straightforward, user-friendly interface. • Showcase our offerings in installation, repair, and maintenance. • Target website to small residential, mid-size commercial and large-scale clients (+5000 sqft) * generate leads through contact form and free quote request

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    ...all areas. Inclusion of all essential elements such as doors, windows, and built-in fixtures. Specifications of construction materials where applicable, particularly concerning the log structure. Integration of modern amenities while maintaining the rustic aesthetic of a log house. Delivery of final drawings in both PDF and an editable CAD format. Clear representation of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems as part of the design. Qualifications: Proven experience in designing tiny homes or log houses. Knowledge of relevant building codes and standards. Strong communication skills for smooth collaboration. A portfolio of previous work showcasing similar projects. Timeline and Budget: Provide an estimated timeline for the completion of the project. Budget is negotiable and wi...

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    I'm in need of a professional HVAC tech or electrician to conduct a thorough inspection and auditing of various commercial systems from RTUs to vent hoods in small restaurants across the country. In addition to HVAC we are also auding lighting systems and refridgeratuon systems. The process is known as a Fast Feild Audit. Basic knowledge of electrical, HVAC, and lighting required. No liscenses required but liscenses will get higher pay. - identify basic components of HVAC, refrigation systems, electrical panels, and lighting fixtures, - Document and photograph potential issues to keep a record for possible future repairs using an easy to follow form in a phone app. The ideal candidate for this task would have: - minimal experience in HVAC s...

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    I need AC duct layout for 2 roof top units RTU (1 is 10 ton and second is 5 ton) We need 5 ton for the kitchen and the rest is for the restaurant Attached PDF + CAD At end we need cad and PDF files.

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    As a project owner, I am in need of a skilled and proficient freelancer who can perfectly handle both project management and technical aspects of my mechanical HVAC project. In order to successfully carry out this task, here are a couple of requirements that this role is expected to meet: • Exceptional knowledge and expertise in the installation of system and steam boilers is critical for this project, as it highly depends on these technical skills. • Additionally, an in-depth understanding of Steam and Condensate Piping HVAC system is an essential requirement for the role. Therefore, I am seeking someone who has proven experience and a good track record in these areas. This project demands someone who is technical, result-oriented and can deliver on tasks wi...

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    ...professional nature of my HVAC business. Here's what I need: - Front-end Development: Create an attractive interface that's easy to navigate. Experience with UI/UX design is a plus. - Interactive Features: Users should be able to schedule an appointment, request a quote, and browse various HVAC solutions. - Content Creation: Develop clear, informative content detailing our services and company values. - Mobile Responsiveness: The site must be fully functional on mobile and tablet devices. - SEO Optimization: Utilize SEO best practices to improve visibility on search engines. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. - Background in creating websites for service-oriented companies, preferably in the ...

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