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    1. I need to develop a homepage design that I have for my wordpress website. I am using Da Vinci Theme (dropshipping). 2. I need to fix the sale page because is not pulling all the products, it is only showing 12 products on sale right now. 3. I need to fix a page that displays products in less than 10$. Right know is done using a filter, I need to eliminate the sidebar and change the title of t...

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    Want Real Time Stock Prices Quotes Excel program. The excel stock quotes are getting current and past market data into Excel. From free source similar like Yahoo. The excel program keep update live stock price , trade info, volume ...etc, and highlight color when traded. program similar the sample [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Want to have real-time stock pr...

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] new map throughout the entire site (Include Map Icons and preview of event) [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 2. Fix Sponsorship(Pay fee to be sponsor), Trending Event(40% of tickets must be sold), Hot Deal (Should be working), Exclusive Event (only the super admin should be able to post an exclusiv...

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    We need Notes of Accountancy Class 12th and 11th CBSE Board. Notes Should be in brief and should clear basic concept with graph chart and table Commerce Graduated Recommended

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    I want a small wordpress plugin to be created for one of our site. reference site screen shot is also shown in attachment, how it will look like. Also hyperlink of that site will be provide in chatt as well........

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    J'ai besoin d'un photographe le 12 décembre prochain pour 1h environ (entre 18h-20h) dans un bar du 7e où j'organise un verre avec quelques personnes (environ 5 personnes). Le projet est de faire des photos naturelles des différentes personnes et interactions durant la soirée, et peut-être quelques photos portrait. Marc ------ I need a photographe...

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    Change Map throughout site with Icons, radius 25 mile, and pinpoint user location, search & location bar

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    Arch_3dStudio is a leading outsourcing architectural 3d visualization and rendering company committed to offering high quality 3D architectural visualization services with innovative design ideas. Our team of Architectural Engineers, graphic specialists, CAD Designer, 3D animation experts is well proficient & experts in offering a complete range of 3D interior rendering services at a very reas...

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    The structure will mimic these sites exactly...same nav bar, enquiry form page structure etc. I will provide all images, logos & content. I will also supply the design for another element that can be used to develop the look & feel of the website.

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    We want to create a sankey chart (flow) without using any [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] are the detailed requirements of the flow. HTML Canvas-5 or D3.js must be used. Our platform has been built using Angular-8 and Python. The data should be sent to backend in JSON format. This flow is represented in a diagram similar to a flow diagram. The flow will always ...

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    I need 2 quick edits to my website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]: 1) I would like to add a standard header area for all the pages on my website. This header area will have an editable logo area as well as a menu bar and search area. 2) I need the current header for all secondary pages removed. (ex. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş ...

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    I am looking for a graphic designer to type up my size chart nicely with my product image like the example attached, I will provide my own images I have 3 size charts to do with dimensions.

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    1. I will upload my current logo. Please add the border around the circle and replace "BIRTHDAY PARTY EXPO" with "EXPOS" 2. I need a cover photo for 2 Facebook events. 1 for the party expo and 1 for the ladies expo. Party expo needs to be fun, colorful, festive. Ladies expo needs to be beautiful, elegant, fun. I would like both to include the venom logo and FREE TICKETS. 3. I ...

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    Working on a new e-commerce site; [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] In the need of the following (either through custom coding or plugin): Ability to add EAN code/Bar code to each product in addition to the normal SKU which is in WooCommerce Being able to get a large list interface to do an inventory count / stock-take using a barcode scanner (which then takes me t...

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    am looking to create quickly the CORPORATE TRAINING, ASSESSMENT & TEST - Web App Development in PHP or any best platform. If anyone have the existing project for Corporate Training material upload in backend and the test assessment to employees web application, please share with us to review. Our primary scope is to develop for below scope: 1). Backend web panel is required for the client to U...

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    Hello, I would like to developp an application on iOS and Android (in native if possible, or using React Native or Flutter) I would like the application to work on iPad too. You will find attached a complet document with requirements. But here is a short review. I am working in aviation as a pilot, and I always need to know how much time is remaining before a specific time. For exemple I ne...

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    Bring in all data to an excel cheat , the site has a search bar with 3 a filter as project type, country, year, measure and construction start.

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    PLEASE BE SURE AND UNDERSTAND AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE CAPABLE 100% NO IFS OR BUTS ... THANK YOU Pre launch must be fixed : Phase I 1-Notifications are sent by admin to members devices and will appear with a sound and icon on the top bar of the phone, user clicks on the notification and will land on unread messages , at this time it's not functioning but it did at one time. 2- app should t...

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    I want a "search bar" that I can put onto my home page similar to the attached picture, that when typed into, it pulls up various professions that are stored in a backend database, so if for instance accountants is chosen, the browser is redirected to a page on my website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] - so it might be that tax advisers is chosen, but...

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    Build a simple web page using React and D3js The app will have two line charts both with multiple series. The charts will display a time series sequence for 12 months with the following details: - A month/year brush to select different time frames - Two line charts - Each line chart will have 10 series with 12 months of data by default - The brush cab select different time/months to display

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    Hello! I need some additional development support on an Unbounce Sticky Bar that needs to connect to HubSpot either via the Unbounce Integration or the API. Please note you should already be familiar with Unbounce and the HubSpot AP before applying for this job. Brief Using a multi-step form, the Stick Bar should collect the following information and then send it to HubSpot. Step 1. Collect fi...

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    We're looking for a skilled graphic designer for a number of projects for our company, see [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] for further information. We will need images creating which showcase our products in various locations such as coffee shops, bar, restaurants etc. The first project is a Mailchimp mailshot which is to be sent to coffee shop owners with...

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    Java programer Bitti left

    Hello, I have 4 taks to complete in Java wich is urgent. 1. An array is given: int[] array = {12, 23, -22, 0, 43, 545, -4, -55, 43, 12, 0, -999, -87}. I must make two arrays, one for the postive numbers and one for the negative numbers, also the logic for the sortings. So from array "array" I need to seek all postive elements and to put them in a separate array and that also the same b...

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    create a web app for sales graph - 1) Agents field should be there - each time an agent sells, the volume should be able to added under the agent. 2) horizontal bar graph should be shown in the main screen with sales figures and agent name thats it. the graph should also be able to be filtered, on daily, monthly and yearly basis

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    I need to transform an html page to a pdf. This html page contains 5 chart made with a [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]! I need to paginate it into a printable pdf report for my website.

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    For a open source project I need a QWidget for QT Framework that will show sectors of a disc and works like a progress bar. The Widget have to be placed inside a mdiChildWIndow and is scrollable. It is not possible to make a GridLayout and then fill it with Widgets, like QPushButton because the sectors can reach up to 128,001,769,472 sectors. So it is only possible to paint blocks on a QWidget b...

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    I need help launching a wordpress marketplace website. the overall concept is a store to sell services, embedded assessments, and courses. I have built two websites using templates and can fill out much of the information as long as the website design is formated for me and the below specifics taken care of) Here is an outline of the website: Landing page a yin yang symbol (attached to project)...

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    Objective : To do a small PoC to capture the data from BLE -WIFI gateway to Eclipse HONO as backend IOT connectivity server to authenticate , identify, received event data over MQTT, parse the event data, store in Database and publish on simple dashboard. Scope: Project scope as below 1) Creating a Microsoft Azure Free Account for this POC and configuration of required resources ( VM, DB, Storag...

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    small website Bitti left

    - A web site for a small website (it can be a fictional business) o A coffee shop o A restaurant o A doctor’s office - A web site for an organization or charity (can be fictional) - A topical web site about a band, famous person, movie, book, etc. Instructions: 1. Select a topic for your web site 2. Develop a 3 or more-page web site using HTML / CSS and JavaScript. Use of PHP is optional. 3...

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    We're looking for a skilled graphic designer for a number of projects for our company, see [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] for further information. We will need images creating which showcase our products in various locations such as coffee shops, bar, restaurants

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    On my prestashop e-commerce the search bar is not working, even the products are indexed in the backend it gives no result or partial results on front store. Searching for a REAL prestashop expert to solve this in short time, thanks.

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    Trophy icon Logo for juice bar 21 gün left

    Need help with a logo for a Juice bar in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico called "Madre Tierra" with "Juice Bar" as the tagline, Description: Madre Tierra juice bar is a place to cleanse the body and soul and have an elevated health life experience. It offers the best foods to nurture our body: plants. Unprocessed, untouched, as pure as the universe has put them here on thi...

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    I want the .htaccess code or any other way to redirect only my Wordpress home page [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] to /path/ on same domain without changing the url in the address bar. At the same time, /path/page/2/, /path/page/3/, etc should work. You give me the code. If it works, I will pay. You can check my reviews. I always pay immediately on delivery.

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    Trophy icon power point info graphic Bitti left

    Hello. I need to show a power point info graphic that shows a data analytics machine learning theme that has: 1. Core Team Org Chart (that has 10 roles in a hierarchy format reporting upwards to two managers with a box above them all called "Core Team"). 2. Core Team Org Chart (#1 above) connects multiple product team boxes (Called Product Teams ) under it (boxes should be up to 5...

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    Dear sir. I have skills that you are like you. I graduated from college and worked as a researcher.I started developing the web a while ago. My major was in the program area when university, so maybe it will help you. And not long ago I returned to russia, the days that I begined for a freelancer to work are not enough. I think that if you hire me you can get full success. If you agree wi...

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    I need some changes to an existing website. Can offer $500 for a month. Must have experience with basic template ideas. Must be able to implement things like member login, search bar, search engine, wallpaper change, new pages, indexing, widgets, excel worksheets, csv, macros, create scrolling information for updates, password login, point of sale payment, credit card, direct deposit, upload ...

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    I need some changes to an existing website. Can offer $500 for a month. Must have experience with basic template ideas. Must be able to implement things like member login, search bar, search engine, wallpaper change, new pages, indexing, widgets, excel worksheets, csv, macros, create scrolling information for updates, password login, point of sale payment, credit card, direct deposit, upload ...

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    { Alternative Trading platform (Tradingview) suggestion. 100$. Hello. Thank you for having interest in this topic. I've been using Tradingview, which might be the most famous platform among day-traders. but recently found an issue. I was ongoing to watch an overview of my strategy, will be covering years/months back dataset including year chart/ week chart/ day chart/ hours / mins chart...

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    Here is what i need A website Like buytaobao1688 dot com I need a simple dynamic responsive agent website... Which a customer or user can log in and use the site as a buying agent from 1688 dot com and taobao dot com Like the will go to those sites copy link of products they want and then come to my site paste the link on my search bar and it will provide all information of the product link...

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    I need a very simple custom wordpress website developed using Elementor. I've attached the mockup of the website. I have uploaded a mockup for you to follow. I'm willing to pay $200 to get this site built. Although this website is very simple, I'm looking for an EXPERT in wordpress site building using Elementor. This site also needs to be built with "mobile first" in m...

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    Problem: When customers visit our airport lounges they must show their boarding pass to match the name of the member. We need a program/tool to collect information from the boarding pass. We already have scanners connected to our front desk coputers. The scan must collect the following information: - Flight information including airline, date, times, departing city and arriving city, etc. (all i...

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    create bar codes from excel 11 digits and check number and paste in the excel and additionally send me each image of Bar Code in a separate file on png file and name each file the code of the Bar code

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    Project Agora Bitti left

    We are looking for an Ionic and a NodeJS Developer to create the following pages (we have the design): 1) Create a project (Upload file, assign users to the project with different roles, write project description) 2) List (last projects, in progress, finished) , vote them, assign new users to it or cancel, add budget ( pop up or new page with work description and checkbox list of required tasks) ...

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    12 documents per day Each doc will be a chapter from a textbook Single spaced, at least 10 pages per document, times new Roman font and size 12. No direct copying from the internet but paraphrasing is fine. Images are allowed but they should not be large and is there to visualize a concept or explain something (chart, table etc) Give me a price per month. Purpose is to education purposes. How ...

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    Hello. I want to know if the following is possible: Can I upload PDFs to a database and then add a search bar to a WordPress website where a person can enter a word or phrase and every PDF that contains the word or phrase will be available to click on and view? And to make it even better, the word or phrase will be highlighted in the PDF. I have to okay the cost of the project with my client befor...

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    Dar-us-Salaam is an Islamic nonprofit organization around the Washington DC area in the United States. We are making a video to break down the costs and revenues for our organization. In this video, a girl is going to be explaining all of the costs (payroll, building maintenance, and operations) and the revenues (tuition, service fees, and donations). Following are the tasks that we need a free...

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    We're working on a restaurant cum bar directory. Need some help to make the prototype website and app.

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