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    I want an excel file to be created with the same font that previously created in Excel. There are 2 photos. Photograps of the article is available. There is also an example excel file, but it needs to be the same as in the photo by making changes on the font. Each character of an excel file that you will create must be exactly the same as photos. This is an urgent job needs to be completed immediately.

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    Merhaba mevcut web sayfamı responsive yapmak istiyorum örnek için ulaşın lütfen

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    Hi. I could not check the last update. It is too late now. Because of weekend. Now I'm posting step-2 work. It is also a "pre-work." I mean, we will have at leat 2 more steps. All these 2-3 steps are only for preparing us to the biggest one, step-4. ------------- In this work, we will solve the Tick value issue (by working on the old code) And (the followings are simple) Will write the values on the chart by using the "Comment()" function of Meta Editor only. And Will check if our texts (that we wrote on chart with comment function) changes/updates real time and exactly same with the values of footPrint indicator. ------------- About reading from file and all other details, this website will help you (sure you know it): Please f...

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    Hello there, I am Rıdvan ilçi from Demand and Growth agency Response DGA. We created our current site on the WordPress template, but we made a lot of changes on the template because additional needs occured. Of course, this inevitably causes some problems for us and affects the speed of the website. That's why we need a site from scratch. It can be HTML, or it can be with well-customized Wordpress. (At this point, we are open to suggestions and we can evaluate which language you want to progress with, if you can specify why you choose this.) However, we do not want to go through a template this time. We want a fast and fluid site that is suitable for personification and modification. There will be form pages such as ebook and c...

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    Although the GPS tracking app running on the Android phone shows the GPS device correctly, the app shows the phone's location incorrectly. In order for the application to show the location information correctly, it must get the location from the google maps application, not the phone hardware. When installing the application on the phone, necessary changes should be made to ensure that the application runs in a high priority classroom and the application works without any restrictions when the phone switches to battery saving mode. Actions to be taken: 1-Fix location update error of app 2- Changing app permissions to high priority 3-Ensuring that the application is not affected by battery saving restrictions Turkish language: Android telefonda çalışan GPS izlem...

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    Turkish Dolibarr Erp open source php yazılımında tasarımsal değişiklikler ve ek modüller istenmektedir. Ayrıntılı bilgi görüşülerek anlatılacaktır. Kısaca bahsetmek gerekirse Menü yapısı, formların açılma yapısı, içinde bulunan raporların geliştirilmesi, üretim yönetimi eklenecek, filo yönetimi (Araç takibi ve sevkiyat planlama) eklenecek. English Dolibarr Erp open source php software design changes and additional modules are required. Detailed information will be discussed. Briefly speaking, the structure of the menu, the opening structure of the forms, the development of reports, production management will be added, fleet management (vehicle tracking and shipment planning) will be added.

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    ****just admin panel without site ** en ***************** we have a wedding hall and customer reservation system ------------------------------------- - Monthly and yearly calendar ---------------------------------------------- -history -name -customer gsm - Organizing time: (12:00) (18:00) - Number of person ---------- admin to make changes the admin will authorize the user whenever he wants to ---------------------------------------------- user-based reporting -------------------------------------------- sales representatives' own color -------------------------------------------- report ************************************************************ tr ************** biz düğün salonuyuz ve müşteri rezervasyon sistemi lazım ------------------------------...

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    10 changes to be made in the appendix. Maybe 7-8 of them are very simple. Do not bid high price

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    I need some changes to an existing website. Öğrenciler için bir platform oluşturacağım.Öğrencileri ilgilendiren haberler ve ders notu yardımlaşmaları

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    I need some changes to an existing website. Node js sohbet sistemi yaptim ama bazi eksikleri var kellime bilgi oyunu yapmam gerk ama yapamiyom bana yardmci olacak biri varmi

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    Hello. My partner and I are looking for a person to make books for us and then sell them on amazon kdp. The idea is to make books of 50-60 pages, with 25-30 pages of content and between each page leave a blank page or a black page. This is a long-term project and we would be interested in finding someone to design the interior of the book, the cover. On this last point, we provide niche and some keywords to serve as a guide or even if they are good, use the ones we provide. BOOKS: as we want it to be a long-term job, the idea is to do about 60 a month from different niches. BOOK REQUIREMENTS: - make the cover - illustrations inside the book - title of the book - book subtitle - keywords -some interior images for AMAZON KDP A...

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    ...updating my current website I am looking for a web designer to help me redesign and update my current website. My website is currently outdated and I want to give it a fresh and modern look. I would like to keep the same content and functionality of the website but change the overall design, layout and improve the user experience. The website is a [insert type of website e.g. blog, e-commerce, portfolio] and is built on [insert platform e.g. WordPress, Shopify]. I need a designer who is experienced with this platform and can make the necessary changes to the site. Here are the specific changes I want to make: A new, modern and responsive design that is mobile-friendly Improved navigation and...

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    Job Description: We are looking for a skilled freelance C# developer to enhance our standalone C#, WPF desktop application to enable automatic updates and implement security measures to prevent fake users from accessing the software. All legitimate users must be on our online CRM database. The developer will be responsible for creating a prototype allocation to prove the concept as a PoC and then will apply these changes to the actual project in question. The coding of the features and deploying the application on Azure is the responsibility of the developer. The scope of this (Phase 1) is limited to the PoC and based on the quality of delivered work this can be extended to actual enhancements and deployment. Responsibilities: > Develop and implement autom...

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    I am in need of someone to help me modify the user interface of an open source Firefox browser. Specifically, I need design modifications and the changes I have in mind require a major overhaul. I understand there is a significant amount of work involved to achieve my desired result, but with the right set of skills and expertise I believe this project can be completed. I already have a plan in place for the design modifications, so I am looking for someone who is able to take my visions and turn them into a functional product that meets my needs. In addition, I need the individual to have experience in web-based technologies such as HTML and CSS. The right person for this job ...

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    I am currently in need of a preservative, stabilizer, and emulsifier to be added to an existing recipe for an organic cleaning paste. It is important that this component is natural and only used as much as needed. The purpose of adding this component to the recipe is to increase shelf life and make the product less prone to separation. The end goal is to ensure that the recipe remains stable throughout its extended shelf-life, does not separate and dry up. In order to achieve this, a natural preservative, stabilizer, and emulsifiers should be added as needed to the recipe. This component should work to improve pH balance and make the recipe more effective and stable while on store shelves. I need assistance to determine an appropriate amount of ...

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    What I need is a very simple reserved area that has the following requirements and pages: 1 - Dashboard with a welcome message and number of active users 2 - User Management Page (Add, Edit, and List) with two roles (Admin and Technician) 3 - If it is an admin, they can manage users and activate registered users 4 - Content Management Page: Which can be of two types: Type 1 - Only the admin can create them, Type 2 - Any user can create the content. The content is composed of: Title and then upload of files (PDF, docx, image, and video) 5 - General note: Whenever a new document is inserted, an email is sent to all users notifying them that it has been inserted. 6 - The admin template that I will provide is a paid template in Tailwind. The co...

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    ...provide a similar service to InstaWP with a few slight changes. This is the sequences we'd love to implement: 1) Select an existing template (ready-made WordPress online project including theme, plugins, content, etc...) 2) Template can be either free or paid version 3) Visitors simply clicks "Deploy" and a new instance WordPress sandbox with the complete demo content (template) is deployed 4) If the visitors is happy with the solution, they can register a domain name and migrate to their own hosting plan STEP 4 - the migration (or any other way of doing it, perhaps point the domain to this) should be done seamlessly and without needing any technical skills. The visitors should simply click "Buy Domain" or "Migrate Now&qu...

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    Renderings of a skyscraper 6 gün left

    I am looking for someone to create a photorealistic rendering of a skyscraper. We already have the 3D model but it is relatively complex. We need to add all the furniture, lighting, people and surroundings. We need a final rendering at 8k minimum. We estimate the final 3D file to be about 30-40 million polygons. It is for a competition reason that the final renderings will have to come out within a short time after the final changes are made. If you don't have a very high-performance computer and GPU available you are better off using a tool like Felix Render. Delivery is for April 15, 2023. the temporary file will be delivered to you on April 4 and the final one on April 13.

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    I am looking for someone to fix an issue on the homepage of my WordPress website. I don't need any design changes, I just need someone to provide technical assistance to get the page back in order. I've already decided it's best to do this via Elementor, so I need someone who is experienced in working with this platform. The task I require assistance with is solely related to the homepage, and no other changes are needed. The site is and there is a gallery that has to be showing on the home page of all the photos on the gallery. For some reason it does not show up after i add photos to the gallery. If the person is able to fix this I will have a lot more work because I h...

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    I have Microsoft 365, but I have multiple email accounts and some are getting maxed out of storage for the provided 50 GB, but I need to keep email copies and attachments for records, struggling to figure out a way to set up a better email system for my small business.

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    I've a large csv i need to convert it into small cvs so that i can open easily. It's a few minutes work for Python Experts i guess.

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    ...experienced WordPress developer to debug a small WordPress plugin. The plugin adds to the WooCommerce product edit page a Featured Image URL entry field that can receive the URL of an image, uploads it to media library and applies that new image as the featured image. Then a second button when click deletes the featured from the product and clears the Feature Image URL input field. The plugin is already functional and both the adding and deleting of the featured image are working. The only issue we need solved is that sometimes we have to click twice on one or or both of the buttons for the effect to be applied. We would like help to have both buttons work and do the job on the first time they are clicked. Attached is the current version of the pl...

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    I'm having trouble with a server and I believe the problem is related to emails. I have already attempted some changes to the server configuration, but I haven't been able to fix the issue and I'm not sure what the exact problem is. I'm looking for someone to help troubleshoot this issue. If you have experience resolving server issues related to emails, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks in advance!

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    I am looking for a React native expert to make moderate changes to an existing app. I have an existing code base that the changes need to be built on, but the focus is on making sure that the app functions as expected, is updated with new style, and all bug fixes are addressed. I am looking for someone with experience and skill in React native, who can make these changes in a timely manner.

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    A tool to carry out the auto-download of PDF files from a webpage was developed. The webpage underwent changes and the tool is currently outdated. PDFs are now bundled with other data into .Zip folders and material is split into two modules inside a webpage. The task is to update the tool to auto-download data in this new webpage structure. Files of the original tool attached. No need to download all content, but only ensure easy reproduceability. More details can be shared upon availability of completing task.

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    ...medical office is in need of expert marketing help to reach our next level of growth. We need experienced professionals who are able to employ SEO optimization to attract new customers and take our online presence to the next level. We currently have an existing online presence, and we're looking for someone to help us further capitalize on that. Our goal is to increase our visibility and attract additional customers so that they become loyal to our brand. Through SEO optimization and other marketing tactics, we want to make sure that these new customers stick around and become a big part of our ongoing success. We understand that SEO optimization requires an understanding of countless complex algorithms and changes in the search engine landscape, and...

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone to help me with a small Azure project. The services I require are Infrastructure as a Service, and I'm only looking to require the help of one person. My budget is just $12, and it would be great to find someone to help me with this project. It's urgent, so please contact me right away if you're interested and able to assist me with this. Contact me for more details

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    I'm looking for a talented Flutter developer to customize my existing Android app source code. I already have the source code, so the job will entail making changes and customizations to existing code. This is estimated to be a small project of less than 100 hours. Seekers with a proven portfolio, excellent problem solving abilities, attention to detail and any prior experience customizing existing app source codes are encouraged to apply.

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    I need a large archive of PDFs of invoices and receipts for AI learning project. This archive must be in high resolution and image quality, with no edits or changes made. The PDFs should be archived in the PDF format. They should not be IMAGES in PDF format - but actual editable PDFs that are editable using Adobe Acrobat editor tool. This requirement is important since data must be stored in PDFs in text format (objects) so our AI system can process this data. Invoices / receipt archive should be wide variety of recent (1-5 years old) documents. These documents should be related to: hotel invoices, transportation invoices, service invoices, home goods, airline invoices, automotive invoices, tax documents. Ideally, we need PDFs that would be utiliz...

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    I have an existing excel file that was developed to download data from different websites and carry out company valuations. Due to changes in these websites, the existing VBA code does not work, and needs to be updated.

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    I am looking to hire somebody to conduct a feasibility study to determine if a small refinery is a viable option for me. The proposed refinery will be a mini-refinery, designed to process bitumen, Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO), and Vacuum Residue (VR). In addition to the feasibility study, I need the contractor to provide an estimation of the cost of this project. I have some preliminary information but I need somebody to provide me with a comprehensive understanding of what’s required to make this refinery a viable option. (Please note initial study and number are ready)

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    Lets have a chat about my project but u dont bid here if ur budget is high

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    Programming analog inputs from sensor data and digital outputs to drive low voltage motor fan and solenoid.

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    I am looking to have an IOT device created that is no bigger than a cellular phone. The primary purpose of this device will be for security purposes, so it needs to be secure and reliable. 4G, LTE and 5G cellular connectivity is required for the device for full GPS tracking, along with a battery capable of powering the device for up to 20 days. I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me create this device as soon as possible(in 2 -3 weeks may be). If you are experienced and have the skills to meet my specifications, please apply for this job. This should securely connect AWS IOT core MQTT broker. Need hardware, firmware and secure connect. IOT features needed: 1. Full detailed GPS tracking 2. Thermocouple connectivity with Internal and external...

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    ...target audience is a communications company with global ambitions, possibly located in a region seeking more international visibility, respect, and legitimacy (e.g., Qatar). The idea is that that company would buy the Message House property and all its assets (like the trademark, domains, etc) to elevate its international presence, and its success. Requirements: - Review the current script with time stamps and suggested visuals and texts provided (see attachment). - Please feel free to suggest changes or additions to the suggestions to improve them. - Improve the appearance of captions by using a larger, more attractive font. - Before investing significant time in creating visuals, please share the look and feel of proposed graphics for feedback and approva...

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    Would like to style some single pages in our wp project and the woocommerce shop.

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    I need some help with correcting an existing website's functionality. No content needs to be written, but I need the changes done within two days. If you are experienced in WordPress website design and can meet the deadline, then I would love to work with you on this project!

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    Hello, i want to change my theme and organize it, make some changes to it , on WordPress

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    I am looking for a freelancer to use unsupervised deep learning and AI to track zebrafish using 2D tracking from video data. There are a lot of challenges associated with tracking these fish, and I'm looking for someone with the necessary skills to develop a reliable tracking model, using methods such as image segmentation and object recognition. The ultimate goal is to have an accurate model that can detect, track, and classify different fish in real-time, even when they appear in groups. The model should be able to differentiate between fish, so that the fish can be identified and tracked throughout the duration of the video. Furthermore, the model should be able to detect and quantify any behavioural changes or motion evolutions in the fish. If po...

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    Laravel html Designer 6 gün left

    Looking for a Html designer with basic knowledge in. Laravel. Your task will be to fix html CSS issues in existing laravel projects. The tasks may be simple alignment, spanking, color fixing, icon changes, padding and so on. Your primary expertise should be good design sense. We would like to work long term with someone who understand what we are looking for. This will be an ongoing involvement as we have quite a few projects to work on. So I please bear the cost in mind

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    I need an experienced developer to help replace text on my website, which is built in Laravel. The current content language is HTML, but the changes need to be made via frontend editing rather than within the webapp code. Fortunately, I have the content ready and available for the replacement. If you have experience working with Laravel, please submit a bid and let me know how long you think it will take to complete this project. Thank you!

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    I need you to draw a changeroom in Revit 2023. The project deadline is strictly the 7th of April. I will provide the RVT file with template views and I will attach a sample of a similar project. You will need to allow for one revision as this will be sent to the client once and he will come back with some changes. APPLY FOR THE PROJECT ONLY IF... A) You are within budget B) You can start immediately C) You can meet the deadline D) You can provide samples of similar work with the same level of detail. (you can add a watermark if you want) E) You are able to report on a daily basis and discuss the progress. The following views are required for the project. - Floor Plan - External Elevations - 1 Section Vie...

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    we need to create an APK for android Frontend : Android studio + flutter Backend : PHP, mySQL, HTML,Js The customer is in front of a faulty part : this an easy app to collect the information on the Q1 label and store in the data base along with error (out of the error list) and eventual picture and remarks. enclosed example Q1 AELE...this Qr is stuck on the faulty parts and changes for every single investigated part STEP1) A) New quality issue--> click new reading -->scan Qr (example Q1 AELE...This Qr is stuck on the faulty parts and changes for every single investigated part) --> select the error type from the list--> add eventual picture and/orremarks--> transfer to MySQL B) reading ---> retrieve from MySQL the already existing ca...

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    We have an instance of a Magento 2 store installed and running. We need a programmer to make small changes, address occasional flaws or unexpected outputs of routine commands. We also need to install some M2 extensions per demand. In brief, we need a companion to follow us along the way and fill our gaps with programming skills.

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    Job Description: We are seeking a skilled WordPress Website Theme Developer to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for creating and customizing WordPress themes to enhance the functionality and appearance of our clients' websites which is Responsibilities: Develop, customize, and maintain WordPress themes Collaborate with clients and team members to understand project requirements Implement designs and functionality using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP Troubleshoot issues and bugs related to WordPress themes Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in WordPress development Ensure that all WordPress themes are mobile-responsive, user-friendly, and meet W3C standards Optimize website performance by implementing best practices in

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    i need a Shopify developer to do changes to our website.

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    i got a Python script which needs little fixes since the website it's working on changed their UI. i d provide u with the script so u can make the required changes for it to work with their current UI and u should then send it back to me. this will only take a few minutes to sort. u ll need advanced python skills.

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    Hi, I want some minor changes to WordPress website.

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    changes to theme -- 2 6 gün left

    more details will be on chat start with changes

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    I need to make changes to the theme of my website. everything is in the centre of the page to make room for widgets and i dont want any so i want that removing so it doesnt make the site look empty

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