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    Hello! We need 3D assets for our mobile app, which is made in Unity. We want realistic-looking assets (not cartoony or stylized). Also, the models must perform well on mobile. So basically, we want you to find the compromise between the assets looking as good as possible and the functionality of the app (no lagging due to too high poly count). We need 3D models of: - Billiards table (1 model of pool table, but with 6 different cloth colors) - 5 pool cues (1 model, but with 5 different skins/texturing) - 18 pool balls (15 with numbers 1 to 15 and 3 variations of white ball) We will provide: 1. Photos of how the assets should look like, color samples, etc 2. Very detailed measurements for all assets We will give you exact measurements for all assets down to the las...

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    Just bring every type of work of design you want me to work on,company ,logo,house,cloth,banner ,e.t.c ,and will give you the best

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    Interior Design 2 gün left

    Looking for Proffessional interior designer for small men’s beach wear cloth shop, so ideally looking for beach wear theme with royal look concepts in budget friendly work .Below given Measurement 3.14 m (314 cm, 10′ 4″) height Measurement 4.11 m (411 cm, 13′ 6″) length Measurement 2.38 m (238 cm, 7′ 10″) width It’s empty shop with front shutter & when we lift shutter door we have black aluminium partition with sliding door

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    TL;DR: Need people to run food demos at grocery stores Hi! Ruffled Apron Foods is xlooking to hire multiple freelancers/contract employees that are upbeat, personable, and interested in hosting demo's at Whole Foods locations. Ruffled Apron Foods specializes in frozen almond nut pie crusts, pies, and quiches. Get ready to engage with the customers because everyone loves our pies! Why are our pies different? We make all our pies in our Signature Almond Nut Pie Crust which only uses 5 ingredients! They are gluten free, all natural, and ready to thaw & eat. Locations: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas. Typical Shifts are 4 hours. 10-2pm or 3-7pm. Need to be open most Fridays and Saturday's during October, November and fir...

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    need a female for designing a product design for our upcoming project related to healthcare, need someone who has knowledge if aesthetics, women clothing, and cloth materials

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    Need brand name for my cloth brand

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    I need a very nice web designer who can build me a website for my business, I deal on all kind of cloth,bags and shows, I hope he or she can run ads too,i will be Happy to family own a website

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    ...workouts. The second option, buying cloth. The cloth will grant the character's stats, they can buy it with money. They can get that money if they work with their character. The workouts and jobs, won't have any interaction, they will be only X time that they won't be able to do anything else only wait until they finish the workout/job. Each player can join or create a team. Each team will be in a different league and level. Every 3 days, the team plays a match, the match will be simulated, with no interaction, but I want a similar simulation to this () at the end of the season, some teams will rank up and other will stay and the rest will down division. More discuss in private. I don't want bot replies, so in your

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    I want to build a website for my cloth rental platform business. What I want you to include in the website are: - User account registration and login - Selection of location and dates - Selection of clothes - Simple filtering option of clothes - Confirmation of order - Sending confirmation email with invoices What's out of the project scope: - Building databases(I build PostgreSQL databases by myself) - Integration to the payment system(I will do it by myself) Deliverable: - Files including html, css, javascript and Python, all containerized using Docker. I have a design of the website in pdf, with which you will build a website. The design is rather minimalistic and simple UI. Focus is more on building the system with which...

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    We are a cloth selling business. We will soon be approaching the festive season and we need advertising content for our cloth business. We sell all types of clothes ranging from kids to the elderly. we have all sizes and all types. We need articles that will help us tap our potential CUSTOMERS of all ages at this coming FESTIVE season. Payment is 3 dollars for 500 words. For higher quality work, I will be hiring several writers, esp NEWBIES because am low on budget..., I WILL ALSO NEED SAMPLES -JUST TWO- for me to ascertain the level of quality before I hire you.

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    I am submitting this project for my grandfather KEN COCKRAM, who has lived an extraordinary and fascinating life. Born in 1929 in Liverpool, he saw much of the devastation of the Nazi Blitzkrieg on Liverpool, and overcoming a childhood illness which resulted in him losing his hair, I fondly remember him telling me the doctor prescribed him a pint of Guinness a day (for the iron content), of which his father had half, still his hair did grow back and to this day he still has a full head of hair. During his education at ALSOP high school, he excelled in his classes and was one of the few students to be offered further education, to which he jumped on the opportunity, expanding his knowledge of the broader world, and understanding of how it works. Upon leaving school he joined ...

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    ...wide, text graphic design for a high quality/high resolution (higher than 300 pixels per inch) printed cloth. It will be 99 percent text, that can be various in size and is eye catching. All of the text is bible based. We will provide all of the text. We need for the designer to creatively choose the fonts and placement of the text that makes the words pop off the page. The project is complete. We want the rights and the complete source file. We will also request color variations to your design. Due to the nature of the project, multiple revisions will be necessary and is dependent upon team feedback on your design. The attached picture is for inspirational purposes only. Replicated designs will not be approved. We are NOT looking for you to replicate...

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    online store for selling cloths

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    ...weapon model for mount and blade bannerlord, I dont know a lot about modding in bannerlord, but its for a suit of armour and a weapon with two different textures for each item, the armour and weapon are inspired from peter pevensie's armour and sword from the narnia films, the armour pieces need to be separate, so it would be 1 helm, 1 armour (chest and legs), 1 set of gauntlets and one set of sabotons. Then there is the sword, 1 model with just the sword, another just the scabbard, and then one with the sword inside the scabbard, I would also like one set of armour in the original texture, and another with a different color scheme (silver cloth with a red lion, same colours for the plate armour, and silver pommel on the sword instead of gold) i w...

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    Project requires designing a designer handbag. Size: 28 cm width bag Leather exterior Cloth interior Need a designer familiar with materials and fashion

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    This package will contain: -1 main 3D human model, revisions only for texture -15 different 3D *headgear* models -10 different 3D *beard* models -10 different 3D *cloth* models -10 different 3D *jewellery* models -5 different colored *eyes* -Infinite revisions on pieces -All renders are going to be in 2K quality; all renders can be in .png format fittingly with each other or they can be integrated in one image with different combinations due to selection of the Client. -Package updates will be loaded every 2 days.

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    PROJECT BRIEF August 22, 2022 JCJ Website Changes 2.0 CLIENT: Julie Cristello GOALS & OBJECTIVES To update and vastly improve functionality & sales of my Shopify website, www.juliecristellojewelry.com. PROJECT OVERVIEW OVERALL I make hand-crafted artisan jewelry with gold, silver, carved ebony and stones. My web site, is simple, but there are many errors, and I’d like to make it even easier for people to find it and come back to it, starting with a bit of correction and redesign. — DETAILS HEADER & FOOTER Header: Navigation Keep main categories under Jewelry (All, Necklaces, etc.) but delete the sub-sub-items under Necklaces (ie: Gold, Silver, etc.). Delete sub-items under About. Link About directly to JCJ About

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    ...cleaning product that removes red wine and other bad stains from a large variety of materials and surfaces. For example, removes red wine from carpet, clothing such as white shirts, concrete and more. I envision the video being a business man in a long sleeve button up white shirt pouring red wine into a glass. He is standing on carpet. He drops his wine glass accidentally and it splashes red wine on his shirt and pours onto the carpet as the glass lands on carpet. He sprays Wine Buster onto the carpet and rubs it clean with his fingers until stain disappears quickly, then rinse out with a cloth and carpet looks new. Then he sprays his white shirt with a red stain with Wine Buster on that spot, rubs shirt around for a few minutes and stain goes away. You can see our produc...

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    I need the following assets created and ready to plug into my current game project. It should include everything needed to just import in we can do the code to get it into the game. All these pieces think before the Medieval period. We need a 2d representation for the icon. You must submit all items listed! It must be original artwork. Anything less will be rejected. Assets should be High poly. This is for a 3rd person MMORPG. The final project files need to be FBX models so they can be imported into Unreal Engine. This is for a demo game not a game for money or distribution. It is only for a demo to show how the game may look and work. We will make video's using these assets to raise funds. Anvil (should look vary basic just Stone and metal) Leather work...

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    hi, I am looking for a graphic designer to make a banner for my designer cloth shop

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    looking for someone who can work on the cloth simulation of 3D animated characters.

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    I'd like to hire a 3D Character artist to sculpt a bear in Zbrush or blender. I have the concept sketch with me. I don't need re-topo or UV unwrap or texture maps. It is a simple bear! no need for cloth or detailed accessories! I only need the high poly sculpt done. More details over chat. Please send your previous works. So, I could find the correct artist. Thank you!

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    cloth brand Bitti left

    Hi Guys! I need someone to who can do branding for my cloth brand. I need name, logo, etc.. It will be ladies garment (silk dresses, silk suites, etc..) I want my brand to be simple in design but high-end. Please be creative, but use max three colors.

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    Want someone to make API for unity and can set the cloth model on unity Mars body simulation. Cloths move as we move and as to stay on human in using phone camera. For further enquiry, drop me a message. After job offer and perks can be added depending on work with salary discussion.

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    Data entry Bitti left

    My project is that we should not west a cloth which one is rejected we should use them isliya

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    Looking for a designer who can design a 1.5ft long x 5ft wide graphic for a high quality/high resolution (higher than 300 pixels per inch) printed cloth. It will be 99 percent text, that is various in size and is eye catching. All of the text is bible based. We will provide all of the text. We would need for the designer to creatively choose the fonts that make the words pop off the page. The project is complete. We want the rights and the complete source file. We will also request color variations to your design. The attached picture is for inspiration purposes only. We are NOT looking to create an identical design.

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    Hello, We are opening a new cloth brand and we need someone that can help us with creating a brand for this new startup and also the marketing. I will be glad if experts that knows what they are doing should reply so we can talk better. Thanks

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    I have designed this table cloth, but I would like the geometric shape portion to be recreated to be used for similar designs.

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    Hello, I'm starting a new website and need a logo created either by hand or software, the final format needs to be JPG or JPEG. This Logo will be for a WordPress website so I also need the artwork to be created in different picture sizes for different sections on the website(attached are the pictures of optimal image sizes I would like, let me know if this is possible---I might need a recommendation for the optimal image size). Thumbnail size (150 x 150 pixels) Medium size (maximum 300 x 300 pixels) Large size (maximum 1024 x 1024 pixels) Full size (the original size of the uploaded image) Basic Logo Design: Attached is the rough draft of the design on paper, which is two rolls of cloth standing snugly vertically beside e...

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    I need designer for brand logo, Business card and letter head

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    ...character has a V-Neck dress. The V of the dress must be broadened to create a more exaggerated inner cleavage. Simultaneously the outside edges of the top half of the dress must be narrowed to make the dress coverage thinner. 2. The character's dress must be made thinner in the area around the chest. 3. The portion of the dress in front of the character's thighs must have vertexes repaired and the cloth must be shortened slightly. 4. The bottom curtail of the character's dress must be altered to appear more swept back. 5. The bottom curtail of the character's dress must be adjusted to more prominently feature the character's left leg and upper thigh. A full rendering of the character without the aforementioned vertex damage can be found here:

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    You will need to sign the NDA/IP first. I work in the Medical industry, and I would love to start building my fashion empire. This will be the first of many projects, but first things first, I want to work with a fashion designer who will be able to help me turn my sketches into a reality. - I will need a prototype first. I have a few sketches which I can showcase. - Material and stitching is very important as the clothes will be luxury, yet comfortable. If you have any material ideas, I'm open to suggestions. - Women's cloth line for all body types. - I envision my clothing line to expand online.

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    Hi Miguel C., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. To start with, my priority is to get an embrodiery design - 3 or 4 themes. For embrodiery: I have a Melco 16X and together with my fiancee we have a children cloth store in Austian Alps. We also have 2 small kids and believe we know what children and their parents want. Looking forward to your response, Christoph

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    I bought a character from daz 3d. since I am a bit new to daz3d I need someone to do the cloth simulation(Cape) for the character for me for Unreal engine(I expect ue asset). I will upload the character and the cape I need .I can but the cape and provide it

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    Hi Oleksandr S., fabric stencil layout

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    Trophy icon Logo/brand design Bitti left

    I have a bundle of products that I want to incorporate into a Brand so I need a logo and retail package design concepts. I'm thinking of the tiffany jewellery colour blue with white in italics but open to ideas - you are the expert. The bundle of products: - Blister card header 17.5 x 10cm - logo design - recycled brown paper product wrap that can go around each of my product with product information Brand Name is Dream House and the products will include Products are - bath pillow - shelf liner - table cloth clips - door/window draft stop - rug hold for under rug to stop it from moving

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    1. Need IOS and And Android model. 2. Scheduling of cloth pick up, entering qty by items and making payment for customers 3. Order picking and payment receiving for Delivery-boys. Can accept, reject , modify orders. 4. Order receiving and confirmation by factory from delivery boys. 5. Confirm of job completion to delivery boys for pick up from factory. 5. Scheduling and rescheduling of delivery to customers by delivery boys. 6. Shortest route selection for pick up and delivery 7. Payments 8. Salary incentive calculation for Delivery boys 9. Payment status from customers to Delivery boys. 10. Payment status from Del Boy to factory. 11. OTP based payment confirmation for cash payment. 12. Integrated non cash payments 13. WhatsApp message integration. 14. Accepting of conditi...

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    We are looking for silhouette-inspired superhero and anime theme illustrations/designs for posters. Our poster designs are printed on black cloth through screen printing. The ink looks white in the day and glow green/blue at night.

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    We are looking for silhouette-inspired superhero and anime theme illustrations/designs for posters. Our poster designs are printed on black cloth through screen printing. The ink looks white in the day and glow green/blue at night.

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    Hi , we have a small entrance we would like to make it fresh decorate it and put some cloth hanger maybe and mirror and shoes closed that we have Please post your ideas here on this contest , if possible give us a link where to buy the items Please notice that upon thin project there are other room once we select the winner we will make an agreement for the other rooms Please note that we don’t want wall papers

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    I need a comedy writer to improve the comic aspects of my show. I've performed this show several times in different iterations. I have scripts and video a writer can work off of, plus would like to discuss at some length as well. Some background in Judaism, garden of Eden, Lilith would be helpful "From the only man of the cloth to play Adam in Eden, the show unpacks and overturns the usual religious nonsense and provides a unique view on how to fit the square peg of God into the black hole of the universe."

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    I'm with an ad agency handling a client request. We need a large brain made, about 36" x 36" that can be worn on the head. Also need a cloth made helmet that could be put on top of the brain. We have no drawings but are looking for a vendor that can meet a Sept. 1 deadline. Thanks so much.

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    Cloth Designer Bitti left

    i want to design the clothes . Details will be discussed.

    €7 - €57
    €7 - €57
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    Hi freelancers, p...freelancers, please read my requirement in detail. Please don't bid without reading the full description. We are a women cloth store, selling sarees through Facebook live. We are getting 250-300 viewers everyday on our live. We are running Facebook Ads, but we are not getting more viewers. We need an expert, who can setup our Facebook ad to get more viewers. Your job is to setup our required ad campions and guide me about the campion and the audience. I will explain my account details, and work details, then you need to filter my mistakes and setup a best campion. If you are selected, then you need to work on TeamViewer to setup the campion. Freshers please don't bid. I want someone having minimum 2 years experie...

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    I need a creative logo for a brand cloth, in BW

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    Trophy icon Design for a micro fiber cloth Bitti left

    ...abstract design that we can print onto a microfiber cloth for our customers. It needs to include equilateral lines and shapes (please reference our product range ) and can only to include up to 7 colours. NO CIRCLES OR CURVES Please see some examples attached to get ideas flowing. Please note these are just examples and we want you to take create freedom on the design! Our hero 3 colours that MUST be included are: Cyan: #08aeef Megenta: #ed0d8e Yellow: #fef203 Feel free to also include the following colours as well: ORANGE: #FF7F00 GREEN: #00FF00 INDIGO: #4B0082 VIOLET: #9400D3 DARK BLUE: #0000FF DO NOT INCLUDE ANY COLOURS OUTSIDE OF THE ABOVE HEX CODES. Please include the attached ALL WHITE LOGO onto the design. The size of the design sh...

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    Hey awesome 3d cloth designers, Please check the attached images and let me know if you can model this in 3d. Desired output format would be, obj, fbx, Maya, max, marvelous designer. Let me know if you can model this and share your portfolios along with the quotes. Thank you!

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    I need a talented Freelancer to take my drawings and create a design and tech pack for a producer to create a prototype cloth line, leggings and sports bra / tops. The drawings and fabric choice per garment will be uploaded to the files section of the project for the Freelancer who wins the project. Do not hesitate to send me with any questions you may have. Two follow-up projects connected to this one will be that of 1. creating a logo and 2. a webshop - these are future projects that will be executed after this one. Possible design follow-up projects will relate to accessories: shoes, bags, water bottles. To be awarded the project, I would like you to present a timeline and suggested process to reach a successful deliverable in time and wit...

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    I need 4 sided brochure, banners of multiple sizes, a poster and a pamphlet all in Hindi. The content will be provided and all details will be discussed. All the dimensions and requirements will be provided.

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    Trophy icon making puppet Bitti left

    I am looking for someone to make a puppet I need it to be a monkey-type "Macaca". his face shall be near to Indian people. he is a funny guy also need to have hands finger and leges easy to use in Adobe Character animator. I have attached Macaca's picture. the puppet must support feature like parallax,head movement,hair ,cloth , physics,walk & mouth sync.

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