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    7,561 ibm universe iş bulundu, ücretlendirmeleri EUR analizinde yardımcı olurum. Uzmanlık Alanlarım Tanımlayıcı İstatistikler, Varyans Analizi, Regresyon Analizi, Durağanlık ve Nedensellik Analizleri, Çok Değişkenli İstatistiksel Çözümleme, Doğrusal Programlama, Kalite Kontrol, Zaman Serileri Analizi, Görsel Veri Madenciliği, Biyoistatistik, Veri Madenciliği, Big Data, Uygulamalı İstatistik, Çoklu Doğrusal Modelleme v.s Kullanılan Programlar IBM Spss - R Studio - Minitab - Excel - Eviews- Stata (Profesyonel Seviye) - NLOGIT(Çoklu Regresyon Analizleri İçin) Yapılacak projeler istenilen biçimde sıralı bir şekilde ayrıntılı açıklamalarla yazılır ise daha hızlı iletişim kurulabilir. Verilerin programlara aktarılması ile ilgili olarak mesela SPSS'e anket veri ...

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    En uygun tablo ve açıklayıcı yorumlarla SPSS analizi yapılır.

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    I have written a short story in the Matrix universe and would like someone to edit it so it flows better. I’ll need to email the script to you so hopefully they allow me to put my email somewhere

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    Phase 4 of IBM marketing work.

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    I want to commission a drawing of the Greek God Atlas. Instead of the him holding a traditional earth, i want him to be holding a spherical Universe. Inside the Universe I want colorful galaxies and nebulae sprinkled throughout the void in between the stars. And a singular purple star inside the spehere as well . At Atlas' side I want three angels with their hands on him . Two female and one male. And i want inscriptions in Latin underneath them. The words "Vi" and Pax underneath the females respectively. And the word Sapientia underneath the male. Atlas and the angels should have brown skin and Atlas should have his head up so you can see his eyes..but his eyes should be blank

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    Trophy icon Logo for Mr. Anarchy Studios Bitti left

    Mr. Anarchy Studios is a Comedy Horror/SciFi multimedia production studio based on the original creation character of Mr. Anarchy. This studio is currently working to produce movies, music, social media entertainment, along with other material centered on the Mr. Anarchy universe. The main character is a post apocalyptic spirituality warrior magician who kills anyone who gets in his way, searching his part of the world in support of a personal task to find the answer to his issue. A chaotic good A logo that is sinister yet vigilante, bold with good and evil. Mad Max style mixed with V For Vendetta and House of a 1,000 Corpses. The character has no set color scheme, its always 3 different colors, a unique clown doll, colorful bow tie and rainbow suspenders are consistent as well the...

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    Apache Pulsar on IBM Cloud 5 gün left

    About the project: Explore the setup and configuration of a secure and highly available instance of Apache Pulsar () on IBM Cloud (). The overarching goal is to enable clients to build enterprise cloud applications using Pulsar. Goals: 1. Start simple: Install and configure Apache Pulsar on IBM Cloud using a helm chart () [access will be provided to the IKS cluster ()], and using Red Hat operator [access will be provided to the Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud cluster()]. Test with a simple producer/consumer. 2. Add message options: Configure message compression, batching, deduplication, etc. Test with a simple producer/consumer

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    ...campaigns. I need a native english speaker, responsive and driven. Someone with great experince and who's ready to grow with my company. BACKGROUND: Wongleer is a Business Networking Platform that finds clients and business for small and medium-sized companies, through an AI-driven business matchmaking algorithm that facilitates a re-invented business ecosystem where you connect with a new universe of customers and suppliers, fast, easy, and affordable. The problems that Wongleer solves: 1. Social networking platforms take hours of work or sophisticated marketers to generate genuine business opportunities. 2. Qualified lead generation continues to be a gap in companies of every size, but mos...

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    ... Goal: • Develop ansible collection to automate the day-2 operations for the VPC resources (ref: ) such as – Start/Stop/Restart VSI & Bare metal, Health check, SSH, Backup/recovery, Snapshots, Block Storage, File storage, Autoscale, Encryption, and Key rotation. • Develop ansible collection to manage composite VPC solutions (in the VPC tutorials), such as – managing a bastion, installing software, setup team-based privacy, manage secure access to an on-prem environment. Out-of-scope: • Ansible collection to automation day-1 (or lifecycle) operations on the VPC resources & operations – such as provisioning, configuring, deprovisioning, etc. Skills required: Ansible, Python, IBM Cloud SDK for VPC

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    This project involves communicating with a secure back-end server utilizing IBM MQ from w Windows environment. A communication module must be developed in C# to implement the IBM MQ framework and send/receive data to/from the existing back-end server. There are various permissions and certificates involved and the candidate must be familiar with navigating these challenges.

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    I need to create a program that extrapolate (table) names on a ibm zSeries mainframe within a particular “program-IDs.” It is possible that the program-IDs name may have more than one table name associate with the program. The python program must identify the program-ID and the tables via a python’s conditional statement. See graph below.

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    Ancient Hero Bitti left

    Need to create fictional character cartoon series with comics and animated web series Kuber - The Northern Star We want to create a Fictional Character Kuber - The Northern Star. Who is an ultimate inspiration and motivation for wealth seeking people. He is born as an ordinary tribal, later revered as Demi-God and known as Treasurer of Wealth in Universe. He is the only God on earth who is revered by people across the earth, following different religious faiths and beliefs. He is most respected God on earth and is believed to be most easily pleased by anyone. Hence people not only financial distress but also in other life challenging situations call him for help. And he is so prompt in his response that he comes in any form, or without any form. But he remains close to his devote...

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    I am doing an RPG campaing and would like an animatation. Should be not more than 15 second and its theme is the begging of the universe. At first there were nothingness, with that, the concept of nothing was born. And so, for the nothing exist, should also the concept of union of both forged the stars, planets and life it self

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    Ldap confirguartions on ibm storage and brocade switch

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    Lütfen detayları görmek için Kaydolun ya da Giriş Yapın.

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    Will require a strong knowledge of application monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, automation, maintenance, and system & service reliability improvements. Responsibilities Design, automate and manage a highly available and scalable cloud deployment that allows development teams to deploy and run their services. Extensively automated deployments and managed applications on AWS/Azure/IBM platforms. Work closely with Engineering and Architecture teams to develop systems that focus on scalability, high-performance and security. Build end-to-end documentation to ensure visibility and resiliency throughout the system. Qualifications Have 2-4 years of experience designing, deploying and operating mid to large scale cloud environments. Experience in managing production system, o...

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    About the project: Instrument Tekton Pipelines code to allow for distributed tracing of Tekton Tasks and Pipelines. Tracing shall allow to break down the execution time to identify the time in the various activities that compose a Tekton pipeline run, such as reconciling logic, fetching Tekton resources, pulling images, scheduling of Pods, running initContainers, the Tekton Community. The feature design shall be contributed as a TEP and the implementation shall be contributed to Deliverables: - Feature design in the form of a TEP - Feature implementation in tektoncd/pipeline - Demo of distributed tracing of a Tekton Pipeline with Tekton and Jaeger running on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS)

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    Write a script that pulls statistical information that a printer keeps about itself, like Printed Count, Home Error Count, Number of Cuts. Script can be communicate directly to printer or use JPOS drivers. Script must support USB and COM interfaces, detection should be automatic. Preferably be written in Python or C++, but can be delivered as Java application. Executable script and source code must be provided. Handover session and documented code must be provided with delivery. Potential for many other projects on successful delivery. NDA must be signed.

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    IBM SPSS tool knowledged person required

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    Ailemao Racers Bitti left

    I need a story writer for an fantasy universe for a game

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    ...Nature’s Bounty of the plant kingdom, called the Garden Of Eden Helix is surfing the universe using MiAnti (earth Goddess) for all the their nutrition to stop their time clock, and travel back to the future to the land of eternal youth (TÌR NÁ NÒG) the spiralling stairway determines who they are as the most unique being that resembles no other. The pentagon spaceship (AETHER) at the top represents space shop and space travel (5th Dimension Element) There are 5 vertices in the pentagon which have 5 spheres representing the ovum, womb containing the embryo, and the embryonic fluid. Each of the other 4 spheres individually represents, the Roseflower, the Heart, the X, & XY chromosome, the Dodeccahedron.(Universe) All these 5 spheres are withi...

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    Having issues booting an IBM pseries 7028-6c1 machine. Not booting past the loading screen.

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    I need a highly skilled C++ programmer who has background using IBM Rational Rhapsody for system modelling. I have a model to build, but require assistance with building the code of the feature algorithm.

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    Hello, I am indeed looking for a person with work to realize a 2d animation scene of about 20sc in a personal project in the universe of the game "Dofus" Having discovered your service, I don't really know how the communication works, but I will be happy to cooperate and detail the project and the purpose of the realization. The scene is quite ambitious for me and technical, I would like the scene to feature a scary character in a very pyrotechnical atmosphere, with other characters who are scared. The scene concerns several characters, one of which is very detailed, and I will of course provide all the concepts if we have the opportunity to exchange again. If you're interested, here's a doc link to the script to get an overview of the project:

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    ...que fabricantes, distribuidores y restaurantes pueden consultar que está sucediendo en el sector HORECA a un alto nivel de detalle. Nuestros clientes son empresas líderes en la fabricación y distribución HORECA a nivel mundial. La empresa ha sido premiada en varias ocasiones por su innovación con galardones como el premio PascualStartup a la mejor startup de Retail del 2017, premio otorgado por IBM, Telefónica y Pascual. Actualmente, la empresa tiene en producción su principal producto: un potente e innovador SaaS que mediante técnicas de Big Data es capaz de realizar estudios de mercado y comerciales interactivos a un gran alto nivel de detalle, para los players de toda la cadena de valor HORECA (fabricantes, distribuidor...

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    I need someone who can help conect and develop powerBi to an IBM iSeries server

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    Position: Block Chain Developers Experience: 4 – 8 Yrs Period of Engagement: 3 – 4 Months Job Profile: • 4-8 years of experience as an Application developer using NodeJS / AngularJS / Typescript /Advanced Java developer/Spring Boot JOB PROFILE ( C2H f...docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, Contenarization technology • Experience in writing smart contracts for large scale blockchain solutions • Experience with DevOps practices and tools, Git, Jenkins, Sprint Planning, and Industry knowledge. • Working experience in SQL databases (Postgres, Oracle, DB2, MySQL). • Experience in application development using IBM Cloud/AWS/GCP/Azure. • Experience in Unix/Linux shell scripting. &...

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    Trophy icon Game Icons Design Bitti left

    I have a puzzle game. I need original and HD icons for it. The icons shouldn't be like other famous games, they should be original and unique. I am open to new ideas. I like "the universe theme", or 'Fruits" or anything cute and creative. It is up to you. I will choose my favorite and work with you. You can see the type of game in the attachments. So you can understand what kind, size and quantity of icons I need for the game.

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    DB2 Import Bitti left

    We need to import a DB2 database from the output supplied to us by IBM.

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    it is 2 year UK based (Remote work) contract to maintain/Develop COBOL application on IBM Mainframe. Interested candidates from PAKISTAN only, [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    ...templates, IBM Cloud Schematics Service, IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud CLI, and IBM Kubernetes Service How to get it done: Create terraform templates, create a workspace in the IBM Cloud Schematics and be able to deploy a Node-Red application on IKS (free cluster on IBM Cloud) You can use the following repo with an older version of the code, update it to make it compatible with the latest version, and add or update the functionality to the code on the repo. Deliverables: Write a tutorial to accomplish the following: • Create a GitHub repo with Terraform templates (or use the one provided above) and deploy a simple hello world Node-Red application in IBM Kubernetes Services (IKS, ROKS, etc.) • Create IBM Cloud Schematic

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    Automated task to create, manage et delete Virtual machines Automate task manage use and user credentials Automate servers updates Automate deployment (application and configuration) Others automation task availlable. Very full configuration Notes: High celerity environment

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    Store Audit Bitti left

    ...portfolio along with all other competitive beverages on the islands. The audit must cover our store two major Categories: (1) Rum and (2) Wine. The audit must be conducted in the following trade channels: a. Gift shops (hotels, airport, and other standalone gift shops) b. Supermarkets The audit must cover the following: 1. Accounting of the universe of accounts in the two trade channels. 2. The coverage of both our rum and wine relative to the universe of accounts. 3. Prices of our Portfolio in a sample of at least 20 accounts (gift shops) along with prices of all other competitive brands/skus in at least 20 accounts. 4. Measurement of space at shelf for our portfolio as well as other competitive brands (Share of Shelf – management) 5. Merchandising (Point of ...

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    Actualmente estoy trabajando en varios proyectos, necesito ayuda para desarrollar un nuevo sistema que antes funcionaba por separado, hay tres instituciones que tienen diferentes bases de datos, lo que quiero es que todas estas bases de datos sean una sola, y así tener más control sobre los datos dentro Por supuesto, la información confidencial, como las contraseñas, debe datos sean una sola, y así tener más control sobre los datos dentro Por supuesto, la información confidencial, como las contraseñas, debe cifrarse al almacenarla. Cabe señalar que también será necesaria la creación de una API que permita la consulta a través de un identificador para el usuario. Las tecnologías n...

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    Make Instagram Reels for Miss Universe Japan Account. Instagram: Your job will be to make instagram reels using video materials provided to you. Edit and retouch the video materials to be in the trends, popular style and as well as any creative viral formats. Reels format: usually less than 10 seconds Trends Accounts with desirable Reels Contents

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    ...application was written using Java Servlets and JSP on WebSphere Application Server and an Oracle database. The primary drivers for the migration are to address repeated recent performance issues at peak load times. While the portal itself will be migrated to the cloud, it must maintain its integration with core services that will continue to be hosted on-premises, specifically billing (via IBM message queue), payments (via Java RMI), and the rewards platform (via SOAP). FTP is also used to exchange files between systems on a weekly basis for reporting purposes. Solution shall incorporate the following concerns: • Effective distribution of load and a self-healing infrastructure that recovers from failure and ability to accommodate increases of traffic load • D...

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    I am a Twitch streamer and am creating a fictional universe to display on stream (OBS Backgrounds). I require an artist to create a futuristic cityscape that includes specific details/art I can provide for the Neon lights/advert boards). City Details: - Animated Billboards - Custom Neon Lights (I have building names lined up) - One core dominate and towering building that is bigger than everything else (this will be my HQ) - Bridges - Moving trains/cars? - Lightning in sky? - Rain? Art Style Details: Art Style: Neon Noir, Cyberpunk, Synthwave, Realism, Retro Future Dominant Colour Scheme: Green Size: 1920 x 1080 Animation: Looping (rain, neon lights and advertisement boards that rotate maybe 1 minute - 2 minutes long) I will only consider artists that have a portfolio/example ...

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    I need a comedy writer to improve the comic aspects of my show. I've performed this show several times in different iterations. I have scripts and video a writer can work off of, plus would like to discuss at some length as well. Some background in Judaism, garden of Eden, Lilith would be helpful "From the only man of the cloth to play Adam in Eden, the show unpacks and overturns the usu...different iterations. I have scripts and video a writer can work off of, plus would like to discuss at some length as well. Some background in Judaism, garden of Eden, Lilith would be helpful "From the only man of the cloth to play Adam in Eden, the show unpacks and overturns the usual religious nonsense and provides a unique view on how to fit the square peg of God into the black hole...

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    SO I have a hardware project currently in the development and testing phase. So to manage that hardware I need a PLatform super easy to use and implement. Watson IoT seems to be a good platform for my need. Like to know if somebody can give me a clearer picture of it and suggest different products as well.

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    I am looking to hire someone to help me with the early stages of my YouTube channel. It is going to be simple VLOG type where I am simply sitting in front of my computer talking about different topics such Astrology, Theology etc. I would like whoever I hire to show me what is the best Software to use where I can incorporate pulling up different references such as Pictures of the universe from different Websites and short video clips to talk about during my Video's. I'm not that great with Computers but I have a new Desktop so I have all the right equipment. Just need to learn how to start making and editing videos. I already have my Youtube account

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    Your job is to create a formal technical report that compares and contrast the functionality and security of each of the following devices. Finally make a recommendation. Eva – by voicera Watson Assistant by IBM Google Assistant

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    Desarrollador que conozca la herramienta Bpm designer y tenga conocimientos en JavaScript

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    ...standards so they can understand their risks and access tools and templates to help uplift their security posture. Our clients Our clients are businesses ranging from small businesses through to large professional consulting firms. Our brand Our brand is professional. we use plain language wherever possible as our subject matter can be quite complex. Our brand colors for our platform are based on the IBM carbon design system. Our company brand colours and fonts for our website are slightly different and will be provided as part of any engagement. Project overview We are upgrading the reports that are produced as part of the features we provide in our platform. As part of the upgrade we will be inserting icons in the reports to represent each of the practice areas we assess ...

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    ...phase we would like to work closely with the developer to not only make the prototype, but also that we may assess how realistic our plans for the game are in accordance to performance. Marginal Error Gameplay: Marginal Error is a web-based multiplayer game with a top-down view of the universe, with each player either being the ruler of their own empire, or in charge of a section of someone else's empire. While it is multiplayer, the game would take place over the course of a couple weeks. This universe would also be very habitable, with your empire having control of millions of planets at a time, and by extension, millions of warships. The goal of the game is to manage diplomacy, resources and warfare to conquer the galaxy. Galactic empires are bureaucratic...

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    ...publishing arms of books and magazines. We need a long term relationship with a designer with skills within InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and if also in HTML and Motion Graphics - whau :-) We have a strict design line, but want a creative person who can bring our identity to paper - understanding the industry we approach. The design line we look for is masculine, nordic inspired, more apple than IBM and with a simple form factor. The books we will publish are all the same format, but after setting up the first book, our freelancer should be able to setup the book design according to requirements. The magazine we will do is not published monthly, and is more of a number of thematic magazines in multiple languages. You must be able to communicate fluent in English (both wri...

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    We have a song and a video should be prepared in harmony with the lyrics of this song. For example, when the song says we are going to space, like an astronaut flying into space with my universe written on it.

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    We want to make a song with lyrics. Please write : My Universe Music List on your post to prove you are not a bot

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    This is what we talked about, configure and configure in-app purchase for our app Kosmos Book Universe.

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    Have you completed any IBM Cloud Certifications? We want to hear from you about how your career advanced after obtaining an IBM Cloud Certification from the IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT). We are looking for IBM Cloud Certified individuals to share your story and inspire other IT/Cloud practitioners to add IBM Cloud certification(s) to their arsenal. Anddd… as you guessed it, you can win prizes for sharing your story! Write a *LinkedIn* post about how your career advanced after obtaining an IBM Cloud certification or about your career growth from the skills you learned while studying for the IBM Cloud certificate exam. The post has to be 75 - 100 words. Here’s what you need to do: - Mention where you work and your desig...

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