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    Merhaba; Arkadaş delphi http componentiyle tüm işlemleri eskiden beri yapıyordum.. Fakat son bir haftadır form yolladığım sitede değişiklik oldu.. Artık dışardan form verilerini almıyor... Ve bu webbrowser componentiylede olmuyor.. Yolladığım verileri yok sayıyor.. Sadece kendi sayfasından giriş yapmam gerekiyor... Oysa mutlaka bir çözümü vardır,olmasa web tarayıcılar...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. SOAP request using INDY components. WSDL in attach

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    ...the HTTP request below before it sends out: "GET /[login to view URL] HTTP/1.1 Content-Type: text/html Host: [login to view URL] Accept: text/html, */* User-Agent: Mozilla/3.0 (compatible; Indy Library)" I use OllyDBG to check the code of this ".exe". file, my goal is changing that IP address string "[login to view URL]" to " to "[login to view UR...

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    I am looking for an experienced copywriter to provide 5 articles on web d...5 articles. More time can be provided if your articles prove to be well referenced and detailed. Once the project is complete, these articles will become the property of Indy Web Designers and be authored as such. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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    I'm developing an indy game. Now, i need someone to help me make some animations in my chararters. I have two 3D characters using Blender and need rigging and animate their actions inside. I ask actions like run, idle, hit, combo hit, cast a spell, dizzy, die. if you done this and i like your work, i'll continue with enemies characters. Please send

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    delphi audio real time talking project with code use udp server and cleints do this client talk to cleint cleint talke to multi cleins. use udp indy and bass audio tools or liveaudio code must be clear and under stand

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    I am developing a client-server application (TCP/IP) for Windows using Delphi XE3 and Indy 10, but have some problems that I can not solve by myself. So I need some expert, with advanced knowledge on this subjects (Delphi and Indy), to help me. Here is a overview on how it works: - Server side application will show all connected clients, and I can

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    I am developing a client-server application (TCP/IP) for Windows using Delphi XE3 and Indy 10, but have some problems that I can not solve by myself. So I need some expert, with advanced knowledge on this subjects (Delphi and Indy), to help me. Here is a overview on how it works: - Server side application will show all connected clients, and I can

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    Hi COne Point, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. This is the second project I mentioned to you for Indy Family Medicine.

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    ...of building a block chain based identity and access management solution prototype.. This proto type is based on the hyperLedger Indy Framework which was developed for identity Access Management. We are developing on the Indy SDK using Python as a wrapper, as such we need a Python Developer to assist us with this development. We have already developed

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    We are busy building an identity management solution prototype based on Hyper Ledger Indy. For this we need an Android App to be developed. The indy SDK for android is available on GitHub and we have already created a replica of what we want the app to do but using Python. The app is for prototype and testing but you need to be able to load the Libindy

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    We have a Hyperledger Indy SDK wrapped in Python that’s running on an Ubuntu 16.04 server. Our Ubuntu Server is hosted on Azure. We are building a prototype for testing purposes and need this done as soon as possible We have already developed Python script that’s calling various functions and giving back some results on command line. We need to put

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    Need a developer from a development company or an individual to work on an ongoing blockchain project that. This will be an open source/non proprietary project. We will nee...on a monthly retainer. Will need to know any of the following languages: Java, language: C, C++ CPP, python3, nodejs blockchain, hyperledger, hyperledger-fabric, hyperledger-indy

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    I wish to have website made (incl. both platforms&apps) that not only sources such as [login to view URL] (check coding) and [login to view URL] (com), and finds the item (say a record) and initiates a purchase for the indivial whom has purchased the app, this app (website) can also allow for not only searching out other sites but allows for a field for input of new names (like a search engine...

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    We are busy working on a blockchain project using Hyperledger indy and need a Python developer to run through the scripts based on Github and create a demo environment for us. there is virtual lab already installed on Azure with some scripts but scripts are producing errorrs we need a python developer to fix these errors and continue with the programming

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    I need a Delphi utility written that will take HTML pages and convert and compile th...release of milestone. Code will be written so that it will compile using one of the following versions of Delphi without the need of any third party components (other than Indy): Delphi 2010 or Delphi XE4. Note: Automatic bids will be automatically deleted.

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    Hello there. Here's the project. Fixing Delphi Xe7's Indy and TSL communacation with prestashop

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    GPS Console Bitti left

    I Need a simple form that get the few gps info , fill a memo with it for every trasmition, and a option for send an at comand for those gps. I need the s...form that get the few gps info , fill a memo with it for every trasmition, and a option for send an at comand for those gps. I need the source code for dephi berlin, using indy components

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    Delphi 2007 fully working code example that connects to a Prestashop site and: 1) Downloads the product list ...Prestashop from the Product ID and example data on the Delphi app 5) Deletes a product on Prestashop from the Product ID known to the Delphi app For the communications must use Indy; to use a different library we must approve it first.

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    Design project Bitti left

    I need some graphic design. Need some custom 2D assets for Indy video game design. Would be likely a pay per asset or asset package. May be possible to also edit color or alter current assets for a large portion of the project. Would really like to find someone to work long term with on this game.

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    Trophy icon Indy Affordable DJs Logo Bitti left

    I am revamping my Dj Business including a new logo design, I am looking for something that will look good on a website as well as on stationary. I will also need a icon to match it. My current logo can be found at my website at: [login to view URL]

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    Hello, I'm doing a simple game and need 5 ...and need 5 3D car models. Low Polly and pretty simplistic. Please see the attachment as an example of the type we're looking for. Car types will be: Van Sports Car Indy 500 Car Sedan Vintage Car Who ever get's this gig and does a good job will be used for many more games. :) Thanks!

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    Need a logo redesign for a Indy game company in Vector, 2 version Normal and a Horizontal version. The logo must feel fresh, modern and clean in vector format.

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    I am starting development of an Indy VR video game. I need someone to write/run a Marketing plan for additional funding and advertisement of the game. Involves Basic market research, Marketing plan including detailed timeline and steps, assists in management/deployment of plan, and regular revisions/updates.

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    Design project Bitti left

    My brother and I started a company called “Indy Craft Brew”. We need a logo for our social media accounts that includes the words Indy Craft Brew.

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    Project Client / Server using Indy Socket.I heard that Indy is not compatible for unlimited connection and using high memory and slow performance. 1: looking best Components , Overbyte , IOCP or other best for this kind.. 2: Optimizing the client and server code and performance slightly faster. 3: use minimum memory of CPU. Apply only if you

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    ...started an djing 14 years ago in Chicago/surrounding suburbs under the name Dj Sound. Networking, building up a team and brand over the years has lead me to creating my own indy hip hop record label "Untouchable Music. We are a group of highly motivated music loving artist, djs and producers, who's main goal is to produce the best quality hip hop/rap

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    Trophy icon I need some Infographic Bitti left

    Infographic showing how Indy Guide works. Indy Guide is a travel platform (peer-to-peer marketplace) for travelers and local guides, drivers and tour operators in Caucasus, Central Asia & Mongolia. For a booking, customers pay 10% deposit in Indy Guide, 90% in cash upon arrival. For suppliers, Indy Guide offers Public Relations, Social Media,

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    Design project Bitti left

    I need a logo designed. I am a dj who has an indy label called undestanding sounds and also would need my own logo for merchendise to sell

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    I am a developer that still...will test after receiving the code and can report quickly if any issues. No need to overkill with the example code as I am an old timer with Delphi. I am using Delphi 7 and Indy 10.2.3. I will also need links to the necessary DLLs for the SSL connection. My tests had issues with the DLLs I was trying to use. Thanks!

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    Logo Design Bitti left

    Living Colors Landscape Management LLC. , more commonly refered to as "living colors" or "Living colors indy". Progressive and green based landscape maintenance, design, construction firm. snow removal, plowing and salting. Modern approach, views, and personnel Clean, classy, easily readable design using appropriate images, or text with any combination

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    ...doesn't work any more. Because, the modules in Delphi XE Indy components support only version 1.0. So, need to have TLS unit, support versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2, ( Implicit, Explicit ), to be able to set host, username, password, support commands: connect, put, get list and other, similar like Indy. I need the source of unit to be able to compile with

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    We are Vetboys & Vetgirls a nonprofit veterans organization. Looking for funds to support a building, equipment and payroll for a staff of 5. We're opening a veterans center in the heart of poor and needed parts of the city.

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    We are a small house flipping business that is getting ready to expand our portfolio and size. We need a logo, letterhead, signature blocks and other various things. We are located out of Indianapolis, IN. Looking for a business starter set that is bundled vs. al a cate.

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Bitti left

    I need a new logo for a web design company, Indy Web Design. I like the colors blue and grey. I need a modern looking design that is simple and eye-catching. As the contest continues, I will rate designs that I like to provide more guidance. If you have specific questions, please list them in the chat.

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    I need help starting a blog - starting from square one. Ideally I would like to do this while sitting with the expert (Indy area). Thanks!

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    ...APIs. In particular, you'll need to use the first example, "Using GET with an Authorization Header (Python)". You can use either Indy or the newer HTTP library for the transport mechanism. (The library above uses Indy.) [login to view URL] You could also extend Delphi's [login to view URL]

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    Orlandosaed1 Bitti left

    Pasamelo doble Indy Flow irina veruschka hector mendez

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    Indy startup for basic single player mobile/steam game with possible Console integration. Looking for Custom artwork side scroller.

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    ...some urls and update the data in a TStringGrid, access to these urls require authenticated user cookies, you need the TSslHttpCli (ICS Overbyte) and TIdThreadComponent (Default indy component) components, everything is working, The problem is in reusing / copying the cookies of the component that authenticates, and an unidentified error within the Thread

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    I need a Delphi 7 program (including source code) that downloads "[login to view URL]" from the url "[login to view URL]". "Content-Disposition" of HTTP Response header is "attachement; filename="[login to view URL]"". Program should use Indy or other free library to do this.

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    Trophy icon Design a Facebook landing page Bitti left to revamp it, to include a new logo, from our new sponsor Indy Race Parts, but keeping the same theme. This Facebook page is for Aussie Sprintcar Buy N Sell. However we want this page to read "Aussie Sprintcar Buy N Sell sponsored by Indy Race Parts (using the logo belonging to Indy Race Parts.) It is essential to keep an Australian theme, and

    €20 (Avg Bid)
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    ...has access to. Please let me know of any extra information you need to help find international buyers. I look forward to your response, thank you so much. Kind Regards, Indy Sam | Mechmoto Pty Ltd [login to view URL] _+61 411 517 121 14 Leda Drive, Burleigh Heads _ QLD 4220...

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. General information for the website: Technology consulting company Descriptio...template/code Website tweaked, customised for performance and work on all devices All content and branding will be provided We look forward to receiving your proposals. Regards, Indy

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    I need this function written in Delphi code that is compatible with Delphi XE and Windows 7 and 10. You can use the Windows API “sendto” or Indy IdTCPClient for the TCP communication. I would like to gather details about a network device in the local network that supports network sharing with SMB/SMB2. Let’s assume the target device doesn’t know any

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    I need someone to parse incoming emails using Delphi and the Indy iMap components (which could be in Text or HTML format and may or nor have attachments, and save the content to a database. We already have tested code to connect with email server (e.g. Google, Office365 or standard iMap) and physically receive the messages. I now need this to

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    Design project Bitti left

    I need some graphic design. Hey my name is HBB I have my own indy music label. I just need online flyers done for every show or single my artist has.

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    ...needs to be an interface to tracking the sales, and pay the revenue split to the sellers. This is for a pro wrestling company. We are looking to launch a platform to help indy pro wrestlers worldwide monetize their craft. The goal of this project is to create a website. Next stages will include app development, ideally I would like someone who

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