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    an app similiar in function to https://www.freelancer.com/users/l.php?url=https:%2F%[login to view URL]%2Fstore%2Fapps%2Fdetails%3Fid%[login to view URL]%26amp;referrer%3Dutm_source%253Dappbrain%2526utm_medium%253Dappbrain_web%2526utm_campaign%253Dappbrain_web&sig=15601703925459cdb86b63c2008802c4f246a4fa61f10a5317db6cb9650afa91 i.e. mainly display

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    I need an iPhone (and possibly android) app. I would like it designed and built.  We are a cooking school & catering company. We would like to look into the option of creating a recipe app with a shopping list function and perhaps the option of in app purchasing of single recipes or bundles. It must be visually appealing and logically set out.

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    I need a Progressive Web App for my Joomla website. Not a native Object-C for Iphone or Java-Andorid Studio Development of an editorial / news app with connection to Content Management System (Joomla) and reloaded data & push messages. In the app, the online event calendar and the online business directory should be displayed on our website. For

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    ...delivering services. I need this app compatible with all device like, iPhone, Android, Window. User can choose choose nearby restaurants from the drop down list and book food for delivery. Some features are something like below : - Open Table Booking - APIs Must - Payment Processing - Wallet System - Location Function More we will discuss in personal

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    Find my event Bitti left

    Hi my name is Tim, I recently came up with an idea of creating an application that is installed onto a smartphone device (i.e iPhone and/or Android) which basically provides a list of venues such as Nightclubs and Bars at the finger tips of the user who is able to make a decision on what is happening in their local area, providing them with information

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    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. The app will work when disconnected (offline) from a network. It will enable my operators to capture a checklist of items during inspections before commencing work. The checklist may include variables such as a checkbox tick; y/n answer; alternate choice such as high, medium, low; or it

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    ...technical level. My objective is to build a Wallet style app that will support a number of accounts, say 25. The wallet will use mostly existing open source code available on [login to view URL] code is mostly Angular Javascript. Each sub wallet (account) will have some slightly different internal function calls but this code already exists. On Github there are

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    ...and can test it using a demo smartphone app from Laird called "Serial". You do not need to develop the SmartBasic app, but testing the iphone app will require that your app work with the SmartBasic app. 2. An IOS App for iPhones . I have an x-code project which currently connects and sends data to my app through a virtual ...

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    ...description for a new mobile app.  Critical general req. Is: Userfriendly, basic, online and printable  It is called Datingplan and basically a platform for easily creating a plan for dating containing: 1) Phases  2) Activities (list of activities in each phase) 3) Needs (list of needs under each activity ) and 4) Preferences (list of preferences und...

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    ...done quicker, I believe the employer side of the system should be the first place to start. What we Require is the development of an IOS and Android App or even a Web App That will function as a front end to our customers... and a web based login tool to one for customers and an employer login in. This could be incorporated into a new website

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    Convee Project Bitti left

    Application name: Convee 2.0 - Currency Exchange App; Purpose: The application allows you to exchange currencies online and offline, through the service [login to view URL], as well as provides historical information on the behavior of exchange rates; Current application: [login to view URL]

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    Food Ordering Bitti left

    ...am using the following template [login to view URL] It comes the complete documentation and there is a working apk for you to test. I need. 1. A working copy of the client app. Should include working checkout function 2. A nicely designed Backend so that Multiple restaurants can update their menus

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    ...system for power tools infrastructure: Bluetooth LE FPGA on the tool Iphone or Ipad App Synology as a server for backend features: - List of tools with UUID, name, model, supplier, value, purchase date with administration in the backend - List of users with name, function, permissions with administration in the backend with administration in

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    Here are the rough specs. it’s a mobile app. iPhone only. It’s basically like the early Instagram. — You take a photo apply filter/color/crop and post it. — You can add multiple photos to a single post, you can swipe through the images. — You have a horizontal and vertical view. (Portrait and Landscape) — The location will be added automatically, ...

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    XAMRIN FORMS IPHONE APP. This iPhone application is a simple inventory management tool, where tags are entered one at a time into a log as they are inspected, along with the current date, and the list of tags remaining to be inventoried is re-queried and displayed in a read only list on the page. Single page iphone app. 3 primary controls: Textb...

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    Hello, I am in need of a quote for a project with two parts: a native iPhone app for users and a website for sellers to use. I have a screen function list for the app and website with screen design examples and a logic image so you can see how the logic is supposed to work between the app, website and database. I will supply the final screen PSD's so ...

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    ...need an iPhone/iPad app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. Hi, I'm I'd like to know who can create an App for me that is an Activity Wheel. I have a list of activities already. I'd like it to spin like a roulette wheel that randomly selects an activity to do from the list. I'd like the App to include a

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    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. Want to create a babysitting app, needs the following features - Payment through Apple payment system - timer starts when babysitter arrives via geo location mapping and finishes when babysitter leaves via geo location, then provides information to the customer of the job with total

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    Please read our needs and make sure you can do this before responding: We need an app built for a sports team and it needs the following functions- 1. Schedule- a calendar with their game schedule 2. Roster- A list of the team players, number, position etc. 3. Player profiles- info about each player, pics, stats, video (if available) and messages

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    My client needs an app like the spotify, apple music, etc. The app needs to run on iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (phone and tablet) and Windows Desktop App. It can be hybrid. The personas are: Admin Premium User Free User The features are: Ads (admin) - Create - Edit - View Reports Audio Ads (admin) - Create - Edit - View Reports

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    The application I want to have is a call blocker for iphone and ipad, its main function of this app will block numbers that are stored in the app so it does not allow that call to enter. Features to consider: -Application is requested to be universal (ipad, iphone) -The design of the app can be taken from the attached file as it is available

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    ...new shop (email verify then login) :: Item list, categories, modifier, discount (all features of the loyverse POS in product section) :: Report (sales by items, date range selection) :: Employee account :: iPad app (no need iphone or android) :: login, item order, shopping list, refund, receipts printing with Star mPop printer

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    ...Android / IPhone app • Uses Microsoft Azure App Services. • Targets iPhone and Android • Delivery in small cycles for testing: as soon one item is completed, publish it for testing • Code can be shared using Xamarin source code control or GitHub. Other options are also acceptable when justified. We need to add this functionalities to this <...

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    ...need an iPhone/iPad app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. I have a calendar application that has an android version that now needs to migrate to iOS. There are about 10 screens. Request: - 10 screens conversion: week calendar, column by date, month calendar with event details list, calendar with no events, event list, event

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    ...cross-platform APP to run in Android and iPhone, where I own the source-code, etc. Ok. That application should have the following functions: - Username/password based authentication (with option of storing username/password so users have to login only once); - Once user is authenticated, display a main menu with a set of functions, where each function makes

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    Developer has to create an App with 8 screen with embedded data without backend connection and using iPhone standard components, Xcode, Interface Builder, and Objective C or SWIFT. On the front page, we want our Logo to function as the home button (The button should be placed at the bottom of the page). A touch on the home button should go to homepage

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    We are looking for someone who could finish App development due to time issues. Design and most of the functionalities are already done, API and Web admin are existing. Android and Iphone app are developed independently and both need to be finished. Besides some smaller issues and some expected issues after testing these are main tasks: Add following

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    ...finish App development due to time issues. Design and most of the functionalities are ready, API and Web admin are existing. Android and Iphone app are developed independently and both need to be finished. Besides some smaller issues and some expected issues after testing these are main tasks: Add following functionalities: - Chat function for users

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    ...well as a check list. This must talk with our iphone app and sync into our back end. There is also a business portal that will tie into the site where business can claim their location from our back end and manage their locations. The functionality of the site must be EXACTLY like our iphone app as well as the map must look/function like [login to view ...

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    I need someone that can create a simple restful api in PHP using mysql db, and using OAuth2 for authentication. Here is a list of API calls that I need implemented: DATABASE (limited) client (developer) -company_name -email -phone -website -verified -epc_address -epc_balance client_employee -name -email -phone client_app

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    ...link: [login to view URL] We want some architectural, design and usability improvements and hence decided to write it from scratch. Current application has two menus. The main menu and the bottom menu. Main menu has 6 categories: 1) Pratik Bilgiler: A content list with 6 main categories and several

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    ...someone to create a basic iPhone app mockup to demonstrate a concept, based loosely on a virtual Rolodex / yellow pages / business card app. The main page would be a list of different coloured categories (Fitness, Health, Restaurants, Tradespeople) which could be scrolled down similar to the contacts list in an iPhone. Touching on each category

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    ...picture. 2. Chat Media Upload - When the users click the “+” button they are directed to either a Camera or Photo Library right now, it needs to ask them a selection list “Photo From Library, Take Photo, Video” - Photo from Library will open up the photo library to select photos only - Take photo will open up a camera to take

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    ...Xamarin designer and programmer to redesign UI / look and feel for an existing Xamarin mobile app that works for iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphones. • UI need to be coded in visual studio [login to view URL] • All image files, including function key icons, need to be “.png” format • UI re-design request: (1) Redesign the splash screen...

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    I need an app built for both Android and IOS. 1. App built for both Android and iPhone platforms. 2. Splash screen 3. Featured content 4. App network integration 5. Web sql database integration The primary function of the app will be using Google's reverse image search by utilizing API function. The tool can be seen here: [login to v...

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    ...and Android App are almost done so IPhone app is urgent for us. The app will comprise 11 pages: It is about Local Events ( like Nearify App) 1) Login/Register page 2) Presentation page (4 Slide) (it will appear once) 3) City Selection pop up 4) Main Page 5) 4 'Detail' Page (with Follow, Comment, Check in function) 6) 3 'Lis...

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    ...about this projet + to have a similar work example with admin access) Bid without mentioning these 3 requirements will be ignored. Here below you will find a summarized list about requirement: 1. Create a custom website builder software system, for static and e-commerce where users (like littles childrens) will be able to easily create their responsive

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    On Old App - When you sync the calendar to Google Calendar it is the wrong day, it should post to the day you are on in the app. Also when it posts to Google Calendar it would be good if it could post the jobs different hours all day to make it easier to read, it currently posts them all next to each other on the calendar. When duplicating the day

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    ...Login 2.3 Forgot Password 2.4 Reset Password 2.5 Change Password 2.6 Verification Email 2.7 Dashboard of Merchant, SubUsers 2.8 SubUsers Create, List, Edit 2.9 Create Quick/STD Invoice 2.10 View All Invoice 2.11 View/Edit Profile 2.12 View Notification 2.13 View Transaction 2.14 View Wallet Balance

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    ...looking forward to creating a geolocation app, for events in a city. User can browse events in categories list, calendar, or real time on map. User will be notified when event starts near him / her. Specifically the project involves: ADMIN PANEL Design + ADMIN PANEL code + WEB API + iPhone App Design + iPhone App code Good communication and fee...

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    ...have an app for iPad and iPhone (4S, if possible) developed. It's a 'Sydney Suburbs' app that is a quiz to learn all Sydney suburbs. It need to have a map of greater Sydney where all suburbs and regions are included (as per latest list on [login to view URL]). The layout of the app should align to the free app 'Maps of

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    ...of ajax. Building small functions (classes) to be used in larger CMS like system. Functions needed: a) Calender for booking hotels and alike on specifik dates Varying list of options, with some required, to be fitted in this 'booking' Details for this will be provided later. b) building a display of image thumnails to be re-arranged by user

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    ...application compatible for Android and iPhone that will perform the same functionality as described in the attached document. As you will be required to measure distances in detail within the app you will have experience with mathematics and 3D printing. The iOS and preferably also Android app will function as follows:- 1. Create a 3D copy of an

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    Trophy icon Modern Iphone App Design Bitti left

    I need a design for a new innovative hire-a-chef style application for the iPhone. It will have similar functions to that of an uber app. In order to give you a better overview of what I am trying to achieve please have a look at an App called HomeMade which is similar to what I am trying to achieve in terms of an idea. Here is a link [login to view URL]

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    Small iPhone app for laundry service A client needs an app for their small laundry services. The features and screens of the app are as follows: 1. Simple launch screen with their logo. 2. Login page where the user can sign up or reset their password. The user shouldn&#x27;t have to log in every time (we will cache their credentials). 3. User registration

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    ...Overview/Background Our product is an iPhone app written in Objective-C. The iPhone app functions as a client which makes request to our various server-side application, one of them being our beauty appointment booking system (written in Node.js). Whenever a user wants to book a beauty appointment in our app, they go to the salon's profile page and

    €656 - €1312
    €656 - €1312
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    We are an ESL company currently developing an iOS (iphone 5 to latest) English Learning app that we plan to release by Mid-October. Thus, we need a design that would be easy to implement. As opposed to simply being an app for 'studying', we want this to function like a game wherein users will have to clear levels/stages before proceeding to the next

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    ...Overview/Background: Our product is an iPhone app written in Objective-C. The iPhone app functions as a client which makes request to our various server-side application, one of them being our beauty appointment booking system (written in Node.js). Whenever a user wants to book a beauty appointment in our app, they go to the salon's profile page and

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    ...cross platform iPhone and Android voice activated location alert security app. Once launched (running in the background) the app need to send to chosen contacts form the users contact list an alert message (containing the users GPS location) once the user has repeated a specific phrase 3 times. This is currently the apps only function and we would

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    Would like to build a very simple easy to use android and Iphone application for the following website. It must be done quickly and in a budget, but have the look and feel of a clean useable app, can be expanded upon, should allow for purchases, logging in, using the postcode search function on the website, account management - the usual things when

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