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    ...chosen. 2. I have a joomla site that I have developed that I want to transfer to my server. The files and database are accessible and ready to install. I will need some changes to the site. Say 5 hours max that we will work together (REMOVED BY FREELANCER.COM ADMIN) to fix the small issues. These changes include adding a joomla module for seo and google

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    Dear Freelancer. I have a joomla website and i use master user plug in to login to user account. Everything was working until recently. Now when i am trying to log in to user account with admin password, i am getting error " Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet.". I need to fix. Since this is a very small problem do not

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    I have an error with my joomla website when I try to login I receive this error message Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ksawaddah/public_html/libraries/fof/autoloader/[login to view URL]) in /home/ksawaddah/public_html/libraries/joomla/session/[login to view URL] on line 658 Warning: sess...

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    I need a fix for a blank page in the administrator page of a web site. When username and password is entered, the admin page returns a white page. Please see the attached file for link and the login info. The error viewing is set to "maximum" Looking for a Joomla expert, to be hired for other sites as well. Please bid for a long term

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    ...need a Joomla expert to fix a login issues in couple of sites. One of the sites administrator login issue is due to update of Joomla version. (does not do anything when login info is entered) The other one the admin login is possible but the front end login module calle advanced "ajax login" gives "user...

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    Have an ecommerce site with Joomla and Virtuemart. Recently, and without any known cause, we lost the ability to log into the "administrator" backend of the site. An error was produced saying we don't have an account. We still have access to cPanel, file manager, sql database, etc. Hired a contractor to fix this, and the result is as follows:

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    I have a joomla website that had been working fine for quite sometime now. The public part still works fine but due to some updates by the hosting provider, there is some issue with some admin functionality as described below. I need this issue fixed. When i try to login putting in user name and password i see this error [login to view URL]

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    ...bugfixes. My Joomla website is called [login to view URL] 1) First of all i cannot access my Joomla admin: [login to view URL] When entering my details, a blank white page just pops up 2) On my website [login to view URL], when entering forum on upper category, it just shows 404 error. Would like to fix this, and the forum-link

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    - update joomla (if necessary) + components - remove/fix the error message (cannot copy it, it appears when you open the page) - fix the menu (the text is not in the middle of the menu/box anymore) you might still have access to the admin, but I have asked the owner of the site for new login codes.

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    Hello, I have a Joomla 1.5 site. I can't login on it. I have changed the admin password on phpmyadmin (with the "MD5" option marked), and it still won't let me log in. When I type the username and password, the page just refreshes. No error, nothing. I need someone to fix this.

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    11 teklifler error page, need to fix. Sign in with admin have this error If login with “wrong information”, there is error joomla page. NOTE: Ensure the signup/login never encounter the above error. It must show proper error message. 2. In the “my profile” -> “Tips” arrange the content i...

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    12 teklifler on the IE website. It includes 1. new component works with Joomla sef (* requires further testing) 2. login page adjustments, 3. reset passwords component, 4. multiple stores thing with notification to admin, (*requires completion) 5. update the changes for database. 6. Search error fixing Note that some of these items don't yet appear to be completely

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    ...spam filter 5. Fix the user registration and checkout process for the site – end to end- The expected result is a successful display of papypal checkout page and auto email to site administrator, without user registration errors and the registration form breaking. When a user tries to register it gives a: ‘Empty solution not allowed’ error, this needs

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    ...created using Joomla v1.5.14 has many broken links. When a broken link is clicked, then one of the following type of error messages gets displayed 404 - Component not found, 500 - View not found [name, type, prefix]: content,html,contentView, etc. Also, the home page of administration panel is unusual (Logged in using the 'admin' login which belon...

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    I need to move Joomla website from localhost to server. I am having troubles with users. My server is shared hosting and for database it gives name username_database Probably it is due to shared hosting. Users needs to be added on server as well (I did this for main user who logins to database).

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    My Joomla administrator login page at [login to view URL] is acting strange lately. Login times out but if I hit refresh on this page it will login but none of the admin tools links seem to work. I get 404 or 500 error messages. Safari browser says it's a redirecting problem. The website works fine but my backend joomla administration

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    I have a joomla 1.5.22 website and is running AEC Central, Account Expiration Control software. When a user signs up for my website the registration process is re-routed to AEC Central in order to separate profile types with a choice to receive payment. The problem is that when the new users receive the confirmation email and attempt to verify and

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    ...system administrator to fix the following problem on a Linux Dedicated Server: The problem is with uploading files using wordpress admin and joomla admin. I uploaded the joomla and wordpress files onto the server using my regular ftp login via File Zilla. When I go into the joomla admin area to upload files I am getting error...

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    ...scope summary : Fix a Joomla/virtuemart login problem where incorrect password alert fails to show. This has to be done on a development site, with corrections advised so I can apply to the live site. Background : - I have a recently upgraded Joomla 1.5 site ( running in 1.0 legacy mode). - The joomla and virtumart login has an error whe...

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    Hi Freelancers, I am looking for someone with experience modifying Joomla components. My website is at [login to view URL] I use several components to run my site. I need you to make some modifications to the components in my site. Please review the following: ------- Modifications to Community Builder. 1. I need to change the page

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    ...issue. We are looking for a fluent English-speaker, and someone available for live chat during business hours in the United States. As mentioned, the site is written in Joomla and uses Virtuemart. There are some design issues still, and some problems to which we do not yet know the cause. So we need someone willing to investigate everything from

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    ...[login to view URL], [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] needs to be a fully functional clone site, design must be original and friendly using CSS. An admin utility must be involved. Users come to site which is populated with ads, offers and links from affiliate sites (zanox & co.). The User must be tracked from start to finish

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    ...not working.... Compare to an old [login to view URL] 4) The website's error log file is huge... can it be disabled, or can you try to fix some of the errors? 5) i need a cron (or other) script that will backup the database into a directory every couple of days. 6) I need an easy way under: admin to submit an ad and assign a link to it. All ads will be the

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    ...the front end login to my joomla site didn't work lately. I was able to login to the admin back end up until this afternoon! But when tried to login in the evening, I'm not able to login! no error just the login screen keeps coming up after entering the login name and password. Please bid only if you are confident, and kno...

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    I have a Joomla/VirtueMart website almost fully stocked. I have 2 types of problems that need fixing. First is code bugs related - second is enabling 2 shopper groups. CODE BUGS ========= All of a sudden we now have about 3 or 4 repetative php code errors in both the public & admin interface that need debugging and repaired. eg: 1/

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    I just moved my website from bluehost to midphase hosting. When i login to my admin panel and try and update my information on my joomla website it says this- Warning: require_once(/home/desmoin1/public_html/mambots/editors/jce/jscripts/tiny_mce/libraries/classes/[login to view URL]) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or

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    I need a fix. My site is a joomla site. My admin login is gone and now says INTERNAL SERVER ERROR!

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    I was working in Joomla, rebooted server and now when I try to login I get this error: Admin%20Session%20Expired I don't have time to fix myself.

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