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    Konu başlıklarına göre RSS kaynaklardan yazarların makaleleri çekilip veri tabanında saklanacak. Sonra konularına göre sözlük oluşturulup classification fonksiyonları eğitilecek. sonra yeni makalelerin hangi konuda olduğunu anlayacak bir uygulama yapılacak Uygulama PYTHON da yapılmalı. Acilen tekliflerinizi bekliyorum.

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    ML project based on SVM algorithm and involves coding.

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    ML project based on SVM algorithm and involves coding.

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    ML project based on SVM algorithm and involves coding.

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    ML project based on SVM algorithm and involves coding.

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    Python Code. We will be working with very very long documents, and want short summaries. 1. Enter text. 2. Enter keyword. This keyword is what the code analysis should centre around. For example if summarising the book Moby Dick, and the keyword was WHALE, we would want summaries regarding every reference to the whale. 2. Classify text to extract meaning/summarise. Only summarise/...extract meaning/summarise. Only summarise/classify text close to keyword, i.e. in the example above WHALE. 3. Also extract and place into a report/document all: - Sentences that mention keywords. - Paragraphs that mention keywords. We may need to select a proximity (number of words) to search around each keyword, or use full stops/paragraph breaks to determine which text to include/exclude in classifica...

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    Hi Simon, As discussed see attached the script to be converted. The R script needs to be converted into Python. Let me know if you have any questions. Best regards, Maarten

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    building a website 4 gün left

    Hi, I need to build a website as well as multiple question banks , courses can be added the website has to be talent AI algorithm with classification and categorizing subjects with relationships to each other with API available to transfer later to mobile apps as well as bulk and easy adding info , questions and subjects Thank you

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    Python. Kaggle This assignment consists of three main parts for which we expect you to provide code and extensive documentation in the notebook: • Image classification • Semantic segmentation • Adversarial attacks In the first part, you will train an end-to-end neural network for image classification. In the second part, you will do the same for semantic segmentation. via the Kaggle competition. In the third part, you will try to find and exploit the weaknesses of your classification and/or segmentation network. For the latter there is no competition format, but we do expect you to put significant effort in achieving good performance on the self-posed goal for that part. Finally, we ask you to reflect and produce an overall discussion with links to t...

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    In the first part of this assignment, you will st...constructed features for face recognition using your favorite classifier. In the third part of this assignment you will participate in a kaggle competition and attempt to improve your classification pipeline in any way you please. Lastly, you will reflect on the entire assignment and write a final discussion, this is on top of the discussion and comments that you already provided in the previous parts. In summary, the assignment is broken down into four main parts: 1. build feature representations using handcrafted and non-handcrafted techniques 2. use and compare the feature representations in context of classification of faces 3. attempt to improve your model and participate in the kaggle competition 4. discussion Price ...

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    Machine learning pipeline classification model with pyspark for Big data

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    Hi, i need a classification model with Python to classify student's performance (pass, fail etc) based on his data.

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    Do you understand Quickbooks Desktop? Can you perform journal entries? Are you prepared to work according to the Dutch VAT rules regarding the administration? Or able to learn? Set up general ledger according to Dutch Reference Classification System of Financial Information Preparing the trial trial balance

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    Looking for Electrical Engineering experience with EEG signals to build deep learning algorithm to do classification and write report

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    ### must have past experience with NLP & image classification model using Deeplearning / legacy algos Model to classify an image with text (20-200 words each) to large set of texts as labels (3-20 words each). Final label set could be as large as 300K points hence require both image features & the text within the image for classification. Giving final top 5 outputs based on probability for each image.

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    This is a good job That we are hiring new freelancers who can write on biological classification of living And nonliving things.

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    Deep learning Bitti left

    Deep learning ,image classification model

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    ...(stator), vibration (starter frame), tachometer speed, torque (rotor) measurements. 5. Experience in physics based or model based approach for condition based monitoring of motor mechanical aspects. Should differentiate healthy and anomalous behavior using any methods such as Fast Fourier series analysis, eigen value based or signal processing. 6. Statistical or machine learning approaches for classification of healthy or anomalous behaviors of motor. Methods chosen here should compliment physics based methods. 7. Able to verify practical condition monitoring data with FEM based simulations. 8. Cloud based condition monitoring and big data processing is a plus Expected deliverables. 1. Dynamics of motor mechanics in terms of ordinary differential equations, liberalized but can ...

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    Looking for some one expert with EEG signals deep learning for some classification and report. Please only if you have good experience with EEG signals

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    I need someone with strong background in Data Mining, Matlab, Python(specially image processing) and technical writing skills who can help with visualisation, patterns recognition and classification of smart meter dataset. In short we need to preprocess time series data available in .mat file for collection of features/patterns which are useful for classification. Then we need to convert data to images and classify using some image processing techniques in python/Matlab. Note that we need to document everything. e.g we need to document and collect different graphs from analysis phase and also for classification.

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    ...proteins and representing them in the knowledge graph. d) Semantic based search such as suggesting the drugs based on the disease, age, demographic etc. 4) Other Important NLP Task a) Name Entity Recognition : Tagging drug, disease and proteins in article data b) Span Categorization: Extracting longer phrases and nested expressions from articles. c) Text Classification: Such as drugs review classification or set of lines into the classification d) Depencies and Relations : Drug and disease dependency, two disease relation etc 5) NLP Model Which need to be applied : BERT, GPT-3, XLNet, RoBERTa, ALBERT, Word2Vec, Deep Generative Model etc....

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    Need to implement deep learning models like LSTM, CNN-LSTM etc for classification problem. Need someone with experience in MLFlow Deliverables Base models Hyperparameter tuning

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    ...perform partitioning our data. Use Analytic Solver’s standard data partition command to partition the data into a training set (with 50% of the observations), validation set (with 30% of the observations), and test set (with 20% of the observations) using the default seed of 12345. (1 point) C. Perform discriminant analysis, logistic regression, k-nearest neighbor (with normalized inputs), single classification tree (with normalized inputs and at least 4 observations per terminal node), and manual neural network (use normalized inputs and a single hidden layer with 3 nodes) to create a classifier for this data. How accurate is this procedure on the training, validation, and test data sets? (1 point)....

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    Data scarping Bitti left

    I need data to be scraped and formated into reasonable table.

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    DESCRIPTION A patient is considered to be a no-show when they fail to be present for a scheduled appointment. For any healthcare organization, no-shows lead to higher costs and underutilization of...probability of showing up with respect to age or hour of the day, and describe your findings Create a bar graph to depict the probability of showing up for diabetes, alcoholism, hypertension, TB, smokes, and scholarship Create separate bar graphs to show the probability of showing up with respect to male or female, day of the week, and SMS reminder columns and describe your findings Use different classification models to predict the show or no-show status based on the features that display the most variation in the probability of showing up Evaluate the models and choose the best one fo...

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    Hi, I need someone to perform deep learning models to classify text lines.

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    I have a text classification model that uses Simpletransformer to train. I want to serve it as a web service with the FastAPI and dockersie it. Deploy it on an AWS cloud instance and make sure the model is served with GPU power. A few things to do 1. build the RestAPI for the model the model will take two parameters, a text plus an array, a probability score for the return example request: { "text1": "texta", "text2": ["texta","textb","textc"] } and example response { "ai_classifier_score": [ { "text2": "texta", "classifier_score": 0.9946354627609253 }, { "text2": "textb"", "cla...

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    Training a model with custom dataset. Framework is tensorflow and network is mobilenet V1. Method should be tranfer learning. Pre-trained model should be imagenet. You can add any two classes and train. Also provide ckpt file. Generate a frozen model (.pb).

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    Purely contactless vitals screening – No external device or hardware required. Our AI solutions are available to use whenever and wherever they are needed. It can run on a web browser or any application and is designed to connect with existing technical infrastructure. Preventive screenings and early detection of various health parameters augmented with Careplix health risk classification are enabling organizations to make informed decisions. Careplix's concept is to make remote healthcare accessible to everyone. The Demand for Video-based Health and Wellness Monitoring is Growing. With the primary goal of making people healthier.

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    Adenocarcinoma (AC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are frequent reported cases of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), responsible for a large fraction of cancer deaths worldwide. In this study, we aim to investigate the potential of NSCLC histology classification into AC and SCC by applying different feature extraction and classification techniques on pre-treatment CT images. The employed image dataset (102 patients) was taken from the publicly available cancer imaging archive collection (TCIA). We investigated four different families of techniques: (a) radiomics with two classifiers (kNN and SVM), (b) four state-of-the-art convolutional neural networks (CNNs) with transfer learning and fine tuning (Alexnet, ResNet101, Inceptionv3 and InceptionResnetv2), (c) a CNN combined...

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    One should select a public data set, think about a research project for example a clustering or classification problem or any machine learning model, and implement the model using cluster computing platforms like Apache spark, and evaluate the results.

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    Use PCA technique to extract features from a dataset and run on simulator

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    Object classification in virtual environment based on geometric shape recognition and comparison. This is NOT a data training or neural networks project Below is a summary to do list, more detailed project description is also available, pls do not post a reply before reading it 1) Create a basic artificial environment; cube shaped room and/or display pedestal that has specific dimensions and grid like coordinates throughout its height, length, and width 2) Import 3D Objects from a free 3D Object library like sketch-up 2) Employ 3D geometric shapes; Cube, Sphere, Tetrahedron, Cuboid Rectangular Prism, Cone, Triangular Prism…. (8 to 12 shapes in total) and combine these shapes to overlay/replace 3D object with least number of geometric shapes possible and record original ty...

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    Hello, Hello, We're a small trucking company and we're now looking for someone to reconcile and/or classify all our 12 months transactions so we can work on our 2021 Tax Return. Our bank can only go back, to the last 60 days; we can only provide the PDF files, and we need the files that will be created to be excel ones so we can upload them to QuickBooks. If you think you have the experience and the skills to work on that project, please do let us know at your earliest convenience. We do have a short amount of time left for this project, so speed matters.

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    Need People with known machine learning concepts and also should know to work in open source software KNIME. It's a Basic Data Analysing and Documenting process. Will share the details once confirmed.

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    I have share to attached the guidelines. Please let me know if you can do is Sentiment Analysis,text analysis ,classification and processing work..I have cvs data files.

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    Life Style Bitti left

    Ongoing examinations show that upwards of 33% of all American grown-ups are hefty. And keeping in mind that better eating regimens give an undeniable remedy to their fattier partners, there is a conspicuous explanation Americans will quite often pick food sources in the last classification — they taste wonderful. Thus, assuming the test is to wed extraordinary taste with better admission, and the country's prosperity relies on the outcome, wellbeing experts couldn't show improvement over to look toward the present more inventive café networks. For instance, as of late picked for the best position on "Wellbeing" magazine's America's Healthiest Chain Restaurants list, UNO brings found a way to the table for a menu loaded up with solid decisi...

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    time period: 1 week ideally On the dataset: Can we predict if a customer will default on payments or not? oversampleling of the smaller class, best– need to transform to log some of the columns for better results. What is the accuracy score? o Reduce the dimensionality of the dataset using PCA, any better results? - Run KNN model o Same - Reduce the dimensionality of the dataset using PCA, any better results? - SVM - XGboost - And ultimately neural networks – this should be the best We want highest possible recall score, from classification report Plot train vs test data accuracy for each model, and ROC curve to see Optimize hyperparameters to get the best results - Use gridsearch , cross validation Redo models Observations found i.e., which demographic most l...

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    Hi I would like to replace timber middle wall structure with an I beam and RHS stud at the two ends. What would it cost me for you to specify I beam, RHS stud and footing required. Soil present silty sand , sand Site classification Class A (in accordance with Section of AS 2870)

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    An image classification problem to decide a particular image is cover or stego

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    its like using a text classification algorithm of machine learning to detect the fake words in the news. Firstly we should have a dataset to work on and then we will train our model on particular cleaned dataset. The model will be fine tuned and tested on untrained data. Then we implement the model to detect the fake news.

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    Incoice OCR Bitti left

    Looking for a company or an individual freelancer that has similar previous experience and is willing to participate. Goal - to create a software, able to extract information from purchase and sale invoices (PDF, JPG) and the classification of that information. Invoice can be in different languages (Lithuanian, English), date format various EU and US. Recognition quality parameter - not less than 70%. The quality parameter is calculated according to the following formula: 1 document contains 8 fields, 10 documents - 80 fields. As a result, at least 70% of 80 fields will be recognised. ML models would be up-trained by existing data. Considering between using AI from Azure or AWS Clouds.

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    The purpose of this project is to develop a method that uses genetic data for disease classification. Data is extracted from a DNA microarray which measures the expression levels of large numbers of genes simultaneously.

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    We are searching for someone available to create sewing patterns with detailed instructions for clothing, mainly dresses. The patterns should be made by you, not by software. What we expect: A pdf file with pattern pieces, ready to print and use A pdf file with illustrated sewing instructions to make the garment Illustrations the garment and/or flat techni...with detailed instructions for clothing, mainly dresses. The patterns should be made by you, not by software. What we expect: A pdf file with pattern pieces, ready to print and use A pdf file with illustrated sewing instructions to make the garment Illustrations the garment and/or flat technical sketches All the information you need to make your garment including fabric consumption Size Classification Everything in a good ...

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    -This project involves analysis of stories to get trending keywords, to classify the articles to different topics and subtopics, number of words and summarize text. -To add tags and labels to the articles and check sentiment analysis -Insert the tags/topics and details to an sql database and update the content details -To output a list of top articles without similarity -You must be familiar with content filtering, logistic regression, DNN and python -Additional details will be provided once selected. -You should have done content analysis before and show how. -The budget for this project is 100USD

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    I need engineered drawings for a wood framed building. 26’d X 30’w X 10’h non-insulated structure Wood 2x6 frame with 2x4 strapping Corrugated metal siding and roof One 9’w X 8’h overhead insulated steel door 1 – 3’ Standard steel man door Minimum 2 roof vents Engineered structure – normal occupancy classification Alberta building codes

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    i need someone available at the moment to work with me

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    Looking for a consultant who can guide and support a team of python and machine learning developers working on very large sets of data such as aerial images and satellite images. The person should have worked on satellite data. Experience in using Deep Learning for object detection, classification, and segmentation tasks and experience in applying these techniques to overhead imagery (satellite and other aerial imagery)

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    The Position: Full Time Job 9am - 5pm Eastern Time. You will work as a virtual medical scribe to help a top USA based internal medicine physician document patient encounters i...provider Understand the flow of patient encounters in your facility to assist the care team in making patient visits as efficient as possible. Follow the progress of labs, imaging studies, and other real time patient data Perform a variety of other non-clinical tasks dependent on your provider’s requests Understand basic documentation requirements for the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) Ensure compliance on all national and local patient privacy laws including HIPAA and HITECH Adhere to medical facility’s compliance requirements and company p...

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