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    ...but with a Christian perspective. Photo 1: Example on car Photo 2: The cross to be used Photo 3: What a prayer rope looks in real life. Your photo should look like balls/knots. Photo 1 isn't very clear with that. Word doc: Instructions on where everything is to go and what's to change. Where there is current arabic writing, I want 3 different

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    Hi Nikola, thanks for your reply. Please create illustrations based on the 14 pictures. Stay as close as possible to the original regarding to the colors and shapes of the knots and anchors. Take as much time as you need, it's not urgent.

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    I need a logo designed. 21 Knots is a technical consulting company in maritime and offshore oil ane gas industry. Our core services are ship design, engineering analysis, on-site project management and technical consulting Our website [login to view URL] I want to upgrade out current logo, points in mind 1) A logo which symbolises a more generic

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    Knot Project Bitti left

    Project . Different knots and uses .

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    Design project Bitti left

    Have started a wedding planner company. We have named our start up as 'Royal Knots'. (Celebrating togetherness)

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    ...are all about luxury, travel and leather. Our bags are minimal, clean and simple designs. Our leather is premium Japanese grained leather. The rope is marine grade and our knots are nautical. Our positioning is premium. Ideal customer is fashionable, 20’s or 30’s, semi affluent. • Our product competitors are Gucci and Givenchy drawstring backpacks

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    ...actual speed of the ship = distance / time (knots) αi = actual direction of travel (given in table above) G = unknown steering speed (ship speed if there were no tidal currents) βi = steering direction of the ship (direction of the ship if there were no tidal currents) T = unknown but constant tide speed (knots) θ = unknown but constant tide direction

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    ...13x13 inches…I will drill any holes on left side to place in photo album or scrapbook. Thickness of each piece of wood should be 3mm. All wood should be free of defects such as knots or cracks. Also, finished product should be sanded if needed so no rough edges, everything is smooth. All 4 corners should be rounded. Methods may include design, manufacture

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    15 teklifler of the ball halves and anchored on the inside of the ball with knots tied on the back side of a 1/4 inch flat washer. The two halves of the ball are then adhered together to create a ball with a 12" cord extending from the top of the ball to a grip that is formed by a few knots tied and then a mold created to adhere around the knot to create a bowling

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    ... We would like you to complete some other knots for an article we are doing. Please see references for what our other knots looked like. I am also attaching the AI files of the past illustrations. We need you to stay true to our branding/colors when giving the steps to complete each knot. The New Knots we need illustrations for are: 1. Tuna Knot

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    Logo Design Bitti left

    We need a logo that represents the interaction that takes place in complex systems. We like abstract ideas. Endless knots and overlapping loops as concepts but are open to other ideas. Something like the attached file. Needs to be clean and incorporate blue and green . See [login to view URL] for the color scheme. Maybe incorporate the business name

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    ...brand name is Venoose , from inspiration of my daughter's name Venus and the noose coming from our main product line of head bands with knots in them. I have done a quick Pinterest search for V logos with knots and leaning to these designs attached. The logo should embody a knot of sorts to represent the headband and the word noose and feel like

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    implement huffman libraries lisp prolo...structure and / or functions that keep them together ordered. The implementation of the various functions and predicates is relatively simple once it is exploited the sorting of knots and leaves. If you find yourself writing features or long predicates or complex then you are probably on the wrong track..

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    Design a Logo Bitti left

    I need a logo for my bagpiping business - I'd like it to be a seagull, (a local mascot,) made of celtic knots/a celtic knot pattern. A Google Image Search will give a good idea of some directions this might go. The seagull might be in-flight, with wings outstretched, or standing in-profile, with wings flat against its body. 2D, black on white,

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    ...- Compass course - Course over ground - Speed over ground - Log - Engine on/off - Rounds per Minute of the engine - Sail information - Wind direction - Windspeed in knots - pressure from device or manually - cloudage / rain / thunderstorm - Checklist: Safety check, Oil level checked, water tanks, etc... - Text for notes The motor hours

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    I am working on a Zero-player game, a bit like Conway's Game of Life...Conway's Game of Life, where cells fluctuate based on surrounding cells, and where the goal to generate Knots within a Dynamic Medium. I have posted a topic on [login to view URL] that explains the idea in more detail: [login to view URL]

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    I need some c ++ algorithms: 1) convert length / latitude to X, Y (WGS84) with 7 or more precision digits (better than 1 cm) 2) Algorithm ...It is used when an object oscillates between 2 different UTM zones. I give list of points to do the tests. You should test it using speed and course. velocity (in m/sec not knots!!!) x 0.2sec = module of distance

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    We need SEO-text for our website about "how to tie a tie". Describe some general information about tie knots (about tie knots, how to choose the right knot, tips, etc.) and describe how to tie the four most common tie knots step-by-step in 8 steps along illustrations which we provide. Total amount of text: about 1200 words. Language: English (native

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    We need SEO-text for our website about "how to tie a tie". Describe some general information about tie knots (about tie knots, how to choose the right knot, tips, etc.) and describe how to tie the four most common tie knots step-by-step in 8 steps along illustrations which we provide. Total amount of text: about 1200 words. Language: English (native

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    We need step-by-step illustrations of "how to tie tie knots". We need step-by-step-illustrations of the four following tie knots: Four-in-hand Knot, Pratt Knot, Half-Windsor and Windsor Knot. Each knot should be demonstrated in eight steps. We need one overview illustration/picture with all eight steps on it, with corresponding numbers, and also single

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    I have big data of ships(ship’s id, date(yyyymmdd), time(hhmmss), longitude(degree), latitude(degree), speed(knots), course(degree)) The time interval of the raw data is about 30seconds ~ 1 minute depend on receiving rate of antenna. That is why each data of ship has different time stamp. I’d like to calculate distance between two ships in the

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    LOTS OF KNOTS - Seeking a logo A recently launched hand made MACRAME business is seeking a STANDOUT logo. • Macrame is known as the art of decorating with knots. • Lovingly hand-crafted plant baskets, wall macrame, dream catchers and home decorations • A macrame gift can be the perfect present for your friends or family – helping them to celebrate

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    I am looking for an industrial designer that is able to design a unique hairbrush, using my unique brist...industrial designer that is able to design a unique hairbrush, using my unique bristle and brush design idea, with the main function of easily and painlessly removing hair knots. I will also require branding and packaging and material assistance.

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    We have published a game Knot - Link to Game is [login to view URL] I require 3 Advertisements developed for the game for Facebook / Instagram to be defined for following formats: 1. Single Image 2. Slideshow I need Freelancer to be able to work independently on Ad design and Copy and also be able to provide all formats required for above mentioned Ad types. Turn around time less than a w...

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    Trophy icon Develop a Corporate Identity Bitti left name is an anagram of "mobile". * The company name was created by combing the words "Mole" and "Zombie". * I really like celtic knots, vikings, space and planetary images. I have attached 2 celtic knots that I like. Additional Information: [login to view URL] https://developer

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    ...V = warning 4916.45,N Latitude 49 deg. 16.45 min North 12311.12,W Longitude 123 deg. 11.12 min West 000.5 Speed over ground, Knots 054.7 Course Made Good, True 191194 Date of fix 19 November 1994 020.3,E Magnetic variation 20.3 deg East

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    6 teklifler crest. It will need to be very detailed as this will be later turned into a tattoo with added detail. It's entirely Celtic in nature, so knowledge of drawing Celtic knots and the sorts will be incredibly helpful for you. I have done a couple of very very rough mashups to just give you a general idea of how I'd like it to be laid out and a couple

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    Design project Bitti left

    I need a logo designed. Hello my name is Kevin Clifton and I am starting up a tshirt company. Niche is geared towards gym goers. I ...geared towards gym goers. I wanted my personal logo to be an Irish Viking. Since I am Irish, have a wonderful big beard, and I am obsessed with Vikings. I would like some Celtic knots in there and my logo to look mean!!

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    Mathematics Bitti left

    Program a DLL or COM object for a Windows application that will compute B splines coordinates given the control points, fit points, and knots. You may use public domain software such as TinySpline. [login to view URL]' TinySpline is library for NURBS, B-Splines, and Bézier curves giving you access to several operations on splines

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    Need a logo for wedding planner business. The name is "KNOT THIS WAY". Logo should accomplish the below items: 1. Idea: It has to be something with "knots" and some relevance with wedding. 2. Color preferences: Nothing Specific 3. Our Company Vision: End to End services of all Wedding needs

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    Modifications to seabed system. Milestone 1 Speed up mark loading when opening a p...Adjust tide arrow painting Tide arrow painter adjust painting of arrows to show colours 0 - 0.5 knot = blue 0.5 - 1 knot = green 1 - 2 knot = yellow 2 - 4 knot = orange 4 knots plus = red Area of code SeabedSystem Projects[login to view URL]Drawing[login to view URL]

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    ...triangle. 5. ship's vector(=indicator with course and speed) The GUI should include ship's vector(it means ship's direction(=course) and speed) with 5 minute. Speed unit is knots(nautical mile per hour). Example, 12knots means 12 nautical mile/hour(60minute). So, 1 nautical mile/5minute 6. ship's id Ship's id also displayed beside ship's icon

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    ...comasutra Girl Let's get high and higher no such thing as too high I know it's cold as hell outside but girl my pool Hott Need ya hands on my neck stressed out gotta few knots iGotta invite from my rich friend that nigga got 2 yachts then we fight bout that girl I'm tried of the games girl we gotta get a new plot n I dnt rock jewelry all time

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    Design a Logo Bitti left

    We need a new logo for our company 21 Knots Design & Consulting Pvt Ltd. We main deal into engineering designs for Marine and Offshore requirements. Our idea is to have a more generalised logo with focussing on engineering across industries. I will need designers who have sense of understanding on engineering. We are not a e-com or designer

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    ...are the response of a sail boat, for a given sail setting, to the natural wind. The user has to have a table indicating for a given (any reasonable, say in between 10 and 30 knots) strength of the natural wind, the speed of the boat for any angle, at steps of 10 degrees, of the WTB. If the boat is symetric (very rare case) the values can be just in between

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    LOGO Bitti left


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    ...straightening their hair to conform to American societies idea of what beauty was, 80's Jheri Curl era, 90's era (Salt and Pepper hairstyle, Roxanne Shante etc.)., Weaves, Nubian Knots, Locs I have attached a few images of blaxploitation posters for reference. Please keep in mind I don't want to capture the era of that time or what was going on at that

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    I need to integrate compass widget to show wind speed in knots and wind direction on an html5 website. the widget i need is the one provided by [login to view URL] the weather data shown by the widget is generated by a tp-link tl-mr3020 meteobridge this is an urgent job!

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    ...the work. We have a number of snippets of code we use, but none are correct, and the vertical red and green lines we lack the knowledge of the 3ds Max objects to add in the knots/vertices and break apart the splines where they meet the horizontal yellow lines. We have a complete process document describing how we do the process by hand, but we want

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    I need to integrate compass widget to show wind speed in knots and wind direction on an html5 website. the widget i need is the one provided by [login to view URL] the weather data shown by the widget is generated by a tp-link tl-mr3020 meteobridge this is an urgent job!

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    ...someone else and hope you enjoy the idea of having your work on this project. Thanks in advance, and let's start tying those windsors, trinitys, true loves, aldridge, bull horn knots! To give an idea of what we are looking for, anything, it can be simple, it can use the letters in the brand name, it can use the T and G from The Gravatas, our ties are

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    Looking for a logo for my brand new shop "Modern ...Macrame". I'm a macrame artist specializing in handmade wall hangings. I use materials such as braided rope and cord. The pieces include hundreds and sometimes thousands of knots. I incorporate things from nature, healing crystals, etc. I'd prefer earthy tones in the design - no bright colors please.

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    Easy to follow tutorial book for basic knowledge of the following Learn to knit Learn to crochet Learn basic macramé knots Learn to handweave

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    I'm looking for somone that will be able to create program in C++ that will crate spimple knots automatically and manually on picturebox in 2D I have existing program but it still have errors I'm considering to make program from begining if it will be necessary If you are interested please contact me for more informations Im form Poland

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    Trophy icon North West Bay Scouts Logo Bitti left

    Design a logo for the North West Bay Sea Scouts. This must be suitable for...Bay Sea Scouts. This must be suitable for embroidery onto shirts. The group name is "North West Bay Sea Scouts" Suitable images would be things such as Anchors, Sails, Knots. EDIT: Pleas note that not all image elements are required together - these are just examples.

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. Hi my name is Suleman Fahad I am from England and i had a idea for a Gaming app. App is called connect online and play your with friends and family or you can choose to play against the computer. Within the app it will have games such; snake and ladders connect 4 knots and crosses

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    ...User fills out Number of Passengers 4. User hit search button 5. User gets results Functionality Calculate flight time based on distance (miles/km), flight speed (mph/knots) ([login to view URL]) and flight price per minute (7-8 different aircraft type prices) + fixed additional cost for each flight The Calculator tool should

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    ...need a function that will return the equivalent speed in knots for a movement of a specified number of degrees of longitude per hour at a specified latitude. I have an application where the user knows how many degrees per hour they are moving and I need to derive the speed in knots from that number at a given latitude. I hope this makes sense

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    4 teklifler "Perfect Assist Styling Aid" Smooth thru detangler is a creamy detangler (that can be used as a conditioner and/or co wash) designed to smooth the cuticle and remove knots and tangles while adding softness and shine to any hair texture. NOTE: it smells like peppermint and lavender Perfect assist styling aid is a moisturizing styling aid that

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