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    Hi, I am looking for a good graphic designer (not necessary a web designer) who can set up a PDF catalogue of all my products so people can download it online. (Ready for printing) See [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Basically a nice and simple layout to match my site with all products (approx 300) properly indexed by categories. All images and text is on th...

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    We have a need for design of look/feel for a small website (approx 5-10 pages). We are looking for someone to design logo, graphics and layout for this project. All pages will be static html

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    €180 - €270
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    We are looking to create a web-based email newsletter service as an application service provider. The payment system would be integrated with PAYPAL To get an idea of what we want in terms of features, quality and ease of use, The comparable sites would be: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (nice marketing website layout) [URL'yi görünt&uum...

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    Men's Portal Bitti left

    I need a quality site that essentially has the same basic layout and operation as [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] but it is more geared towards the readers of Men's Journal and Esquire. I need everything from design to installation of a script that allows me to easily update the articles and archive them. They will have to be able to be accessed later by t...

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    We are looking to have this mock up made into a a clear html page template. We also need so changes to is that are listed below. Project specs [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] this is the rough mock up. 1. Make all images and menu items, 2 small flash ads ( see bottom right and left side) Logo is done and will be provided. Right now there is just a sliced up p...

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    This project requires a website design similar to [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The project design needs to give the feel of a magazine setting. The news script can be as simple as just adding Fusion News. Since the script can be a free one that just needs to be implemented into the project...

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    I'm in need of a layout and logo. I need full rights and be able to put the logo on products to sell. I need something simple yet eye catching. I need it in a couple different sizes. I can provide my old logo and website for references, and sites that are smiler to mine. As far as the website goes, I need a simple design. I have two old layouts for references. I can provide all fonts, possibl...

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    We need layout and image enhancement to our current website as per attached document. Before placing the bid please do visit site browse it. We assume that you have navigated and understand what we do, what we develop and compelete understanding of what to be done. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work ...

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    I currently have most of the functionality of an IVR program developed using CT-ADE Graphical VOS. I am new to this, and may very well run out of time. So, I might need to pass this off to someone to finish! Caller calls in to a Dialogic JCT12-LS. Brief operational description. The enter a 5 digit product code. They then hear options (pre-recorded VOX/WAV file) to press 1 to hear summa...

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    Basic Requirements: Need an eCommerce/CMS system to sell our partners products & online courses & to manage their accounts along all accountancy to serve them our best with 100% customizable thru admin panel with few steps setup & backup feature. Terms & Conditions: 1) All documents (mp3 files + PDF flow chart + detailed word documents) can be downloaded from here [URL'yi ...

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    In osCommerce, I am currently using integrated labels, which allow me to print a customers invoice and shipping label on the same sheet. I had to custom change the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] file so the layout would fit on the integrated labels sheet properly. I installed a contribution the other day that takes multiple invoices, and creates a .PDF of all t...

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    newwebsite Bitti left

    Develop substantial web site following the owners© instructions on design and layout with the following features (1) two natural language search tools that search contents of html and/or pdf documents that are available on another website (may require creation of a database and automated transfer of public, non-copyrighted documents since the documents on the host web site are not accessible ...

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    Simple project.? I have a page that displays? perfectly on-screen, but loses visible table lines (that is, row and column lines within tables) when printed.? When printed, the? boundaries once separating the cell data no longer appear on the printout.? Pages uses PHP code for actual data, which? the programmer should not break or replace with static data in completing the project.? The...

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    We have a number of items all of the same nature that we need to put into a online catalogue format so that they are shown in a logicial order in relation to the price and other factors. At present it looks very one dimensional, their are maps and additional services that can be purchased in conjunction with the main choices however we need to make the ordering process more like shopping on Am...

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    Needed Face lift for my payment processors front page. Site is up and running. need a well designed front page.

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    I need a Lyx ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) layout for the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] LateX in order to write my dissertation with ease. The resulted layout will be made publically avilable for interested UF students under GPL terms. The layout must be optimized based on the mentioned LaTeX clas since it is the only one ...

    €27 - €4505
    €27 - €4505
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    I would like to improve the layout of the header for my phpbb forums. Note that I am using topics anywhere mod at the top of the page to display recent topics. I basically just want to better use the space at the top of the page. Here is the site: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I am attaching a copy of overall_header.tpl. I also have a mirror of the si...

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    Club Organizer Bitti left

    Club Orangiser: The site will need to be flash check out: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] i will need a site that will be similar to the one above. with the same flash where the text move when clicked on a subjected. But however the site will need a different layout to the site above! I will need 7 pages designed: Home page About Us Next event Gallery Co...

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    Hello, What I need is help finishing a very simple VB 6 program. I have a form with a Web Browser (the IE object), URL box, and a GO button. What I want the program to do is load the page into the Browser (I've already done that), then I want something like a screen capture to make a picture of the page, for the full length of the page. This means the page must scroll to show the full length ...

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    Project includes creating a flash intro and a few pages. Must be appealing and professional. This site is for a group of 10 offices located in the Niagara region. This site will be used to link to pages located on the corporate site which is [ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]][1]. It doesn't necessarily require the same layout. I have also attached some s...

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    Looking for a cool & unique logo for a local Church. Attached is the basic layout for the logo. There are four parts: 1. The mountains with the cross's 2. The Name of the church Calvary Chapel Sonrise (this might be a misspelling -Sunrise- so I'll check) 3. The Dove in the middle of the image 4. The sun behind the dove It does not have to look exactly like the image...

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    Require developer to help perform testing on undelete program. Must have access to different versions of Windows (from 95 onward), and NTFS/FAT/FAT16/FAT32 drives. Users with NTFS/FAT layout knowledge preferred. Confidential project, with IMMEDIATE start. Your bid should cover six hours of testing, which will be communicated via e-mail. Serious bids only please. ## Deliverabl...

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    I own a home decor/gift/custom invitation store. I need someone to create and design me a stunning web site with e/commerce. Very, very important is a new product/jewelry line that is going to prevail and I need help.

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    I need an application utility for "Grabbing Email Addresses" from various mail servers and web sites. Please read the attached file for further details. This projects needs to be comleted soon and hence urgency is a key factor. I would prefer to go though a brief case study and if possible some preliminary form / screen layout designs from the prospective bidders to help me in fianlising...

    €27 - €90
    €27 - €90
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    The type of website I am starting will require lots of ad copy and web content writing. I have problems even writing a grocery list so I will be hiring out all copy writing. At this time I need 1 sales letter and 1 flyer. The flyer is to encourage people to go to their town website (example: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ) and post or view local news, sports, p...

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    To convert a list of dates times and metres from chronological order to a table layout.

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    This is what we are looking for: 1) A website that will list out all our services and discusses it a) Shows pictures from different events b) What our mission is, who we are c) A little about the founder 3) Spot lights our new artists: I was looking for a page for each of them with their Bios, picture, contact info(which will be 1 main number and email for all) 4) Number of people w...

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    WebServ Admin Bitti left

    **Details **I need a webmaster and server administrator ??" you can use this bid request to bid for one or the other of both. Two things - you need to be good and you need to be cheap! **Web master/editor** I have several websites and applications which are hosted on my remote dedicated server (Apache Linux). Whilst I can edit some webpage information myself, I am not very good at design...

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    Photo Journal Bitti left

    I am interested in bids for a photo journal project. I am looking for the dairy functionality and gallery functionality found out In brief the main requirements: It shall have a photo gallery section, where photos can be uploaded and comments added. The photos shall be dated. Photos can be uploaded with or without change to their present size. It shall have a journal ...

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    Proposed key control program: Requirements ??" PC placement in operators area. This program will allow new keys to be entered or removed (for sold units), printing of reports for keys that are missing at the end of the day. Specs: PC based program ??" would like it to reside on the top of the screen like a tool bar and always remain on top of whatever program is being run. This program a...

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    I am looking for an ASP page or pages developed which will allow my customers to login and modify information about their account inside an Access database. I know this is a simple script. They should be able to view and modify all their personal information within the record, with the excception of their credit card information, which is encrypted. I plan to add more to this at a later time, but...

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    I am currently looking for a designer who can create 4 templates. Theme will be disclosed via PMB. Basic requirements are as follow: Must be created in Adobe Photoshop. Each design must be a unique layout and not made for someone else or virtual clones of one another. I will need full rights and they can not be resold to anyone else. Preferences for design are photo rich and dynamic. Will p...

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    We have an ASP.NET page that pulls info from a SQL database for dealers in each state. We would like the URL address for each state that we can put into an ASP page. I have combined the ASP.NET part with the US map that I would like to link each state to: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] This is for reference only. I just need to find a way to get a URL for each s...

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    I have various PHP files which connect to a Mysql database and form a basic website. At present these files are very basic and the page layout itself is also basic. I require a coder to simply sort a standard header and footer for all the pages and basically implement a theme onto the website. This would include custom buttons etc. and possibly a logo. I do have an idea as to what i would like...

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    The page: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I need: *navigation at the left (mouseover and the boxes style with shadow, but different colors may be used - mouseover) *top left pic, with the bar included as a seperate layer in psd, so i can change the pic inside *login field at the right * inner free field for different text contents, this should be framed (a ...

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    I'm working on a new product -a manual on effective use of press releases and public relations -for my target industry. I require someone to write approximately 30 short news releases. Many are duplicate topics (i.e. 10th anniversary in business, 15th anniversary in business, 20th anniversary in business). I will supply all the topics and in many cases, some sample releases to use as template...

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    I am looking to start a newspaper type of website focusing on articles. I will be using [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] template # 2466. I need someone that can set-up the back end so that its very easy for me to manage the site and add content. I need to be able to place banners on the site and I need that when an article is clicked on the article can be shown i...

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    News-Paper Bitti left

    Small company would like to publish newspaper on the web! Concept: On Left menu there should be categories Fe. Politics, Economy, Comments, Culture, Sport, Letters...etc Right side menu should have titles for some articles. Middle Space is for articles! Article should have a title and picture (small picture) Date, location, author, Short description. Article should have only 70 to 100 wo...

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    VIRTUAL STORE for research of PACKAGED GOODS We need the capability of conducting consumer research on package goods sold at retail stores. This capability needs to be demonstrated via a "virtual store" application (java application, .Net application) . A consumer will be asked to shop this "virtual store" just as they would a regular supermarket. Items will be moved off the s...

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    Arch Layout Example Having trouble understanding some basics of ASP.NET and need to an example of a specific framework layout, so that I can get back to work asap. ## Deliverables I need to make an Intranet of different Modules/Apps -- very similar to iBuySpy example, but not exactly -- hence my questions: Base WebSite There is one Base Web application called IntranetPortal... ...

    €27 - €90
    €27 - €90
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    I have three of my webpages that need some layout adjustments. Its pretty simple, just re-arranging some things to make everything look nice and organized. The pages are pretty content heavy, so adding a "FAQ" type feature to the top of the pages would be nice, to help the user navigate to the area of the page that they are looking for. Overall, probably less than a 1/2 hour of work. Th...

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    I would like 2 simple HTML pages. The attached zip file (a PowerPoint file) has an example of what I would roughly want pages 1 and 2 to do and look like, as well as some notes. Note: what I have is _very_ rough and ugly looking. I would like something a lot sexier. Page 1 ??" static HTML Page 2 ??" a questionnaire/form, the contents of which get sent to an email on the user hitting the ...

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    I need a script writing for a website that offers a free photo scanning service...user needs to do the following.. they go a wizard which asks what type of document they want scanning.. Choose from Photo Newspaper Book (I need admin page where i can add more) they choose that, click asks how many items they are sending (they put in the number,click next it then gives them a unique nu...

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    I run a website called It is an online dating site for Catholics. It is up and running and has many members. I need a coder with ASP 3 classic/Javascript/SQL 2000 abilities. I have had two different programmers create two different versions of the site and I want to launch the third version on April 1 for sure. I have created a very detailed requirements document that has over ...

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    Hi All! We require our homepages redesigned with a smart new layout..including a small amount of flash to be designed/used..The pages are an introduction to our site and need to attract customers. We already have all the content needed ready for you to implement..We Also have a layout style in mind. This job needs to be done quickly..Please dont bid if your bid is outside our bid limits... You m...

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    We are looking for a clone of In essence, a user can create an account, enter their eBay auction information, and select the maximum bid and amount of seconds to bid before the auction closes. The system will then place the bid for the user at the appropriate time. A user should be able to view all of their pending bids and delete/modify them. A user should be able to vi...

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    Hello. I am need of a single page web design for a small business web site. The current site can be viewed at < [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]>. The new design should include the basic layout of the current site. The top navigation bar should include flash buttons. The page must use CSS, tables, and the current logo. The template should be optimized for 800...

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    I need someone to design and layout my website. The topic is: A friends network, where friends can post pictures for their friends to see, using their mobiles etc. Example of current pages: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (less-than-alpha version :-) The page will be used by all kinds of people, both genders. So the design should not attract particular groups onl...

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    This is a screen design for a step-by-step process for setting up a website. **This is only a screen design and is not expected to be functional.** The winning bidder for this project, will have the first opportunity to code the project in another bid. There are a total of 5 steps, each of which should equate to a "screen" with additional sub "screens" for some. The screen...

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    I am self publishing my book. The eBook on which the printed book is based on has a cover graphics that is not owned by me. The gentleman has said I can use the image but never contacted me with details of payment or proof of ownership. Now that I want to publish the book I need a new image based on the one attached... I need a drawing/caricature of a Bull sitting on the toilette reading the N...

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