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    i need to do customization for VPASP shopping Cart to fit into my website design. this will be bilingual ARAbic /English I have the HTML pages ready with me. and i have a licened copy of VPASP shopping Cart. attached image of my home page. the programmer has to know VPASP shopping CArt application [ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]][1] the progammer ha...

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    I have installed Link Master Pro on one of my sites. It seems I must have missed something on the install because it does not e-mail me or new link sign-ups and it does not show their link on my link page either. I am sure it is probably something easy that I missed but I dont know what. I need someone familiar with this sort of thing to get it going for me. Please only bid if you can do this ri...

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    for my dating site i need help in these areas too, i want a help page, FAQ page, and terms and conditions, fully legal ofcourse, so i need someone who has knowledge in legal and business etc, thats 3 pages that i need done, let the bidding begin! thanks

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    The [web site][1] that requires an upgrade currently uses a customized CVS (May 2003) version of OsCommerce 2.2MS1 and runs on a Unix server. Although some pages suggest that 2.2MS2 is installed, I don’t think this is the case. The goal of the upgrade consists of adding specific functionalities given the type of services sold through the web site. The site is used to sell professional train...

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    Hello, I own Russian Sweets [ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]][1] I am looking for someone to put in a new backend. I need the same searches (by age and profile ID) I need a member protection area for the contact data as I already have. It is now protected in the Cpanel protected folders. I need a Master detail or Master detail detail delivery system. [URL'y...

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    We have a template from Boxed Art that we need modified to fit our website and include our links plus be sliced and a master HTML file created. Need done ASAP.

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    I need a site (with nice simplified flash intro-nothing too long but relates to the product - no people's faces) to sell fragrance products. Check out www (dot) adamsant (dot) com. It lists all of the prducts by categories. So, I need the ability to have an admin section to create categories, add in products, sell the products in a shopping cart via paypal. When someone makes an order, t...

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    Project Listing: Lead Management Program I am not technically versed, so I am not sure exactly what kind of development or programming this project entails… I need a Linux based lead management application that will sync with my preferred email client Ximian Evolution and utilize an existing database program. This app will automatically create prewritten HTML emails (with the capability t...

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    Simple Games Bitti left

    Update: There are now close to 40 bids for this project. So far I have spun-off four bid requests to buy games and I am talking to several other bidders. Don't let the number of bids discourage you if you have an interesting idea or an original approach. Thank you to everyone for your interest! New: I am now also looking for games that are not simple - side scrollers, strategy, etc. If y...

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    Excel Macro Bitti left

    I'm trying to create a macro in Excel 2003 that will go from one worksheet to another within a workbook and create a range name in each sheet that includes all the data within that sheet. Since the amount of data will change up and down, the macro needs to be able to create a name what will always include all the data without leaving any out and without including any empty cells. O...

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    Below is a outline of what I need. I'm sure someone can fix it. The person I had to install it, didn't know what they was doing.. It's a recipes submit program You can goto: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Below are notes to me from the person I brought the program from: I have the original CD. Here what you need to edit: •common [URL...

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    DavidvsGoliath Bitti left

    Every once in a while an opportunity crooses our paths where we get a chance to make a difference. If you are a person who understand the story of David vs Goliath then you should respond, if not then don't. I need 10 dedicated, talented, rebelious programmers who are willing to work for equity and a cause. I am developing a operating system using Linux Open Source that includes all the fun...

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    I need a simple website submission page in php or ? to run on linux for customers to submit the name, address, phone, website url and description to the page to be stored in mysql database. I need this to hook to paypal IPN SO INSTANT PAYMENTS CAN BE MADE! I want the payment information to be stored on mysql and a admin section so I can view all customers and payments. Need for it to be able to...

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    I need an american (US) citizen who has either master card or visa card issued in US, in order to help me in buying & gaining subscribtions with some particular sites such as newegg, [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and others. His card must be accepted by any site over the net with no any exceptions. Especaily Ibill plus CCbill proccesors. He must not refuse ...

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    Seeking a versitile Affiliate program coded in either linux or windows that can be easily configured to do the following things: a. Tie in to the Merchant backend of a merchant account or stats pages. (I.e. CCBILL/PAYCOM/ETC) b. A place where affiliates can check stats and download pre-configured zip files or html files with there affiliate codes embedded. c. An example of exactly what ne...

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    eccomsite Bitti left

    I require a small ecommerce site, with cart feature I will be selling maximum 50-100 different stock items I want a complete working site.. error free on both client end and admin end I want a nice clean design. With the ability to have a Graphic Logo on the main page --------------------- [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] --------------...

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    My company is has redesigned our website. Our designer has created a home page (template) and given guidelines for overall look and feel. We can provide the design in psd photoshop file or a firework doc. The drop down nav will be developed in flash and there will be several other flash elements (rolling banners etc) It will be about 30 to 35 pages, include a liveperson, worldpay, several form...

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    I have designed a web site for a singing group and they want to keep the master schedule on the web. I need a way for them to be able to add, edit and delete dates on thier own without my interaction - which is required now. You can look at the current layout at < [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]> and select Singing schedule. I want the schedule to eithe...

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    This personal Projects is a simulation of Public Computing Utility PCU (PCU encompasses the on-demand delivery of applications, in a security-aware, shared, scalable, and standard-based computing environment for a fee paid by the user). This project simulates the management of PCU resources (CPU, memory, disk, computational time and complexity, and rate of data access etc.). The picture of the sim...

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    €27 - €4530
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    Problem Solver Bitti left

    Problem solver required for commercial site about to launch. Skills required: Dreamweaver MX 2004; CuteFTP; PHP; PayPal; ClickBank; other scripts. This is a commercial site, approx 160 pages and is almost complete and ready to launch although there are some minor uploading problems that I cannot get to grips with. While I am reasonably adept at putting a site together I do need assistance at time...

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    €91 - €453
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    Provide an add-on Bill of Material to an existing Access database that allows us to update costs for products we manufacture by changing costs in the Item Master table. The system needs to be able to handle manufactured parts as well as purchased parts, and sub-assemblies. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of a...

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    I already have the project started in VB.Net 2003 and have the database in [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] is a software inventory database that keeps track of the software installed on PC’ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] are two parts to this. The first is using bound controlls, the second is using unbound controls. F...

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    We currently have about 20 or so procomm scripts that are run manually. We wish to automate this process, using a master control looping script that will scan an input dir for files, call the individual processing script, log everything, email alerts, etc. I am open to suggestions for which program to use (procomm, reflections, etc) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional...

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    Hi, I want to add a bit more funcionality to my URL rotator script. I have a fresh install at this URL: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] there is already a user: 881789 with password: pass or feel free to create a new account to get more of a feel of my requirments. Here's what I want doing: 1) to enable the members to enable / disable a site from rotati...

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    I need a team that can work with my existing ASP code and integrate a new design into my existing design and code. I have a programmer already working on the code, but I would need this individual or team to take all my existing code and put their design and graphics into it once I have approved them, and present me with a finished website. This team would stay with me on an ongoing basis every ti...

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    I had put this project out to bid before, so I apologize to everyone who already sent me their bids, but I've realized I absolutely need a team that can work with my existing Visual Basic and ASP code and integrate a new design into my existing design and code. I have a programmer already working on the code, but I would need this individual or team to take all my existing code and put their ...

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    I need a simple Master-Detail form built using VB6(will consider VB.NET if necessary). The form will display master records from a table consisting of six columns (3 character based, 2 bit, 1 integer) and detail records from a table containing 2 columns (1 foreign key integer, 1 character based). The form must support selecting/updating/inserting/deleting master records and detail records. The onl...

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    Require a programmer and web master to co-ordinate the development of a business opportunity web site. Features comparable to [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Design and copy will be provided. Site will allow business sellers to input their own ad and photo's, and upgrade to a more sophisticated listing including their own sub domain or mini site. Includ...

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    To design and layout models comp cards (ZED Cards) for "offset printing". These cards would be of a maximum layout of 8.5" x 5.5" but my vary based on needs. Design work should include necessary touchup to photos provide to present the best quality work possible. Each completed design must meet press print specifications. Comp cards should be designed for doublesided printing ...

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    Online Shop Bitti left

    Hello~ I am looking for someone that knows well what they are doing both on building a memership service and online shop. Graphics are HTML are being done in house, mainly coding, integration and future new add on projects required. I am seeking qualified PHP/ASP.NET/ColdFusion/MySQL or SQL 2000 database programming related candidates. This is a relatively simple project for those with build...

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    Hello' I need 4-6 banners standard (468x60) (.gif or .jpg) for a new site: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] - May use graphics located under "Glass Sex Toys" on the site for design elements - Can be animated but not required. - Can be flash but not required. - Try to use our color scheme - Would like master files psd file for future mods'

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    project1 Bitti left

    This project will depict a working live wine auction workstation worked on by the auctioneer in addition to another workstation worked on by the assistant to review, edit and print invoices for the successful bidder. It needs to have the ability to register bidder, sell the items during the auction, invoice customers with successful bids, and having the ability of the admin to set up the master da...

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    We have a "client-server" application written in RedHat Linux 7.2, currently configured and running on the server and clients. We want to eliminate the hard-drives from the client computers and have a "master" client hard disk (or image?) reside on the server so that the clients can run from diskless workstations. Each client needs to have a fixed IP (private) pre-con...

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    I have done most of the application , but need someone to finish it properly . This project is straight forward and should be done in VB.NET , in summary it is split in to three modules: 1- client 2- server 3- provider **_1- client :_** A client will have an items database (DBF file from a FoxPro application) that will be used in the client module . the client module is made up of th...

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    pocket PC Bitti left

    Brief Desciption: There are micro controller which you communicate using RS232 protocol. The communication we are goin to use is MOBUS. All the micro controller are slaves as this can be identified via the master sending a approriate address (where your program resides). The topology we are goin to use are: a) Master (a pocket pc such as O2 or Eten) b) Slave 1: Load pin (Master receive info FR...

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    €27 - €4530
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    I need a clone of GetResponse 2004 Pro, including all advanced functions and features. Please go to the website to understand the scope of the project before bidding. Thier site is: I have an acount with them, you are welcome to log in to check it all out from the inside. Contact me via PMB. I need all of the exact same functionality including the advanced features, ...

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    Forms Manager Bitti left

    A stand alone application. I will need different forms in associated catagories. For example: Shipping, Invoices, Check Sheets, etc.. I will explain which forms go in what catagory later. I need to be able to edit and customize the forms. Some forms will need columns, lines, etc..which will also need to be customized. The GUI needs to be different and non traditional, colorful with graph...

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    The project is made of 3 parts: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] side - Done by me in ISA or USB protocol. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] master is embedded microcontroller PIC18F2220 (I2C master) that works as a communicator and manager between the PC and the IOs. 3.IOs. based on the PIC18F258258. The IOs come in 4 diffe...

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    I want the sample of the Project title for who had done the studies of the computing master degree. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) All deliverables w...

    €27 - €45
    €27 - €45
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    I want to get the idea about the project title/thesis for the master of computer science which are for the research degree. I would like to know the standard and requirement for the thesis title as well. For bidder, you need only provide the Title of thesis and short abstract of the project title,once i accept the bids, i would like to get the specific detail of the objective and specification a...

    €27 - €45
    €27 - €45
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    We require a coder with sound knowledge of the UK law to review our existing license agreement (see attached). Right now, it states that slander may be liable for fines of up to $25,000... however the suggestion that doing almost ANYTHING wrong may incur this fee is a little strange. MOST likely it will invalidate the license agreement as being an UNFAIR contract. Therefore, we need...

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    This posting is for phase 1 of 5 of a larger project. Phase 1 includes the layout and design, as well as dynamic functionality, of an interface for an online classified ad site. It includes graphics as well as form objects. (The classified sections, login and other database-driven functions are not part of this phase.) The code should be primarily html and php. The code may also include a limite...

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    Hi I'm struggling with a TThread pool in Delphi. Ah! Critical sections... ;-( My basic thread is fine. It does the job. What I need is a uThreadQueueManager unit (or, even better, in component form, a TThreadQueueManager). The principle is this: - TThreadQueueManager is started when the application starts, ends and clears everything in its pool when the application stops. -...

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    The project is to complement a bigger project that is already being finished. We will provide DB & Table structures, except for the rollback procedure. All coding must be done in PHP with MySQL. Since its a part of a bigger project please dont bid if you can't deliver in these language/engine. Timeframe is 1 - 2 weeks. Please see under platform for part 3 of the requirements R...

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    We have this popup design (400x400) _[_ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın][][2] It needs to be redone from scratch according to these suggestions: 1. "I think the choices need to be about triple their size. 12 to a pop (3 across by 4 in each column) and with a picture of a "30 ish" man and woman with their arms up in a "victory"...

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    I need a complete dating site with ALL the special features of other dating sites. IE: Birthdays, Match%, Special Im box, people who have View you, World map, World Times, Invisible Login, Etc, Must have ASAP. it can be a clone of all of these, [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], [URL'yi g&...

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    We currently use mysql (on Linux/Redhat), and are looking to expand our setup to offer fail-over and load balancing on a second server.? We would like to set them up so they maintain certain tables in sync using replication. If one server fails, the other server should temporarily become the master. The idea is to keep our mysql-driven web sites running on multiple servers. The existing serve...

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    Enter roughly 3,200 records into offline datafile - prefer excel or filemaker. Data needs to also be exported to tab delimited file. One master records needs to appear first with field names in the record so data can be properl mapped/imported. Each record needs a unique id Each record contains the following field information 1) Market space (choice of 7 markets) 2) Publication Name 3) Published b...

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    WebServ Admin Bitti left

    **Details **I need a webmaster and server administrator ??" you can use this bid request to bid for one or the other of both. Two things - you need to be good and you need to be cheap! **Web master/editor** I have several websites and applications which are hosted on my remote dedicated server (Apache Linux). Whilst I can edit some webpage information myself, I am not very good at design...

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