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    Collections Project This will be a two part project -- one part using a Priority Queue and the other using a Stack. Part One Implement a to do list. Tasks have a priority between 1 and 9, and a description. When the user enters the command add priority description, create a task with the the priority and the description entered in the command. Then the program adds a new task. When the user enters...

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    We are an online smoking accessory retailer and require multiple photos of our glass products edited to standard. We have attached before and after photos demonstrating our expected end result of each photo.

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    Trophy icon Clothing designs 7 gün left

    My name is Alex Saidenstat I'm new to clothing industry but I'm starting my own brand.... No Quit Lifestyle. I am very passionate about anything that has to do with getting motivated and not giving up. I'm looking for [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Ideas for designs that would fit this mold. I'm really excited about this entire process but ...

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    Assignment 3 3 gün left

    It is the year 2045, the CruzX Rocket Inc. (CRI) has recently made its CRI-9 single use Rocket Systems (RS) available to the general public. Anyone can purchase the RSs to travel to the nearest celestial bodies (government permits and fees not included). The company has asked you to write a program that calculates the amount (in $) the customers owe for the purchase of the RSs. First, your program...

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    We need a very basic app that connects via Bluetooth to a bbq thermometer. The app needs to be able to set alarms for temperature and time. See attached for some examples. Basically, we need all of these features just with a different color scheme and branded to us as well as one additional page for types of smoking woods and what type of meats they pair with.

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    Logo Desing 3 gün left

    Dear Sir / Madam, I read your vacancy on your website with great interest I would like to express my interest in this position With my work experience I could easily fulfill this position and be a part of it to your team. Currently working at Flora Holland as an inspector, am looking for one challenging job where I can develop myself further. Am a very experienced employee, can work well indepen...

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    Increased urbanization in the developing world parallels a rising burden of chronic diseases. Developing countries account for 80% of global cardiovascular (CV) deaths, but contribute a paucity of systematic epidemiological data on CV risk factors. We are looking for an organization to help in researching to estimate the prevalence of CV risk factors in rural and urban cohorts attending general pr...

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    Please use the drawing included to design a pipe to be 3D printed, it is designed to have 3 different polygon shapes, the pipe bowl will be a polygon ball with a flat top and bottom, the stem will be a longated polygon and the mouth piece will be a polygon ball, the lines on the pipe in the drawing are meant to represent the edges of the flat surfaces, the thickness of the walls of the pipe need t...

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    Please use the drawing included to design a pipe to be 3D printed, it is designed like a polygon with 12 flat surface's to make the circumference (except the top and bottom of the main pipe bowl, it will have a flat top and bottom) , walls of the pipe need to 3/16" thick, and 1/8" for the bowl, the black dot on the side of the pipe bowl is a hole for the carb, the 14 black dots in t...

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    I want a dynamically add QML Code from my C++ source. I use Qt Quick in this way: m_engine = new QQmlEngine(); m_component = new QQmlComponent( m_engine, QUrl(resource_name) ); And this is the code I want to insert to achieve my QtQuick window will quit on ESC: Item { focus: true; [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]: { ...

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    a program that will act as asimple interactive calculator. Your calculator should include +, -, and *. Your calculator should also have “undo”and “redo”functionality. Implement the “undo”and “redo”functionality using two Stacks implemented with linked lists. Each node in both stackswill include an operator and integer [URL'yi görünt&...

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    I need an iPhone/iPad and Android app. I would like it designed and built smoking app in multilingual

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    I need a logo which is unique, simple and fresh. My company name is Know yourself and its aim is to encourage people for good work. Specially for those who wants to get themselves away from bad habits like crime, smoking, drinking and other stuff. Thank you.

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    php project Bitti left

    USER & ACCESS Management : This unit lets users register, edit profile, login, logout; view, join and quit jobs; check access control. Staff, manager, and admin users may manage other users and their roles and access policies… Every time when a user does/clicks-on something the system should check (via the access/policy control matrix) who the user is, does the given user has permission...

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    Data Description: The data at hand contains medical costs of people characterized by certain attributes. Context: Leveraging customer information is paramount for most businesses. In the case of an insurance company, attributes of customers like the ones mentioned below can be crucial in making business decisions. Hence, knowing to explore and generate value out of such data can be an invaluable ...

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    Trophy icon logo contest Bitti left

    I am starting a company to make bracelets for Covid. Red bracelets indicate you want people to stay their distance, don't come close, your scared, or your are immune compromised. Green bracelets indicate you are safe, have antibodies, or don't care if folks come within 6 feet. The bracelets will be silicon and very similar to the Livestrong bracelets. The company will be called [URL...

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    my project has five-question, need help with coding below is the sample question Have a user input the name of a month then print out a statement that tells them how many days are in that month. the program should tell the user to enter a 'q' if they want to quit the program. the initial promt should look similar to this: input the name of a month or q to quit. the statement should loo...

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] is a tee-shirt and accessories website. We design tee-shirts for the gym industry. I want to run a competition each few days to find the best design for the Saying of that day. Today's saying is: I won’t quit. But I will swear the whole time! Make a design to go on a Black Tee-shirt. I leave the design totally up to y...

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    COMP 6032 Programming Basics Lab 3 Converting Coordinates A small lab on user input, validation, loops and using a function. All project groups. Coordinates describe a location on a planet’s surface. The convention is Latitude which is the angular measurement Between -90° (Geographic South Pole) , 0° (Equator) and 90° (Geographic North Pole). -90° and 90° are ...

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    I need some graphic design for a t - shirt. “BiG19” Short concept... I would like character created from your creative minds. Any character can work as long as it’s relevant to streetwear and new art culture. As long as the character is either spray painting “BiG19” on a concrete wall or the character is sitting on the “Big19” concrete wall smoking ...

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    Launching soon is our new website dedicated to printing small signs. We require hundreds of different artworks to be produced (within given themes) in COREL DRAW to be shown on our website. From “No Smoking Signs” to “No Parking Signs” to “Office Hours Signs” and “Menus”. From traditional and informative to cool and funky the designs will cover th...

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    Critical appraisal on article about smoking cessation.

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    This web application is for company's internal user management. It has admin dashboard where users are added. Each user has set of permissions which defines what they can do inside application. Actions that users can do is to create/modify/delete records, upload images, generate statistics, fill forms, review other users. Project is written in PHP. It uses Laravel Framework. Frontend is Vuej...

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    I need to demo my product which goes in product catalog. I need someone to give me dummy (which looks and feels like a hotel room checkout page) .. We can copy image or make it static. Let me find something from Holiday Inn or Hilton Hotel checkout. It will have room option & bed preferences (smoking/non-smoking) Few pictures to show room description Check out cart button with tax, discount c...

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    I was wondering if it is possible to advertise my website, we sell cbd products and smoking products such as grinders, skins, etc..

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    I have a number of pages that require graphic design work for instagram. I would like a mix of Carousel infographic type images, single image posts with high quality consistent styling and typography. For the right person, I have up to 4 different pages that I would need this service. Here is an example of what kind of Carousels I would require: - [URL'yi görüntülemek i&cc...

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    Project Objective: Complete a C program so that it is a simple Unix shell. The basic C program file will be provided. Tasks: (1) Complete the for loop so that it correctly constructs the args array (without using any functions) (2) Add an if-else to check for the commands "quit" and "cd”. - In the case of "quit" the program ends. - In the case of "cd" t...

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    ** The designer we’ve been working with on a project had to quit, due to some family issues. We need to find someone who will pick up where she left off and bring our project to completion. ** My company is building a niche jobs marketplace platform for the healthcare industry. We already have 60-70% of the experience designed but there are several screens missing for our web experience. An...

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    Trophy icon a1a auto & Truck Bitti left

    I am looking for a muscle car pulling about a 50' cigarette boat on a trailer near the water. Like the car has just pulled out of a boat ramp, or the car and boat sitting with a desert background or palm tree setting. Or another with the car and boat with the car smoking the tires as it accelerates pulling the boat down a highway or not moving at all. I would like the name as a logo on the si...

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    I have a need for a visual basic for applications macro that searches a Word documents for lines of specifically formatted text. The Word documents are preformatted by a major switch manufacturer and contain the Method Of Procedure for installing and setting up their line of Photonic switches. The documents the company sends us contain numerous numbered paragraphs that contain setup instruct...

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    so basically the game revovles around in a water park when u spawn you will spawn in the beginning of the map which you can choose to skip the tutorial or you can stay and learn the basics of the game their will be a water park a big one with cpus you will throw the water balloons at the cpu and they will chase after you as if they are angry and if you hit them 3-4 times with the water balloon the...

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    I need a project for the Advertisement panel on the bus. my aim is to get the real-time passenger counting as a viewer of an advertisement for our Android-based advertisement panel. (no need 100% accuracy) I have also embedded a camera for the Driver monitor. For driver View, I need Driver behavior analysis and alert system, there are 4 major actions. 1. Driver divert detection. If driver didnot...

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    Image of comical devil , around a 50yrs old ,small stubby horns approximately two or three days whiskers/ beard , blue collar type guy , with mischievous smile / snarl / grin , wearing well worn , blue collar , coveralls from waist and above , round name tag patch on left chest area with the name " Lucifer " maybe smoking cigarette or cigar

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    I created a small program in Pascal language (Delphi). It is written with Delphi RAD XE 3 (Embarcadero). I Have VMprotect with WebLicence module licence WebLicence server is up and running VMprotect has all Delphi codes in examples. I just need to integrate them I just need to integrate them I need coder to integrate the VMprotect code into the Delphi program so it call server for activation a...

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    We are looking to design a Harry Potter themed glass pipe. The color base of the pipe will be as shown on "Black Pipe 1-4" files. Idea 1 - We would like to incorporate the color from the Scarf file on black and add Harry Potter symbols such as the glasses and scar. If there is a way to have the scarf wrapped around the pipe, that would be cool too. Idea 2 - We would like to incorporate...

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    I Jessica Philemon am looking for a manager so help take me to the next level within the fashion, photography and marketing industry. I'm passionate and hardworking but I find it difficult to motivate myself alone. Aslo I would love to eventually quit my 9-5 job. King regards. Xoxo

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    Hi, We have outsourced the same 11 pages Adobe XD design to 3 developers and they failed badly to do the task and quit half way down the line, they QUIT! After seeing the design, (Attached in notepad). Please, do NOT apply if you are not confident. If you can message me and lets discuss. Project Details: I am looking for somebody who can convert 11 pages Adobe XD pages using - (FRONTEND: Boots...

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    Hey there, my name is Brandon Maloney and I am the CEO and owner of Sketchs Ink custom paint shop located in Ottawa Ontario Canada. I've been in business for over 6 year and have been an entrepreneur all my life. I've wanted to write a book for a long time now and am finally taking the plunge into sea of literature. I've got big goals and have seen a moderate amount of success. I...

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    Hi, We have outsourced the same 11 pages Adobe XD design to 3 developers and they failed badly to do the task and quit half way down the line, they QUIT! After seeing the design, (Attached in notepad). Please, do NOT apply if you are not confident. If you can message me and lets discuss. Project Details: I am looking for somebody who can convert 11 pages Adobe XD pages using - Html, Css3, JavaSc...

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    You are the assistant manager of your neighborhood Java Barn (a local coffee shop chain). Recently, you and your general manager have been noticing that staff have not been observing COVID-19 safety protocols as strictly as they were during the early months of the pandemic. Specifically, you have observed your staff interacting with customers from a distance of less than 2 meters, failing to con...

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    I want to make an instructional poster in the style of an airline safety card on how short girls can get into and out of a large bed. The story: I made an extra large bed (i'm very tall) and people (girls) have trouble getting into it. So i'm making a joke/poster of it. Segments: -info: No smoking, no eating in the bed, no phone usage while others are in the bed, warning of height ...

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    Hello! My name is Marco and I am an enthusiastic [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] hobbyists. Since 10/2019 I could use the Azure Mobile Service (Backend and SDK) to fit my needs of backing up data and work with cloud driven and local synced tables in my app(s). When Microsoft decided to quit that service called “easytables”, things became very diffic...

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    Interactive Shell: Write a C/C++ program to implement an interactive shell in which users can execute commands. Call this program myShell. Create an infinite loop (while(1)) that repeatedly prompts the user to enter a command (see example output and input below). Before executing the command entered by the user, the command must be compared against the list of supported commands shown here: dir h...

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    This is video is to introduce a diabetes prevention program for a non profit organisation. No time limit on the video and it can be rendered as purely animation. The introduction will involve describing the problem of diabetes globally and locally. Thereafter, the objective is to brand the programme which focuses on six steps that can be undertaken to reduce risk of diabetes - physical activity, ...

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    We are looking for Professional Logo for our company We are are looking for an Aboriginal inspired theme with some smoke. Have fun with it and we look forward to what you guys come up with. Our logo draft design is the attached picture. Please include [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] aswell Ceremonial smoke, not cigarette smoking guys :) Cheer...

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    I'm a Computer Science graduate student who worked on a few small projects using technologies as Node.js, Express, Mongoose, React, Java and C++. I need a few advices about how to follow the right path in becoming a freelancer as I recently chose to quit my job as a RPA Developer and started to work on my own. I'm recently working on a project in Node.js, Express and Mongoose for an IOs ...

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    I require some high definition custom images drawn up for my website content to use I will accept multiple images as winners for the competition as I require multiple images. My website is based around cannabis gift boxes which includes smoking products and american snacks placed in them. I will also end the contest early once I received enough images i require.

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    I have an application that uses PHP and Python to run a website scraper. It quit working a couple of days ago (after working for over a year) and I need someone who can troubleshoot both applications. I suspect it is a Python problem, it is not returning any output. I am including both sets of files for review. I can provide access to a test site where you can work.

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    I have an app for iPhone and android... iPhone quit working with iOS update.. it uses google map api... need to get iOS working... used swift and php I believe... looking for someone long term to update app and keep it running.. also helpful if you know java for android also but I need iOS working first. App is [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Fleas Shows and Mor...

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