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    I want an excel file to be created with the same font that previously created in Excel. There are 2 photos. Photograps of the article is available. There is also an example excel file, but it needs to be the same as in the photo by making changes on the font. Each character of an excel file that you will create must be exactly the same as photos. This is an urgent job needs to be completed immediately.

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    Bir proje bazlı iskambil kağıtlarına oturtmak üzere orta dünya diye adlandırdığımız karakterlerin (orc-dwarf-elf vb.) tasarımı

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    İllustrator Photoshop kullanabilen oyunlarımız için poster calışmaları game character background calısmaları yapılacaktır.

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    Merhaba abi Biz bi youTube kanalı açtık 2 kisiyiz fakat logo ve banner eksik bunu bi zahmet yapabilirmisin çünku biz anlamiyorum. Banner:Kafalar gibi 2 kisi yüz fotografi cartoon olmus şeklinde gelecek ustune ve arka planda YouTube iceriklerine gore bi seyler ve her cuma bi video ve abone ol gibi ve Instagram falan oyle seyler. logo:yuzumuz cartoon şeklinde ve altina kanalı ismi gelcek abi kanalı ismi Karagel olacak. Iyi gunler

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    We need to articles that include English articles and SEO for an Online Casino Sportsbook content site that serves internationally. Keywords: Free Spins, Free Chips, Online Casino, Welcome Bonus, Casino Bonus etc. Character counts: 400-1000

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    Çalışma 2 konu olarak belirtilmiştir. Ayrı Word belgeleri üzerinden çalışması gerekmektedir. Her biri 250'şer kelime olacaktır. ...Word belgeleri üzerinden çalışması gerekmektedir. Her biri 250'şer kelime olacaktır. 1. Konu: Virginia Wolf writes: "for most of history, the anonymous was a woman". Watch the film Her (2013, Spike Jonze) and comment on the physical absence of Samantha who exists as an anonymous artificial intelligence. Discuss in 250 words femininity in the film in the absence of a female body. the female character exists in voice, etc. 2. Konu: Anonymity in the city Bu çalışma için ekte kaynak yer almaktadır. Bu noktada biraz da günümüz koşulları ele alınarak konu bir veya 2 kayna...

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    Bana bir profil resmi için ıllustrator veya cartoon resim yapılacak

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    Proje bazlı outsource çalışacak freelance grafikerlere ihtiyaç vardır. İş Tanımı:Çocuk kitabı için Cartoon tasarımları ,Maskot tasarımları,Karakter tasarımları yapı tasarımları yapılacak.

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    Everybody has her/his own account and I would like to get text message from specific users and send an answer to that text messages w/o any number of character limitation. Each message should be private and may not be seen by other users. Each user has at most 5 message right to send per month. This info should be seen on the screen.

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    Some character statue modelling with ZBrush or 3D-Max etc.

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    Karakterimizin 3 boyutlu modellemesi yapılacak ve 10-12 saniye civarında bir animasyon videosu hazırlanacak. Video 2 bölümden oluşmakta: 1- Karakterimiz önce el sallayıp ardından 'içeri buyrun' şeklinde bir hareket yapacak. 2- Karakterimiz b...saniye civarında bir animasyon videosu hazırlanacak. Video 2 bölümden oluşmakta: 1- Karakterimiz önce el sallayıp ardından 'içeri buyrun' şeklinde bir hareket yapacak. 2- Karakterimiz başarı işareti yapacak ve gülümseyecek. Karakterimiz ekte mevcuttur. For English; Our character must be made 3d character and an animation video for 10-12 seconds. Video has 2 parts: 1- Our character is gonna wave its hand and then welcome us. 2- Our chara...

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    1 - Turkish character problem; metadata , the search will be corrected by the control with all content. 2 - automatically increase the price of the item selected. Example : Selecting the current price of housing 90,000 Add price of £ 5,000 on as 95,000 3 - ads will be held for all turkey calls 4 - Structure Approximate Cost Calculator tool -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 - Türkçe Karakter sorunu ;    metalarda , aramada , tüm içeriğinde ile kontrolün edilerek giderilecek . 2 - seçilen konutların fiyatını otomatik arttırma .    Örnek : seçilen konutların şuan ki FİYATI 90.000         ...

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    Arkaplan resimini değiştirebilmek istiyorum. Play, Character yazan yerler menü olacak. Tıkladığımda sağ tarafta menü sayfası açılsın. Üye kayıt sistemi olacak. Ekran çözünürlüğüne göre menü ve arkaplan kendini boyutlandırsın. Teklifim: Toplam 20 $

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    Bana 20 adet insan karakteri lazim. Bu cizim yapabilecek arkadaslar ariyorum.rnA designer who wants to draw me 20 person charter for me.rnDrawing who can draw send me demo png.

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    My project is a drawing of me and my 2 friends as south park characters, it's for my friend's birthday, if you are interested contact me asap so we can talk about the price etc

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    Here at lake Camanche we are looking for someone to create us our very own mascot to add to all of our personized items that our lake will be known by. We are already known as the lake of the "monster fish" We are looking for a hip, fun, family friendly character. I hoping to have a universal character that we can put on merchandise promoting family time. Attached is our current logo so making it compatible would be glorious.

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    Your solutions is not allowed to use any of Scheme's imperative features; i.e., you may not use any Scheme built-in with a name ending with the ! character. The provided files contain hints for each individual question. This section provides general hints. The unit tests provided for each function have been commented out. Uncomment them after making your first attempt at the function. You may encounter the limits on the number of 'a' and 'd' characters in the c[ad]+r functions. In that case, simply break up your desired function into multiple functions.

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    I have written stories about this character. She is the descendant of the goddess of love and they try to stop the god of hate from poisoning existence with pure hatred. At the closing of my stories the spirit of the goddess merges her soul with this character creating this 'final outfit' if you will. I think i have a solid design but im not married to the color scheme, and im not a artist but i care about this piece and haveing a pro would mean a lot to me

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    Here at lake Camanche we are looking for someone to create us our very own mascot to add to all of our personized items that our lake will be known by. We are already known as the lake of the "monster fish" We are looking for a hip, fun, family friendly character. I hoping to have a universal character that we can put on merchandise promoting family time. Attached is our current logo so making it compatible would be glorious.

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    ...using a 7 segment display. When the system is active, the display will show character A. When it is closed , the display will show character 0. The switches below will be connected to each sensor output. • sw[0] – window 0 • sw[1] – window 1 • sw[2] – window 2 • sw[3] – door sw[4] (Variable Y) will be the on/off switch and it will used to activate the alarm system. The variable A is defined as the output. This variable will have logic level 1 when a burglar triggers the alarm otherwise the output will be at logic level 0. The project should work as follows: • Before any switch is turned on, the 7 segment display should display the character 0. • When sw[4] is turned on, the 7 segment display should display t...

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    Change this cartoon to have the goose without hat, Have the truck be blue. Underneath write SWAN Insurance - 858-381-3108

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    Trophy icon Logo for a painting Company 2 gün left

    I need a logo for a painting company. I have two very crude drawings and am open to either design or maybe both. Im fairly open just stick to the basics of one of the drawings. If I like your work I may hire you to design a logo using the other drawing aswell if I need it. The company is called Mr. Paint. I want the logo to include a cartoon-style paint can guy. The one is the paint guy leaning/painting the company name. the other is the paint guy painting the name across his chest.

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    Create a logo for new company, Jill Delicious Delectables - which is a catering and meal prep company. The idea for the logo is a cartoon sketch image or a young brown girl with curly hair on top of her head, making the ASL symbol for delicious with her fingers to her mouth. The words Jill Delicious Delectables around the image. The company was founded by Jill - and her childhood nickname was Jill Delicious. She is African American and has curly black hair and she is an ASL sign language interpreter. The entire budget for the logo is $75.

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    This position requires an energetic, optimistic, confident and optimistic personality. Individuals have to be v...optimistic personality. Individuals have to be very goal driven, determined to win, willing to fight "not interested"? Feedback and emphasis on learning the material provided. This role does not sell any products and services, but creates an accepted prospect for the products and services we offer and schedules an appointment that qualifies as specified by the company. It's a very fun and dynamic character with huge earning potential and plenty of room to grow. A solid understanding of typing and general computer skills, clear and strong communication skills, organizational skills and a very solution-positive attitude, as well as general calendaring and em...

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    NFT character 2D design 6 gün left

    We need side-face character NFT. Style is realistic, like GTA V or The moive "get ready player one" - Robot - Human - Orc - Allien - Witch - Draculla 7 kinds x2 genders with background image too. Total = 12 picture Budget is 30$ / picture Please send draft first before getting award. Can award no more than 4 pictures per freelancer to make sure the deadline is reached Please send portfolio too Thank you

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    Need a sleek design for my Esports gaming team. We are called "Kurayami Tribe". The logo can contain just "Kurayami" or both "Kurayami Tribe" You may also implement the Japanese characters ”暗闇” into the logo somewhere. The color scheme should be white, black and a little bit of red. I have attached pictures of the character our team is based on, the mask of the character should be part of the logo, you can also add some tribal spears into the logo as well.

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    ...Functional analysis of new implementations Experience performing regression test automation Desirable Skills: Experience with Trello Other attributes Able and willing to work independently and in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines, with minimal supervision Willingness to explore new tools and technology Strong analytical and problem solving skills Strong team player, easy-going character ...

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    I want a 3d animation character(any character) Showreel

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    Game Art Design 6 gün left

    Character (avatar) shoulders up design with various moods and diversity and mildly caricatured. This is for a poker app, so style should reflect a casino/poker game theme. The intent is to develop around 24 to 60 characters.

    €25 - €51 / hr
    €25 - €51 / hr
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    Looking for the creation of a band character (heavy metal style mosquito) and band name (“MALARIA” - all caps in Metallica style lettering but maybe a bit more gothic or menacing. Dark Orange 3-D lettering with black background). Looking for the character to be playing guitar in 3-D and look more heavy metal than cartoon funny, also black background. Pic of first attempt at name included… just for beginning reference.

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    Trophy icon I want to call this "Sea - 10" 2 saat left

    I have a 1966 "C-10" chevy pick up truck show truck that is a Sea Green color so we named the car "Sea - 10" we are looking for a logo/word design that incorporates the word "Sea - 10" so we can give our truck a little more character. Im looking for something that flows think the color of the truck and the ocean.

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    We have worked with our client on four mergers over the year. Three were successful, one was not. We'd like to create a cartoon gift to share with the client as a momento of our work together. There would be 7 individuals to be depicted in the image (and a shout out to the animals named in the subject line). The Buffalo was the merger that did not go ahead...

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    I need to download a character on my computer to adobe Character. I am having trouble and need someone to do the transfer. If you have anydesk or Team Viewer you should be able to accomplish this is seconds if you know Adobe Character.

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    hi so for my youtube banner i would like to make a cute cartoon things i seended you a screenshot of how similar i would like it looks.

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    Trophy icon Make me cartoon 12 gün left

    I would like a cartoon of two enemies that work together to build something big. Instead of fighting and competing against each other they use their skills together to create a large hotel.

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    A work Christmas party for 22 guests in a private room who would all love a caricature to remember their special night please

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    Logo designing 5 gün left

    The main task is to create our new logo in which the name (text) should also be the Logo. Name is "sco2re" (2 should be inferior character) Topic is linked to CO2 reduction and a sustainable future Criteria for Design: - Logo is the name (text) - text should be minuscule - CO2 (2 = inferior character) should stand out - easily readable - quick understandable - not too colourful - not fussy The offer should include - 3 revisions - A Logo Version which includes Logo and the text certified - optional: the Logo should also work in shades of grey

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    need someone to take my logo and Separate the 2 Characters into 2 separate characters and make a few individual designs with them like changing out a few things on them so I my use these characters as I wish in my videos. contact me for more details and budget

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    I am looking for an experienced ghostwriter for a Romance with a twist and hopefully developed into a standing long-term relationship. I want dialogue and steamy sex scenes. The book will have character, it will be funny, it will be sad/scary, it will have meaning, and it will deliver a message. With a new direction, plot development and an outline may be needed. I have detailed it below. I am looking for the voice of Colleen Hoover and Molly McAdams. I say this because I have already hired three people. One I loved, and we worked great together. She was able to help start me in the right direction with a brief outline and path. I have outlined it further. I loved her voice and tone, which was exactly what I was looking for. She had an unfortunate family emergency and has taken a...

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    I DO NOT ANSWER GENERIC SPAM REPLIES! If you are not a bot start your offer with - "CAT" PLEASE READ THE ABOVE LINE! I have an NPC with a developed Behavior Tree and AI (VisAI attached below) but no animation. I need an animated NPC which runs this behavior tree. I want to use the Advance Locomotion System v4 NPC integrated into ...not a plug-and-play system and can be confusing if you are new to Unreal. You need to include the corresponding ALS animations for all behavior states. Align with me on which animations should be used per state. The NPC needs to work as described in the behavior states diagram with the corresponding ALS animation when the player approaches it. Development presumably only in blueprint, but character base class is C++, so ability to read C++ ...

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    ...collected. The central processing node must read these incoming messages and respond back with the necessary data a hardware engineer has rigged up all incoming communications to be routed into the “standard in (stdin)” and all out-going messages to be collected via the “stdout” All messages are communicated via an ASCII string, which includes a header byte ‘#’, and are terminated by a new-line byte/character ‘n’, in the following format: #ID<sensor_node_id>,time:<timestamp (2dp)>,temp:<temperature (2dp)>,seis:<seismic_data (2dp)> All floating point values are sent with 2 decimal places. For example, the following message: #ID20,time:245.50,temp:26.75,seis:0.48 Would indicate that a measurement from station...

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    create 10 captions for instagram posts for kids entertaining agency business. about us: whatAparty is a entertaining agency that organizes unforgettable parties with your kids’ favourite characters. We provide full range of services from decorating your place, catering the party to entertaining children of al...entertaining agency business. about us: whatAparty is a entertaining agency that organizes unforgettable parties with your kids’ favourite characters. We provide full range of services from decorating your place, catering the party to entertaining children of all ages.  We will bring a magical atmosphere so a birthday man and all the guests will feel themselves like a part of their favourite cartoon&movie with their beloved heros and characters. Pictur...

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    Hello, This is for our upcoming mobile game; some of the references are attached; let me know when we can start. Bid for 5 characters now. NO NEED TO RIG, NO NEED TO TEXTURISE*

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    I have a character that i would like to turn into multiple variations. so i need assets for it.

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    Need Quality Cartoonists 4 gün left

    Need high quality original cartoonists to make cartoons with our existing cartoon characters.

    €254 - €763
    €254 - €763
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    Furnace Halloween costume 4 gün left

    I would like a Halloween costume to be made based off a a Sonic creepypasta character. I would hope to get this by Halloween, I attached 3 files, the original metal Sonic for reference, and two pieces of fan Art depicting furnace (creepy pasta character) I would like the costume to look like the second file but I do not like how narrow his nose and face is, so the third file is once again a piece of fan art but it's more faithful to the original material, and is how furnace actually is meant to look like, of course I will allow creative liberties to be taken I just don't want it to look fancy last fantastical like the third one file. Thank you have a good day.

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    You have to develop the responsive form components in React Js Bootstrap. For the password input field, this (The password must contain a Special character, Upper Case, Numeric, and 8 digits) are the validations. If there is any validation missing then the related validation words must highlight in #FF5630 color and if characters meet validation parameters then those words have to highlight in #38CB89 color. If confirm password does not match then show the error message below to it like First Name in the mockup. On-click the eye icon it has to show the password and hide vice-versa. Add animation effect on-click the eye icon. For pin, it has to highlight in #1E519F if the input field is filled. On load of the first input field must be active with the cursor in it and the same applie...

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    I need a drawing of my personal cat for a children’s book. He is grey and white with green eyes. I have included a couple photos of him. Im looking for more cartoon than digital. Something kinda cute. Full body. Needs to look just like my cat.

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