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    World Class Designer Gece Elbisesi ve Aksesuarları Kiralayan ve Garage Sale ile dönemsel satış hizmeti verecek kurum için Blog ve web sitesi oluşturulması

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    I'm looking to build a website for my epoxy garage flooring business with the primary purpose of generating leads for potential customers. - The website should be visually engaging, utilizing high-resolution photographs. These photographs, potentially of our past and best works, will enhance the site's appeal and help draw potential customers in, making a strong visual case for our services. - An important feature of the website should be a portfolio section where our completed projects can be showcased - this will act as practical examples of our offered services and helps to build trust among potential clients. - The ideal candidate for this project must have web design and development experience, specifically in creating visually-oriented and lead-generating website...

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    Hi! Long time :) wow. So much has happened in my life, it’s been crazy :( But I have a project ready to send - just need some help? I have audio files on Garage Band that need editing. It’s Acoustic Guitar and Vocals. Then, I have a video to match these exact audios. I need to edit and mix the audios, pop a little tuning and reverb on, nothing too flash. Then just add the audios to the videos with a basic fade in and fade out effect. Nothing else. I’ve 6, around 2 mins each

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    I'm seeking a licensed structural engineer to review and sign off on a set of residential structural plans in accordance with the City of Lancaster, CA building codes. The plans are now complete and ready for submission. Key Tasks: - Review the residential structural plans, focusing on the detached garage or carport elements - Ensure the plans are compliant with City of Lancaster, CA building codes - Sign and stamp the plans, certifying their safety and compliance Skills and Experience: - Licensed structural engineer in the state of California - Extensive experience with residential structural design and review - Familiarity with the specific building codes and regulations in the City of Lancaster, CA - Strong attention to detail and ability to work efficiently Please ensur...

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    ...feet (total under roof must be 2500 square feet or less). - Architectural Style: The house should be designed in a traditional style, consistent with classic, timeless architecture. - Floor Plan: I'm looking for an open floor plan, promoting a sense of spaciousness and flow throughout the house. - Bedrooms and Bathrooms: The house should have 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. -Single story -2 Car garage, garage must be on the left hand side of the home -No pocket doors -8 Foot walls -One of the bathrooms must be accessible from both the outside and the inside of the home. -Living room and master bedroom must have a sliding glass door -Must have a hip roof -Must also deliver the CAD file Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing traditional style houses...

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    I'm l...responsibilities for this project include: - Drafting accurate structural designs – this includes producing detailed plans in a timely manner - Analysing structural components to ensure they satisfy our functional requirements and adhere to the latest local building codes - Requiring slab design, wind bracing, tie downs, and truss connection detail to existing trusses, steel beam over large external door, garage lintils and window lintils, specifications referencing Australian standards Your application must demonstrate your skills, experience and: - Past successful residential building projects - The use of the latest design and drafting tools The end goal is to produce a residential building that meets both aesthetic and functional value while maintainin...

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    I want to create a cozy and inviting small studio with a bed, bathroom, and kitchenette. The goal is to transform this previously unused 350 sq ft area into a comfortable living space by adding these amenities. We’ll install a new door on the side, replacing the current entrance. Additionally, the existing garage door will be replaced with a wall that seamlessly matches the current color scheme. Our aim is to provide a comfortable retreat for short-term stays, complete with all the essentials. We’ll reward creativity in space planning, ambiance, and overall atmosphere. Your innovative ideas are welcome!

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    Logo vendita auto 4 gün left

    C’è da fare un logo per vendita auto La rivendita si chiama GARAGE 24

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    For a rare starting car garage I need an Android app that digitizes the work order form. - Make current workorder digitally - Automatic order ID generation - Selection data of customer from a list - Options (button) to email, print and save in Google Drive - Add photos as indicated in the form. If I like this, there will be more forms that can be digitized. Need total price including 1 year support and update.

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    I am looking for an expert in Doorbird system to help maximize the efficiency of my home unit, focusing specifically on: Access control: - Enable the system to control multiple doors and garage openers - Allow to lock/unlock remotely - Add a keypad entry system for a streamlined user experience. Automation: - Automize processes where possible for ease of use Ideal Skills: - Extensive knowledge in Doorbird systems - Experience in automating security systems - Expertise in integrating varying access control systems, particularly with keypad entry systems and magnetic locks Your will help me document the current setup, explore technologies and products to purchase, make a plan incl. wire diagrams. Proven experience with home automation (doorbird a1018, doorbird ‎D2101) systems...

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    I’m looking for an experienced developer who can create a 3D product configurator for garage and workshop furniture. Market research has found that our customer base found IKEA's PAX Planner the most useful configurator style. Here, they could change the dimensions of their room, and then drag and drop IKEA's items into the space and 'clicking' together before generating a CPQ and bill of materials. This will require the writing of 'rules' that suggest the user adds products that are necessary for the construction and use of some units. Research has also shown that customers responded well to items rendered in Unreal Engine or Unity. Please consider the cost of this within your quote, or suggest similar alternatives at a lower cost. Key Requir...

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    I'm looking for someone to assist me in 3D rendering my house in a specific colour and make some other edits to the home in preparation for a renovation project. The changes need to include: - Extend the wall above garage doors by 80cm all the way around and insert planter boxes (if you can create one image with and without the plants falling across, see mock up option). - Insert balcony cover / roof across upstairs right glass door, in line with wall/roof on the legal, and to blend with house colour and render (include 1 rendered post on the right) - Align the garage doors so where both doors and the wall meet are aligned with the door to the right. - Remove window and door framing so they are flush to the walls - Colour changes to follow the colouring in image d...

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    I'm looking for a design expert who can transform the facade of my property to create an appealing modern minimalist aesthetic. At the core of this project is enhancing the ...job will have a great design sense, practical knowledge of materials, and a knack for modern minimalist design. Proficiency in architectural software like AutoCAD or Revit is a plus, but not a necessity. Relevant experience in facades renovation or restoration with a focus on modern minimalist aesthetics will be highly preferred. PLEASE NOTE: I want to keep my existing shape of roof. I have no garage - at the moment - please don't factor into design Here is my house image: @-33.8328115,150.9749173,3a,39.4y,89.53h,84.54t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s52gfI0WoklYN3w86G4jn8Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu

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    I'm in need of a skilled photographer to capture around a dozen high-quality images o...Photographing in 2 different settings: home garages and warehouse spaces. - Creating 4-6 unique setups or settings for the shoot - Ensuring a highly professional and polished style for the final images - Including photographs where the racks are mounted on walls and ceilings - Delivering the images in a high resolution and appropriate format for advertising use Ideal Skills: - Proficient in industrial and garage photography - Experience with product and lifestyle photography - Demonstrated ability to shoot and edit for a professional and polished look - Understanding of lighting, angles, and composition - Strong attention to detail and an eye for design - Excellent communication and collab...

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    In need of an architectural design for a medium-sized (10-50 truck) parking lot and garage. The establishment is expected to include: - Security Cameras: For constant monitoring and protection of the facility. - Resilient Flooring: To withstand the heavy traffic and load of numerous trucks. I'm interested in working with professionals who have expertise in civil/architectural design with a robust understanding of security systems and heavy-duty flooring. A background in designing similar facilities would be an added advantage. As time isn't restricted, keen to details and quality over expeditious execution.

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    I'm looking to completely transform the exterior of my property. • Change the paint color: I fancy a fresh and traditional look for my home. • Add Accent Colors: To enhance the overall aesthetic, I’d also like to add some accent colors. I'm open to your creative suggestions for this. • Garage Door Replacement: Part of this transformation involves replacing the old garage door with a new, roll-up one. Your experience in this area will be highly beneficial. • Brickwork Reimagining: Lastly, I believe change in brickwork will significantly improve the appearance. Following the successful completion of these tasks, I will also require help with the landscape design of my backyard. Experience with exterior design and landscaping is a must, p...

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    ...water does not become stagnant, the base and sides of the moat to be concreted. All doors are to be armoured bulletproof doors with reinforced steel frames this includes internal doors and 2x sets of large double doors that's one at the front of the property and one at the rear of the property all doors are to have a self-closing mechanism, smart locks with fingerprint, facial recognition, the garage door must be armoured please see link before for examples of doors and gates all internal doors must also be armoured with a self-closing mechanism as well but must bust be light enough for a young child to open and close with ease. All socket outlets are to be UK standard 3-pin sockets with USB type C ports, all lights to be led, all heating is to be done by electrical heaters...

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    ...if I set for let's say 2 inches and am (my car) closer than 2 inches, buzzer goes off. Only measuring if something is closer than limit set. The sensor should come with a buzzer/beep feature for alerting upon the detection of obstacles in this case my car pulling up too close to garage. **Bugs, weather, rain, changes in lighting should not set tge buzzer off. Should he a solid object that lingers for one second or so.. If I am too close need it to beep. This is so I do not hit the front corner of car on garage trim frame. **Be nice if the most up to date affordable sensor was used as opposed to kit projects going back 10 years using same sensor. On off switch required and LED readout of distance set. - Accuracy up to 2 inches. ******I know they sell such...

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    This Project requires a local engineer based in New Hampshire. There are several details that will need to be seen in person. I'm in need of a structural engineer to help me with a renovation project that involves modifying garage trusses to accommodate a lift. A similar project is discussed at this site and pictures of the changes made are attached. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct thorough structural analysis of the existing garage trusses. - Provide detailed calculations for the modifications needed to safely install a lift. - Ensure design adheres to necessary building codes and permits. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in structural engineering, specifically in renovation

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    I'm looking to construct a 50 x 60 wooden garage with two door bays and generous 20-foot walls, designed to store tools and equipment. Interior spaces including a washroom and a coffee room need a specific industrial design aesthetic. Key specifics: - Construction materials: Wood - Design flavour: Industrial interiors Ideal skills and experience include: - Proven experience in wooden garage construction - Familiarity with building large-size structures - Expertise in designing and building industrial-style interiors - Capable of installing safety features for equipment storage usage.

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    Dear Tripti, I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you on this exciting project! As we embark on designing and producing the drawing documents for the garage, I want to clarify my role and responsibilities. My Scope of Work: I am solely responsible for the structural aspects of the project. My focus lies in ensuring the stability, safety, and integrity of the building. Rest assured that I am committed to delivering high-quality work within the agreed-upon timeframe. Collaboration and Architectural Plans: While I am not directly involved in architectural, electrical, or other fields, I am closely aligned with the architectural plans you provide. I will diligently incorporate your designs into the structural framework, ensuring seamless integration. Project Proposal: I ...

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    I am seeking a Revit expert who can design a double-storey, traditional architectural structure for me. Key responsibilities for the task at hand include: Design a 2 storey 4-bedroom house, reception room, bathroom, service toilet, kitchen, dining room, spiral stairs, ceiling, single/double doors, windows, a garage, landscape (garden, trees, fencing) Include: a ground /first floor/roof plan , all elevations , two main sections that pass through the greatest number of building elements , structure or organise schedules and material quantities. Drawings should be: on at most two sheets, produced on an appropriate scale, on a single .RVT file. Notes • Incorporate at least 4 building regulation requirements in your drawings by using a bubble annotation • The term '...

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    I'm in need of a skilled architect to design a single-family, two-story home for me. The design should be in a traditional style. Key requirements include: - Designing a functional and aesthetic two-story layout for a single-family home - Incorporating traditional home design elements - Utilizing space efficiently to meet modern living needs, particularly single-family homes - Deep understanding of traditional home design elements - Proficiency in CAD or other architectural design software here is what i need to get drafted into AutoCAD. so I can have exterior and interior plans printed off to get estimates. I drew this in Xactimate. I know the stairs are not done very well the rest is close to what we need. a I also have a garage addition i need draw for me...

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    As an enterprise that uses Garage Manager software, I am in need of a professional who can assist with bookkeeping duties. A good understanding and hands-on experience with Garage Manager and its activities are essential for this task. Key Requirements: - Proven understanding and experience with Garage Manager. - Excellent knowledge of cloud-based bookkeeping. If you are a dedicated, meticulous bookkeeper, with a solid understanding of Garage Manager software, I urge you to apply. A history of managing, coordinating, and implementing effective and reliable bookkeeping practices is highly preferred.

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    Steel building and wooden garage. These are the lowest priorities but I wanted to get the out there so you have them to work on if you have time and I am not giving you info on the other ones. I have started the steel building but we will have to create a few weldments to complete this one. 50'w x 60'l x16' side wall

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    as previously determined

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    ...the durability of materials (Open to different materials and ideas). Special elements incorporated should include: - A balcony design - Garage door design - Front porch area - Swimming pool patio -Garden etc -Photos of the house, etc are attached. -You can add some wood, glass for the balcony but no new constructions Colors (Open to different ideas) -White as a main color -Wood color (mainly for the roof of each balcony) -Cream color -Grey color (mainly for the exterior doors) Ideal designer possesses a strong knack for modern designs and has an extensive portfolio working with exteriors designs and colors. Robust knowledge in designing balconies, garage doors, porches, and swimming pool patios is paramount. Please provide relevant work samples to enable me to evalu...

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    the project will be -choosing the color for the roof - windows - molding with 3d render for house and garage -Front yard (adding exterior lights and add suitable outdoor fixtures if needed and plan where to plant) -Backyard (adding outdoor furniture , deck and fountain ,designing dog house area and planting)

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    I'm looking for an experienced licensed residential architect to help me with an addition and rehab to my home. The specific scope of the project consists of a garage expansion and rework roof, master bathroom addition, and a lanai addition. I'm looking for someone who has knowledge of local building codes and is experienced in producing drawings (we have an ACAD floor plan drawing of what we want) for permit application submission. The successful candidate will need to be able to accurately estimate the cost of materials and labor, and have familiarity with structural calculations. Service provided in a timely manner is appreciated. If you believe that you have the necessary qualifications and experience for the job, I'd love to work with you.

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    18 teklifler to deliver structural drawings for my two-story wooden garage. These drawings should primarily detail: - Framing: Highlight the gaps, placements, sizes, and arrangement of frames involved in the construction. - Cross-Sections: Show these to give a clear picture of how things come together and the end result. As the garage will be constructed from wood, the drawings should reflect the considerations and specifics for this material. Prior experience in wood construction projects and structural drawings will be invaluable for this task. Strong understanding of construction codes will also enhance the quality and accuracy of the deliverables. In summary, I am searching for a professional who can turn my wooden garage concept into a set of detailed, accurate...

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    DO ...schedule :: Elevation Plan will NOT BE COMPLETE unless both building drawings show placement according to land slope/contour A. BUILDING A - 55' x 58' on a Steeply slope lot - SEE ATTACHMENT :: FLOOR PLAN IS COMPLETE but Window sizes not decided, once decided, modify on floor plan :: I will share youtube render video and we can decide window sizes together B. BUILDING B - 30' X 60' Garage with small bedroom suite - SEE ATTACHMENT :: FLOOR PLAN IS COMPLETE 2. Both buildings share a driveway, show Building A + B's position as shown on Site Plan in Elevation Plan +++ CREATE 2(TWO) ELEVATION DRAWINGS +++ :: ONE MUST SHOW both buildings with all 3 driveways on land slope/contour :: ANOTHER 2D Elevation drawing show EACH building by its...

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    ...Regulations. The right freelancer will be able to take survey, structural drawings, and a 3D CAD model (Google SketchUp) from a civil engineer and prepare full working drawings for a building permit application. Key Details: - Experience: Intermediate level - Regulations: Comply with relevant Australian Building Regulations. - Design Style: Modern - Deliverables: Full working drawings for a double garage, and a gazebo with adjacent retaining wall. Please provide evidence of past projects that demonstrate your familiarity and compliance with Australian Building Regulations. Ideal Skills: - Intermediate level drafting experience - Knowledge of Australian Building Regulations - Proven experience in preparing content for building permits - Strong attention to detail and ability t...

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    Need 2 (two) high definition renders based on the SKETCHUP model we have. The renders need to be REALISTIC and include landscape and maintain the details of the existing home. We are adding a garage at the side of the home only, the rest will remain similar to the existing, you can use the pictures in ca We will provide Sketchup model, pictures of the home and plans if you need to understand more. Your only task is creating the renders. More details: What is the desired style for the high definition renders? Traditional realistic, like a picture of the real home. What specific elements should be included in the landscape? Trees and shrubs Which time of day would you like the renders to represent? Afternoon Files have 2 views we beleive will be the best ones, one at front and one...

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    I have a garage for which I need permit-ready CAD drawings to convert it into an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). I've sketched out a basic layout that I want to be reflected in the professional drawings. About the Project: - I do have some understanding of the regional regulations about garage to ADU conversions and want the final output to adhere to these rules. - The ADU is intended for renting out, so it should be fully equipped and self-sufficient. Freelancer's Requirements: - Expertise in CAD software - Familiarity with building codes and regulations for ADUs - Experience working on residential projects, especially ADUs - Ability to incorporate my sketches into a permit-ready drawing efficiently and accurately.

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    ... use proposed plan drafts to expand the plans. A5 - More work here - All the elevation need to be taken add 2 floors drawing. I can give details for it. But proposed plan does have. - East elevation - have 2 floors with 2 car garage door, 1st floor with main door entry and window, second floor with 4 windows and stairs on side South elevation - Remove Proposed ADU details in back, add elevation replacing the garage - with 2 floor with stairs as focus West Elevation is same - just add, new project 2 nd floor view North Elevation same as - South Elevation- Garage + 2nd floor - 2 windows and roof view A6 - Should be - make change as Slab on Grade - Similar to Last Project - Proposed ADU The selected individual should timely deliver high-quality, practical, and ae...

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    As a homeowner of a condemned mobile home, I'm looking for proficient and experienced professionals to provide engineered drawings for a radical renovation of the complete mobile home and detached garage. The renovation endeavors: -I require detailed plans for structural repairs, predominantly focusing on the walls and subfloors. -I'm envisioning thorough electrical upgrades throughout the residence. -Sizeable plumbing improvements are on the agenda as well. -Additionally, plans for erecting new walls are also necessary. Experience in residential architectural design, specifically mobile homes, along with a thorough understanding of structural engineering, electrical system design and plumbing, will be ideal for this project.

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    I am looking for an experienced architect and structural engineer to help with my home remodeling project which includes converting my garage into an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). Key Requirements: - Designing and adding an extra bedroom to the existing structure - Creating an open floor plan for improved functionality and aesthetics - Converting the garage to an ADU with a separate entrance, kitchenette, and bathroom Other Details: - Preference for high-quality finishes including hardwood flooring and granite countertops - Need to ensure that the structural changes are safe, compliant, and durable Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with residential remodeling projects - Familiarity with local building codes and regulations - Ability to balance aesthetic des...

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    I'm searching for an architect with an innovative and creative approach, having expertise in modern architectural style designs. Here's what I'm looking for: - Each of the 3 villas should have a distinct, modern design to stand alone in its uniqueness. - Every villa needs to include bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, a theater room, a plunge pool, office, butler pantry, and a garage. - The design should incorporate functionality with modern aesthetics, achieving a perfect balance between practical living and modern elegance. The ideal professional would be someone with a flair for modern architectural design, with proven experience in both residential and luxury design projects. An understanding of your designs addressing light, space, and natural...

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    Hi, are you able to make a custom housing script which allows players to rent the house for 30 days ? The script must include all houses on the map for rent Storage Wardrobe to change clothes Garage blip to store cars Give keys to friends Transfer house to someone If player doesnt pay rent they lose the house and goes back on the market Rob houses All available houses for rent appear on the small map (bottom left of screen) Have updated interiors in houses I have a small clip of what im looking for

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    Hi, are you able to make a custom housing script which allows players to rent the house for 30 days ? The script must include all houses on the map for rent Storage Wardrobe to change clothes Garage blip to store cars Give keys to friends Transfer house to someone If player doesnt pay rent they lose the house and goes back on the market Rob houses All available houses for rent appear on the small map (bottom left of screen) Have updated interiors in houses I have a small clip of what im looking for Medal - ⭐️ Clip up to 4K 144 fps for free!

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    I am seeking a skilled and creative architect to design a home addition. The emphasis is on expanded living space that will have a contrasting design to the current home architecture. It should challenge the norms and bri...view of the proposed design will be particularly advantageous. Let's create a piece of art that's comfortable to live in. its 28w and 25L, i want a bedroom 10x10 or larger with large closet space, 2 entrances from the existing home, pantry/appliance storage nearest to the kitchen, lots of windows in a living space, an extra closet for misc winter storage, open truss ceilings. The build is over the garage. The kitchen entry is limited to what is drawn but the living room entry can be changed.. The back yard is on the west. I want as much visibility on al...

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    I'm seeking a skilled contractor with substantial experience in structural transformations and bricklaying. The two key tasks for this endeavor include: 1. Removing an existing garage door and erecting a new brick wall in its place. 2. Demolishing an internal wall which seperates kitchen and dining area

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    ...highlight the sense of community, socialization, affordability, and convenience of our house. The house comes furnished with a bed, dresser, mirror, chair. It has WiFi/internet, tv’s in each room/common area, security cameras in common areas, video door bells, home security system, smart locks on main entrances and bedroom doors that one can open with a fingerprint or code. The home has a two car garage, first floor laundry, a huge front porch, outside lounging area, and all utilities included. The home has 3 bedrooms on main level and 2 on the second level and basement, with 3 kitchens, and private entrances to each level. (Just giving you a visualization) Key Requirements: - Custom brochure size (I prefer something small but open to suggestions). - Communicate the main...

    €47 (Avg Bid)
    125 girdi illustrative logo. Here are the specifics: - Logo Style: Seeking a creative, engaging design with an illustrative style that stands out. Would like the business name to have a blend going from gunmetal to bright pink. In addition to the name, I am looking for a bright, exciting logo, using my brand colours. My business deals in interior/exterior painting, as well as garage floor coatings. I am looking for something that encompasses newness, quality, and excitement for the customer project. I would like the logo and business name to be separated, in that I can post one or the other, or blend them together into one image. - Color Scheme: The brand colors that can be incorporated into the design are black, 22333B, EAE0D5, EF476F, F45B69, and white. ...

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    I am looking for a skilled and creative residential engineer who can draw up a stamped design plan for a garage expansion into a home. The chosen engineer should ideally have: - Proficiency in creating residential addition designs. - An understanding of modern architectural style. My primary requirement is: - to evaluate current cad file to ensure code compliance and structural integrity. Your expertise should aid my project in fulfilling its requirements while maintaining a seamless aesthetic with the rest of the house. I am open to any suggestions that may enhance the functionality and appeal of the garage expansion.

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    I am seeking a talented drafter or architect to design a comprehensive floorplan for my home renovation project. The floorplan should portray an open-concept layout across the entire property, including the garage. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with open-concept home designs - Proficient in using design software for floorplan design - Previous experience working on renovation projects - Understanding of architectural rules and regulations What Will You Do: - Design an open-concept layout for the whole house, including garage - Incorporate existing structural elements into the new design - Create a clear, detailed, and scalable floorplan Your work will form the cornerstone of our wide-ranging renovation project. A compelling, functional, and aestheticall...

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    I'm looking for architectural ideas for my new house which needs a facelift. Currently, our house has had one of the original bays converted into a garage. We like the additional space at the front of the house but the garage is really ugly and has no light in the room behind it. We could return it back to a Bay Window or do something more interesting which would retain the additional space offered by the garage doors In the competition I’m after the right ideas and with the right idea I’ll choose the architect for the full drawings. I’ve added some photos but IMG_1399 is the best view. Your creativity and innovation will be appreciated! :)

    €57 (Avg Bid)
    44 girdi our project. Please see the initial outline of potential services needed and attached concept sketches. I am out of town beginning tomorrow, but will be back the 12th of April if a site drop by and initial meeting might be of interest. In the interim, please provide a fee schedule/estimate for your professional services for: Scope of Work: • Addition of 2 story extension to an existing garage converted to art studio and workshop space. • Located at single family residential property on Route 518 in the village of Blawenburg, NJ Scope of Services: • Civil Engineering and Survey Services to include any of the following: ○ Survey § Re-shoot at a minimum: □ Nearest Property monuments to the design. □ Current topography in relevant area of t...

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    Perfectly envisioning the completion of my home project is critical to me. I'm looking for a talented Photoshop expert who can transform images of the construction of my garage, pool, and exterior stairs as if they're already finished. Here's what I need: - Improved Landscaping: The images should have enhanced landscaping, meaning the addition of trees and plants to make the outdoor space appear lush. - Construction-Free Images: Imagery should be cleared of any construction equipment left around so I can have a clean look at the end result. - Fresh Look: The current raw concrete should be digitally painted white for that finished modern look. Skills and Experience: - Advanced Photoshop skills: I'm especially interested in those who have experience with arc...

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    ...overall design - A spacious and functional garage The chosen freelancer should have: - Proficiency in CAD and other relevant 3D design software - A strong portfolio demonstrating their skills in creating traditional style architecture - An eye for detail and the ability to incorporate specific features into the overall design - Excellent communication skills to understand and deliver according to client requirements. I look forward to seeing the creativity and skills of the freelancer community on this project. NOTE : Design MUST be able to be viewed in “Live Home 3D Pro” App ( ) I have the EXACT property location, house location, pool location , garage location , Google maps , property map and exact house and garage design. I need a very sma...

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